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One Night Standing


I met you at the office. By the Goddess, you were hot. You were dark haired and pale skinned, stocky and hairy; quiet as a well. All the things that get me wet. I wanted you from the first glimpse. I wanted to go facedown in your crotch. I was spending half my day watching you secretly as you worked, fantasising about what exactly was in your pants. I tried to start up a conversation with you in the coffee room, but you just listened to what I had to say. I love quiet men! I'd never been more turned on but you were cryptic body language nightmare. I wanted to ask you out, but I couldn't tell whether you were fascinated by me or bored.

After a month of this torture, you sidled up to my desk one day. I thought you wanted a spare pen or a F30 form.

"You want to go out Saturday?" you said.

I agreed, trying to mask my enthusiasm.

"There's a party. I'll pick you up a seven. Don't wear heels; I like to dance sometimes."

That was all you said and you went back to your desk.

You were late that night. As the minutes ticked past our date time, my stomach churned. I had been in an almost constantly aroused since you'd asked me out and if you bailed, I feared I would break my trusty vibe trying to work out my "anxiety". I think my pussy thanked the pussy gods when you finally showed up.

We drove for nearly an hour to get to the party. You said nothing the whole way. I nervously filled the silence whilst becoming even more turned on by your silence.

After an awkward introduction to your friends, we joined the crowd, but it didn't seem like you wanted to dance. Eventually we had found a quiet corner to talk. All night we sat together as the party raged on around us. Well I talked anyway. You just listened, making appropriate eye contact with those beautiful, still, dark eyes of yours. Eventually the noise started to rise, as did my interest. There is something about quiet men that makes me wet. I could feel that a move was necessary. I suggested a walk. You just nodded in agreement. No words.

As I stepped outside the sound of the sea was all around me. I hadn't noticed that the party was so close to the beach when I arrived. I didn't know this town well, I let you guide me. We walk for a while. I talk, you listen. There is an unspoken tension rising between us. My body responds. My nipples harden. I want you. We approach a dark alley.

"Are we doing this?" you say so suddenly I start.

This time I nod.

You pull me to you. You smell so good. Not aftershave, your natural smell. Hands on my waist, you kiss me. Your lips are soft and your beard pleasingly rough. I kiss back hard. I run my hands down you back. I can feel the muscles. You shoulders are huge and you hips tiny. You push me against the wall and kiss my neck. I groan. We kiss again and you pressing against me rhythmically. I match your moves and add some moaning. You start unbuttoning my shirt, kissing me all the while. I put my hands against your groin. Your cock feels hard and inviting. I unzip your fly as you undo my front opening bra. You free my breasts as I grab your dick as start pumping it. You grasp my breast hard with one hand around the base and suck on my nipple. I feel teeth. I like it. You kiss me again. You press your hand against my pussy.

"I want to taste you." You growl and start hitching up my skirt. You kneel and ceremoniously slide my panties down, exposing my dark brown bush. You gently part the lips and lick my soft pink parts. You moan and then proceed to suck on my clit. I gasp and nearly buckle at the knees.

After a few minutes of this, I am begging you for cock. You stand and I fumble with your belt buckle as we kiss. Your cock is magnificent; thick and dark and sporting a dewdrop of pre-cum. You hoist me up around you waist and in one shot, thrust your dick in me so hard I scream out. You push me against the wall, humping, thrusting, pushing, kissing my breasts. My body spasms with pleasure. You grunt as you thrust and I pleasure yelp in time to your music. With one crushing thrust you come, warm and creamy inside of me. I put my hand between us and rub myself till I come too.

We stand for a moment, we embracing. You say nothing, but I know what you mean. This was the best first date ever.

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