tagLesbian SexOne Night, Two Girls, in Bangkok

One Night, Two Girls, in Bangkok


This is my first story, and it is a true story. I have had a lot of interesting experiences in my life and would love to share some of them if people are interested.

Before I met Petra, I have only had sex with one woman at a time. And at that time, Petra had only been with men, and only one at a time.

I was traveling around the world when I met Petra.

We were both staying in a hostel, and it was lust at first sight (that's another story).

Fast forward: We traveled together for some months, when we decided to go to Thailand.

I had been there many times, but she had never been.

Petra and I had been in Bangkok for a few days, when we were discussing what we should do for the evening. We decided that we would check out Patpong, as she had never been there. Petra had only been with men before, but was pretty open-minded, and wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I had been to Patpong many times before, so while we were riding in the taxi to Patpong, I was trying to figure out the best places to show her.

Before I could make a plan, Petra suggested that she would love to watch me fuck another girl. She had always thought it would be fun to watch a couple having sex. Being the gentleman that I am, I told her I was game.

When we arrived in Patpong, we had some dinner and some beers to help loosen us up. With plan of attack in hand, we headed out.

We decided to separate so that I could more easily meet the right lady. I took her to a night club, bought her a beer, and agreed to return within the hour, with or without the female toy.

I went down the block to a club that I had good luck at on previous visits to Bangkok. I had always had a thing for Asian women, and loved the girls in Thailand. I knew that most of the girls here expected money for their company, but I had met many girls in Thailand before that were willing without the monetary reward.

I ordered a beer at the bar, and began my pursuit. I spotted a young, petite girl that was just my type. Nice ass, medium sized breasts, beautiful Thai face, and not a day over nineteen.

We made eye contact, exchanged smiles. I went to talk to her, but I don't speak much Thai, and could only resort to English.

"Hi, what's your name?", I asked.


"Can I buy you a drink?"


"Drink? Beer?"


"Would you like to have sex with me and my girlfriend? but no money?"


She doesn't speak English.

Her friend walks between us and asks "What do you want?"

"Ah, you speak English. I was trying to get your friend to go home with me and my girlfriend, but only for fun, not for money."

"Where's your girlfriend? Is she Thai?"

"No, She's white. She's from the Czech Republic."

"Are you sure? We don't like Thai girls."

"I am sure. She is very beautiful. We can go next door and meet her first."

After a few minutes of talking to her friend, She said "let's go meet her".

Her name was Som.

Vanida, Som and I, proceeded to the club where I had left Petra. I had gone in pursuit of one hot Thai girl to fuck, while Petra watched, but here I was, only twenty minutes later, with two hot girls.

When Petra saw me with two in tow, she was a bit confused.

"What are you doing?"

"I don't know. I went for one, but somehow I got two."

Petra was excited. Neither of us knew what to expect, but we both were intrigued.

When Som saw Petra, she was really excited. I think Som was actually more aroused than us.

Som invited us back to her place. She waved down a taxi, jumped in, pulled Petra next to her, told me to sit next to Petra, and then pulled Vanida onto my lap. She was very flirtatious with Petra, and tried to get the shy Vanida to flirt with me.

When we arrived near her house, Som insisted on paying for the taxi. As we walked down the alley to her place, she stopped and bought a bunch of tasty Thai food from a vendor, as well as several beers.

When we got to her place, Petra and I had no idea what to expect. Som was clearly in control. The plan had been for Petra to watch me fuck another girl, but Som's plan obviously was to get a piece of Petra.

We sat on the floor while we ate the Thai food and drank the beer. Som kept tring to push Vanida and I together, but Vanida was too shy. At one point, Som actually lifted up Vanida's shirt, exposing her beautiful breasts. I did manage a little feel, but Vanida wasn't interested.

When we finished eating, Som said that Vanida had to go home. I walked her out to the street, found her a taxi, kissed her goodnight, and let her go.

When I returned, the three of us continued to drink beer, but nothing sexual was happening. So, I thought that I had to start something. Som was clearly more interested in Petra than me, so at one point, when we were all standing, I just pushed them together so they were face to face. They immediately started kissing. This was Petra's first kiss with a woman, and my first time witnessing this close up. It was more arousing that I could even imagine. They were tongue locked, enjoying each others taste.

Both were still a little tense, like that first kiss as a teenager. I was enjoying it, but disappointed that this went on for about ten minutes with everyone's hands still at their side. I couldn't wait any longer.

I took both of Petra's hands and put them on Som's breasts. A sigh of relief came from both Som and Petra. They both wanted it, but seemed afraid to move. I lifted Som's shirt up, and Petra placed her hands over Som's bra. Their mouths still interlocked, tongues making music to my horny ears.

Next, I reached around and undid Som's bra. At this point, they released each others mouths while Petra removed Som's shirt and bra. They had been standing the whole time, but at this moment, Som offered the bed to Petra.

As Petra laid down on her back, Som removed Petra's shirt and bra. Som climbed on top of Petra, kissed her some more, and worked her mouth down to Petra's breasts. At the moment that Som's tongue licked Petra's nipple, Petra let out a loud moan. The first time a woman had licked her nipple, something that she always wanted.

Petra couldn't wait either, as she remove her own pants and panties. Som wasted no time, and worked her tongue down to Petra's tasty love juices. I thought Petra was going to explode when Som's tongue hit her clitoris.

I have never seen anything more beautiful than a hot Asian girl licking a hot Czech girl, both oblivious to anything else. It didn't take long before Petra was bucking back and forth on Som's face,and exploding with orgasm as Som licked up every last drop.

When Petra recovered, she switched places with Som. Petra removed Som's pants and panties, and attacked her pussy with her hand. This was the only pussy that she had touched, besides her own, and she was enjoying every moment.

Petra's tongue explored Som's body, paying extra attention to each nipple. Petra was ready to taste her first pussy. She worked her tongue down Som's body. Both Petra and I could see how wet Som's shaved pussy had become. I was having a hard time not jumping in and licking that tasty looking love hole.

When Petra's tongue finally got the first taste, all three of us let out a loud moan simultaneously. It was short lived however, as Som pushed Petra's mouth away saying "no, its dirty".

Petra Repeatedly tried to taste Som's juices, but was met with the same reaction.

I couldn't take it any more.

I took off all of my clothes, pushed Petra aside, and jumped on top of Som.

I started kissing and sucking on her nipples.

I slowly worked my way down to her totally open, very lubricated pussy. I drank in as much of her sweet nectar as I could. You haven't tasted anything until you have tasted the juices of a young Asian pussy. I couldn't stop. Som came at least three times as I was careful not to waste a drop of this love nectar.

While Som tried to recover, Petra jumped on top of me and we fucked like wild horses while Som watched, and caressed both of our bodies.

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