tagFetishOne of My Favorite One-Offs

One of My Favorite One-Offs


This is a true story about one of my favorite one-off CL hookups.

I had posted an ad, this being back when CL was still actually useful instead of the joke it is today. I mean, seriously, what's with all the time wasters these days?

Anyway, I posted the ad; "non-passable crossdresser submissive, I suck cock, eat ass, love getting ass fucked, do ATM, swallow cum and drink piss. And feel free to degrade me, call me nasty names, and take pics or video."

Had an email inside of 15 minutes.

He was on his way 10 minutes after that, after ordering me to be dressed super slutty and to be waiting for him on my knees with a butt plug in my ass. And that he had plenty saved up for a cum and piss dumpster like me.

God, but I was fucking turned on.

He lived about 15 minutes away, so as I knelt there waiting, the excitement just kept growing. My phone rang when he was about 5 minutes out, it was him. "Change of plan, bitch. Get your fucking clothes off and be waiting naked for me. I'm about to explode, so I hope you're thirsty you fuckin' piss slut."

You never saw someone get naked so damn fast.

I was nude and kneeling when he walked in the door and started stripping immediately. "Get in the shower now bitch!" I got up and practically sprinted for the shower, him right on my heels. I had no sooner hit my knees in the tub when he cut loose with a massive flow of hot piss.

I knelt there, mouth open, as he sprayed me head to toe, then pissed directly in my mouth. Of course, I swallowed it down just like a good piss dumpster should. He would piss all over me as I swallowed, then immediately fill my mouth again as soon as it was open. I swear this guy must've drank a ton of water, cuz it felt like I guzzled about a gallon.

It was fucking great!

He finally shoved his cock in my mouth to make sure the last few dribbles of his hot, tasty piss weren't wasted. Then he shoved me down into the piss covered floor of the tub and smirked down at me. "Damn, you really are a dirty fucking whore, aren't you? You got two minutes to rinse off, then you better be in the other room sucking my cock. And crawl, don't walk bitch."

"Yes Master!" I rinsed off and crawled into the living room still dripping. He was sprawled out on my couch watching the porn I had playing and stroking his thick 7" cock. I crawled over and started sucking furiously.

He grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock down my throat. "You made it with ten seconds to spare, faggot. Now worship my fucking cock you worthless piece of shit whore."

He kept force feeding me his cock, laughing as I gagged and filming the whole thing on his camera phone.

Needless to say, my inner submissive was happy as fuck.

"Get your mouth on my balls, faggot! Oooooo, fuck yeah..."

"Eat my ass, slut! Get your fuckin' faggot tongue up my ass!"

"Fucking look straight into the camera slut! I wanna see your eyes bugging out while you gag on my cock. Do it you fuckin' cock whore!"

For two solid hours I deep throated cock, licked and sucked balls, ate and tongued his tasty asshole, was slapped in the face, and called every nasty name in the book. He was talking the whole time, badmouthing and degrading me, skull fucking me. Videoing me every minute. He came twice, his cock staying rock hard the entire time, giving me two huge, delicious loads of cum.

Again, I of course swallowed every drop. I'm a good slut.

He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, slapped it against my face a few times, then gave me a hard shove. I fell back on my ass, a bit surprised. He stood up and started getting dressed. "You just stay right there on the floor until I leave, faggot. That's where bitches like you belong."

He walked over and opened the door, said "Thanks bitch", and walked out.

I sat right there and jacked off twice while I shoved the butt plug in and out of my asshole. Even ate my own cum. Later that night, he emailed me the video.

Jerked off again.

The entire thing was fucking fantastic! To this day, it's one of my favorite submissive experiences.

Never hooked up with him again, unfortunately.

And I never even knew his name...

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by Anonymous

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by Barradon5411/21/17

Same almost

Loved hearing what happened to you and what you like I had similar experience yesterday I met him on cl I went to his condoI stripped at the door he directed me to the bedroom lubed his finger then stuckmore...

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