tagGroup SexOne of My Theater Adventures

One of My Theater Adventures


I was a thirty-something guy when this wild night happened several years ago at an adult theater that I used to go to once in a while.

Though I love women, have a steady long term relationship, I've also learned that I love to suck off other guys. One night I drove to an adult theater that I used to go to to see what was up. The theater has two viewing areas, a "straight" theater downstairs, and a gay theater upstairs. Like most adult theaters, it's not unusual for guys to hook up and satisfy each other while watching porn.

After I paid admission, I entered the poorly lit theater and waited for a while for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. Once they did, I took a seat on a bench toward the back of the downstairs theater and lit a cigarette. My cock started to stir as I watched the movie and the other guys in the theater.

Before too long a good looking, forty-something guy with graying hair walked back behind the bench where I was sitting and started rubbing his cock through his shorts. He saw me watching him and slowly unzipped his fly. He undid his shorts, pulled them down and let out a nice thick six and half inch dick.

He moved slowly toward me and stroked his hardening member. I cautiously grabbed his shaft and started stroking his meat. His cock was warm and thick and continued to stiffen as I pulled and stroked it. I put out my cigarette and guided his cock into my mouth.

I worked his shaft with my lips and tongue and he started thrusting his dick in my mouth. Before too long other guys were moving back behind the bench where I was sitting and started playing with themselves. I was no longer watching the film as I leaned back to devour this delicious dick.

After a few minutes we heard the buzzer sound, indicating that someone was entering the theater, so he pulled his dick from my mouth and quickly covered himself. We watched as a woman in a short black dress entered the theater. She had long, black hair and high heels and walked to the back of the theater into the restroom. She was with a guy, who walked in a few steps behind her.

The guy that I was sucking told me that she was in there the week before and took on seven guys in the bathroom upstairs. After a few minutes, the woman came out of the bathroom and watched the movie that was playing downstairs. She soon left and went upstairs to where the gay movies were playing. After a few minutes, I followed up the steps to the gay area.

The lady was sitting on a short bench in the back of the theater. She had one leg up on the bench and was watching the movie while she slowly fingered her thick, dark bush. I took a seat across from her and watched, as I unzipped my shorts and stroked myself. After about ten minutes, the man who entered with her called her and they both went downstairs.

After a few minutes I went back downstairs and didn't see them. I figured that they'd left. Not much longer later, the guy that I was sucking before returned. He said that we should go upstairs so I could finish where I left off earlier.

We proceeded back upstairs and into the doorless restroom at the back of the gay theater. He quickly unzipped his shorts and I dropped to my knees and continued to blow him. A few minutes later another guy entered the restroom and stood next to the guy. He too unzipped his pants and started stroking his thick cock.

This other guy started to stroke his meat faster so I took a break from the guy I was sucking to finish him off. I took his hard, thick meat in my mouth and licked up his precum. I worked his 6-inch tool with my lips and tongue for about two or three minutes before I felt his meat start to tremble. I held his dick in my mouth while I felt his cock start to pulse and shoot several streams of warm, salty jizz into my hungry mouth.

Once I had sucked him dry, he quickly tucked away his softening dick and zipped up his pants.

"That was fantastic," he told me. "You sure know how to give head." He then turned and left.

Once he left, I went back to the previous guy and started working his lovely tool for the third time. It only took a few minutes before his cock started twitching and pulsing in my mouth. He blew a huge load in my mouth. It was sweet and salty. I continued to work his dick as it softened in my mouth.

"You do give great head," he assured me as he pulled up his shorts and left the theater.

My cock was straining against my shorts by this time. I went back into the gay theater and took a seat on a bench. It didn't take too long before a well-dressed man in his forties took a seat next to me. He was stroking his cock in his pants and slid down closer to me while I stroked my cock. I slid my shorts down and the man placed a hand on my leg. He slid his hand up to my dick and cautiously started stroking me.

He soon unzipped his pants and released a thick and growing average sized cock. I reached over and stroked it. It felt good in my hand. Soon I pushed him further down the bench from me so I could comfortably position my face in his crotch. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. He was getting really hard.

I worked his meat for a while, feeling it getting thicker and harder in my mouth. He told me that he didn't want to cum just yet and pulled his dick from my mouth. He said that he wanted to suck my cock, and got down in the floor in front of me and started working my dick with his mouth.

A few minutes later a guy came up behind me and started rubbing the front of his jeans. He stood directly behind the bench that I was sitting on. I rubbed his cock through his jeans for a minute or so before he unbuttoned them. As he slid down his jeans and underwear, he revealed a thick, beautiful, mouth-watering eight inch cock.

He stroked his cock a few times before placing it in my face. I eagerly took his gorgeous dick in my mouth and licked around his foreskin. He pulled my head down on his meat and started thrusting that big cock in and out of my wet and willing mouth. After about five minutes, we went into the restroom, where he dropped his pants down and shoved his tool back into my mouth.

We took turns sucking each other for a while. Then the guy who was sucking my cock not long ago--the guy who wasn't ready to cum yet--came into the restroom, stroking his dick while we devoured the big uncut cock. He stood in front of me, and I took turns sucking each dick. Soon the one dick started throbbing and squirting in my mouth. I guess the guy was ready to cum after all.

I went back to work on the uncircumcised dick for a few minutes when someone poked their head into the restroom and said there was a woman in the downstairs theater getting it on with all the guys. The guy that I was sucking, tucked his meat back into his jeans, buttoned a few of the buttons and took off to the downstairs theater. I followed a few minutes later.

When I got downstairs, I saw that the woman in the black dress had returned to the theater. She was bent over in front of one of the benches in the middle of the theater, sucking some guys cock while the guy with the big uncut cock was starting to ease his semi into her waiting hairy gash.

A few guys were standing around her, stroking their cocks and watching. I took out my semi-hard cock and stood behind her, stroking the cock that I had just been sucking, as it slid in and out of her hot box.

I decided that I wanted a better view, so I laid back on the bench and slid underneath her belly so I could lick that pretty pussy while she slid on his huge cock. She reached over and grabbed my dick, and I felt lips moving over my cock head. The guy that she was sucking started moaning and bucking, pushing his long tool frantically in and out of her mouth. He went still for a moment as he groaned and blew his load into her pretty mouth. The guy soon got up off the bench and left after a few minutes.

The lady then laid back on the bench, and the young guy with the big uncut cock started fingering her bush. He soon thrust his hardening meat into her cunt as she lay back. I knelt next to them and rubbed her clit while she was getting fucked. I'd always wanted to eat pussy while it was getting fucked, and now was my first opportunity to do so.

I moved my head down to her box and swirled my tongue in her hair patch. I licked around her clit and she started to buck and moan. I let my tongue explore the guys big cock while he fucked her and soon he was moving his cock back and forth between her pussy and my mouth.

"I want to suck that big cock that's fucking me," she said. He pulled his hard meat out of her box and stuffed it in his mouth. With that, I moved in on her sloppy cunt and licked for a few minutes, until she cooed, "Fuck me, baby!"

I got on top of her and slid my dick into her hot, wet box. She continued to suck on that guy's bug uncut cock, and I leaned over and we took turns sucking his tool.

"I want you to cum, on my tits, on my face, in my mouth." My cock was starting to feel really good by this time. Soon the guy with the lovely uncut cock slid his meat out of her mouth and started stroking it. "Cum on me," she begged.

He blew several long, thick streams of cum all over her mouth, chin and tits. I licked and kissed her mouth, cleaning this guys load from her face. That was so fucking hot. I pulled my dick out of her and stepped to the side.

The guy she was with asked me, "Did you cum yet?"

"Nope. Not yet, I told him."

After watching her work another guy with her magnificent pussy, the guy she was with said, "Okay, let's go now."

The man and woman exited the theater and a few seconds later I heard the door buzzer as they left the store. I left a few minutes later, incredibly horny, and I still hadn't cum.

I drove home, stroking my cock all the way. I was going to visit a local massage parlor for some relief, but instead I put on some porn and ordered some phone sex.

I told the girl that I spoke to why I was so horny. I talked about the lady in the theater, her short black dress, her thick hairy pussy, and all the fun I had with it.

"You ate her pussy after she got fucked?" she asked.

"Hell, yeah," I told her. "I even ate her while she was getting fucked. I've always wanted to do that. It was so fucking hot!"

She was amazed. "Wow!" she said. "You really are kinky!"

"Yep!" I assured her. I told her how she and I took turns sucking that big uncut dick and how we shared his hot load. "Oh my god," I moaned, and continued to pull my meat.

I was so fucking hot and there was a lot of pent up cum in my balls. When I finally came, it was one of my biggest loads ever. Spurt after spurt of my hot load hit me in the face, neck, chest and belly. The relief felt so fucking great. I pushed the cum on my face into my mouth and told her, "now I'm eating my own load. It's great."

"Lick it all up," she told me. I did.

"Thank you, that was great. I feel wonderful now. Good bye."

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