One of the Girls


Time seems to fly working at the bar. How long have I worked here now? Ten years. It seems like yesterday when I came here looking for a job to get by on after the economic downturn and a sexual harassment accusation forced me from a decent career. "This was just going to be temporary, maybe a year or two, until things turned around," I told myself. Hitting rock bottom also included loosing my fiancé. So when the local pub where I liked to frequent posted a help wanted sign, I jumped on it. Even in the bad times, people still loved to go out for food and drinks.

The pub went through some changes, becoming more of a sports bar to keep its popular following. I had done some bartending in my old Army days which qualified me to work and I adapted quickly and became an instant success. I kept telling myself that it was just temporary. I would be back at my old line of work shortly. The money was good working the bar, however. Anyone who works hard enough can make good tips. I was surprised to find that I made almost as much as I did at my old job and most of the tip money was cash and slipped past the tax collectors. The owners were happy with me, mainly due to my work ethic and my pleasant demeanour. The rest of the staff all seemed to like me too.

The rest of the staff that I refer to are mainly the waitresses. They are more of a reason for the success of the business than the food, the entertainment or the décor. It was the reason that I had frequented the bar before I started working there. Some of the best looking women in town hustled tables at the bar. They wore an adorable little uniform. The top is a black vest trimmed in gold. It seems conservative but without sleeves and with a deep cut in the middle, it shows off a girl's cleavage. They have a tiny bolero jacket to wear over but they almost never wear them. Tips are better without. The rest of the uniform is a short, black, pleated, schoolgirl style skirt, black nylons and their shoes. Most of the girls wear kitten heels that they can walk in and still look hot in.

When I started working there, I thought I landed in the pussy jackpot but my fantasy was soon crushed when I got to see the other side. As hot as the waitresses were, the drama that surrounded them was overwhelming. Imagine being young and beautiful and having to make a living by flirting. The girls got hit on constantly. Sometimes they might give in to the temptations and that often led to more grief. Grudges and catfights were common. Crying on breaks was frequent. Almost every girl that worked there was knocked up at one time or another. Turn over was high. Most girls lasted a year or two. Emotional instability was the norm. I learned quickly that getting involved was a mistake.

Being as I was older, early forties, bald, not very good looking and working as a bartender was enough to keep most of the girls from wanting any part of me. My smiles and friendly attitude as well as copious amounts of flattery were enough though for Jennifer. Jennifer was a sassy redhead with high cheekbones and big blue eyes. Her body was a work of art and she was the best waitress there. She had been there from when I was a customer and knew my story and had so much emotional baggage that she still went out with me, by which I mean that she went home with me after work, got high and slept with me. She was a dynamo in the sack and I thought she might kill me with her enthusiasm. She was beautiful and I thought I hit the jackpot but her emotional scars were deep and the cattiness at work got bad and one day Jennifer packed up, left town and never looked back. She didn't even say goodbye.

Another girl, Maria, who started shortly after I did, had more potential. She was in university and was intelligent as well as beautiful. Her body was fit, had long, sexy legs and she had curly black hair and wore glasses. She liked me because I could carry an intelligent conversation with her. We did hook up eventually. Maria wasn't the sex fiend that Jennifer was but she was still amazing and I thought it might be real love. I once again thought I had it right but the day that she graduated, she dumped me and moved on with her life. That was six years ago and the last time I saw her, she was married with two kids and another on the way.

Since then, I haven't had any relations with the waitresses. Part of it is me, knowing them beyond the pretty facades. Most of it however is the fact that they are young and pretty and I am not. If any of them wanted a piece of me, I would let them in a heart beat. Working in a bar also meant that I had no social life of my own. I worked full time. Friday and Saturday nights were the best nights to make money. Monday and Tuesday nights were my only free nights and I tended to stay home and watch television, preferring to stay away from the noise and crowds that I dealt with every night. I was becoming an old hermit. I would go out in the early afternoons to do my shopping, chores or go to the gym. There were not many people around for social interaction.

The girls at work provided me with enough eye candy to sustain my fantasies. The current roster of servers at work starts with Laurie. Laurie has been there the longest, nine years. Long enough to remember me and Maria. She works the same nights as me too. She is a feisty little brunette, no taller than five foot two, with pail skin, freckles and hazel eyes. She is very fit and beautiful. She hustles and works as hard as anyone I have seen there. Sometimes she works behind the bar with me on busy Saturdays if we have extra help on the floor. She is tough as nails and sharp in wit. Her skin is thick. She gives out as good as she takes. That is probably the reason she has lasted as long as me in that place. Laurie seems to always have a mischievous grin and she loves to tell lewd jokes as much as my old Army mates did. Of course she doesn't come without baggage. She was married when she first started there and has had two kids. Her oldest is ten and her younger one is six. She got divorced shortly after her second and is single as she approaches her thirtieth birthday. We get along great but she never showed any interest in me beyond working.

Ashley is the next most senior waitress, having been there for five years. At twenty six, Ashley is a slim, long legged, redheaded Scottish lass about five foot six tall. Her hair is long and wavy and with just a flip of it and a flash of her light green eyes, she makes hearts melt. She knows how to work it. When Ashley walks, her saucy little bum makes the pleats of her miniskirt snap like a whip. She is a tremendous flirt and does well. Ashley has a past of course too. She got knocked up, had a kid, and got into a big fight with the deadbeat father. She ended up stabbing him. He was fine but she did some time in jail. When she got out, she came back to work full time. She has a temper and if either Laurie or me see her in any kind of argument or dispute, we are quick to jump in and defuse it. We wouldn't want her to get into any more trouble.

Gabriella came to us from South America four years ago. She is a Latina doll. We all just call her Gabby. She is pretty with big brown doe eyes and has an innocent, disarming smile. Her body is made for sin though. She is petite like Laurie but has strong legs and a curvy Latina shape. Her ass is a perfect apple bottom. She has broken many hearts. At twenty-six, Gabby is the only waitress who is still married. When she moved here from Argentina, she was nineteen and pregnant with her second child. Since then she has had a third. Her husband works two jobs and her parents help her with the kids. She doesn't wear her wedding ring at work and most people can't believe that she is a mother of three when they hear about it. Gabby has a soft sweet voice and her English is perfect with only a sexy little accent but when she is on the phone with a family member, she goes into a loud, staccato Spanish that is impossible to keep up with.

Our newest recruit started a year ago after dropping out of college. She is a cute, twenty-two year old blonde named Melissa. Mellissa has big bright blue eyes, full, bow shaped lips, long curly blonde hair, and a healthy hour glass figure. She is a hair taller than Ashley and is surprisingly strong. She looks like she would be right at home on a California beach. I have been trying to figure Melissa out. She is quiet, plays shy, seems reserved but is much smarter than she appears to be. She almost seems too perfect. I am almost afraid to imagine what this place will do her after a few years. There have been half a dozen other girls start here in the past year but Melissa was the only one to last more than two months.

About a week before Laurie's birthday, the girls were all getting restless and excited. They were planning for her thirtieth birthday party. Try as I might, they all seemed reluctant to talk about it with me. I had a vague recollection from the year before when I was covering a Monday night for the part timer who called in sick. Laurie and the girls all came into the bar dressed to the nines. The four of them had the night off and they were going out to celebrate. They weren't staying at the bar where they all worked. It was just a starting point for a first drink, then a night out on the town. As good as they all look in their uniforms, it was nothing compared to how good they looked in mini-dresses, high heels and with their hair and makeup dolled up. Laurie had a sultry, sexy look to her and put down three shots like nothing. When I asked her why I wasn't invited to the party, she exclaimed, "Because you don't have tits and a vagina!" She emphasized the statement by grabbing her own boobs and crotch. She smirked and winked at me as she led the other girls away for the rest of the night out. I also remembered how quiet and secretive they all were about it in the days after. I couldn't pry any details out of the usually gossipy bunch.

It appeared that this year's party for Laurie was going to be a repeat of last years. I confronted Laurie on the subject and asked why I wasn't invited. "I feel left out, I thought that we were like family."

Laurie argued, "It's no offence to you. You're a guy is all. We spent all week serving guys and getting hit on. It's a nice to be with just the girls for a night, being girls and not having a dude in the mix. Sorry."

"Laurie, you know I am not like those other guys. We have known each other for ten years. I am as much as one of your friends as any of them are. Last year you took Melissa with you and she had only been here a month at the time."

"Yes honey, I know that and I feel a little guilty about that," Laurie confessed. She continued, "You just don't understand. A girls' night out is just for girls. There are things we say and do when it's just us that you would never see or hear." She gave me a pity hug and a peck on the cheek before getting back to working her tables.

I decided to work on the other girls to see if I get them to change Laurie's mind. First I worked on Melissa. She seemed too embarrassed to talk about it. All I could get was, "I don't know, there is stuff that happens. I can't say. We really let our hair down, and it gets crazy. You have no idea. I am sworn to secrecy." Melissa clammed up and gasped when Gabby walked past. When she was out of ear shot, Melissa added, "If Gabby ever found out that I told you anything...." she trailed off hinting that our sweet, innocent, married Gabby had a big secret to hide. After that, Melissa went back to hustling her tables. I wouldn't get another word out of her. I decided not go after Gabby next as was my plan. My hopes would hinge on temperamental Ashley.

Out of all the girls, Ashley was perhaps the most flirty with me. I knew it was an act as I had seen her that way with all of her customers. Perhaps she used me as a test before working it on her patrons. Still, if I was to get a night out with my girls, I would have to convince Ashley that is was a good idea.

"It's not a good idea," Ashley told me after I brought up the subject. The bar was closed. Laurie and Gabby wanted to rush back to their kids so I told them that they could leave and the rest of us would finish cleaning up. I pulled out three glasses then poured a drink for myself and offered up one each for the girls. Melissa declined with a smile and said that she was tired and just wanted to go home and sleep. I put her glass away. Ashley was more than eager however, and had a scotch with me.

"Why not Ash?" I asked. "I'm one of you in here. I'm part of the family. I would be just another sister out for fun." I refilled Ashley's glass.

"That's the only problem, you're a brother, not a sister," Ashley replied. "When girls get together, the rules get thrown out the window. We don't judge each other for any actions we take on a girls' night out. We say what we want, dance with who we want, kiss who we want, even each other. It doesn't matter if someone is dating or married. We don't judge. And the next day when it's all over and we go back to our normal lives, all is forgiven."

"So, what happens on girls' night out, stays on girls' night out," I summarized as I filled Ashley's glass.

"Yes, exactly." She continued, "With you being there, being a guy and all, the girls would be afraid to be themselves. They would act like they always do around you. It would hold everyone back. For most of us, Gabby especially, it's the one time a year to really cut loose."

"I understand, Ashley. I just hate being left out," I sighed.

"I know sweetie. We all feel bad about it too. I wished there was a way, but..." Ashley trailed off in a bit of a drunken haze.

"But what if I was one of the girls for the night?" I asked seriously.

Ashley almost spit her drink up through her nose trying to hold in her laughter. After she collected herself, she joked, "What are going to do, grow hair and tits, shave your legs and put on a dress?" Her laughter erupted again.

"Yes," I said with a straight face. "I will do that. I mean, not real hair and tits, but I can wear fake stuff, put on makeup, shave my legs and everything else while I'm at it, wear a dress and heels. I'll be just another one of the girls."

"You're fucking serious," Ashley declared while staring into my eyes. She could tell that I was. Her look of doubt turned to one of curiosity. This time she filled both of our glasses. "...but looking like a girl doesn't mean anything unless you can act like one too. That means doing everything we do, not judging anything you see, and not being a pussy. I know that sounds ironic but it's true."

"I can and I will," I boldly stated.

"You would have to dance whenever we do," she tested. I nodded. "If a guy dances with you, or buys you a drink, you might have to kiss him." Again, I nodded. "In the male strip club, you have to tip the male dancers and play along." I kept on nodding. "You can't get upset or pissed off if you see one of us getting our freak on either." She made that last point with some emphasis.

"Of course. I would be just another one of the girls. You could even pick out a new name for me too. I would do everything to feel like one of you and I promise I wouldn't squash your vibe," I promised.

Ashley polished off her drink and thought about it. "I'm going to have to run this idea past Laurie and the others. Laurie might go for it. I don't know about Gabby though. That one might be tougher." She gave me a peck on the cheek and sashayed out the door, snapping her skirt as she always did.

The next night, Laurie cornered me after speaking with Ashley. "You're fucking serious?" she asked me with an inquisitor's tone.

"Of course. I'll just be one of the girls," I confidently replied. I smiled.

Laurie studied me for a long time to test my sincerity. She ran all the same questions by me that Ashley did. "It might be a lot of fun, dressing you up as a girl," she finally conceded. That gave me some hope. "Still," she added. "It will be up to Gabby. I don't know if she'll go for it. You will have to swear that anything that happens is cool with you and that you won't say a word about it to anyone." It seemed that my innocent little Gabriella had more to hide than the others.

After Laurie and Ashley had a talk with Gabby, I waited for her to confront me herself. At closing time, the girls had me sit in a chair as they gathered around me in an intimidating manner. They all had serious looks. Gabby was front and center with her arms crossed and a sour expression on her otherwise angelic face. She spoke in a sharp voice with a stronger than usual Spanish accent. "So, you want to go out with us so much you are willing to be a girl for a night?" she quizzed me.

"Yes," I meekly answered. She didn't seem convinced yet.

"You know that we do a lot of things that aren't meant to be spoken about on a night like this. You have to swear on your mother's grave and on any children that you have or might have some day that you will not say a word to anyone about it or to judge any of us in any way," She went on.

I agreed and went through some mock swearing gestures. Gabby sighed.

"Then you will have to be my bitch, I mean our bitch. You will have to do everything we say, no matter how bad or degrading you might think it is, without hesitation." She was serious about that. She waited for my response.

"Of course I will. I am yours to command," I told them. Gabby seemed relieved and even a bit curious. I could see the evil wheel turning in her head. She smiled. That seemed to make the other three smile as well.

"Alright, but I get to name him," blurted out Ashley. Laurie laughed and had an even more evil grin than Gabby. Melissa seemed genuinely pleased too.

For the next few days, the girls all plotted and planned for Laurie's birthday and my coming out night. They talked about my wardrobe and makeup and shoes. My name for the night would be Molly. Apparently, Ashley had all brothers and had always wanted a sister and that would have been her name if her parents had another girl.

Ashley thought that Molly should be a ginger like herself. The wig that they brought me was more of a strawberry blonde than the titian red of Ashley. The wig was a layered, shoulder length style, like Jennifer Aniston's. The dress that they got for me was a shiny silver mini dress but it had longer, elbow length sleeves which would hide my more masculine looking arms. The ensemble would also include fishnet stockings and black suede, open toe booties. Laurie had a few bangles and trinkets for me to wear also and a sassy chain link belt. The final touch was the assortment of underwear. This included a black bra and panties, a corset, and a black satin mini slip.

The night finally arrived as did I at Laurie's with all my goodies at the prescribed time. As per her instructions, I had shaved my entire body, scrubbed every inch of myself, and moisturized. She had given me a mauve coloured nail polish the day before. She told me to put it on before coming over to save time. Laurie looked bathed and ready, with her hair done and makeup on. She wore a little blue satin robe that showed off her sexy and yummy legs which glistened from the oil she used on them. Laurie told me to go into the bathroom and slip into the under garments. I came out shy and red faced but she seemed impressed and pleased. She had me sit in her makeup chair. She handed me two silicone pads that looked like chicken cutlets. "Stick these in your bra cups. They'll make you look like you have boobs." I did as she said. Laurie examined me. "Hmm, maybe one more thing..." Laurie returned with some duct tape. I was a little frightened. "Relax, I'm not going to gag you....yet. Put these strips under your arm pits and pull them together in the middle and tape them together." I didn't really understand until I did it. The tape pulled the skin on my chest closer together and gave the effect of cleavage.

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