tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne of the Guys Ch. 02

One of the Guys Ch. 02


I tried to shake my head no...I wasn't ready for this. I imagined my first time to be candles and lace, a nice bed, my boyfriend, maybe husband. Not my best friends...

Dom's hand cupped my cheek. Then he was kissing me. I felt a rush of heat as his tongue probed my mount. I tried to turn my head, spit it out, but couldn't.

Hands, cold hands were playing with my breasts. Pinching, rolling my nipples. It felt good, it felt bad. I wanted to stop it. I wanted it to continue. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..." The quote from English class jumped into my head and I felt like laughing. Everything was so fuzzy and I was so...hot.

I jumped when a hand touched my leg. At least I think I did. I certainly squirmed. The hand moved up my leg and was moving where I didn't want it to go. I found the strength to move my arms. To start pushing...

"Easy Lana. Easy." Dom whispered in my ear. He easily pulled my arms above my head. I felt leather wrap around one wrist and turned my head. A leather cuff was being attached. I started to pull away. All I got was a chuckle from Dom.

I squirmed as a hand found my mound. It was bare, freshly waxed. It was summer after all. I felt embarrassed by this fact. The guys shouldn't know that I wax for heaven's sake...

"Dom, she's bald down here."

Alex's voice was almost reverent. A whisper. I moved my leg to kick and felt it firmly pinned. Eric! I forgot about Eric. One of his hands was playing with my breast, the other pinned my leg. Dom was done capturing one hand and moved to the other. I focused my energy and kicked out, hitting Alex square in the mouth. I pulled at my hand, trying to get out of the cuff. Dom quickly grabbed at my free and rolled me over. I was on my belly, my knees tucked up and held under me. One arm cuffed across to the corner. I was shaking my head no.

"Yes, Lana, Yes."

Had I been talking out loud?

"Lana, you can fight all you want, but we will have you one way or another. Now, apologize to Alex."

I shook my head no. Dom was amused. He was enjoying this! I shook my head no and tried to reach with my free hand again. It was pulled tightly behind me. I cried out as my arm was pinned behind me.

"Lana, we want you to enjoy this, but we will hurt you if you continue to fight us."

I felt a hard slap across my bottom. I tried to leap forward out of reach but my arm held me in place. I shook my head again. I could see Alex holding a wad of tissues to his nose. All I could think was "good"...

SMACK! The blow landed on my ass hurt like hell. I felt stinging, fire. I screamed and found my voice.

"Dom stop, what are you doing?!!?!"

"Here Eric, garb that arm and tie it up there will you?"

Eric grabbed my arm and moved it in front. He crossed it with my other and started to tie it in the cuff. I tried to pull back away from the tie and...SMACK! I moved right onto Dom's hand. I shrieked and bucked forward again.

"Damn it Dom, knock it off! This isn't funny."

I could feel tears sliding down my cheeks. My limbs felt leaden, heavy, but damn my ass was on fire.

I tried pulling on my arms again to no avail. My shoulders hurt being twisted and crossed. I was pulling, intent on getting free when I realized Dom wasn't smacking me anymore.

I turned to look and found him standing at the wall. He reached up, grabbing what looked like a flogger from the old pirate movies. I shrieked...Damn I never thought I would do that and tried to scramble off the bed. But I forgot about Eric. His hand came down hard on my ass this time. Then another hand grabbed my ankle. I kicked out once and the other ankle was grabbed. Alex was back in the fray. They both had an ankle and were cuffing them to what looked like the bar from a closet that had big bolts in it. My legs were spread and nothing I could do would move them. They were pulled out to the bottom of the bed, leaving me stretched out on it. My arms were up and crossed, my backside exposed. I heard Dom's chuckle.

"Stick a pillow under her belly. Get her ass in the air."

Alex produced the pillow and put it in place. Eric came to the head of the bed and began stroking my hair. Somewhere he ad removed his clothes ands now stood there naked. His cock was definitely large and ready. I shuddered in...as I struggled to identify the emotion I heard a whooshing and then felt the stinging. Dom wasn't sticking to my butt now.

"This is for all the times you pressed against us when you "shielded" the ball."

Another lace of stings.

"This is for the bouncing breasts that always distracted us."


"This is for the skimpy shorts that don't cover your hard ass."


My mind whirled as I heard the buzz.

"This is for your ass..."

I felt something press at my bum hole and tried to squirm away. Wet, cold liquid was poured over it and I struggled more. My head was whipping back and forth, no as it pushed stretching me.

Eric grabbed my hair and held my head still. He was still stroking my hair.

"Easy Lana. Relax, it will hurt less. Stop tensing...You're gonna get it no matter what....That's it...good girl."

I tried to listen to his words. The lead feeling was there still. My adrenalin wearing down? My limbs felt heavy. I took a deep breath and felt the buzzing, insistent pushing on my ass. I was being stretched...too tight...too tight...and then it was in...I gasped, crying out in pain and something else...

"Shh...Lana, it will be all right."

The bar was lifted and the guys rolled me over. I was on my back, my arms unknotted. Eric rubbed them. The fabric scratched my back and ass making the burning so intense. But the buzzing in my ass made me hotter elsewhere. I shook my head again trying to fight it. I was crying and I hate crying. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to stop it.

Alex's mouth on my left breast made me jump. My entire body bucked and I knew I was wet. He suckled intensely for a couple seconds, then nip gently. Then his tongue started to lavish the nipple.

Oh God! Eric started on my other nipple. The dueling stimulus was overwhelming. Alex bit down hard while Eric was suckling gently. Then Eric would nip or bite with Alex licked. It was too much. I felt my hips moving and willed them to stop.

I bucked again when I felt Dom's breath on my inner thigh. He placed a little kiss, then a lick up it. I squirmed, wanting to close my legs, fighting against the bar holding them apart. He chuckled and his fingers moved up to my lips. I felt him spreading them and sucked in a breath. Alex took that moment to bite and I jerked again. Dom started licking my cunt lips, first one side, and then the other. The buzzing in my backside was driving me nuts. I was whimpering, gasping and writhing against my ties and I couldn't for the life of me figure out if I wanted it to stop still or progress further. My mind was a cloud and I was just along for the ride.

The bed shifted as Dom climbed up the bed. Another buzzing and something cold was placed on my clit. My entire body tensed. My legs went straight out, fighting against the bar. I gasped, I cried. I shook. I couldn't breathe, I didn't want to. Everything was exploding, my entire body so straight, so tense I couldn't move. Suddenly my legs were being lifted, free from the bar. Dom was above me, wrapping them around his waist. I felt his cock, hard and ready at the entrance to my cunt. I shook my head no and he flicked the tip of the vibrator against my clit again. I screamed and he surged forward.

PAIN. Intense pain I couldn't breath, couldn't scream. I felt tears down my cheeks and Dom kissing them away. I wanted him off me, away. But that damn buzzing! Slowly my body began to relax again. Alex and Eric were still helping with that. Dom slowly began to move, little by little. I was filled to bursting but I could feel the moisture leaking down my ass. I was the wettest I had ever been. I could hear myself moaning, gasping as he started thrusting into me, over and over.

Dom suddenly stilled, surging forward and grinding his hips as tight against me as possible. I felt everything in me tighten again, so tense. I screamed, Dominic grunted, and then he collapsed on me.

It took me a moment or several to get my breath. Dom was so heavy on me. He shifted his weight and started to move. Eric was there the next moment, opening a water bottle, sticking a straw in it and putting it in my mouth. I sucked wantonly, needing the liquid in my parched body.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it?" Dom was full of himself, arrogant, cocky. I wanted to slap him. I felt him reach under us and twist something and finally the buzzing stopped. He started to pull out his deflated cock. I saw the mixture of white tinged red around his cock and then the realization of what happened hit me.

"You weren't wearing a condom! Dom what if I get pregnant? You bastard! You asshole! I can't believe I ever called you friend!"

I was screaming at him, wanting to kill him. I was hurting myself, hurting my arms trying to get him. He just backed away, his magnificent body slicked with sweat, his cocky smile lighting up his face. I fell back on the bed exhausted. I felt my eyes close, drifting off into sleep. The drug they had given me earlier and the activities trying to find oblivion for me. When I heard Dom's voice again.

"Rest now Lana. It's Alex's turn next."

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