tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Path Taken

One Path Taken


My boyfriend and I were having fun at the club dancing and drinking, but I guess he had a few too many as he became "overly friendly" on the floor. He kept trying to grope me under my short skirt and my large breasts under my tight white T-shirt right in front of everybody. It's not that I'm a prude or that I've never allowed him to fuck me or anything like that, but we've always done it privately. And although no one seemed to care, I felt they were all watching to see how far he could get.

He kept pawing me so I thought if I let him feel me up a little, maybe it would be enough and it was kind of making me hot too. During one slow dance, he managed to sneak his hand under my skirt and I let him massage my pussy with one of his fingers. I leaned my head on his shoulder as it felt so good and bit into his shirt to suppress my moans. I could feel my juices start to flow. I think he could too. My tiny lace g-string sopped the wetness dripping from me.

All of a sudden, just before the song ended, he grabbed my panties and just ripped them off. The bastard then held them up to show everyone. He even showed the wet spot on the crotch putting them up to his nose and deeply inhaling. Everyone whooped, hollered or laughed.

I was so embarrassed and angry. I ran towards the ladies. The jerked followed after me and grabbed me before I could enter. I called him a bastard and demanded he take me home right now.

He tried to explain he was just fooling around and he wanted to show how much he loved me and the fact that I was so wet for him.

I told him he was an ass and if he didn't take me home right now, I'd leave without him. And if I went home alone, I never want to see him again. I went to collect my things, well just my purse. It was hot outside and I didn't need a coat or anything.

We got into a taxi since he was obviously too drunk to drive anyway. Once we got into the back and started moving, he immediately started to grope me again. He reached under my Tee and ripped off my bra. My tits, free of constraints bounced as the taxi drove along the bumpy road. My nipples were huge and hard and clearly pointing out for anyone to see. Fortunately no one could see into the cab.

He immediately clamped his mouth on my boobs and started to suck my nipples leaving big wet spots. His spit made the Tee almost transparent and my tits were clearly visible even in the limited light. I tried desperately to stop him, but he easily over powered my attempts.

At the same time, his hand went right between my legs. Without any foreplay, he rammed his fingers deep inside my cunt. Fortunately I was still wet from the dance floor.

I continued to try and stop him and begged the taxi drive to help me. My boyfriend continued to maul me while the cabbie only laughed and pretended he didn't speak English with a fake foreign accent.

His attack on my pussy was taking me to the verge of a climax, but the cab stopped for a light. I managed to push my now ex-boyfriend off, jumped out of the cab and slammed the door to prevent him from getting out. I turned and ran into the park.

When I looked back, I saw the cabbie stopping my Ex and demanding his fare money. I started to relax a bit and slowed down to a walk. Running in my slip-on 5 inch heels wasn't easy.

I looked back again and my Ex and the cabbie got back in the taxi and drove off. I walked back towards the street to see if I could hail a cab, but it maybe difficult since this wasn't the best part of town and fares generally didn't get picked up from this area even if a cab was to pass by. I thought maybe I could call one on my cell, but then I realized I left it in my purse along with any money or credit cards in the cab with my boyfriend.

I started to cry and realized I didn't have any choice but to walk home. I lived on the other side of the park, but was a little apprehensive walking through it. Even during the daytime, walking through the park felt eerie.

Walking around the park would take at least an hour, in these heels, probably closer to two. It was only a half hour if I walked through.

I stood there debating with myself for 5 minutes before convincing myself to walk through. The paths were light albeit not very brightly, maybe I'd be okay.

Tentatively I started placing one foot in front of the other walking into the park. It was eerie quiet was broken only from the sounds of my heels. It felt like someone was watching me and not in a good way.

A light zephyr blew causing the tree leaves to rustle. The same breeze slid between my legs and tickled my crotch making me conscience of my lack of panties and what my Ex did to me. Wetness still coating my pussy lips made them feel cool. It actually made me feel a little horny. Okay a lot horny.

I pinched my nipple through my still damp Tee and slipped a finger under my hem and felt myself up. Moisture coated my finger. I brought it to my lips and tasted myself.

That bastard ex-boyfriend of mine has got me so horny; I'll have to jill off when I get home.

I continued to walk and finger myself but about 10 minutes into my journey, I realized I needed to pee. I looked around for a place trying to remember if there was a public toilet or something.

Not finding or recalling anything, I decided to find a spot behind a tree. Off the main path into some darkness, I hid behind a fairly large oak tree. I pulled up my short skirt over my ass. It was so short, I really didn't have to pull it up that much, but the thought of exposing myself in public kind of excited me so I pulled it up around my waist.

Bare assed, I squatted against the tree and spread my knees, but I couldn't relax enough to let my stream of pee go.

Another breeze blew between my thighs. I felt it tickle my clit. I reached down and fingered it. It felt way too good to stop. I kept manipulating my button, holding my breath, building up the intensity until finally exploding in a climax. I continued to hold my breath and clinched my tight belly. The pressure caused my pee to spray out onto the ground in front of me. It seemed to extend my climax. I continued to finger my clit until the final drips of urine fell to the ground.

I ran my finger along my pussy lips, then tasted my nectar mixed with my pee. I tasted pretty good.

Suddenly, something grabbed and pulled my long blond hair and held me back squatting against the tree. Before I could scream, a large hand covered my mouth allowed me only a muffled squeak.

I was then yanked down to my knees on the ground. I tried to see his face but he wore a hoodie and I couldn't see my attacker. Still holding my hank of hair, he brought his head to my ear and whispered for me not to say anything or make any noise.

He removed his hand from my mouth grabbed my Tee shirt and ripped it off. He used shreds of my own shirt to tie my hands behind my back.

There I was, kneeling bare breasted with my belt of a skirt around my waist, at the complete mercy of this monster. All I could tell was that my assaulter was a big 6 foot male with huge strong hands.

He was well groomed, wore clean jeans and polished boots. I expected him to stink of dirt and sweat with stale alcohol on his breath like some old rubbies that usually frequents the park. He smelled surprisingly clean. His cologne was Paco Raban.

He stood in front of me, popped the fly of his button denims and let them fall down to his knees. He was commando. I looked at his thick tool, it very firm but wasn't totally hard yet. It was uncut, about nine inches long and a couple of inches thick. His pubic hair was trim and dark in contrast to his light coloured skin.

He grabbed the back of my head and guided it forward. The tip of his penis touched my lips. I didn't need to be forced after that, I knew exactly what to do....what I wanted.....what I needed.

I opened my mouth and let his mushroom head enter. I used my tongue to keep him from entering too deeply at first and enclosed my lips around his girth. With my eyes closed, I caressed his helmet with my mouth, my lips, my tongue....

I guess he had enough. He held my head firmly and drove his shaft into me until it was totally inside. His crotch hairs tickled my nose. I could feel the head assaulted the back of my throat. I wanted to use my hands to grab his ass and make him give me more, but they still were tied behind.

He pumped his hips hard. I could feel it go down my throat, through my tummy and out my cunt. I felt leakage drip down my legs.

Suddenly he yanked my head off of him by my hair, untied my hands (thank god, I wanted to grab him) and shoved me on my back onto the ground. I landed legs splayed, pussy wet and gaping. He dropped to his knees between my legs, grabbed both my hands with one of his and held them over my head. With his other hand, he positioned the tip of his rock hard tool at my pulsing sex hole, rubbed the head along my opening, then without warning or ceremony plunged his entire length into me.

He used a medium pace, pulling his dick almost entirely out then driving it back inside me. It felt like a foot long and so thick. I tensed my cunt and could the walls of my vagina squeeze and suck at his cock.

I was coming. My head thrashed back and forth, my mouth opened wide, my legs wrapped around his. I dug my heels into his buttocks. I wanted as much of him inside me as possible.

The only words I could speak were to encourage him to fuck me harder. He fucked me harder and faster. As I came I screamed loud. Not like at the club, I didn't care who saw or heard me (if there was anyone in the park at that time of night).

Five more hard thrusts of his hips then I could feel his sperm jet out of his pee hole, splashing inside my womb. With each ejaculation he would drive his cock into me deeper.

Finally after about 7 jettisons and what felt to be about a quart of cum, he stopped, kissed me on the cheek and thanked me before getting up and pulling up his pants.

I laid there with my eyes closed for a few seconds trying to regain any composure I had remaining. When I opened my eyes, he was gone.

There I was, on my back with no shirt, skirt around my waist, legs spread with cum dripping out of my cunt and into my ass hole, not being able to move. My hair was full of mud and piss. It was the best fuck I've ever had.

Slowly I was able to get up. I walked the rest of the way home, tits exposed, skirt still around my waist, cum now drooling down my thighs. When I entered my apartment, I was so horny, I had to fuck myself. I got my biggest dildo (which wasn't as big as my attacker was) and assaulted myself with it. I came three more times before I fell asleep exhausted.

I woke in the morning, my dildo still shoved inside my cunt, still fucking horny from the night before. I fucked myself twice more, before managing to clean myself up.

Showered and prettied up, I put on a mid thigh length summer dress (the kind that is see through when you are standing in the right kind of light) and a pair of high heeled sandals before leaving the appartment.

I walked past the park, reliving the last night's passion. My pussy started twinging again. I thought I would have to go home and relieve myself again now that I had no boyfriend anymore, when suddenly, this guy walks passed me. A familiar fragrance...Paco! He was about six feet tall, good looking, nice hair, moustache, muscular with big hands.

He stopped, turned to look at me, smiled, then turned and walked into the park. I followed.

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