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One Perfect Man


She hadn't seen him for almost a year, but catching her first glimpse of him in the glaring sunlight gave her shivers all over again. It was this strange chemical attraction that made her scared of him, of what he could make her do.

When he got in the car, he smiled. She wanted to touch him, maybe hug him or give him a kiss on the cheek. But his nearness made her nipples harden and ache a little, and she knew touching wasn't wise. She felt so awkward.

Conversation felt strange but eventually picked up a little. He switched to driving on the way home, giving her a chance to look at him. He'd change some, but his proud, determined face seemed just as mysteriously arousing as it always had.

Arriving at the apartment made her nervous all over again. She showered, leaving him where he was. As the water poured on her, she caressed herself, dipping her fingers in to her pussy and rubbing the wetness of herself and the water against her hard, aching clit. The thought of him in her home made her feel a tiny twinge of this craziness. Her body felt like it was wound tightly. Her skin prickled as she imagined him.

She knew it was a mistake to sit beside him on the couch. She could feel the tension before she ever walked into the room. It made sense to just leave, to laugh and jump down the stairs and head to work an hour early to avoid all the temptation staring her in the face. But she could not resist the desire to be closer to him.

They laughed and played, testing boundaries and limits almost endlessly. Her pussy was soaking all over again. When he pinned her against the couch, she wanted nothing more than to reach up just a little and press her lips against his. She saw the need in his eyes and pushed him away, desperate to regain some measure of resistance.

The hours following flew by far too quickly for her jumbled thoughts. Even seeing his face made her want him. She was disgusted by her own lack of control. She'd never really wanted a man before.

The evening came and she was with him again, chewing gum and laughing and talking to avoid thinking. After seeing friends, the night was theirs and his excuse of movies seemed almost plausible to her addled, lustful mind. At the fork in the road between his home and hers, it seemed so close to natural to veer in the direction of her home and the risks that lay waiting there.

As soon as the lights were off and they settled to watch the movie, she knew he would touch her. She knew that her avoiding him would do nothing. She tried but her body betrayed her.

They wrestled and fought even more. His seeming disregard for her pain filled her so greatly with desire. She bit him. He bit her. He pressed her down hard, kissing her so softly in contrast. A tiny bit of her determination melted with each touch of his warm lips against her. Every time she forced him away, they somehow ended back up in the same position. And each time, she was a little more full of the need she'd felt throughout the day.

Her hurt her and treated her roughly. She was not used to such a touch. She has never been forced to do anything, always the dominant in any relationship. Somehow he had power over her that she didn't understand.

Every 'no' she spoke out loud was a fight within herself, not with him. And when his cock finally pressed its way inside her mouth, she knew there was no real turning back. It was smooth and beautiful and felt so good against her tongue. Even then, though, she tried to inch away. Laughing, she pulled against his hands on her shoulders and stood.

He seemed almost enraged by her laughter. Grabbing her roughly, he carried her to her bed, throwing her down in the same second as her clothes came off. Even as she opened her mouth to say no, his cock filled her, feeling like the piece of heaven that instantly silenced her pleas. She could feel the tip of it rubbing against her most sensitive spot as he fucked her hard. She knew she was lost to him. Nothing had ever felt so good. She had never felt such incredible perfection.

She loved his breath against her, the way he moved, knowing just exactly what he was doing to her. She loved the vague street light glimmering on his face above her. As she came, electric currents bursting through her entire body, a tiny piece of her loved him. It would never be quite as perfect as it was in those moments. A lifetime ago.

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