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One Pizza Delivery


My wife could not stop talking about the video. She was a constant stream of comments. I had to back it up several times at her request.

"Oh my God, look at my nipples," Debbie exclaimed.

"I totally love them. They are outstanding!" I replied.

"Well they certainly do stand out a lot," she giggled.

"You notice the effect they had on the vacuum salesman," I laughed.

I had decided to show my wife the video I had shot of the vacuum presentation. She was totally engrossed and had watched it repeatedly.

"I can't believe I actually did that. I wonder if he had ever had an orgasm before. I could barely manage to swallow all he had built up. Look at how red he is. I thought he was going to pass out here. Look at him shaking. When I touched his thing it looks like he was hit with electricity," her running commentary continued throughout the entire video.

In short, she loved it. I found myself wondering what her reaction would be when I showed her some of the other video's I had captured without her knowing it.

This event with the vacuum salesman had gone a long way toward convincing her she had a body that men drooled over. As a result, she had gone shopping. This was her favorite past time anyway, and with Amazon and other computer stores now available it was like her birthday every day. She was interested in sexier attire for our out of town trips. At home, she still dressed conservatively, unless Ted was coming over, or if Jason mowed the lawn.

On our way to another business trip destination I decided to try something and make a suggestion. "How about when we get our motel room, you order a pizza."

"Here's the deal," I began. "I will set my camera up and not be there when the pizza guy arrives. You ask him if he would do you a huge favor. Tell him your husband is always calling you a prude. Then ask him if he would mind taking some pictures of you naked to show your husband you are NOT a prude."

She giggled, "Is this all you ever think about," she said giggling. "I would be beet red, I know I would," she said.

I sensed she was intrigued with the idea even though she would not admit it.

"He would expect you to be. After all, your husband thinks you're a prude," I chuckled.

"I'd have to think about that, I am not sure I could pull it off," she mumbled.

"You could also ask him if you he would take a picture of you holding his cock. Use the hand with the wedding ring on it so your husband would know it was you," I laughed.

She giggled, "Oh I am sure a pizza delivery guy would go along with that," she said snidely.

"If he sees you naked he would," I laughed.

"Hmm, I will think about it. She gazed out at the trees we were passing, obviously mulling this over in her mind. A slight smile crept over her face.

We arrived at our destination and after checking in I unloaded our luggage.

Debbie asked, "Did you want me to order a pizza?" she giggled.

I smiled and looked at her, already turning red as she fidgeted. Her nipples becoming more noticeable even under her blouse and bra were a dead giveaway. It was obvious she had thought a great deal about my idea during the remainder of our journey.

"You want to try it?" I asked.

"Well if I feel uneasy or I chicken out, at least we will have something to eat tonight," she laughed.

"You call it in, and I will set up the camera. I will go out to the car before he gets here and wait there until he leaves." I said.

I pulled the curtains closed and arranged them so I could peek in at one lower corner just to make sure things did not get out of hand.

I told Debbie, "I have opened a small gap at the bottom of the curtain. I will be able to take a quick peek to make sure everything is ok, but I won't be able to look much or someone will turn me in as a peeping tom," I laughed.

"OK," she nervously announced. "The pizza will be here in about 30 minutes.

"You better get ready," I said.

"Get ready?" she said with a puzzled look.

"Well, I thought maybe if you only had a robe on or something like that, it would work better," I replied.

"Oh, well I was thinking about just taking my clothes off. I thought it might excite him more if I slowly stripped," she said.

"Hmmm, good point. Either way, I will leave that up to you then," I chuckled.

When the time of the pizza arrival drew closer, I started the camera and told her I would be out in the car.

"Ohhh, well I am not sure I can do this," she mumbled as she nervously paced the room. She was having second thoughts.

"If you chicken out, just pay for the pizza and let him leave," I laughed.

"Maybe I will go with the robe," she stammered as she began to strip off her clothing. The motel had the standard white terry cloth robes in the closet.

"Your choice babe," I said as I left the room and headed for our car nearby. Fortunately a space had opened in front of our room which would make it easier for the delivery guy to park.

I had been in the car about 10 minutes when the pizza car pulled into the open space. I watched as a very fat middle aged black guy hauled his fat ass out of the small sedan.

"Well fuck," I thought to myself. "He won't be in there long," I mumbled. Just my luck, instead of a nice or average looking kid delivering the pizza, we get stuck with a middle aged fat fuck. No way would my wife go through with this with that tubby.

Tubby retrieved the pizza hot bag from the car and tugged his pants up in the back as he walked, actually it was more of a waddle to our room.

I saw the look of surprise on Debbie's face as she opened the door. She had the white terry cloth robe on. After a pause at the door, during which I assume Lard-o was verifying he had the right room and telling her to amount due, he waddled inside and the door was shut.

I waited, fully expecting him to be coming back out at any second. After about 5 minutes or so, my curiosity got the best of me and I snuck up to grab a quick peek where I had arranged the curtain.

Peering in, my mouth dropped open. I was more than a little surprised to see my naked wife standing in front of tubby. He was fumbling with her phone trying to take pictures. His pants had an obvious bulge as my wife was striking different poses.

She looked incredible. She was as expected, beet red and her tits were jiggling and her nipples were jutting. I assume at tubby's direction, she stood and spread her legs, then reached down and appeared to be inserting a finger in her very wet cunt.

I got nervous about this time and returned to our car on the other side of the lot.

About 15 or maybe 20 minutes later, I again returned to take a peek. I couldn't figure what the fuck they could be doing for this long. I mean, snap a few pictures, maybe get him to let her hold his cock, then leave.

Making sure no one was coming or outside, I slipped over by our window and leaned over to take a quick peek.

Tubby was leaning up against the desk with his pants and shorts lowered to about mid (very fat) thigh. My petite naked wife was kneeling in front of him rapidly jacking his cock off as she held the head of it inside her mouth. With her other hand it looked like she was cupping his balls. I gasped audibly, surprising myself.

Tubby would be missing this sight because his fat belly prevented him from seeing what was going on. He was doing his best to hold Debbie's phone and I wondered if he was taking pictures of her sucking his cock.

I loped back to my car with a hard on and got in to wait. I didn't think he'd be much longer. I still could not believe my wife had actually gone through with this. But I had seen it with my own eyes. My gorgeous wife bare naked on her knees with this fat fucks cock in her mouth and her hand a blur trying to get him to release his load in her mouth.

It turned out I was right. Maybe 5 minutes or less later, Tubby staggered out of the room and after taking several deep breaths he was able to kind of stagger-waddle back to his car. He sat in the car for a while before starting it and leaving. No doubt he was trying to gather himself after what had just happened.

When I walked into the room she was nibbling on the pizza.

"How did it go?" I asked.

Pausing between nibbles she said, "Did you see how fat he was? Good grief, I bet he weighed close to 300lbs!" she exclaimed.

"But he was nice," she added. "And he agreed to take the pictures," she said.

I was pulling the camera down as she nibbled and told me what had happened. I hooked the camera up to the TV in the room so we could both watch the video while lying on the bed.

I fast forwarded it to where she was stripping. I had to admire her drop dead hot body before she slipped into the robe. I fast forwarded it again to when Tubby appeared at the door. He had asked if she had ordered the pizza and he had told her the price. She invited him in while she got the money.

Beet red she meekly said, "Can I ask you to do me a big favor?" as she handed him the money.

He replied, "Uhh sure."

"My husband is always telling me I am a prude. He always makes fun of me for being so uptight and prudish." Debbie began, breathing heavier as she grew redder.

"Can you take some pictures of me so I can prove to him I am not a prude?" she said.

"Uh how will that prove anything?" he mumbled, obviously confused.

Debbie paused and drew a deep breath turning even redder, "well I won't have any clothes on," she managed to mumble.

Tubby's eyes widened and his mouth fell open. "Ahh, well ahh ya, ahh I guess I can take the pictures. Are you by yourself?" he quickly asked.

"Oh yes," she quickly replied. "My husband is home, and I am here by myself on business for a couple of days."

"Well sure then," he said as he laid the pizza bag by the door.

Debbie stepped over to him and handed him her phone showing him how to take the pictures. When he assured her he knew how to do it, she stepped away from him.

With her back to him, she paused drawing a deep breath. It was obvious she was building her courage. Finally, she slowly slipped the white terry cloth robe off her naked shoulders and after another pause and another very deep breath, she reluctantly tossed it on the bed.

I commented on what I was watching, "well that took a while."

"I almost chickened out," she said. "I came close to telling him I changed my mind and that maybe I really was a prude after all. But I kept thinking about the vacuum guy, Maybe I have a weakness for nerds or fat people. I mean how many times do they get a chance to see someone like me naked?"

"Look at how hot your firm apple ass looks babe," I interjected.

Keeping her backside to him, she again paused, taking several more deep breaths. Then she suddenly and somewhat awkwardly spun around. She had her arms crossed over her tits concealing her stiff nipples from Tubby's view. She was as red as I expected as she stared downwardly. She stood stiffly with her arms crossed looking anywhere but at the fat pizza guy. Finally she drew a deep breath and did like dual Karate chop slices throwing her arms to her side.

I commented on the video again, "you forgot your wet cunt babe. You covered your tits, but you pussy was in plain sight," I chuckled.

She swatted at me as she giggled too.

We both heard Tubby gasp when she literally flung her arms down to her side. Her firm tits bounced and jiggled. Her nipples were fully engorged and jutted a good inch from her firm tits. Her chest was heaving as she was breathing in gasps.

"A little nervous, were we babe?" I chuckled.

"My nipples stick out too much," she mumbled.

"Oh shut up, they are perfect," I responded.

Tubby produced an instantaneous bulge when my wife turned and he was clearly not thinking about snapping pictures. Instead he simply stared with his mouth open.

"Are you going to take the picture?" Debbie finally managed to stammer. This snapped him to attention as he raised the phone and clicked the first photo.

"Let me see," Debbie said as she quickly walked over to him. "Oh, I like that one," she gushed. "Can you take a few more?"

"You bet," Tubby said through labored breathing. "Ahh, turn around and look over your shoulder so I can get that hot ass, er butt of yours."

"Damn girl, you are the sexiest, hottest girl I have ever seen!" he nervously exclaimed.

"Why thank you," Debbie said coyly as she blushed.

"My husband won't be calling me a prude when he sees these," she giggled.

"Face me and spread your legs apart," Tubby instructed.

My wife did as he instructed.

"Ah can you ah maybe reach down and ah maybe put a finger inside your ahh..." his voice trailed off.

Debbie reached down and rubbing her cunt with her fingers slowly slid one then two fingers deep in her wet pussy.

He took the picture and when she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, they were clearly wet.

"I have to see that one," as she dashed over to him with her tits jiggling.

As she gazed at the pictures Tubby had taken, she said, "You can touch my boobs if you want." Her confidence was clearly growing.

Tentatively Tubby reached over and cupped one of my wife's firm tits with his pudgy hand. He was kneading her tit and pinching her erect nipple, as she looked at the pictures.

"You can suck my nipples too if you want," Debbie muttered as she looked at the photos.

He leaned over tentatively and after licking her rock hard nipple, he sucked it into his mouth, moaning slightly.

"I was thinking," Debbie said quietly as Tubby was sucking her tit. "If I could get a picture of my left hand, because that would show my wedding ring, holding your penis, my husband would never be able to call me a prude again."

The popping noise of my wife's nipple coming out of Tubby's mouth was audible.

We both laughed at that.

"Wh, what did you say?" Tubby stuttered as he gasped.

"Well, I ah, I just thought if I showed my husband a picture of my hand holding a penis, I mean besides his, he would know I was not a prude. Especially with it being a black one like yours," she said fidgeting nervously and turning beet red again.

"You sure you're by yourself," he asked as he stepped down the hallway and looked in the bathroom. He checked the closet on his way back to my naked and very nervous wife.

"It's only me," she said. "Look if you don't want to do it, I understand," she added.

"NO, no, ah I'll do it. I mean if it will help you show your ole man you're not a prude and all," he quickly added as he fidgeted with his belt buckle.

Struggling to reach under his fat belly, Tubby shakily fumbled and unbuckled his belt. He then unsnapped his jeans and unzipped them. Hesitantly, he pushed his pants down to about mid thigh. His cock bulged in his shorts as he fumbled to locate the waistband under his fat gut.

"I can help you get it hard if you want," my wife mumbled as standing in front of him, she watched him struggle to slide his briefs down to join his jeans at mid thigh.

I commented, "Help him get it hard? Holy shit babe he is practically boring a hole in his skivvies now," I chuckled.

"Oh hush, I just wanted to touch it," she giggled as she slapped my arm.

"Oh, ah OK," Tubby gasped as he pushed his shorts down a little.

When my wife's hand reached and squeezed his cock through his shorts, Tubby gasped and his knees buckled a little.

He shoved his shorts down and Debbie quickly clenched his cock around the shaft pumping it rapidly in the process.

"Oh my," Debbie muttered. "You're big," she gushed.

This was definitely an exaggeration on her part to make Tubby feel better. He was not big. His cock was probably seven inches or so. It was big in circumference. But not long. At least compared to Ted, or Jason, or even me.

Tubby had to lean back against the desk; he had to crane his neck forward to the maximum so he could see over his gut to the viewfinder on the phone and be able to take a picture of his black cock being gripped by my wife's tiny hand. Her wedding ring sparked as she squeezed and pumped his now dripping cock.

With the picture successfully taken she insisted on seeing it. As she looked at it, Tubby lightly ran his hand down over her naked body, lightly cupping her firm apple ass in the process. I noticed she kept slowly stroking his rock hard cock as she gazed at the picture.

"Oh, I really like that one," Debbie gushed.

He whispered something in her ear and she responded, "Oh no, no I can't do that. I'm sorry. But you can touch me down there if you want. It's just that I don't want to get pregnant," she added.

"What did he say?" I asked.

"He asked me if he could stick his penis in me," she replied through labored breath as she watched the video intently.

"Well I certainly can't blame him for trying," I chuckled. "You could have let him do your butt. You wouldn't get pregnant that way," I added with a laugh.

This comment caused her rapt attention to the video to falter for a moment as she quietly commented, "oh well, I guess I didn't t-t-think of that."

He quickly moved his hand down and began touching my wife's wet cunt, pushing a fat finger in a little ways and kind of nervously finger fucking her.

"If you would like, ah..." Debbie paused taking a deep breath. "I could put it in my mouth," she quietly stammered, turning deep red again.

"Ah," Tubby paused not believing what my wife had just said, "OK," he gasped, still in total disbelief.

"OK, you lean back against the desk. Why don't you see if you can get this on video when it's in my mouth," she said almost excitedly. "This will totally blow my husband's mind. And it serves him right for always making fun of me. Seeing me sucking a big black penis will shut him up for good," she added as she knelt down in front of his fatness.

She looked so tiny kneeling before his fatness. The contrast was incredible. He was very black and very fat and my wife was very white (compared to him) and very fit.

Tubby strained his neck to locate the viewfinder and capture my wife putting his cock in her mouth.

She slowly reached up and gripped his cock moving her face closer as she opened her mouth and took the fat head of his cock inside. "Pop" as she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

"Can you see me with your penis in my mouth?" she asked.

"Yes," Tubby gasped in what amounted to a whimper.

She quickly sucked the head of his cock back into her mouth.

"Ah, ah, ah," Tubby frantically bellowed as he pulled back from my wife's sucking mouth.

"What's the matter?" Debbie said.

"Well, ah I think I am about ready here, ah..." his voice trailed off.

"Do you want to finish?" she asked innocently.

"Ah, well, in there?" he asked pointing to my wife's mouth.

"Yes," she said. "Just tell me when you are about to do it," she said as she sucked the head of his cock back into her mouth.

Shoving her face forward, embedding her forehead in his fat gut, she took his cock into her throat and held it for a few moments, then pulling back and sucking just the head of it she gripped the shaft and jacked his cock as fast as she could. Her other hand slipped between his fat legs.

I had thought she was cupping his balls with her other hand, but as I looked closer, I saw her hand go under his balls then after a moment, her hand jerked upward. I was shocked.

"Are you sticking a finger in his asshole?" I asked as I caught glimpses of her hand behind his balls.

Debbie did not respond, but rather was clearly approaching an orgasm as her breathing was coming in gasps.

"You've got a finger in his asshole don't you?" I repeated.

"Maybe," was finally her gasping response as she moaned, "Aaaiiiiiyeeeeeeeee," flooding my fingers in her wet cunt.

"Holy shit babe, you amaze me. Sticking your finger in his asshole. I'll bet that flat out turned his crank babe," I chuckled.

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