tagBDSMOne Plus Two Equals Fun

One Plus Two Equals Fun


I'd taken the red-eye into O'Hare to visit her. I'd been waiting at the airport, for forty-five minutes, for her to pick me up.

She was late.

I was frustrated.

My temper was only exacerbated by the jet~lag I was feeling and I knew that if I were to drive a car on the "Dan Ryan" and get cut off by another driver, road rage would cause me to run the fucker off the road and beat him to death with my own fists!

I'm sure you've had days like this, yourself.


I had come to Chicago, a place I swore I'd never visit in winter again, to visit/ meet my longest-lasting online submissive/ slave, even though she was eighteen years my junior and even though I had misgivings about meeting her, face-to-face. But I figured--since I had a lay-over in Chicago--I'd stretch it out for a few hours because my comedy gig wasn't until tomorrow night. And, I reasoned, who the heck goes out to a comedy club, in North Dakota during a blizzard, anyways! I mean, come on!

The only thing making this trip worthwhile (other than the money they were paying me) was the stop-over in my young "slave's" hometown.

We'd chatted online about meeting for months but the timing just wasn't right. Until now, that is.

So, where the hell was she?

Just then, a young woman in a trench coat and sexy, red, high heels called my name. I turned around and recognized a woman I'd only met through the descriptions "sinnndy" had given me in her stories.

"Jodi, I presume?"

I presumed correctly, as she took me by the hand and led me out to her car, smiling and gabbing the whole way.

After a long drive and some light conversation, Jodi mentioned how I must be wondering why it was she, and not sinnnthia, picking me up at the airport.

"Now that you bring it up, YES," I exclaimed, only half-perturbed!

"Well, sinnndy couldn't make it personally, because she's preparing herself for your arrival," Jodi stated.

"Is Billy out of town?" I asked.

"Yes. He has been for five days and won't be back for five more, I'm afraid."

Darn. I had wanted to finally meet the man to whom my online submissive was betrothed.

Oh, well. At least I was getting to know Jodi a little better. And she was everything that sinnndy had said she was: Lovely breasts; sexy, long, dirty-blond hair; piercing eyes; long legs that went up to a great looking ass! Almost like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but not as bitchy!

I felt myself getting hard in places on my body that had been dormant for too long.

I shifted my weight, uncomfortably, in the car seat.

Just as I was about to ask Jodi about herself, we pulled into Billy's driveway.

"We're here," Jodi exclaimed, cheerily.

We walked into the house and Jodi gave me a quick tour of the main floor, then showed me upstairs to the bathroom. She told me to take a shower and that she'd be back when I was done.

I quickly stripped off my clothes, hopped into the shower and sighed as the heat of the water soaked into my tired muscles and soul.

As I was soaping up my chest, I heard somone open the bathroom door. I then felt a rush of cold air hit my body as Jodi slinked under the flowing water with me.

Oh, baby. She looked even better nude.

She asked me If I wanted her to wash my back.

Well, *duh!* My mama didn't raise any idiots.

I just nodded my head because my breath had left my lungs. Jodi was just that good looking!

Well, she soaped up my back, my shoulders, my hairy tooshy, too. When she reached around and grabbed my relaxed cock, it jerked up to it's full seven inches within seconds.

"Oops! We don't want that to go off too early, now, do we!" Jodi winked at me.

"C'mon, BB, Sir. We mustn't keep my mistress waiting," Jodi said, in a sing-song, kind of way, that reminded me of an olden-times, English Maide.

Where is sinnndy, I wondered, as I put on the white, cotton-terry robe that Jodi had laid out for me!

Jodi took me by the hand again and, still dripping from the shower, led me to a chamber-like, bedroom... I'd assumed, correctly, that this was the room that Billy used to punish his future-wife when she'd been naughty!

For, there was sinnndy, all trussed up in leather bonds! It was very surprising and yet, completely erotic! I'd always dreamt of finding a beautiful, young girl bound and vulnerable, just like that!

I suddenly felt a cold draft blowing across my penis as I looked down and realized that it was very hard and poking out through the robe I was wearing.

I ordered Jodi to get down on her knees and suck my throbbing dick, which she did with great abandon. I wanted to torture sinnndy, my hostess, for making me wait so damned long at the airport.

Upon seeing my swollen cock disappear down her friend's throat, sinndy began to whince. This was just the response I was looking for!

I figured, correctly again, that sinnndy hadn't had a dick in her for five days (since Billy had left) and that was *six* days longer than she was used to waiting! I knew that sinnndy was extremely horny and would probably kill Jodi and me, both, for doing this to her so I told Jodi to touch sinnndy, our host, wherever sinndy was most sensitive.

It was soo nice to have Jodi show me ALL the places on sinnndy's little, tight body that she liked to be touched, licked and fondled.

sinnndy had to agree.

And then sinnndy showed me ALL the places on Jodi's equally tight body that SHE liked to be touched, licked and fondled, at my request.

I had to get in on this, too, as I was harder than ever!

Together, all THREE of us explored new ways, places to touch, lick, fondle and love each other's body. We rubbed sensual massage oils, from sinnndy's night-stand, all over each other.

I told the girls to watch my hand as it gripped my hard cock, sliding up and down, up and down, from the base up to the purple, mushroom-shaped head and slamming back down again and again!

"Look at it gleaming with the oil I use as a 'lubricunt,'" I smiled, as sinnndy got the pun.

Now they were to imagine my cock sliding in and out of their tight bodies.

My hostess stood there on the floor and started to finger herself. I could hear her finger sloshing around in her juicy, slick, bald pussy.

So I walked over to sinnndy, grabbed her right leg and wrapped it around my waste and stroked my cock into her pussy, saying, "I'm so glad you shaved for me, little one. Now, see how my cock glistens with your own vaginal goo? Feel how hot it's getting inside you from the friction caused by the pistonning of my hips, as I thrust in and out of you? In and out. In and out. Again and again and again, until we're both delirious from pleasure!"

We both started babbling, incoherently at the same time as we reached the crescendo of our sexual symphony! We both came at the same time as her pussy clamped down on my hard, driving rod trying to draw me inside her with each spasm!

She called out for her friend, Jodi, to come and help her stay upright, as I let loose a torrent of my own fluids into her vagina, filling her to capacity!

And I was still hard!

But sinnndy was worn out, temporarily. So, as in a tag-team wrestling match, she tagged Jodi's hand and put me in her more than capable hands.

Jodi was ready, too.

She'd been watching from the chair in the bedroom. Watching and waiting for sinnndy, the "Coach," to "put her in the game." Jodi wouldn't let her down.

No, not her "star pupil."

She'd studied her mistress' techniques, her style, for so long, now.

She was more than ready, sinnndy thought, as Jodi pushed me onto my back on the bed and mounted my erection, still glistening with the juices from my previous orgasm with sinnndy!

Jodi was very wet and very tight, as well. It took her several moments to get my full seven inches into her cunt! But, once she did, she rode it for all she was worth!

Squatting over my body, she bounced up and down, as her juices started squishing out and dripping down onto my swollen balls.

Jodi screamed out sinnndy's name, as she reached her own climax and fell over to the side, panting and trying to catch her breath. My erection *popped* out of Jodi's pussy and sinnndy chastised her for letting it slip out into the open, cold, Chicago air! But Jodi was too wasted from her own orgasm to hear much of anything. So sinnndy took matters into her own hands---or other parts of her anatomy, I should say...

"My ass, BB, put it in my ass, please!" she cried out as my tumescence rose to the challenge!

She got on her knees and arched her buttocks up into the air. She reached around and spread her cheeks, trying to relax her anus for my hardness to enter without too much pain, burying her face into a pillow!

I had promised to fuck her ass once, long ago, AND to not use any lubrication!

"Well, here it comes, sinnndy, you little, fucking bitch," I screamed at her!

I pushed in with all my might! I burried myself into her hot rectum with one quick, decisive thrust! She cried out in pain and I finally felt some vindication for all those months that she had been teasing my prick over the internet!

She started to cum but I slapped her right buttock, stating, "You don't cum until I cum!"

Then I moved my hips up, down, left, right.

These movements drove her mad with lust but, true to form, she didn't cum. I could see her biting her lip, very hard, almost drawing blood, to keep from cumming.

At that moment, who should appear, but Billy, her fiancee, five days early!

I looked over, saw him, waved him over and introduced myself.

"Oh, so YOU'RE her online Master," Billy exclaimed!

"Guilty as charged, my friend! And it's great to finally meet you, sir," I said, in response, holding out my hand to shake his.

After our introductions were made, I returned my attentions to the little slut, whom I'd been ramming my dick into!

I was very nearly ready to pump a large load of my sauce into her ass as I told her, "sinnndy, stop moving." I punctuated my orders by spanking her wiggling ass a few times on each cheek, making them as red as fire and almost as hot!

I gave out a loud, guttural scream and blasted her rectum with as much semen as I've ever felt come from my body! Spurt after spurt came gushing out of me, filling her up with my seed!

"Oh, God, BB! I can feel it coating my insides! It feels great!" she uttered as I realized that I had forgotten to let her climax!

"Cum with me, sinnnthia, cum NOW," I shouted!

And cum, she did!

Her orgasm lasted a full five minutes as her body shook and her pussy flooded the bed we were on.

Jodi finally woke up, as sinnndy shrieked out her gratitude for the best orgasm she'd had all month!

We lay there, catching our breaths, for twenty minutes.

Then we, all three of us, climbed into the shower, fondling, hugging, kissing and soaping each other's bodies clean, so I could get back to the airport and catch the flight to my next gig!

All-in-all, it'd been a great visit as Billy drove us to O'Hare.

"Just wait'll NEXT time," sinnndy said, with a playful smile, as she kissed me good-bye at the airport, sticking her tongue deep in my mouth!

Already, I was getting hard in anticipation!
I'm sure you all know of "sinnndy's" reputation for being a dynamite submissive! Well, here's to hoping we ALL get to enjoy her talents, real soon.

sinnndy, you're a saucy wench! Keep doing those excersizes and we'll meet, soon enough, little one. Soon enough!!!
xoxox, -BB
(:-}D) (C)2002

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