tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Poker Party I Missed

One Poker Party I Missed


Ted continues to come over on Saturdays for our cribbage games. He always grabs a pillow on his way to the table and my wife knows what that means. She will bring us our coffee and then drop to her knees under the table to suck Ted's cock.

It's like a routine. Ted is a lucky guy but then, so am I since she always shifts the pillow to my side and sucks my cock too.

The other day after our tennis game, Ted commented, "I wonder how your wife would handle a gang bang?"

I laughed, "Where did that come from?" I asked.

"Well I was just you know, kind of wondering. I mean she really gets going and it almost seems like she always wears us out. Hell, we know she is addicted to the taste of our cum," he chuckled. "I just wonder how many guys she could handle before she told us to stop," he added.

"Ok come on, out with it," I said. "What crazy assed plan do you have for my wife now," I laughed. "You know you have to be one of the luckiest mother fuckers I know. Here is my wife who we both know is the hottest babe on two legs, and I give you a shot at her just to see what she will do, and now you get your cock sucked by her any fucking time you feel the need."

"And as if that is not enough, now you're scheming to gang bang her," I added with a chuckle.

Ted was obviously embarrassed as he fumbled for his words. "No, no believe me I know I am one lucky mutha fucker. Fuck man your wife is great and she is definitely as hot as they come. Believe me man, I really have to pinch myself whenever I see your apple assed wife grabbing my cock and sucking me like she does," he stammered. "I just wonder if she is ever completely satisfied. I mean, shit man it's like she could go forever," he added.

I had to admit, Ted had me thinking. Hell it wasn't that long ago Debbie was dressing like a Quaker and while our sex was always good, she adamantly refused to even consider swallowing my cum, and taking my cock in her ass was completely out of the question.

Now it almost seemed like she can't get it often enough. She never said, "Stop, I have had enough!" she was always ready for whatever I or Ted or even Jason threw at her.

I loved that she still blushed at the drop of a hat. That generally always told me when she was trying to hide something from me, even though most of the time I was the one who set it up, plus I generally always figured a way to get it on video.

I was having a blast and Debbie sure seemed to be enjoying it as well. From the pizza guys to Ozzy, to the anonymous cocks at the glory holes and even Sherri, my wife seemed game for anything. But still, an outright gang bang? I wasn't sure about that.

A few weeks later after another tennis game, Ted and I were sipping a couple of beers and he brought it up again.

"So ah, have you thought any more about that gang bang thing I mentioned?" Ted asked nervously.

I laughed. "Are you still plotting that?" I chuckled as I could almost swear I could see Ted blush. As black as he is, it is impossible to tell when, if ever he blushes.

"Well ah, I was ah you know, just thinking ah, you know," he stammered.

I chuckled, "Ok tell me what you're thinking," I said leaning in to the table.

Ted's eyes grew wide as he hunkered down leaning in over the table. "I have my guys, you know my crews, and these guys are very trustworthy and they are beholding to me and they are all married so I know they are clean and believe me, they are good guys and well I was kind of thinking this could you know, be kind of a bonus for them doing such a good job for me," he spewed out in one long drawn out ramble, barely stopping to take a breath.

I had to laugh. Ted had obviously given this a lot of thought. "What exactly do I get out of letting you and your crews gang bang my sweet innocent little wife?" I laughed.

"Oh you mean aside from an academy award winning video to add to your collection," Ted chuckled. "Well ah, I don't know right now," he stammered. "Other than finally seeing if your wife can ever be fully satisfied. But I am sure I can find more business to send your way," he quickly added.

"Hey listen you cock sucker, having my wife suck your cock and swallow your load regularly better damn well be getting me more business right now!" I said pointing my finger and jabbing it in Ted's direction repeatedly.

"Oh it is! Believe me buddy; it most definitely is right now. But ah, well I can double my efforts and dig up more I am sure," he scrambled to add, flashing a toothy smile in the process.

The thought of my wife being gang banged by a bunch of horny married men intrigued me. I was not convinced she would go for it, although that very first incident in the hot tub in Oregon (One time ch 1) could have been considered a gang bang. In fact that seems to have been the switch that turned all that has happened since on.

"So how would this work?" I questioned Ted.

Ted leaned in eagerly, "Well I have two crews two guys each that I trust," he began. "Like I said these guys are married and always commenting on the hot chicks we see. None of them have seen your wife though, so I know they will blow a gasket when, if you're ok with it, I show them the pictures I got of her sucking my cock that first time in my home office. (One time ch2)

I mentally noted that I needed to get those pictures from him. I had meant to do it but kept forgetting.

"Anyway," Ted continued, "I figure we all show up at your place when you're out of town and tell Debbie you invited us over for a poker party."

"Wait, wait a minute. I am out of town?" I said dumbfounded.

"Well ah, ya," Ted fumbled. "I ah, well I thought if you were there she might be, well more inhibited, you know. I mean there would be like 5 or maybe 6 of us and well I just thought she might leave or something like that. You could show me how to activate the cameras and I could turn them all on, so you would see it all," he hastily added.

I realized he was probably right. With that many men all there to play poker, she would more than likely go over to Sherri's or something and leave the house to us.

Ted continued, "So we show up and I call you to remind you about our poker party. You like, apologize and suggest we use your table and you will catch the next game. You know something like that," he smiled sheepishly."Then we see how far it goes. Who knows, it may not work, but it should be kind of fun to try," he added.

I knew full well what Ted was hoping for and a few years back he would not have had a chance. Now however, I was curious. After mulling it over, I agreed on several conditions. He was to activate my camera system. He was to intercede if he felt it was going overboard. He was to take care of any issues that arose from this experiment. In other words if any of his men tried anything I did not approve of, Ted was to handle it. Ted agreed.

I had a two day conference coming up and I grabbed an opportunity to show Ted how to activate my cameras.

The morning I left I was nervous and apprehensive. I was placing a lot of trust in Ted, but I was curious how far it might go. Deep down I fully expected Ted's plan to fail. Surely Debbie would not allow herself to be gang banged by a bunch of black guys she had never met. As it turned out, I underestimated Ted.

As expected, I got a phone call from Ted complaining that I had obviously forgotten the poker party. I knew this signaled the beginning and I had no idea what happened the rest of that day. To say I was a nervous wreck would be an understatement. I did not begin to calm down until I got back home later the next day.

I asked Debbie how the poker party went and she responded that it was fine, and that the guys all seemed to have a good time. I tried to probe more but she seemed nonchalant about it all. Had I not known the plan, I would not have suspected anything. I was dying to retrieve the videos to watch them. I had to wait for an opportunity to retrieve them before I could see what had transpired.

I was finally able to gather all the videos and Ted came over and was going to watch them with me in my basement office. He assured me it all went well and he added that my wife had not indicated she wanted it to stop even once. He asked me if she had told me what happened. When I told him she had not said anything other than you all seemed to have a good time, he laughed.

"Oh we had a good time alright. Just wait till you see your hot little wife in action. I am surprised though," He added. "I asked her if she was going to tell you about what went on and she told me she thought she should," he said.

"Well I didn't press her much, but she has not offered anything either," I said. "If she doesn't say anything, I think you and I can come up with a way to get her to come clean," I laughed.

We did have paperwork to take care of so if Debbie came down the stairs we could shut off the TV and be working on that. Ted told me where the action took place so I knew which videos to concentrate on as I inserted the first one.

The afternoon Ted, who was the first one there arrived, my wife was wearing her cotton work out shorts along with a tee shirt bra and sandals. Those cotton shorts accentuated her firm ass to the ninth degree. They molded her ass tightly and at times you could see a camel toe formed nicely in the front. She wore them when she worked out. I assumed she was preparing to do a work out when Ted arrived.

The video started when Ted rang the doorbell, he had my remote so this was no problem for him. I watched intently as Debbie bounced toward the door. I was not surprised she was wearing a bra as this was her routine.

"Ted," she exclaimed, a little surprised to see him at the door.

"Hi baby, tell that old man of yours I hope he has his money out and ready," he said with a chuckle.

"Well Gary is out of town," she replied with a puzzled look on her face.

"WHAT? He challenged me and a couple of my crews to a poker game," Ted said.

"Oh well I am sure he must have forgotten," she said, "He won't be back until Monday," she added.

Ted was clutching his phone and he had called me. Our conversation was disjointed. He was berating me for forgetting our poker challenge. Then he acted like I was apologizing profusely and offering our large table in our dining area to go ahead and have the game there since his crews were already on their way.

At least those were his verbal responses to me. In fact I was saying stuff like, "Oh you're there to fuck my hot wife, you cocksucker. I suppose all your crew guys are black like you. I bet they have big cocks like you, you fucking asshole.

Ted did his best not to laugh and instead replied, "Are you sure? Well let me check to make sure it's ok with your wife," he told Debbie that I was sorry and that I said they could use your table in the dining room since all the others were already on their way over, provided it was ok with her.

Debbie stammered a bit but told Ted that they were welcome to use our dining room table for the game.

"Ok buddy, Debbie is ok with it. Next time write the fucking game down on your calendar, and be sure to have lots of money to wager," he chuckled before saying good bye.

"How many guys will be here," Debbie asked.

"Well there was going to be seven counting Gary and I, but now it looks like six total. Hey don't worry these guys are on my crews and they are all married and well behaved," he chuckled.

I have to run out to my car and get the beer and chips. We come prepared so you don't have to worry about anything," Ted reassured my wife.

He brought the beer and chips and snacks in and walked over to my wife. "Can I ask you for a big favor?" he said rather sheepishly.

"Well sure Ted," Debbie replied.

"Like I said, I know these guys. They are all super nice and hard workers. They have been my best employees for a long time. And well, I might have bragged a little about Gary's ultra sexy wife," he chuckled as Debbie turned beet red.

He continued, "Anyway, could I get you to lose that bra under your tee shirt," he whined.

"Oh Ted," My wife muttered. "You know how I am about my ah..." she mumbled, glancing down at her tits.

"I know, I know," Ted quickly interjected. "But believe me, your tits and those nipples of yours are the finest I have ever seen in my life and it would give the guys a thrill like they never get from their wives. It would mean a lot to me if you would do this one little favor for me. Plus it might give me an edge in the poker game," he laughed.

"Let me think about it," Debbie moaned as she continued to blush bright red.

"Please please pleeeease," Ted whined.

Debbie rolled her eyes, cocked her head to one side, drew a deep breath and then slumped her shoulders as she turned and walked down the hallway toward our bedroom.

When she returned she was still bright red and her firm tits jiggled under her tee shirt. Her nipples looked delicious as they poked out firmly through the tee shirt. She looked incredible. Her tee shirt without a bra hung loosely but because of her rock hard pointy nipples your gaze was drawn like a magnet to her tits. He light gray cotton shorts fit snugly against her firm apple shaped ass and when she walked away from you, it was like two firm ball bearings fighting each other under tight clothing.

"You men are all alike," she whined as the doorbell rang.

"That would be the guys," Ted bellowed. "I will let them in," he said as he moved toward the living room.

As he went to let them in, my wife was looking down at her rigid nipples and seemed to be growing redder by the second. She was nervously trying to figure a way to conceal them by folding her arms across her chest while trying to look nonchalant. She was fidgeting and clearly nervous about being so exposed.

The stream of black guys followed behind a grinning Ted as they came into the dining room. There was one short one. Ted introduced him to my beet red wife as Todd. He was doing his best not to stare at my wife's tits as he reached to shake her hand. As he shook her hand his eyes dropped to Debbie's nipples poking against her tee shirt and remained locked there until he released her hand.

The next guy was older than Todd and much taller. He was introduced as Pole. He too was ogling my wife's tits as they jiggled under her tee shirt when he shook her small hand. He towered over Debbie and had a toothy grin as well as a pot belly.

"Pole," Debbie said. "That's an odd name," she commented.

"Ah well, it's kind of a nick name," Pole responded smiling.

The next guy was a little shorter than Pole and was introduced as Bob. He did not miss my wife's tits jiggling as he continued to shake her hand vigorously.

The last guy was introduced as Emo and he was the same height at Pole, but he was the skinniest of the lot. Emo out rightly stared at Debbie's tits as he shook her hand.

"My my my," Emo exclaimed as he shook my wife's hand and watched her tits jiggle and wobble under her tee shirt. "Ted was not exaggerating when he said you were gorgeous," he said with a huge smile.

My wife turned even redder at Emo's compliment and glanced nervously at the beaming Ted.

"Well m-m-make yourselves comfortable," Debbie stammered. "Ted brought beer and chips and those are in the kitchen," she added as she was looking for a way to leave them to their poker game. I figured at the first opportunity she would go put her bra back on.

"Ya," Ted bellowed, "Beers and chips in the kitchen," he announced.

Stepping aside Ted said, "Ah Debbie could I have a word with you while the guys get their beers?"

"Oh sure Ted," my wife said and they walked down the hallway toward our bedroom.

"Change to the bedroom tape," Ted said. I slipped one of the chips from one of my cameras in the bedroom into the port.

As Ted and my wife came into view, it was obvious Ted had a throbbing hard on. All of the guys were wearing sweat pants and were dressed casually.

"Fuck Debbie," Ted began as he clutched her cock through his sweat pants. "You have to help me out here," he said through clenched teeth. He was squeezing his cock under his sweats as he implored my wife to give him a quick blow job.

"I am about to burst here Deb," Ted whined.

My wife was clearly caught off guard as she looked toward the door, then back at the outline of Ted's hard cock, then back at the door, then Ted's cock.

"You can't be serious," she gasped as she stared at his hard on tenting his sweat pants.

"Come on babe," Ted implored. "I am about to blow here. Watching my guys staring at your gorgeous tits nearly made me pop right then and there. Please babe, I promise I will shoot quickly," he moaned as he continued to squeeze his hard cock through his pants.

My wife's head was mounted on a swivel as she kept looking at the door, then his cock, then the door, then his cock. "Oh Ted you asshole," she whined as she nervously licked her lips and stared at the cock straining inside his sweat pants.

"Go tell them you have to use the bathroom and that you will be out soon. I don't want them thinking you and I are together somewhere," Debbie said nervously.

"Oh right, good point," Ted said as he reached inside his sweat pants and pushed his hard cock down behind his leg to conceal the obvious bulge. "Be right back," he added as he hobbled out of the room.

Ted told me to pause the video and he explained that he had gone back and told the guys to give him a minute, and then he wanted Todd to come into the bedroom and catch him getting his cock sucked. Todd was to make a commotion and he would have my wife suck his cock to shut him up so the others would not hear. Then he said he told them once Debbie was sucking Todd's cock, they could all come in. He told them to strip down because they would need to be.

He said they all had hard cocks when he went back to clue them in. They were all wild about my wife's tits and they were more than eager to see them bare.

I started the video again and watched my wife nervously pacing back and forth wringing her hands together as she chewed on her lower lip. Soon Ted entered the bedroom.

"Here babe," Ted said as he pulled her over to sit on the bed.

He reached down and pushed his sweat pants down to his knees. His huge cock sprang up throbbing as he moved toward my wife's mouth.

She reached out and gripped his cock and began jacking him off. Ted reached down and pulled Debbie's tee shirt up over her firm tits. "Don't want to spill any cum on your shirt babe," Ted mumbled as he pulled the shirt over her head. She released her grip on his cock as he pulled it over her head and tossed it behind him on the floor. My wife quickly grabbed Ted's cock and began jacking him off again.

"You have to hurry Ted," she said. "I don't want them to get any ideas," she added as she furiously jacked on Ted's cock.

Leaning forward Debbie slid Ted's cock into her mouth and pressed forward. She continued until his cock was down her throat and her chin was pressed against his large black ball sack.

"ughggh, uggh,ugggghh," my wife was gagging as Ted began pumping his hips forward as he was fucking her mouth.

I could see the door open and watched as a stunned Todd stood for a moment staring at Ted's butt jerking back and forth. Todd could see my wife's firm naked tits jiggling and wobbling through Ted's long legs as he was fucking her mouth.

Todd moved into the room and as he stepped over to one side to get a better look at Ted's cock in Debbie's mouth he bellowed, "Oh WOW! FUCK MAN, you LUCKY FUCKER! Fuck MAN, MY TURN!"

Ted quickly jerked his throbbing cock out of my startled wife's throat and shoved her head in the direction of Todd who already had pushed his sweat pants to the floor.

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