One Room Apartment


"I couldn't help it," I replied.

"It was hot," continued Anna.

The conversation ended we each left for work. Returning from work I found a note from Anna telling me that her and Marco were going out and wouldn't be back 'til late. I took a couple of sleeping pills and made it an early night.


I woke and saw Marco still in Anna's bed, but she was gone. I left him sleeping and quietly trotted off to the bathroom where I tossed my t-shirt and panties into the hamper and stepped under the shower. I must have gotten lost in the warm water and soapy bubbles because time seemed to melt away. Coming out of my relaxing trance I looked up to see Marco standing in the doorway watching me.

"Hey Kenz, looking good," he exclaimed.

"Jeez! What the hell," I sputtered as I used my hands to cover my private parts. Sure many guys had seen me nude on the beach, but this seemed somehow more intimate.

"Come on Kenzie, what's the big deal? We're all friends here. Loosen up. You've seen mine and I've must say you have nothing to be ashamed of," argued Marco. "Those tits are nothing short of spectacular."

Marco walked toward me still attempting to shield my private parts in the shower. I couldn't move. As he stepped into the shower next to me my heart was pounding so hard I thought it might burst out of my chest. What the hell was happening?

Marco reached down and turned on the second shower head and began to take a shower of his own. I stood there dumbfounded, staring at his fully erect cock.

"Relax Kenz, this isn't for you – it's always like this in the morning. I'm just taking a shower," teased Marco, "this was built for 2 people."

"OK..., I guess," I stuttered.

"Don't get me wrong Kenz. If it wasn't like this in the morning, and I was standing this close to you with those soapy bubbles cascading down your tits I'd be just as hard." Marco must have realized I was a little offended when he said I wasn't the cause of his erection.

It took a few moments, but I came out of my frozen state. This was a first for me, showering next to a man. It was still awkward, but with each passing second it became less so. After less than a minute my hands revealed their wards and I restarted washing. We faced each other washing our own bodies. In my mind, it was his hands soaping my breasts.

Marco soaped his body, starting with his broad shoulders and strong arms, then chest and stomach. I watched as he began to wash his still erect cock. He seemed to be spending a lot of time getting it clean, before it dawned on me he was jacking off. For me or because of me I wasn't quite sure, but it didn't matter. My hands seemed to embark on their own exploratory journey, one focused on teasing the very hard and sensitive nipples covered in soapy bubbles and the other followed the trail of bubbles down between my legs where I began to alternately rub and finger my soaking pussy. We were masturbating together.

My nipples were rigid between my fingers and each pinch sent tingles between my legs. I was surprised by how quickly my orgasm was building. Marco must have known that I was close to climax because he had picked up his pace. I watched the purple head of what seemed an even larger cock peak out from his closed hand with each stroke. I couldn't help but stare. Then, too soon, my orgasm swept over me weakening my knees and causing me to bend slightly forward at the same moment the head of Marco's cock opened up and shot several streams of hot sex onto my face, breasts and stomach.

"Sorry Kenz," Marco huffed "it's hard to aim this thing."

Marco's hand continued to slowly milk his throbbing cock, coaxing every last drop from his reserve. Without speaking I turned away from him, lost in the moment. One stream of cum had stretched from my cheek, across my lips to my chin. Most of its trail I cleaned with my tongue, my first time tasting the salty spew of man... and I liked it.

We finished our showers, toweled and dressed with only small talk before each going our separate ways for the day. All day I was distracted by the recurring image of Marco fondling his cock, my pussy lips sliding against one another in my state of longing.

Fridays I always get off early and was the first back at the apartment. I poured a tall glass of wine, stripped to my favorite t-shirt and changed into favorite pair of panties. They were small, sheer and white. Even a glance would give the looker a nearly unobstructed view of my mound topped by a pencil thin line of black hair, like an exclamation point for a pussy. After the second glass, my t-shirt was thrown across the room. Half way through my third glass Marco and Anna came through the door. After the initial shock wore off, they cheered welcoming me to their near-naked freedom and joined me with their own total nudity.

Anna and Marco did a couple shots to catch up to my state of relaxation and were starting to get handsy with one another. I too was bitten by the hormone bug and driven by my deep forbidden desire for Marco. Every opportunity I got, I teased him. At first it was my best bedroom eyes or licking my pouty lips, but it quickly advanced to fondling my breasts or teasing my nipples, all when Anna wasn't looking. The danger of getting caught had my pussy burning with unbridled desire. It didn't stop with touching myself. I found excuses to reach across him letting my breasts graze his skin or bump into him on my way to the toilet. My most daring tease was when I reached to grab something from behind him, pressing my right breast into his face.

The three of us were sitting, Marco and Anna on the couch and me sitting directly across from them in a plush chair. Anna looked at me as she slowly stroked Marco's thick snake to life. I watched her and started fondling my tits, rubbing my hands over them slowly, trailing my fingers across the stiff nipples.

Anna moved to a spot, kneeling before him and I watched her place small kisses along the length of his shaft and one lingering kiss on its tip before kissing back down its length to its base. Then she licked from its base to its head before swallowing him whole. Marco groaned when she took him into her hot mouth.

Marco wasn't watching Anna, his eyes were trained on me. Not only was Anna facing away from me, she also was otherwise occupied, bobbing up and down her mouth fucking his cock. Slowly and seductively I opened my legs wide. Marco's eyes drifted down between my legs. My soaked transparent panties did not shield the dew laden flower open beneath, lips full of lust and shining in the soft light. His eyes raised to mine and we fucked one another with our stares. I raised my right hand to my mouth and slowly pulled my middle finger in to it, sucking for a few moments just like Anna was sucking his cock before slowly withdrawing my spit covered fingers and trailing them down my body.

I paused for effect just above my panties then slowly crept my hand beneath them, following my dark line down between my legs. I watched my hand and thought it looked even more erotic barely shielded by the sheer wet fabric of my panties. My finger slipped inside my heat with almost no effort and I began to finger-fuck my pussy for Marco, knowing both of us were imagining it was his cock parting me.

Marco's hands grasped fists of her golden hair and began pulling her face onto his swollen member, fucking her beautiful mouth. My hand fondled my pussy with such passion, fingering, rubbing, massaging me ever closer to orgasm. Anna's muffled gags came at the end of each thrust of Marco's cock as he shoved it further into her throat. Then all at once she stopped and pulled away from the angered beast between his legs.

My hand jerked from my panties and I closed my legs fearing my betrayal would be discovered. My breathing was labored as I tried to suppress the orgasm that was building inside.

Anna stood and faced me then backed onto Marco's lap and lowered herself onto his cock. She started to fuck him slowly, but deliberately. I envied her, but couldn't watch any more. The room spun as I stood and walked back to my bed, Anna's labored moaning filling the air. I collapsed on my bed watching her bounce on his pole like an animal, screaming with pleasure. Anna's climax was spectacular. Her moaning alone would have made most men cum. Her body writhed in orgasm, flailing in pure ecstasy. Marco followed her with loud groaning as his cum filled her tiny, perfect pussy.

"Bitch," I muttered under my breath before passing out.


I woke hung over. Marco was gone, but Anna was banging around in the kitchen.

"You missed the finale," taunted Anna.

"I was pretty drunk," I replied.

"Too bad, he's a great fuck," teased Anna.

"Go ahead and rub it in," I tossed back. "I need a man."

"Well at least a good cock," she added, "maybe I'll borrow you mine sometime."

We laughed at the suggestion, but it seemed like we both were trying too hard.

I spent the rest of the Saturday and most of Sunday out, away from the apartment. I needed some time to regain my bearings. I tried to not think of Marco or his cock, but the more I tried not to the more I craved it deep inside me. The fact that it was forbidden drove my desire. By the time I returned to the apartment on Sunday evening, I was committed to making him want me as much as I longed for him.

Marco had all but moved into our apartment. When I walked in Sunday evening I stripped down to nothing but a smile.

"Fuck it, let him see what he's missing out on, I thought."

He noticed, stealing more than an occasional look that evening.

During the week I stepped up my teasing really pushing the limits when Anna wasn't looking, but even the teasing done with her in the room didn't seem to offend her. It was a clumsy week for me, always dropping something and needing to bend over in front of Marco giving him a view of my backside or tripping and falling into him. During these haphazard incidents, my hand occasionally brushed his cock only a few less times than his hands were filled with my tits. Each night Anna and Marco would fuck like they were the main attraction and I would finger myself to orgasm watching them. I didn't try to hide my finger fucking and stopped suppressing my cries of pleasure, but I didn't make the same show of it I had done previously for Marco.


Friday night had become date night for Marco and Anna and this week was no different. I was in bed when they got home, but no amount of sleeping pills could have kept me asleep. Their fucking was almost obnoxious, but maybe it was just me being jealous.

Saturday morning I was the first up and hit the shower. In the middle of my shower, Anna stuck her head in and told me she was going out for a bit. I turned off the water just as the front door closed behind her. Most of my weeks teasing of Marco happened in the evening with the help of a few glasses of wine, but I saw no reason not to continue now, especially with Anna away. I was intent on really pushing his buttons.

Not bothering to towel off, I stepped out of the shower and walked into the main room, dripping wet. Marco was in lying in Anna's bed awake.

"It looks like Anna wore you out last night," I hinted as I nodded towards Marco's flaccid penis. Even without being erect it looked like it could please every crevice inside me.

"It was pretty good, but I have to hold back a little or I hurt her," he confided.

"There you go bragging about that monster cock of yours," I teased. This time when I looked at it I noticed it swelling into life.

"You're wet." Marco replied.

"And I haven't dried off from the shower either," I responded, matching his implication. "Besides your hard."

I grabbed the towel from beside the bed and dried my body facing him. Marco's eyes never left my body. Continuing the tease I grabbed my body lotion from the dresser and began to rub it all over my body.

"Wanna help?" I taunted, but quickly recanted, "you better just stay there, I've got this."

Normally I don't put body lotion on my breasts, but I did this morning and made sure to pay special attention to my nipples. As expected the bronze circles around them shrank to the diameter of a quarter and the nipples themselves poked into the air. Marco's hand was slowly stroking his cock. I rubbed the lotion into my long legs, spreading them to provide Marco a look at my blossoming flower.

Marco rose from the bed, cock hard and twitching with his pulse. He took a step towards me and I pushed my way past him, allowing my hand to graze his cock as I passed. Marco followed me to the kitchen like a lost puppy.

"I'll make us breakfast while you shower," I called. The tease was going well.

With a disappointed gasp, he headed to the bathroom. I pulled out a few Eggo waffles from the fridge and dropped them into the toaster the pulled the strawberry syrup from the cupboard and whipped topping from the fridge.

Marco didn't take long in the shower and, glancing at his still throbbing cock, it was obvious he hadn't relieved his pressure while in there.

"Waffles ok," I asked.

"Sure," he responded walking closer.

I prepared two plates with the waffles from the toaster and then covered them with strawberry syrup. Shaking up the can of whipped topping I "accidentally" sprayed some on my right breast.

"Shit." I exclaimed. "Care you help me with this?"

Marco leaned over the counter and I handed him a wet paper towel. He dropped it on the counter and bent lower until his head was at my breast and he was using his tongue to lick off the whipped topping. How I wished some of the whipped topping had landed on my nipple. He must have shared my desire because once my breast was clean I watched Marco pull my dark hard nipple into his mouth. He sucked it only briefly exclaiming, "Just to be sure," when he pulled off.

"Ooops again," I said deliberately spraying a glob of the whipped topping onto my other nipple.

"This one's a bit jealous." The line of teasing was blurring quickly.

Marco eagerly engulfed my cream covered nipple, this time really sucking it in, letting his tongue dance around its tender tip. Bolts of electric excitement shot from my hardened bronze bud down to my now aching pussy. Over and over he sucked pulling it into his warm mouth, occasionally gently nibbling on its tip. My eyes shut and I felt my head tilt back fully enjoying the attention. Realizing the line of teasing was quickly blurring I gathered all the self control I could muster and pulled him off. He sucked against my pull and when his lips finally left my nipple it was standing erect, straining nearly a full inch into the cool air.

"I think its clean now," I managed to say in a small, unconvincing, hushed, out of breath voice.

In the commotion, Marco's cock had bumped into a stack of waffles and smeared it with strawberry syrup.

"Looks like you need another shower," I taunted, considering it was probably a good idea to cool off before Anna returned.

"Kenz please, I cleaned yours," Marco pouted.

I considered his request, not sure if I could continue the tease without going too far.

"I suppose fair is fair," I replied, "but this is going to take a bit more work."

Dropping to my knees I examined the red-stained pole in front of my face. From its base to its purple head was longer than the distance between my chin and top of my head, I guessed 8 to 9 inches. No wonder Anna's tiny pussy couldn't handle this thing. I began my lightly licking at the red syrup coating his cock.

"Nope, that's not going to be enough," I teased.

My licks became longer and more intentional, using all of my tongue, up and down Marco's shaft all the while staring up at him with desiring eyes. I still wasn't sure how far I could let this go without betraying my friendship with Anna.

Licking his shaft just wasn't getting the red sticky syrup off so what else could I do? I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his cock sliding up and down his shaft. I did my best to take it all inside my mouth even to the point where my throat wrapped around its head. I was really getting into this.

Marco moaned, "Ohhh Kenzie..."

Three or four more sucks and I pulled off, with a playful tongue twist around the head of his cock. I recognized the familiar salty taste of his pre cum. Looking at him I was certain his desire matched or exceeded mine.

"That should do it," I exclaimed. "That was not nearly as easy as your job." I grabbed my breakfast and sat in one of the kitchen stools.

"I don't know about that," Marco responded. "My two jobs were much bigger than yours."

"Yours is pretty big," I argued, "and mine weren't nearly as sticky."

"That's a good point," Marco admitted then took the strawberry syrup bottle and coated each of my nipples with strawberry syrup before squeezing a glob just below my belly button. How I yearned for him to engulf them again.

"You need to clean this mess," I offered, but he was already intent on doing just that. Marco sucked the red liquid off of each nipple. Marcos lips, tongue and teeth had my sensitive nipples buzzing with ecstasy. But even with his lips wrapped around each bronze nipple I was more aware of the syrup slowly crawling down between my legs. I felt the sticky trickle down onto the opening of my pussy all the way down its slit before dripping onto my stool.

Marco left my nipples and kissed his way down to my stomach where he began to lick the sticky trail of syrup. I spread my legs and shifted to the edge of the stool so Marco could have the access he, and I, needed. He licked each side to the entrance, gently licking the lips clean, teasing me as I had done to him.

"Please Marco, I need more..." I whispered, but he continued to play, never quite penetrating me with his warm tongue. I spread my legs further, and filled my hands with his hair, moaning, begging him to enter. I knew my pussy was fully open to him, vulnerable with my love button about to climb down from its protective hood.

"Oh God...," I moaned, "Fuck me with your tongue."

That did it. Marco's tongue slid between the warm wet walls of my pussy and he lapped up my excitement occasionally lightly stroking my clit with a flick of his tongue causing me to buck in excitement.

Grasping fists of hair I pulled his face into me, wrapping my legs around his head. I was so hot, turned on by a week of teasing and watching Marco fuck Anna. He remained diligent, driving his soft fleshy tongue inside me coaxing me closer to climax. My breathing was shallow and labored, all the blood flushed from my body rushing to my most sensitive region. Then he stopped.

"All done," Marco beamed. He was playing my game now and he knew it. I felt the builds of my orgasm slipping away.

"No!" I shouted. "You missed some."

Just then keys rattled outside the apartment door warning us of Anna's return. Marco walked quickly into the bathroom and jumped in the shower and I turned to my breakfast just as Anna entered the apartment. She set a couple bags on the counter and asked,

"You OK Kenzie? You look a little pale."

"Fine, just still tired," I responded.

Even as I was answering Anna called to Marco, exclaiming "Wait for me, I'll join you in a minute."

Anna didn't bother to put away the groceries in the bags and I watched her strip and walk naked into the bathroom to join Marco in the shower.

Extremely frustrated, I finished my breakfast to the sounds of Anna reaping the benefits of my morning tease as Marco fucked her crazy in the shower. I had no right to be jealous. Anna's timing probably prevented me from crossing a line in our friendship.


After their shower, Anna shared she had picked up a weekend shift tonight at work and wouldn't be back 'til late. After breakfast I went shopping in the village and didn't return until near nightfall to an empty apartment. Apparently I had made the transition to being comfortable in the nude because I peeled my clothes off at the door and headed for the kitchen.

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