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One Sexy Night


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Let me say something silly, yet some people don't get it. This story carries and adult theme. If offended by sexual stories, it's simple, don't read the story. Love to help but I can't fix stupid.

This story came to me while watching a couple eating at "Cheeseburger in Paradise"


We needed to get away and my husband booked a room at a nice hotel downtown just the perfect thing to break up the monotint of life. Both my husband and I were looking forward to an exciting weekend. Steve and I have been married for ten years and every now and then it's nice to get away.

The drive to the hotel took us about an hour as Steve was driving carefully. Once up in our room we unpacked and freshened up. I took the first shower while Steve watched TV. Made sure that I was sexy and smooth and once finished in the bathroom I gave it to Steve. While Steve showered I dressed and made myself up. Steve took his time in the shower which gave me time to feel pretty. I love having time to get things just right, not having to rush makes me think about the night which puts me in the mood.

For this special night, I had a black skirt that was a little too short, black pumps that were a little too tall, sexy blouse that was a little too thin and sheer, a bra that was just for support as anyone could see my nipples if they looked closely enough. I'm a natural girl and don't use that much make up, just a little eyeliner and lip-gloss. Wow, I looked hot! I would do me. My body started to remember how it was being a woman and wanted some attention from my man.

We were a little early for dinner so Steve wanted to check out the bar. Since I was feeling sexy, I was game. Nothing better than to walk into a bar and see men turning to look at me! Yeah, I loved it. Steve missed it but he's not a people watcher like I am. Steve ordered us some drinks and we enjoyed some quality time which allowed us to really connect. With each sip of my cocktail all my worries from day to day stress dripped off my shoulders.

This would be okay as I had to go to the ladies room. Guess I was nervous. We sat down and ordered a round. Nice classy place, a few professionals were scattered around. I excused myself and went to the ladies room.

When I returned, Steve was talking to this man. A rather distinguished man and they were talking like old buddies. The gentleman stood up and greeted me, told me his name was Frank. He was sexy with salt and pepper hair, a hot body, and a killer smile. It was easy to see by how he talked and acted Frank had means. I knew nothing about Frank, but damn he was sexy. My own personal Robert Redford sounds cheesy but that who he reminded me of.

He ordered me some Champaign and knew that the night was going to be special. We sat there enjoyed each others company and Champaign. Frank had a lot of funny stories that made me feel very comfortable. Steve was very smitten with Frank, almost a man crush thing. Well not really but Frank and Steve made an instant connection.

Between that connection and the Champaign my resistance was weakened. Being away and in a hotel, I was ready for something and sitting next to Frank was the wrong thing. What I wanted was for Steve to take me back to our room and do me.

Frank looked at me than my husband, "Well, the night is still young. Why don't you come up my suite? My room has an amazing view, a pool table, and a full bar. Frank seemed very genuine and honest and had made us laugh for the past hour. he was full of stories that sounded exiting and fun.

I gave Steve the look that told him no. Please just take me to our room but he was totally into Frank. This was not a good thing and things were about to happen, I could feel it.

Steve perked up, "Wow, that rocks."

Frank stood up and we were off. Frank had taken care of the check and we were free to enjoy the rest of the night. We rode the elevator up to his floor and walked to his room. Frank opened the door and WOW! His room was impressive and it was hard not to look around. This was a nice and impressive. This was a room that we could never afford, and it was nice to see the other side.

Steve pulled me up and started to dance with me. I was confused, "What are you going?"

Steve grabbed my ass, "Anything you want baby." Then he kissed me hard on the lips.

Steve's tongue entered my mouth, a slow wet seductive dance. His kiss was passionate and really warmed me up. Totally forgot that Steve's new best friend was watching us as I was lost in lust. Steve broke the kiss as Frank asked for a dance; I didn't have any resistance as I wanted someone to take me to bed.

Frank held me close too close for my comfort. He was bold but not over the top, I knew that he wanted me and I was afraid to admit it to myself that I wanted him. Loved the way he moved me dancing, and could tell he would be amazing in bed. He was strong, confident and very sexy. Frank knew the right thing to say. As we danced, he started to show his appreciation for my body. Love feeling a man against me and boy did he feel impressive.

From his dancing, I could tell Frank is a man that gets what he wants. Then he looked over at Steve, "Steve I would like to kiss your wife."

Was that a question or statement? Wait he just asked my husband if he could kiss me. Steve would never allow that, but oh how I wanted him to kiss me. My heart skipped a beat as his words resonated through my body. I looked up at Steve, he smiled. Oh my god, Steve just gave frank permission. Could I do that?

Frank stopped moving, his hands went to my face. Tenderly he cupped my cheeks and bent forward. It's been years since another man kissed me, how would his lips taste? How would he kiss me? Then I felt his lips touch mine. Ever so lightly his lips touched mine. I pulled back not really sure Steve wanted this.

Frank was a little aggressive in how he held me then Steve said, "She's a firecracker once you get past her defensives."

What the hell did that mean? What was my husband saying to Frank? What was Steve telling me? I was aroused and confused. My body craved his touch but my mind was afraid. What if things go wrong? What if Steve becomes jealous? Frank pulled me close to him again, his cock pressed firmly against my stomach. My arousal took over as my defenses waned.

I looked down not able to look at my husband or Frank, tried to catch my breath, but with his skillful hands Frank quickly removed my blouse. Steve just gasped, I expected him to put an end to this. How could Steve be enjoying this with another man was touching his wife, kissing his wife, and to watch his wife surrender to this man?

Frank's hand went under my chin and pulled me face up, our eyes met. "You have a beautiful body." Frank unclipped my bra with no reaction from Steve.

Frank leaned towards me and kissed me again, only this time I didn't pull away. His hands tenderly rubbed the small of my back and slowly he worked his right hand up my body till he found my breast. He was careful not to touch my nipple which teased me made me want more. Frank tongue touched my lips and entered my mouth. This time I felt his passion as we embraced. Slowly he worked his tongue around mine, a nice sexy dance. Nothing was going to stop me, unless Steve came to save me.

I pulled back, and looked at him. My face flushed with arousal, my nipples hard and screamed for a moth to suck on them. I looked at Steve for some help but all he could do was mouthed, "I love you."

Franked guided me to a large leather chair and before he sat down, Frank removed his slacks. Oh my god this was going to happen. I didn't look at Steve, something told me to not look at him, and maybe it was from being embarrass for being so aroused for another man. That another man wanted me and for the past ten minutes could feel his desire for me against my stomach.

With his strong hands Frank guided my face to his cock. Frank wanted me to suck his hard cock, which I was more than willing to do. I wanted to pleasure him, wanted him to look and touch my nearly nude body. Than, I felt Franks impressively ridged cock touch my cheek, but before I took him I had to see my husband. Steve's face was red and I'm sure he was aroused. While looking at Steve, I let the head of Frank's cock enter my mouth. Frank moved his hands from my shoulder to my head. He turned my face to take all of his cock. Steve has never been dominating in bed but I really like how Frank was moving me around.

I waited for Steve to say something, he did nothing. Frank pushed down and his cock penetrated my lips. I tasted him, my first strange cock in over ten years. It was a strange feeling, to be between a man's legs with your husband watching ten feet away. I felt like a slut and loved it. Frank started to run his fingers through my hair. I tried to look over at Steve but Frank with his hands kept me focused on his cock.

Finally I just gave in, started to really work Frank's cock. Did my best to make all those sexy slurping sounds that drive men wild. Granted, part of me was making those sounds for my husband. Frank had a very sexy body and could tell he worked out. His legs were very tone and as I sucked him his thighs and calf's would flex. I tried my best to take all of him, but unable due to his length.

For the first time frank let go of me, he sat back in his chair allowing me to work. From this change, I looked up and could tell he was enjoying my work. Part of me wanted him to open his eyes, as I love having my lover watch me suck him. Frank started to breathe heavier and flexed a few time. Yeah, he was getting close. This just encouraged me more! Use all the tricks I knew, teasing the head with my tongue. Used my left hand to hold the base of his cock, and then let some of my saliva leak from my lips. That saliva lubricated my hand, allowing me to use my hand to work his shaft.

That did he, he sat back and grunted. I felt the head of his cock expand as the first wave of his cum hit the back of my throat. Normally I don't swallow but he caught me off guard. To be honest, he didn't taste bad. I just kept as much of him in my mouth as possible.

Once his orgasm was finished, his eyes finally opened.

Steve loved it when I swallowed him, with my fingers I wiped cum off of my face and than licked my fingers. That one little act was purely for Steve. Frank didn't taste that bad but tried not to think about that.

I totally forgot about Steve, but I had to other wise I would be too embarrassed to perform. I looked over at my husband; he looked okay just in shock. I gave Frank a few more licks I tilted my face to the side, this way both men were able to watch my tongue on Frank's cock.

What was I going to do next? Frank didn't say anything, Steve was in shock. I stood up, both men watched me. Steve came over and gave me a hug. I mustered all my saliva and tried to freshen my mouth. I could still taste Frank. Steve was pretty cum shy and now I had a stranger's cum in my mouth, I really wanted Steve to kiss me. I wanted Steve to reassure me that we were good. Frank handed a business card to Steve and told him that he would love to see us again.

I gathered my blouse and started to put it on, "Steve, take me back to our room now!"

We left Frank's room and I was on fire. I forgot my bra and my blouse was pretty thin, luckily I'm still pretty firm. The soft material of the bloused was restless against my nipples making them even harder! Steve better hurry cuz in that state of mind I would fuck anyone!

In the elevator a couple of men were looking at me, and they weren't discrete. I grabbed Steve's hand and shoved it under my skirt to my crotch. "Feel how wet I am! Get me to the room now or you better fuck me here!"

For Steve's sake, the door opened and it was our floor.

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