tagGay MaleOne Shot Ch. 02

One Shot Ch. 02


Every car that passed, every noise in the bushes, every rustle of leaves. Justin looked over his shoulder, it's been 8 years since his father tried to kill him, and he was still out in the free world. Somewhere. Somewhere Justin hoped he will never be.

After the disaster, everyone heard about what happened to him on the news. His school let him graduate early, and he decided to go to college, surprised that his college fund was never touched. He went to college, and majored in medicine, he always wanted to become a doctor, to have people need his help. Helping people was a fulfillment that filled that void in his life. He lived in a 4 bedroom ranch styled house. He knows he wants to have a family, but living in a house that big just shows how lonely he really is.

Having his father try to kill him took a tole on his life. At first he was bubbly, always smiling, having fun type of person. Now he's more quiet and timid. Shy and only speaks when spoken to. He tries to go and have fun, but he's too afraid. He already thinks he sees his father everywhere. Going out won't help that.

One afternoon while he was at the Wal-Mart, stocking up on supplies because a nasty storm was coming to Arizona soon, and he wanted to be prepared for it. Forgetting to get a basket on his way in, he had a combination of things in his hands, him already being the klutz he is. He ran right into someone. He dropped all of the supplies, and hurriedly picked them up. The man he ran into went down to help him pick up his items, and their hands brushed against one another. He looked up to see pale green eyes. His heart jumped into his throat, they looked haunted, they had a black rim around the iris itself and vivid reddish-orange around the pupil. Within the iris it seems to be a balance of gold and lighter-brown rays. Orange around the pupil. They were beautiful. He wanted to apologize but couldn't find the words. So he took 3 deep breaths, and finally found his voice.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't see you, and I left my glasses at home." Way to go nerd he thought. They both stood up at the same time and he finally got a look at the man he ran into. He has long dark silky hair that was in a ponytail at the nape of his neck. Full pink lips, and long dark lashed framed his eyes. He had a surfer's body; I'm 5'7 so he's a good 6'4. The stranger raises his eye brow from all of the staring. Justin finally snaps out of it and blushes. And the stranger finally speaks.

"It's okay. I enjoyed it." Justin's eyes widened and he blushed a deep red. "My names Garrick." He stuck his hand out and Justin took it.

"And I'm Justin." The simple touch to Justin by surprise, and he calmly took his hand back. Hoping Garrick didn't notice his nervousness. He did.

"So getting prepared for the storm I see." Garrick said. Justin nodded. He was tired of seeing beautiful men and not having the balls and put his foot down and take charge of a moment.

"Well yeah, and I'm making dinner tonight as well. Would you like to come over? So I could formally apologize for running into you." Justin waited for his response. Garrick smiled and nodded, and followed Justin to the checkout line. The entire walk to Justin's, they were silent, but Garrick couldn't wipe the smile off his face. He finally was in good light to actually see Justin. He had curly red hair, and his eyes were a cloudy, muted shade of gray, and he had light freckles on his cheeks. With a very noticeable scar going diagonal across his lips. He was the most beautiful thing Garrick has ever seen, and he knew he had to have him. It was something about him that just drew him to him.

'Your mine Justin.' He thought to himself. When they finally got to Justin's car he wanted to kiss him but didn't press his luck.

"If you go down Flint Road, and make a right and go all the way down my house is on the right 1837. Come around 7, there's a little cleaning I need to do." Justin said not looking at Garrick in the eye. He already had the balls to ask him, he didn't think looking him in the eye would spark any confidence; it would only make him blush. Garrick lifted Justin's chin, and looked him in the eyes and smiled. Justin knees went weak and Garrick caught him. He whispered in Justin's ear. "I can't wait to taste" he paused, "Your cooking." Justin gulped and just nodded. Garrick had a satisfied smile on his face. He stepped back from Justin and the look on Justin faced made him laugh loudly. He looked flushed and his whole face was red. "Well see you later Justin." With that he winked and walked away.

Justin stood there for a minute trying to wrap his head around the feeling he was feeling. He couldn't like a man whose last name was still unknown. Or know what he didn't for a living. Or anything he liked. All he knew was that the feelings he felt were intense.

On his way home all Garrick could think about was Justin. He just met him and he already feels though he knows him. Looking into his eyes was like a passage to his soul. Tonight he wouldn't make a sexual move, or at least he would try not to. He wanted Justin as more, since the first time in years something woke up in Garrick, something he thought died a long time ago.

Justin hurriedly cleaned the house. Even though it just turned 6 he wanted his house to be perfect when Garrick got there. He longed for someone to come in his life; they've only known each other for a good hour or so, but looking into his eyes made him feel that he knew him his whole life. He couldn't blow this.

He cooked his best dishes. Grilled tilapia, shrimp, and corn. He loved cooking, and was glad that he would be cooking for someone instead of himself. He looked at the clock and it was 6:45 he decided to take a quick shower before Garrick showed up.

Garrick finally arrived, and it was 7 on the dot. He knocked on the door and he heard Justin yell come in. He walked in the house and awed the décor. It had a modern style that fit Justin.

Justin finally came downstairs; he didn't have a shirt on. Garrick froze, and almost groaned out loud, Justin had pink little nipples and a washboard stomach. He had a lot more muscle than Justin, but Justin was beautiful. 'It's going to be hard to keep my hands off of him' he thought to himself. He eyed Justin's chest and stomach, and he seen long jagged scar on his side, and one scar on his stomach. He didn't want to ask and ruin the moment, so he didn't. Justin hurried and put the shirt he had in his hand on.

"Want a beer?" Justin asked. Garrick smiled and nodded. While Justin was in the kitchen, Garrick sat down on the love seat in the living room, he wondered why there were no pictures of his family around, the walls were bare and so was the fireplace mantle.

Justin came back with two beers and a smile, and sat down on the sofa across from Garrick.

"So, tell me about yourself Justin." Garrick said breaking the awkward silence. Justin took a swig of his beer, and thought about it for a little while.

"Well I'm 26, I moved here after I graduated from Idaho State, then went to graduate school and got my masters. I'm a doctor at Langley Hospital. I'm shy, but when people get to know me I'm funny." Justin blushed a little, Garrick was just staring at him like he was undressing him with his eyes, usually it would creep him out, but Garrick was sexy as hell. So it turned him on. "What about you?" Justin asked hoping Garrick would stop staring at him like that.

"Well, I own my own construction business, just turned 28 a month ago, I'm gay of course. I'm very blunt, and I like things to go my way, I love dogs, I own two. One's name is Lucky, the other is Butch. I like to draw, and that's about it." Justin almost fell off the sofa. He was gay?? Even though he already figured it, coming straight out of Garrick's mouth was totally different. This beautiful GAY man was sitting in his living room. "Uhh, Dinners ready. We should eat." Justin hurried to the kitchen to prepare their plates. Garrick loved watching Justin squirm.

When Garrick saw his plate he thought he found his dream guy. The food just looked so mouth watering. Garrick moaned from him first bite, and Justin's cock twitched. That noise was like music to his ears. He was glad Garrick liked his cooking so much. Garrick just made small talk; he couldn't concentrate on conversation with delicious food in front of him.

"So, tell me about your family." Justin froze. How could he explain to a man that he just met, that his father tried to kill him, and his mother was in a psychiatric hospital for trying to kill herself and failed at ever attempt. How could he tell him no one loved him his whole entire life?

"I don't have a family." Justin replied staring down at his plate. Garrick wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. "I'm sorry Justin." Now it was quiet again. Justin lost his appetite. So he just pushed his food around with his fork. "Can I tell you a secret?" Garrick asked. Justin shrugged.

"I like you." Justin's head shot up. "I know we just met but I want to get to know you better. You seem genuine, someone I can relate to." He looked at Justin the whole time and looked at the emotions that played on his face. Justin looked up and had tears in his eyes. Garrick rushed over to him. "What's wrong?" Justin couldn't look at him, he was embarrassed enough. "I'm scared." He finally said.

"Why baby?" Garrick didn't mean for the endearment to split out but it was too late. "Sorry." Garrick muttered. He's usually confident and out spoken, but since he's met Justin it all changed.

"It's not you, I'm scared. It's been 3 hours that I've known you, and I want you already. I know you seen my scars. I don't think you would want to put yourself in danger just to be with me." Justin started to cry harder.

"Baby what are you talking about?" Before Justin could answer the power went out, they could hear the rain pounding on the roof from downstairs. Justin quickly got up and went to the kitchen to get a liter and some candles.

"You can stay here with me if you want, honestly I don't want you to leave." Justin admitted, he couldn't believe he was saying how he felt. He dated, he had no problem with getting a date but he never got close to anyone, and the way Garrick made him feel was crazy. They just met, he believes in love at first sight, but he never wanted it to happen to him. Justin looked out the window to see how bad the storm was getting, the wind was blowing hard and the rain wasn't getting any better. Trees were in the streets and all the lights on his street were out.

"Okay I'll stay but I want you to explain to me what you're afraid of." Justin nodded, and told Garrick to come to the basement with him to wait out the storm; they took more candles to the basement so they could have enough light. Justin had his basement remodeled when he first moved into the house. So it had the same furniture his living room had, with an en-suite bathroom, and a bar. Justin and Garrick placed the candles around the room so it could be bright. Justin went to the bar to make them a drink. "Scotch or Rum?" Justin asked without looking at Garrick. "Scotch will be fine." Garrick replied.

"You're going to want a double after you hear this story." Justin said. He walked over to Garrick handed him his drink, and sat down next to him with his feet tucked under him."

"My father tried to kill me, on my 18th birthday. He got pissed when I told him I was moving out. On top of that I came out when I was 15 so I guess I gave him another reason to hate the day I was born" Justin stood up and took off his shirt to show Garrick the wounds. "Right here is where he kicked me repeatedly until the skin split; he did the same on this side, and I know you already seen the scar on my face." At this point Justin is crying re-living that horrible day was just too much for him; he sat down and cried is heart out, like he does every year on his birthday. Garrick scooted over and wrapped Justin in his arms. "It's okay baby, you don't have to finish the story." Justin sat up, and wiped his face with his shirt. "For you to understand yes I do." Justin stood up again. "He shot me right here, and at the hospital when I finally came to. I had amnesia I didn't know who I was or where I was or why I was even there. Until my parents came in the room, I screamed and screamed wanting them out. My mother tried to grab me and I yelled at her to not touch me, the look on my father's face was unbelievable, he thought I would never get my memory back, sometimes I wish I didn't. Anyway my father left the state and was never found. My mother is in a psychiatric hospital because after all the bullshit she couldn't handle it and tried to kill herself, and failed each time." The whole time he was talking he wasn't facing Garrick he was tired of people looking at him with pity when they see the scar on his face, but when he turned around. He seen tears in Garrick's eyes, and something else he didn't want to deal with at that moment.

Garrick rushed to Justin and pulled him into a warm embrace. Holding him tight to his chest, and for the first time in years, Justin felt safe. Garrick pulled away and green met gray. He lifted Justin off the floor and pulled him into a heart stopping, sensual, urgent, yet gentle kiss. Justin moaned into Garrick's mouth, parting his lips, giving Garrick an invitation to swirl his tongue around his own. It was the best kiss he's ever had. Garrick brought Justin onto the couch and sat him down and unbuckled Justin's pants and pulled them down, along with his boxers, and grabbed his prize, and took it down his throat on the first try.

"Oh fuck!" Justin moaned. He has never felt something so amazing in his life. Garrick pulled off to look at the beautiful cock. It was a good 7 inches and uncut, he pulled the foreskin back to look at the angry red head. He licked the slit to taste the pre-cum, and moaned from the taste. It was sweet. He deep throated him again, and used a lot of tongue around the head. Justin knew he was close. He deep throated him one last time, and Justin shot his load at the back of Garrick's throat. Garrick pulled off so he could taste Justin's sweetness.

After he milked Justin for all he was worth, something in Justin's head went off. Like a switch, and he grabbed Garrick through him on the sofa, and ravaged his mouth. He took of Garrick's shirt, and his khaki cargos, and strocked his cock as he nibbled on his nipple. Garrick groaned loudly. "Suck my cock Justin." How could he say no to that? Just kissed his way down, and almost fainted. Garrick's cock was 10 inches, and pretty thick. "Oh my damn! That's a huge cock." Justin quickly covered his mouth; he was surprised that it was so big. Garrick chuckled and rubbed his thumbs over Justin's nipples making him shudder. "Can you handle it?" Garrick said in a very seductive tone. Justin winked at Garrick, and stuffed the ten inch cock down his throat. "Oh fuck yeah!" Garrick screamed. He's never had anyone deep throat him before people always complained about his size. He couldn't believe it. Justin sucked his cock fast and steady wanting to taste Garrick's cum. Garrick's balls tightened and he came over and over again in Justin's hot mouth.

"Fuck, you look innocent as hell, but you just proved me 10 times wrong." Justin blushed and went to get the quilt of the over sofa. He laid on top of Garrick; Garrick wrapped his arms around Justin and kissed his forehead. I love you was right on the tip of his tongue, but he didn't want to scare him anymore than he already was, he listened to Justin's soft snoring and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning when Justin woke up he forgot where he was for a second until he looked down to see the most gorgeous face. He kissed Garrick's slightly open mouth, and slipped his tongue through his parted lips. Garrick finally stirred and started to kiss him back.

"Good morning beautiful." Garrick said. Now usually Justin hated being called that because it made him feel less of a man, but with Garrick it was totally a different feeling.

"Good morning." Justin said smiling from ear to ear. Being with Garrick for only the short period of time made him forget about his past, if only for a little while, and this time he didn't have any nightmares. "You can borrow some of my clothes, you're taller than me but I think I have some clothes you can fit." Justin said kissing Garrick on the cheek. "Come on let's go take a shower." They showered quickly so Justin could cook them breakfast. After they got dressed Justin went to get breakfast started, luckily the electricity was back on. Garrick opened the front door to see how much damage the storm did, he was just about to close the door when he saw a note tapped to the front door. He looked around and didn't see anyone so he just brought it in the house.

"Justin! You had a note tapped on your door." He went in the kitchen and handed the note to Justin. He opened it and tears started falling down his face. Garrick grabbed Justin. "Baby what is it what's wrong?" he took the note from Justin and couldn't believe his eyes. He note said.

'I'm still watching you, and I WILL finish what I started.'

Your favorite person, Daddy.

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