tagBDSMOne Sided Conversation Ch. 02

One Sided Conversation Ch. 02


"That was a wonderful dinner." I said as we walked into the foyer. "Roger, be a dear and go into the kitchen and fix us some tea. Grace and I will be on the sofa in the living room."

"Sure." replied Roger.

"Now then, let's get comfortable."

"Let me just say once again, congratulations on the promotion. You have worked hard to get where you are now. I am so glad things are coming together for you."

"Thanks. I am hoping to have more free time now. It would be nice to have time for something besides work. It has been way to long since ... well, you know."

"It will all work out." I assured her.

"Are you sure this is OK? Me being here, and ...?" She trailed off. "I know what you said on the phone and at the restaurant. And I'm grateful for the offer. But ... seriously?" asked Grace.

"Of course, it is. This will be fun. Roger will be both completely embarrassed and thrilled by the attention. I am certain he will gladly oblige. He and I have talked before about doing something like this but the opportunity never presented itself. In truth, I should be thanking you. In fact, I think I'll arrange for Roger say a special thank you when we are done tonight.

Grace raised an eyebrow at me

"Obviously this should all stay just between us."

"Oh, believe me I agree. I think I'd be too embarrassed to mention it to anyone anyway. It would say too much about me."

"Then we are fine. When he brings the tea out I'll get him to show it to you. If you don't mind playing along, I request that we not ask him to speak. He should be just following directions. Try to talk about him in the third person as if we were watching a movie and talking about what is going on. It will mess with his head and he'll love it."

"Ok. Sounds like devilish fun. When did you start doing this sort of thing?"

"About 4 years ago."

"So how long has he been wearing it?

"Ask me that question when he comes in with the tea. In fact, ask both. That will be embarrassing for him and it will get things going nicely."

"Ok, sure." she replied, clearly contemplating the concept.

"Here he come with the tea." I whispered. "Thank you, Roger. Oh good, you thought of the shortbread. Just put the tea down here and pour us each a cup. Grace, do you want sugar or milk?"

"None for me."

"Ah, a woman with excellent taste. I personally like to keep fine tea like this unadorned as well. It doesn't need anything extra."

"Thank you." said Grace as Roger filled a cup and passed it to her.

"Thank you, Roger." I said as he filled a cup for me. "Now, I believe you wanted to see Roger's chastity device?"

Roger flushed bright red.

"If you don't mind."

"No bother at all. Roger, unzip your fly and show Grace how I keep my property locked up."

Roger hesitantly reached for his fly and glanced at me and then Grace. She raised an eyebrow at him and smiled and he blushed again. I thought "Woman you are a natural at this."

"Go on. Show her who owns the penis in this house." I said.

Roger swallowed, lowered his eyes and his fly and rummaged in his pants. After a moment of fidgeting his cage-encased man-parts emerged for us to see. He looked back and forth between me and Grace, then at the wall, the ceiling, the floor and anywhere but at either of us.

Grace's eyes flashed with clear interest and she leaned forward curiously. "Shiny steel. How very nice. I have mostly seen plastic ones in my looking online."

"We started with a plastic one. But the metal is easier to keep clean and has certain other benefits."

"Why don't you walk over by Grace so she can get a closer look."

"That's ok. I can see from here." she replied a little too quickly.

"Alright then. Roger, these shoes have been a bit hard on my feet this evening, would you be a dear and rub my feet? Pull up the ottoman and sit so Grace and I can see your cage and rub my feet."

Roger straddled the ottoman. I lifted my right foot and laid it over his thigh. He gently took off my shoe.

"Spread wider dear. I want Grace to have a completely unobstructed view."

Roger spread his legs wide like a whore and began rubbing my foot. As always, I melted under his skillful hands.

"Oh, that feels good" I said leaning back into the sofa. "When he finishes with me you should let him do you too." I said with a wink at Grace.

"How long has he been wearing it?" she asked.

"Since just before dinner when you and I talked on the phone. But he was only out of the cock cage, while he edged, not the ring at that point. He hasn't had the whole thing completely off for almost two months."

Roger mostly looked at my foot but gave an embarrassed glance at Grace. "Enjoy it." I thought.

"I mean when did you start doing this sort of thing?"

"That's been about four years."

"What got you started?"

Roger started to answer, "I read about it online ..."

I cut him off. "Please, Roger, don't interrupt. Focus on what you are doing unless someone addresses you specifically."

He dutifully focused on my foot.

"He read about it and got all worked up and shared it with me. He got excited about me owning his penis. We had started playing with me taking the lead role in the bedroom, and it seemed like it might be a fun addition. I wasn't sure at first, but I admit I really like it now."

"So, you just locked him up?"

"At first, he just wore it on the weekend, but now it is all the time."

"Any problems keeping it hidden?"

"No. He even wears it to the gym and the pool."

"What about air travel?"

"That's about the only other time it comes off. We don't risk the metal detector. A quick stop in the men's room just before and after the screening is all it takes."

I put my left foot up and Roger started to massage it. I slipped my right foot onto the ottoman between his legs so I could use my toes to toy with his testicles. As Roger began to massage my left foot, I idly bounced his testicles and cage with my right.

"Is it heavy?"

"Not really."

"How does this one lock? I don't see a padlock or lock cylinder."

"This one is a bit different than some. Let me show you."

I sat up and grasped Roger firmly behind the testicles and turned the whole cage to the side. He was startled but didn't protest.

"Good boy." I thought to myself.

"There is a special security screw here..." I said, pointing.

Grace was startled but seemed to get over it when Roger didn't make an issue of it.

"... that holds the cock cage firmly to the ring behind his balls. The head of the screw only accepts a special key to turn the screw. It is essentially bolted on."

With a wry grin, I thought "Let that phrase linger in your mind."

"Oh my!" exclaimed Grace, appreciatively.

"And he can't get out of it?" she continued.

"I suppose if he really wanted to he could. But the beauty of it all is that he doesn't want to. Or rather..." I said, sliding a finger over his right testicle "... not as much as he wants to please me and have me keep teasing him. It would spoil our fun."

"Is that uncomfortable for him?"

"Not at all. In fact, he says he likes wearing it and enjoys the feel of it."

"No, I mean the way you are twisting it."

"I used to wonder about that at first. Roger assured me he enjoys this too." I said, giving the cage a bit of a shake. I released him and sat back into the sofa. My foot went back on Roger's leg and he resumed his magic finger treatment. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling.

"I do like how it makes his balls stick out." she said.

"I do too. It makes them convenient for grabbing and squeezing. And Roger does so like it when his balls are squeezed." I wrapped the toes of my right foot around his testicle and squeezed them against the cage. "Don't you Roger?"

Roger took a very slight breath in and nodded shyly. Grace seemed to appreciate this.

"Thanks for showing, it's fascinating." she offered.

"It's nice to be able to share. Roger, are you enjoying me having you show your caged cock and balls to Grace?"

Roger blushed, gulped, and nodded.

"Think about it." I said to Grace. "Most men dream of having two women at the same time. Though in this case it is more us having him. This is a dream come true for him."

Roger glanced at the two of use and lowered his eyes to focus on my foot.

"I suppose you have a point." Grace agreed.

"He really can't get it up while wearing it?" she asked.

"He can try to get it up. But it just gets tighter."

"The steel cage looks really tight on him. He is sticking out between the bars."

"That is the other advantage of the steel cage. Access while locked. Let me show you. Roger, stand up next to me."

With me seated and Roger standing next to me his cock was at about the perfect height.

"You see, with this steel cage you can touch it and stroke it." I said, demonstrating. "It's kind of like the animals in the petting zoo. You can reach in and touch, but there really isn't any danger." I grinned at Grace and she chuckled appreciatively.

Roger's eyes were rolling up and he was breathing harder now.

"I enjoy being able to touch and pet. And Roger clearly enjoys it. You can tell by how much his penis swells up and tries to stick out between the bars. I think that is so sexy."

"Another thing I enjoy is having him tell me all about his morning wood. He snuggles up and tells me how much it aches and hurts. I hold his poor balls and stroke him lightly through the cage to ... comfort ... him." I said with a sly grin.

Grace grinned back, her eyes twinkling.

I grasped Roger by the balls and massaged them with my fingers.

"I tell him what a good boy he is for wearing the cage for me so he can't get an erection without permission."

I ran a finger lightly down the top of his caged cock again.

"I remind him how I love to see his cock strain futilely against the cage."

I was rewarded with a little whine from Roger for my stroking at this point.

"I tell him he can whine if it helps, and how it will all be okay as soon as he calms down."

Roger visibly pulsed in the cage.

"At that point, some mornings I have him go down on me. Other mornings I just comfort him like that until it eventually subsides." With a semi-innocent tone I added "Sometimes it can take quite a while."

Grace and I smiled at each other.

"A little closer, dear, I want to give you a kiss."

I planted a wet kiss on the side of his caged cock and was rewarded with a grunting sigh from Roger.

"I do so love having ..." another wet kiss on the other side of his caged cock "... his cock ..." and finally a wet kiss on the very tip "... under my complete control."

With the last kiss Roger let out a bit of a high-pitched whine through his nose.

"Teasing... " a light suck on the side of his cock "... and torturing him ..." another suck on the other side "... is so much fun."

At this point Roger had his eyes closed and was panting hard and trying not to whine or whimper.

"Now he is really aroused. See how the whole thing is sticking out in front of him? If he weren't caged he would have a raging erection."

I turned to look up at Roger "Wouldn't you dear?"

This got me a pained face, a high-pitched moan, and a nod.

"Are you aching for me?"

Another nod.

"You know how I love seeing you ache."

The caged wiggled a bit on its own and I smiled up at him.

"Go rub Grace's feet now dear."

He moved the ottoman over and sat. Grace offered a foot while taking in the view. She was clearly getting excited and enjoying herself at this point.

"The other thing is that if he gets really aroused it gets tight enough that he can't even pee through it. It's funny watching him try to pee with morning wood or after I've been teasing him. He can only do tiny little shy squirts."

"You're kidding! Oh, that is so funny."

"Sometimes I slip him a Viagra just for the fun of it. A little tease and his cock is packed like a salami. Then you should see him try to pee."

Roger blushed and Grace and I both giggled.

"One time I made him go outside naked and do one squirt in each of the flower pots around the patio. It was so funny. He had trouble getting some of them watered at first."

"How was his aim?"

"There was no aiming. He had to squat like a girl into each pot and do his little squirt. He really can't aim when he's wearing the cage. Ah! That's another advantage of having him locked up: the toilet seats are always down."

"How often do you let him out of the cage?"

"Whenever it pleases me. I usually have him edge for my amusement a couple times every two to three days or so. That's just the penis cage. Once or twice a month I let him completely out if I feel like a good fuck."

"He gets to cum then?"

"Only sometimes. About every two months. He says that when I let him cum the first orgasm doesn't really satisfy. He is still pent up afterwards. I offered to let him cum once a month, or twice every two months. He chose the latter. Mostly he just gets edging. He gets so close but stops at the last second. He does that for me about two or three times every other day."

"I find it hard to imagine any man edging. I've never known a man who could stop at that point."

"It isn't easy. But it is fun to watch. Would you like to see?"

"If that's ok. I mean, I don't want to impose."

"Roger, you don't mind edging for Grace a few times, do you?"

Ever the little pervert, he shyly shook his head no.

"Let me unlock you then. But don't stop tending to Grace's feet."

I pulled the silver chain with the key on it over my head. Roger was absolutely bulging. I ran my fingers over him for a moment, feeling his cock straining through the bars and tormenting him deliciously. It didn't take long before I got a little high-pitched grunt out of him. It sent shivers up my spine, and of course, a "sploosh" between my legs. I suspected that I wasn't the only one.

"He's so worked up this will be a bit of effort to get off him."

I put the key on the screw and began turning. When it was free I carefully put the screw on the coffee table next to my cup. Then I reached up and pulled on the cage. It came forward only a little without significant pulling. Roger was swollen and packed tight. I stroked the underside of his cock with one of my fingers while I held the cage. This made sure it was as hard as possible to pull the cage off.

"I'm not sure we can get this off right now." I smirked.

For Grace's benefit, I made a show of trying to just pull it off him. I didn't work. I love playing him like this. It was also good theater for both him and Grace. I worked the cage left and right and up and down gently to slowly extract it off his cock. His cock expanded rapidly as it emerged from the cage.

"There we go." I said as I set the cage on the coffee table between my cup and Grace's.

"Can I see it?" Grace asked.

"Sure." I said, handing the warm metal to her.

"It feels heavy, so solid." She said, hefting it in her palm.

"How are your feet?"

"just fine. He has talented fingers."

"He has other parts that are talented too. But for right now let's focus on what the fingers can do." I looked up at Roger who was breathing a little fast and said "Show Grace how you stroke that penis, Roger. Nice and slow."

With a worried look in his eyes he wrapped his right hand around the rapidly thickening shaft and began to stroke. Grace flexed her foot, still resting on Roger's thigh. As if suddenly realizing she was still there he looked up at Grace and blushed.

She had a curled little half-smile on her face. Her eyes were almost giggling by themselves.

Looking back at Roger I said "That's it. Stroke that needy cock, pervert. Show Grace what a good boy you can be."

"He's really hard already."

"Yes. Not like before dinner. Then he was all desperate, but when I unlocked him he wasn't even at half-mast."

"He's really doing it. And he's not going to cum?"

"No. Especially if I don't let him stroke any faster. This isn't enough for him to get off. Is it Dear?"

Roger shook his head no with a worried look on his face.

I picked up my cup and leaned back on the sofa.

"I think Grace likes what she sees. You are doing a good job, Dear. Keep it up." I said, then glanced at Grace. "I find a little encouragement is always helpful."

"You can stroke faster now, Roger." I said softly.

Relief showed in his face and he began to pump in earnest.

"Is that better?" I asked softly.

He nodded to me then looked at Grace as he pumped away.

"How do you know he's not quitting early?"

"It is pretty easy to tell. If he gets it right, when he lets go at the last second there will be a certain erratic involuntary twitching, then spasms as if he is cumming but without any squirt of semen. He really can't fake it effectively. Our agreement is that it is perfect if there is a tiny bit of moisture at the tip when it is over. Not enough to drip, just enough to be wet."

I took a sip of tea as I watched Grace watching him.

"He tried to fake it a couple of times, but the difference is obvious when you've seen the real thing."

"Wow." said Grace with a flushed fascination.

"Does all that make you harder Roger?" I taunted.

Another nod from Roger.

"I wouldn't have thought he could get any harder than before."

"Oh, I'm sure he is. Roger, take your hand off and show Grace your nice erection."

He took his hand off and looked back and forth between us.

"You're right, it is. Though you can still see the pattern of the bars on his skin even now. That's hot."

"Yes, that is nice. It shows just how much time he spends actually needing that cage to keep from getting an erection." I said. "If he wasn't always swelling up it wouldn't leave such and impression. You can continue now Roger."

Roger gratefully resumed jerking his cock.

"And he really isn't going to cum?"

"Not at all" I mused. "He knows not to cum without my permission. Isn't that right, Rodger?"

A slightly pained expression crossed his face, but he glanced at me and then at Grace and nodded yes.

"Do a good job for Grace, Roger. I want to see it twitch, but don't let a single drop fall. I don't want any stains on my lovely cream-colored sofa."

There was a little hesitation as the thought sunk in. I think his brain was already turning to mush with arousal. Then he dropped his eyes and nodded yes.

"You are doing well. Jerk that cock for us, but don't come. Just edge for us. Show Grace what a good boy you can be."

As we watched him wank I noticed his balls crawl up tight to his cock.

"He is about ready. Watch this. He'll be good and let go at the last moment."

Grace removed her foot from his thigh.

In perfect form he let go, huffing through his nostrils like a racehorse after the finish line. His hands grabbed his thighs and he squirmed on the ottoman.

"Oh my God he really is doing it." exclaimed Grace.

His cock did two little quivers and then three big jerks up and down. A high moan escaped Roger as his eyes found the ceiling.

"His cock is really jerking. Look at his face. Oh wow, you were right. God that's hot. How can he do that?"

I let him calm down for about twenty seconds and then softly said "Good boy, Roger. That was very good. I am very proud of you."

His glazed eyes drifted down to mine.

"And you can tell Grace liked it too."

His eyes drifted to her. I swear she looked like She had just been handed a whole chocolate cake and a pint of ice cream.

I gazed up at him with pride. "Come over here and give me a kiss. You did very well."

He slid towards me and I put my left hand gently on the back of his neck as we kissed. As I broke the kiss I held him from retreating so I could look in his eyes and asked him "Would you like me to show Grace how I can make you edge again?"

He closed his eyes and swallowed then nodded yes.

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