tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 01

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 01


Meet Mark Enwin; a handsome twenty-eight year old man with well defined muscles on tan skin. His eyes are a gorgeous green with golden flakes and his hair a dark chocolate and always soft, even with its usual spiked do.

Mark could easily get any girl he wanted, but he was quite the picky man. What he wanted in a woman was something he would have to take. He couldn't ask and she couldn't offer. Not at first anyways. That was why Mark was in search a new slave. He had two already but they were becoming quite boring to him now. One was so eager to please it actually turned him off quite a bit. He had offer her to leave and she said she would take up on his offer after another week of his "torture". The other woman had willingly become his slave and although she played the reluctant part well it just wasn't enough. He needed a girl who really was reluctant to provide.

While on his stay in Bermuda that summer he picked his target. She was a girl he spoke with at the airport upon landing who had come as a spur of the moment adventure. She had come with a couple of her friends but didn't wish to party as much as they did. She explained she'd spend most of her trip on the balcony of her hotel.

Mark followed this young beautiful woman from a distance after that. He admired her silky blonde locks and her dazzling blue eyes. Her skin was only slightly tan and her body slender. She was twenty years old from what he had collected from their brief conversation a few days before.

She said goodbye to her friends around eleven that night and took the elevator to her room. Mark took the stairs instead. He waited for some time until he heard her showering. His ear pressed to the wall to double check the water was running in the pipes, before taking his stolen room key and opening the door. He slid inside and slowly, cautiously, made his way into the bathroom. He didn't hesitate there when he reached behind the curtain and yanked her out. She screamed but his hand quickly covered her mouth and nose, while his other hand gripped her chest to his own. She kicked and squealed into his hands but her motions slowed. Within moments her eye lids flickered shut and she went limp.


Alyssa Jean awoke with a massive headache. She instantly sat upright and looked around the room with an increasingly confused and terrified look. She went to stand but wasn't able. It was then she noticed her legs locked firmly into place on black bed posts. She rattled the chains and searched the blank crimson red walls. A door at the far end creaked and a woman in a black bra and matching thong and high heels entered.

"Finally awake! Welcome. My names Jennifer but master calls me Ebony pet." She said with a rather creepy grin. Her big brown eyes soft and her smile seemed sincere. She had curly black hair and was tall and thin. Gorgeous.

"Where the fuck am I? Who-who are you? What the fuck!" Alyssa screamed as tears formed.

"Calm down. Master will take grand care of you. He's going to come in and test you out soon and decide how worthy you are of his punishments." Jennifer continued in the same creepy, almost possessed, tone.

Alyssa looked around again, confused beyond belief. It was then she noticed herself dressed in a black thong and bra like Jennifer's. Her heels sat on the floor by her bed. As soon as she looked up she noticed the man that Jennifer called Master. Instantly, she recognized him.

"Let me go you sick fuck! Fuck you!" Alyssa screamed as he approached.

"Hush, hush, pet. You'll learn to love it here. Learn to love me too. Now I'll release the chains but you will put on those heels and not try anything stupid." He said as he pulled a gun from his pant pocket and held it to her face.

Alyssa shut up and nodded. He did as he said and she did as well. Her feet fit perfectly into the heels and she stood with shaky slender legs. Mark looked her up and down and smiled.

"Walk down the hall and into the room on the right." He said cooly.

As soon as she turned to walk she felt a blow to the head and she dropped to her knees. The world went black as her ears began to ring.

Again, Alyssa woke up somewhere strange. This time her knees were on a platform, her stomach resting against something as well. Her legs were spread wide apart and chained down by the ankles. Her stomach strapped in too and her wrists were tied together in front of her, attached to a pole. She couldn't move more than an inch to the sides. Her jaw ached horribly and she felt the massive gag ball in place. She screamed into it as best she could.

"Shush, my pet. This is the fun part. This is where I test you out. I'm gonna see what makes you scream, cry, moan, and cum. Girls usually don't do so well at first but you'll learn to enjoy these tests." Mark's voice came from behind her.

Alyssa tried to look back but she couldn't. She was stuck and her tear filled eyes looked forward at a wall filled with toys she had never once seen before. Her heart began to race and her eye liner smeared down her cheeks as the tears fell.

When she felt the tip of a fat cock against her pussy lips she squealed in terror. Her wides went wide and she tried again to escape. The ropes burned her flesh as she attempted to flee. Mark's laughter filled the room, followed by the giggle of Jennifer who came into view in the front. She sat down on a chair, crossed her legs and watched with a grin. Alyssa pleaded with her eyes for savor but it wouldn't be coming and inside she knew it.

Mark rubbed the head of his wide cock against Alyssa's pussy. She felt his cock go over her clit and it caused pleasure, despite her fear and resistance. She gulped, trying to breathe but struggling with the gag ball.

Once wet enough from her clit being massaged, Mark sneered. He placed a hand on her ass and squeezed just as he thrusted forward. Alyssa screamed into the gag ball. His cock was much larger than any she had encountered. She felt her pussy being intruded and stretched wide. It must have been at least eight inches sliding inside of her. She screamed into the ball and Mark thrusted harder. He was sliding his rock hard dick in and out of that tight pink pussy at a decent rate, but not fast enough. His pace quickened within minutes. Alyssa closed her eyes tight as she felt him slamming all eight and a half inches deep up inside of her tight pussy. She couldn't resist screaming as she was stretched.

Mark used his free hand to grab her hair. He tangled it in his fingers as yanked her head back. Alyssa's eyes were forced open for a moment and tears fell down her face. She felt her face becoming red as she sobbed and choked for air. Still, Mark slammed his cock inside of her. He enjoyed how soaked she was, how warm and tight her pussy was around his dick. He groaned in pleasure as he thrusted with no remorse.

"Six incher! Hard vib." He said between gasps of air. Alyssa was confused but Jennifer was not. She hopped to her feet and ran to the wall. Alyssa couldn't see what she was getting until Jen handed it to her master.

It was a six inch long, two inch wide purple vibrator. Alyssa screamed and tried to plead him not to. There could only be one more hole to fill after all.

Mark laughed. "Gotta test ya out, pet."

His thrusting slowed and he let loose her hair. Her head fell down as she sobbed some more. His dick slid in and out as his fingers rubbed her pussy walls and clit. She moaned when his index finger moved across her sensitive spot.

He began to rub her juices on her asshole. She felt one of his fingers slid inside of her virgin asshole and she screamed louder than ever. It was incredibly uncomfortable as his finger slid in and out. He pulled his finger out completely and began to thrust hard again. Alyssa closed her eyes tight as if that would do any good.

She felt the vibrator's tip on her asshole. The sobbing became worse and she choked and gagged for some air. She was not expecting such a sudden intrusion. Her screams filled the room as the vibrator stretched that tiny and once virgin asshole wide open. Inch by inch it slid into her back door as his massive cock continued to pound into her pussy, which was now turning red.

"Mmm" He groaned as he watched the vibrator be eaten up by that tiny pink asshole. Once five inches in he flipped the switch. The vibrating made Alyssa jerk and her eyes open wide. She screamed some more as her body was rattled side to side and back and forth. The ropes began to cut into her skin and cause some bleeding as Mark pounded into her.

His legs tightened up and his cock stiffened. He held his breath for a moment as he slowed his thrusts, then stopped, only to pull out until only two inches were in, then force all eight and a half deep inside. His cum shot deep up inside of her with each powerful thrust, his hands gripping her hips tight.

He groaned in satisfaction and pulled out but left the vibrator in.

"We're not done yet, pet." He said with a laugh. Jennifer giggled. Mark stood in front of the crying Alyssa while Jen cleaned him with a damp wash cloth. He stood, hands on hips, sneering down at the poor defenseless girl.

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