tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 02

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 02


Alyssa's ass was beginning to burn as the vibrator remained inside. Her body seemed to vibrate with it. Tears continued to fall from her eyes as she remained tied doggy style, arms in front of her on the odd sex contraption. Mark was leaving now but jennifer remained. Alyssa had a feeling that Jen would be the one releasing her from the straps and letting her return to the dungeon like room.

Jen walked over in her black thong and bra and her heels clicked on the concrete floor. She used a new damp cloth to wipe Alyssa's face, who did not protest as the smeared eye liner and tears were rubbed away affectionately.

"Calm down, please. There's nothing sexy about ruining your make-up is there?" Jen said in an attempt to be kind.

"P-Please, let me, me, go." Alyssa cried as she looked up into Jen's beautifully round facade.

Jen said nothing and turned. She walked before Alyssa and turn the vibrator off. Alyssa gasped in relief and as Jen slowly began to pull it out inch by inch. When it was fully removed, Alyssa's ass hole still burned terribly. It felt stretched and abused. She could only imagine how red it was from the intrustion of the dildo.

Next Jen untied Alyssa's legs. Alyssa was too sore to fight at the moment so with a shakey weak body she remained on the contraption. She wiggled her ankles to get the blood flowing again. But soon Jen was grabbing Alyssa's ankles and she felt her right being tied onto the floor in a slightly loose rope so her foot could still move, but not be freed. She began to fight now but her stomach and hands were locked firmly in place. Her screams echoed off the walls as she yelled for help. Jennifer ignored her and tied the other leg. Then continued by unstrapping Alyssa's stomach and arms from the contraption. When Alyssa went for a punch, Jen moved out of the way quickly.

"Please stop. I really don't want to have to knock you out. The heads aches waking up are terrible." Jen said in a creepy yet feminine tone.

Alyssa spit towards Jen but missed by an inch. She glared as she sat upright. Once her head turned to look around Jen was grabbing her again. This time she shoved Alyssa back and off the contraption. With a yelp of surprise, Alyssa landed on what appeared to be a thin but comfortable white mattress. Shocked she looked at it and forgot about Jen who pounced again. This time she held Alyssa's arm down and tied it sprawled above her head. Alyssa fighting was useless and soon her legs and arms were all tied spread apart above and below her.

Jen unlatched the other sex contraption from the floor and rolled it into the corner. She picked up a phone on a table and spoke too quietly for Alyssa to hear.

"Help! Help!" Alyssa screamed.

This irritated Jen who walked over to the bed and sat on Alyssa's nude stomach with her legs on either side of the panting girl. Jen put her hand over Alyssa's mouth and watched the girl struggle. Jennifer sneered but when the door opened she quickly rolled off and stood up, hands behind her back and eyes forward.

"My darling pet, don't hurt the new pet. She just doesn't know her roll here yet. She will soon enough, won't she?" Mark's voice came from the shadows. He walked to Jen and pet her hair. Alyssa watched with nervous eyes. "Now, my newest pet, if you scream again I will cut you very, very deeply. I don't mind my girls cut up and scarred."

Alyssa took him seriously and beyond frightened her mouth shut tight. Her body was trembling from cold and fear. She watched Mark silently as he pulled a chair up from the table with the phone and sat near the mattress on the floor. He put his hands in his lap and cocked his head to the side. Despite how undeniably handsome he was, it was easy to see his sick and twisted side.

"Begin." He said and Jennifer immediately began to strip to nothing. Her breasts were perky without the bra and her nipples small and erect. Her pussy was shaven. Her body was stunning and despite Alyssa's fear at the moment she couldn't deny the attraction. However, she did not want what was about to occur.

Jennifer climbed on top of Alyssa again. Jen's legs were on either side of Alyssa's hips and alyssa could feel that Jen was already wet. Her pussy juices touched Alyssa's groin as Jen leaned forward and forced her lips onto Alyssa's. Alyssa closed her mouth and Jen pulled away. She slapped the girl who laid on the bed. Alyssa yelped in pain.

"Lesson one. If you get kissed, you kiss back!" Jen yelled.

She leaned down again and at first Alyssa resisted but as Jen poked her tongue against the girl's soft pink lips, Alyssa opened her mouth and let the tongue slide in. Her own tongue manuvered its way inside. The girls made out as alyssa was tied sprawled eagle. Jen's hands wandered and she gripped Alyssa's perky tits. She pinched Alyssa's tits, causing her eyes to open in shock and her to gasp. Jen pulled away and sat up but held Alyssa's nipples tightly between her thumb and index finger. She twisted them, causing Alyssa to sit up as much as she could and scream. For this she was slapped again.

Jen grabbed both nipples tight again and said, "lesson two, learn to ignore the pain. Whimper like a little helpless slut."

Alyssa closed her eyes tight and whimpered, holding back her scream as jen twisted her nipples again. This made Mark and Jen smile. Now onto the next lesson. Jen was sliding down now with her hands running down Alyssa's sides. Her lips began to kiss Alyssa's stomach going lower and lower down until at last her lips touched Alyssa's sensitive clit. Alyssa was wet, she couldn't deny that and Jen figured it out quick as she stuck her tongue deep inside of Alyssa's cunt. Alyssa moaned as Jen's tongue worked over her pussy lips and occasionally flicked her swollen clit. As much as Alyssa was against hooking up with the same sex, her body couldn't control enjoying every lick, kiss and bite.

Soon Jen had two fingers prepared and then shoved up into the other girl's tight pussy. She worked them in and out and Alyssa moaned. Jen licked Alyssa's clit fast and kept her other hand on her thigh to know when Alyssa was tensing and about to cum. That moment came fast and Jen stopped. She pulled her fingers out and replaced them with her tongue. She licked a few times then sat up.

"Lesson three: you will clean each pet after master plays with them and lick master's cum out. You will not fully please the pet and you will not wipe your face after." Jen said.

Alyssa stared amazed and disgusted. Mark laughed at her expression. "Pet, come sit on master's lap. Take a ride. Then have my new pet clean you."

Alyssa gulped and already gaged. She watched with horror filled eyes, anxious in a bad way as she knew her fate to come. Jennifer eagerly ran to her master and got on her knees. She undid his belt, button and zipper. She folded everything aside and his thick eight and a half inch cock came poking out.

"Thank you, master!" Jen said as she climbed on top. Her legs sat over the arms of the chair, her breasts in his face, her arms on the top of the chair as she slowly slid down. Mark grabbed her hips and forced her down completely. Jen gasped as the pain sored through her groin as her pussy was so viciously intruded. However she knew her job and she began to move up and down on the cock inside of her cunt. She started slow but quickly got a faster pace. She was thrusting up and down, bouncing on his dick and screaming. Mark reached up and with his thimb and index finger grabbed her nipples tightly. He held her small erect nipples and caused them to go red. Jen gasped in pain but soon moaned in pleasure.

"You like master's cock, don't you?" He asked as he groaned.

"Y-yes, my... master." She replied.

"Who do you want to please?"

"Y-you, m-master."

"Who's a dirty pet?" He sneered as he asked.

"You, you, my, master!" She replied as she moaned. Her head tipped back and she closed her eyes and she gripped the chair. Mark was beginning to feel too much pleasure as well. His body craved to let loose his cum. He shot his load into Jen, forcing her down by her shoulders as she screamed. He let his warm sticky fluid go deep into her. Once finished he smirked, slapped her ass and she climbed off.

Jen grabbed a wash cloth and wiped off his cock and zipped him back up. Alyssa watched amazed at how well she behaved for this sick fuck. She noticed a knife sitting on the floor by his chair and held back her nasty words.

When jen walked towards her, alyssa whimpered and gulped. Jennifer was spreading her legs to either side of Alyssa's head and lowered her body. Jen on her knees squatted more and soon a dripping oozing pussy was in front of Alyssa's mouth. She shut it tightly and Jen moved so she could slap Alyssa three times in a row. Alyssa screamed in pain. When Jen squatted this time she reached between her own legs to squeeze Alyssa's jaw and force it open. Jen quickly got conpletely down so that her pussy was invading Alyssa's mouth. She didn't lick though so Jen grabbed her nose and held it tight. Alyssa squirmed as she couldn't breathe.

"Clean me or you'll die." Jen whispered. Mark smiled from his seat with a perfect view.

Alyssa closed her eyes and slid her tongue into Jen's soaked and beaten red pussy. Jen smiled and released her nose and moved away slightly so Alyssa could play about. Alyssa needed improvement but she did her best. She licked all around and deep inside of Jen. Jen moaned as Mark's cum dripped from her pussy and into Alyssa's mouth. The taste made Alyssa cringe but she kept goimg. Jen moaned more and tipped her head back in pleasure. She let Alyssa lick and bite her pussy lips but right before she would cum she stood up. Alyssa gasped for air and breathed hard.

"Lesson over for now. See you tonight!" Jen said as she leaned down and kissed Alyssa. Mark and jen both stood and Alyssa was left alone, tied up, face covered in pussy juice and scared.

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