tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 03

One Slave Isn't Enough Ch. 03


Alyssa had been left chained to the mattress. The room was cold and she was in a lot of pain. Her ass hole felt sore still and her head throbbed from all the crying. When an hour passed she fell asleep. When she awoke she wasn't sure how much time it had been but it felt like hours. The pain had subsided at least but she remained chained to the same mattress. Alyssa struggled not to start crying again but she knew it would only hurt her head and that was the last thing she needed.

The young blonde gasped and jumped when she heard the door opening. The sound of heels filled the room as Jennifer entered. She brought a glass of water and an aspirin on a silver tray in her lacy black thong and matching bra.

"Here, take this. Lean up." Jen said as she squatted beside the naked Alyssa.

Alyssa struggled to sit upright, her arms and legs rather firmly in place. Jennifer poured some water into the other girl's mouth then dropped the aspirin. She got up and without another word she left the room. The sound of heels faded and was replaced with much heavier ones. In came Mark. Alyssa stared at him and immediately begins to shake.

"Now, now, my pet. You're fine. That aspirin will make you feel like nothing ever happened. Or at least ease the pain of our next tests." Mark said with an evil and twisted grin.

"P-please, please no more today. I can't!" Alyssa's eyes gained tears.

"Shh, you'll be fine. That's what these tests are for. This first week will be the hardest. I'm going to see how far I can push that beautiful little body of yours." Mark said as if it were no big deal.

He walked to the wall and grabbed an armful of things from their hooks. When he brought them back he dropped them to the concrete floor beside Alyssa. Her head turned to stare at a gag ball, something strange that looked as though it were meant to stretch her open and hold the hole open, three dildos, a whip and little beads on a string and lube.

"Please!" She begged again.

"The talking is annoying. You'll learn to only speak when spoken to!" Mark yelled as he grabbed the whip and slashed it into Alyssa's thigh. She yelped in pain.

He dropped the whip and grabbed the gag ball. She fought, turning her head side to side and rising and dropping her body onto the mattress. Although it was a struggle, Mark got the ball into place. He stood back and sneered as she began to cry. Alyssa choked for air, unused to this intrusion in her mouth.

"Better." Mark said with another evil grin.

Mark stripped down to nothing. His cock was already hard at its amazing eight and a half inches. Alyssa hated this man but his body and his face were so attractive that she had to stare for a moment. Then he leaned down and grabbed all three dildos and put them on the mattress. Alyssa watched with fear stricken eyes. Her body stiffened for a moment then began to shake. The one Mark grabbed first was thick at three inches and about seven inches long. On his knees between her legs he pressed the tip of the dildo to her pussy wall. He began to push it in very slowly. Alyssa pussy was somehow wet and she was angry at her body for this. She felt the dildo go in and stretch her pussy wide apart to allow it inside. She moaned into the ball.

"Ah, you like this." Mark said with a laugh.

He made sure to push a good amount inside of her tight pink pussy but did not thrust it in and out. He simply kept it there. Then he reached for another. Alyssa watched as he began to rub lube all up and down the two inch thick, six inch long dildo. Mark was watching Alyssa's horror stricken face and it turned him on immensely. He only looked away so he could press the dildo's tip to her asshole. Alyssa began to scream into the gag ball, making her choke again. Her body twisted as much as it could as the tears finally fell from her eyes and down her bright red cheeks.

"Listen to me, pet. It's going in there. If you squirm it will hurt so, so, very much. Trust me. You want to relax or I will shove it in fast and hard. Punishment will be bad." Mark said with a stern tone. He looked Alyssa in the eye.

Fear filling up even more she obeyed. What choice did she have? Her body was stiff but she laid still. Her eyes closed tightly as she felt the dildo's tip on her asshole. She felt the first inch pop inside. The back hole stretched wide open and the feeling was a painful and unpleasant burning sensation. Alyssa screamed into the ball as she felt him wedge more and more of the dildo into her asshole. She felt the other dildo in her pussy too. The tears wouldn't stop their slow but steady stream down the sides of her face.

Mark finished shoving the entire dildo into her asshole and leaned back to admire the site of the dildo stretching her freshly shaven, bright pink pussy and then the one inside of her asshole. He rubbed his cock and groaned.

"Alright pet, one more." He said and grabbed the last one. This one was only an inch thick, not bad and six inches long. Alyssa was so confused to where this was going. She watched as best as she could from where she laid as he put a lot of lube on the dildo. He set the bottle down then grabbed the dildo's tip inside of her asshole. He held it firmly and Alyssa's eyes went wide when she realized what he was doing. Alyssa screamed before the first inch of the second dildo slid into her asshole. The pain was incredible. The tears fell quickly now and her face became bright red. He slid more and more of the dildo into her asshole and she felt it rubbing against the one already in there.

"Oh god yes." Mark groaned. He finished and stood up. His eyes looked down at the beautiful blonde sobbing chained to the mattress, a dildo inside her pussy and two lodged deep into her burning asshole. He rubbed his cock in his hand fast and hard while the other massaged his balls. He walked until his feet were on either side of Alyssa's perky breasts.

"Mm, yes pet, cry in pain." He groaned as he continued to pull his cock. His eyes closed and he tipped his head back as he stroked faster. He squeezed his balls and opened his eyes to look down at the amazing sight. His cum shot itself all over Alyssa's face. She closed her eyes as the sticky white liquid fell onto her eyelids, her nose and around the gag ball. Mark kept pumping his cock until the last drip was out.

Alyssa kept her eyes closed, not wanting it in her eyes but she felt as he yanked the dildo from her pussy. She gasped in relief as one stretch was removed. But then she felt Mark getting on his knees between her legs. She felt the head of his cock rub against her lips and slowly begin to insert itself...

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