tagMind ControlOne Spring Day Ch. 02

One Spring Day Ch. 02


I awoke with a groan, rubbing my head. For a split second I hoped it was all a bad dream, that I would wake up to find everything back to normal. But as I sat up I found myself nude, sticky and on the floor next to my bed. My bed, which lay empty... leaving me alone in the room. I looked to the window, wanting to open it and fall down to the ground below. To make a mad dash away from this nightmare, even if I was naked. But I knew there was no hope. I slowly got to my feet and headed down the stairs, seeking out my tormenter.

She was there, waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs... watching me come down. With a flash of humiliation, I realized she wanted to watch my tits bounce. I wanted nothing more than to cover myself, but her commands kept me from doing anything other than making my tits bounce as much as possible for her. She'd spent the night whispering commands to me, altering my behaviors, telling me what I would and wouldn't be doing from now on. One of the things that I learned was that Mistress, apparently, loved tits. Or, more specifically, she loved MY tits; she'd made that abundantly clear last night, with how much she made me play with them for her. I spent hours kneeling in front of the sofa while she watched television and just idly traced her fingers around them, making me stand up and bend over during commercials so that she could enjoy watching them dangle under me. She forced me, even, to go into the kitchen and pour a bottle of wine that I had been saving into a bowl, only so I could dip my tits into it and let her suck it from my nipples. So it went without saying that Mistress forced me to do everything in my power to make my titties bounce as much as possible.

Once I reached the bottom, I immediately dropped to my knees and greeted her in a chipper tone, "Good morning, Mistress!"

Though she smiled, there was nothing pleasant in her tone. "Hello pet. I've been looking around my new home. Did you ever bother to clean it?" I opened my mouth to answer her, but she tweaked my right nipple painfully to cut off my reply. "It doesn't matter. What's important is that you'll be doing plenty of that, starting today. I took the liberty of getting out some cleaning supplies for you."

She stepped back from me, letting go of my sore tit, and lifted a feather duster that had been sitting on an end table next to her. My body responded immediately by rising and reaching for it, but a painful slap to my breast with the handle stopped me. I looked down, with tears welling in my eyes, as I saw a small welt rise across the pale skin. "Turn around, bend over and touch your toes." Oh no. A knot of dread formed in my stomach, but I found myself turning and reaching down for my toes... my large tits hanging right in front of my face.

It seemed an eternity passed, and nothing happened; she was silent behind me. I wanted to look and see if she was still there, but I could do nothing but stare into the cleavage right in front of my eyes. Finally, I heard some rustling behind me. It didn't take long before I found out what she had in mind. I felt tip of the handle press against my ass, and a cold, thick lubricant allowing it to slip inside. I wanted to scream, cry and pull away... but, like the controlled, obedient little slave she had turned me into, I just moaned and wiggled my rear for her delight. I gasped as I felt it press further and further into that tiny little space that had never been violated.

It felt like the handle kept sliding in forever, but finally I felt the tickle of feathers on my ass. Mistress just started laughing. She slapped my ass hard, and leaned forward to whisper in my ear, "Now you can get to work, pet." She practically hissed the last word. Automatically I stood upright and began to walk around the first floor of my house, totally nude and with a feather duster hanging out of my ass. I just wanted to die. With every surface I came to I leaned over, lifted my rear and began to wiggle the duster across the surface. Though I was knocking the dust off of the tables and shelves, I was managing to knock everything else of as well. It wasn't exactly easy to maneuver a duster that was hanging from my ass; my control was next to none, so every swipe I made would knock something to the floor. Every time I did, Mistress would scold me for being a clumsy pet and would threaten to put the duster in my pussy to see "if I had any better luck". Thankfully it was an idle threat. For a while, Mistress watched and laughed. But, eventually she moved off to something else. I was left to attempt walking with this thing wedged uncomfortably up my ass.

I was left on my own for quite some time, dusting the house in the most humiliating way. After what seemed like hours I heard a knock at the front door. My first instinct was to run to the door and pray they would sense something was wrong, and drag me to freedom. But my body was stuck doing this current chore, completely unable to do anything but dust. From where I was, I heard the door open and close and the low talking of two voices heading into the living room. Not even knowledgeable of what was going on in my own home. I tried to sigh, but Mistress's programming of my body turned it into a giggle.

After a few minutes, I heard Mistress coming up the stairs and into the room I was working on. She made a motion for me to stop cleaning, which I gratefully complied with; Mistress crossed the room to me, reaching behind me to grab the shaft of the feather duster so that she could pull it slowly, teasingly out of my ass. Despite the humiliation of it, I found myself whimpering with pleasure. Mistress only stood there and smirked, running the tip of the shaft in slow, lazy circles around my anus. "Pet, we have company. Come." She pointed to the stairs. What she didn't realize was that while she was commanding me to follow her, my body thought something entirely different. My breath started coming more rapidly; my nipples instantly hardened into tiny buds. My pussy rapidly became damp, quickly leaking down my thighs. I watched Mistress's eyes grow wide as she realized her mistake, and what was happening.

With one final, loud moan I dropped to my knees as my pussy began to spasm, squirting my juices on the floor beneath my. I looked down as I attempted to catch my breath from my instant orgasm and saw a huge, rapidly growing puddle on the hardwood floor. It looked like somebody had dumped a full glass of water on the floor!

Her eyes were on it too. For a moment, she didn't speak. Instead, she just stared at the mess I kneeled over. Finally she quietly said to me, "On all fours." Nothing more or less. Instantly I obeyed, my hands dropped down into the sticky-sweet puddle of my cum on the floor. I closed my eyes, awaiting retribution. "Cum." The word hit my ears, and I felt the familiar feeling begin to build once more. Having not fully recovered from my last orgasm, just seconds ago, I was quickly moaning. The tingling in my pussy grew, spreading up my stomach and into my breasts. If I'd had control over my body, I would have been furiously squeezing my sensitive tits right there - despite kneeling naked in front of this woman. Instead, I just remained in my position as I felt the force building in my pussy.

Once again, the force of my squirting took me by surprise. The sheer pleasure made my arms buckle, and I ended up face-first in a puddle of my cum; I tasted the sweet liquid on my lips, I willingly sucked it into my mouth. I didn't care, I was in heaven at that moment. I practically screamed my pleasure, or would have if the volume of my voice could rise above normal levels. My pussy began to spray, over and over, in spurts. I heard it hitting the wall that was at least five feet behind me. After what seemed like minutes, I finally stopped squirting and lifted my head. I looked behind me to see the wall was absolutely soaked from what I had done. Then my eyes slowly turned toward Mistress, widening as I saw her leaning against the doorframe openly rubbing her crotch through her pants. She kept it up, watching me watching her, for several minutes before finally withdrawing her hand. I could smell her from here. Finally she said to me, "Darling, join us downstairs. We have company." This time, she was more careful with her words.

It took me a few moments to find the strength to stand, and even when I did my legs were still shaky from the two instant orgasms I had just experienced. I slowly made my way down the stairs, making my tits jiggle just the way Mistress wanted. I walked around the corner and into the living room, stopping dead in my tracks as I did. Sitting on the couch was Mistress, looking smugly amused as always. Sitting next to her, to my horror, was Alan... my boyfriend. For the briefest of seconds, the thought that he had come to rescue me came to mind. But that was quickly dispelled as I saw that Mistress had already worked her charms on him.

He was sitting next to her with his hand wrapped around his 8 inch cock, casually stoking himself as if it were perfectly natural. I was forced to proceed the rest of the way into the room, and drop to my knees in front of the two of them. He looked to me with his usual pleasant smile and said "Hey baby! Your new friend called me this morning and told me how much fun you were having, and she suggested I come and meet her."

I wanted to scream. At her, at him... at the whole situation. But instead, I sat docile with a dripping pussy while he masturbated in front of the two of us. I suppose part of me should have been mad at him, but deep down I knew it wasn't his fault. She'd likely programmed him as soon as he walked in the door.

"Pet," Mistress said to me without taking her eyes from Alan's actions, "I talked to your handsome boyfriend this morning and there was something he wanted to tell you. Right Alan?"

"Oh, yeah. Thanks for reminding me." He looked back from her down to me, "Your friend thinks it would be a good idea for me to break up with you, so she can have you all to herself. So I think it's a great idea too!" He sounded as if he had just come up with the cure for cancer with all of the cheer in his voice. After he said it, Mistress reached down to the swollen tip of his cock and smeared the pre-cum around the sensitive head. She then looked down to me, still tracing her finger along MY boyfriend's dick while he jerked off.

"I know you must be wondering if he's like you, right now. Trapped inside of himself and unable to control it. Right pet?" She asked me. I nodded yes. She continued, "Unfortunately for you love, no. I made your conditioning special, so you would be fully aware of all the changes. It's no fun if my little toy doesn't even know she's humiliating herself." With the combination of Mistress's finger and his pumping fist, I could see that Alan was getting close to cumming. I'd seen that look cross his face many times.. and, with sadness, I wondered to myself if this would be the last.

"Unlike you, my dear, I have made sweet Alan here think all of his changes are perfectly normal and not out of the ordinary. That's why he obeys me, right darling?" She said.

"Of course! I've always obeyed you." He panted out. She knew he was close, too. I wondered if she would torture him as she had done to me. Her fingers moved down his shaft and bumped his out of the way. Obediently, he stopped stroking off and allowed Mistress to take over. "Slave, press your tits together for us." She said without looking away from Alan. Without a choice, my sticky hands rose and pressed my large, perky breasts together. On instinct, I began to toy with my nipples for her. When she looked down, she seemed to be pleased.

"Alan, stand with me." she said, rising to her feet and lead him by the cock until he was right in front of me. I stared directly at his cock, something I had seen many times. This time, I dreaded it. Her hand began to speed up its stroking of his cock. I watched him begin to pant and moan, his idle hands finding her body for support. I watched his member throb and finally beginning to spurt ropes of thick, white cum. The first wave hit me directly in the face, splashing down onto my tits. She didn't slow down her pace, though. She kept furiously pumping his cock as wave after wave of cum sprayed from him, covering my face and tits. She finally slowed down, allowing his still hard cock to shoot a few final loads onto the floor. I sat still, a mess of cum.

"Now, darling," she said to Alan, "this will be the last time you see your little girlfriend here. So I want you to remember her as she looks now. Push out all other memories of her except this one... and cum-soaked submissive slut. That's not the kind of girl you want, is it?" I would have gasped if I could have. He shook his head no. "Good boy." she said, patting his hard cock. Mistress then knelt beside me, wiping some of the cum from my right ear as she leaned in to whisper, "I know this breaks your heart, but how can I have you all to myself if there are loose ends out there looking for you, hmm?" She stuck her cum-covered fingers in my mouth, forcing me to suck them clean. "But don't worry, sweetie. I'll make sure no other woman will have him either. Just because I love my little slut pet so much." She sweetly whispered to me.

She then stood back up and looked to my now ex-boyfriend. "Alan, let me see that cock of yours one more time." He proudly offered his member into her hand. I watched as she wrapped her small fingers around it and began to move her hand slowly down the shaft. I thought he was getting soft in her palm, but I watched in wonderment as his huge cock began to shrink in her hand. From 8 inches and slowly getting smaller, both in length and in girth. After a few seconds, her hand fully covered it. After she let go, I saw what she had done. His cock, still rock hard, was no longer than 3 inches long, and about as thick as my pinky. Even his balls had begun to shrink to match the size. It looked more like a long clit than a dick. Mistress began to jerk him off again. This time, however, she used her thumb and index finger instead of her fist. She tilted her head then, realizing that she didn't need two fingers for this.. and just wrapped her index finger around it and began to give his tiny dick a handjob. He didn't last long; within a minute he shot the smallest load of cum that I had ever seen straight into Mistress's palm. She let his dick finally soften into a tiny little nub on his crotch and held out her palm for the both of us to look at: the cum in her hand wasn't any bigger than a dime. Despite myself, I wanted to laugh. She wiped her palm off on his tiny package, smearing the clit-sized cock with his own seed. "Alright darling, you may dress and leave. But never come back to visit us unless I call for you, and never tell anybody about all of this."

He smiled, apparently controlled to be perfectly pleased that Mistress had shrunk his dick to virtual nothingness. He dressed and headed out the door without a look back. Mistress then knelt in front of me. "I know it's hard, pet. But just think.. after a few more loose ends I can have you all to myself. Forever."

A few more loose ends? What was she talking about. Then I saw her look away from me, and to a picture frame on the bookshelf nearby. Me and my sister.

Oh god, no.

"Lick yourself clean. Whatever you can't reach leave on you. I think the bukkake look suits you." She laughed, walking off toward the stairs while I resigned myself to bringing my tits up to my lips and cleaning myself with my tongue.

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