tagExhibitionist & VoyeurOne Stormy Night

One Stormy Night


It was a dark night, the clouds were blocking out the moon and the stars, and the lightning in the distance was creating an eerie glow. I was sitting by my bedroom window staring into the darkness as it enveloped me. Then from the corner of my eye I caught the light come on in your bedroom. I cast my glaze towards you and saw you standing in front of the mirror. I closely watch as your young body danced in front of the mirror casting your reflection back at you. You were taking in all the beauty of your young perfect body as you danced in front of the mirror. You seemed close enough to reach out and touch me. I hoped you could not see me. Although it would be considered kinky, this 50-year-old man watched a young body dance in the mirror. I watched you so closely, sucking in the tautness of your body, drinking in your beauty as you performed for me through your window. You didn't know I was watching, but with every move you made I got harder and harder. My cock wanted release so much but I fought the urge as long as I could.

Finally I unzipped my jeans and freed my cock into the coolness of the night; feeling the cool air on my balls just intensified my hard-on. As I watched you dance in front of the mirror I began to stroke my painfully aroused dick. The longer you danced the hornier I got and the faster I stroked my now throbbing cock. Little by little you strip your clothes from your taut young body exposing the finest specimen of God's ingenuity.

First you removed your top to show a pretty pink lace bra, and then you removed it and the finest set of breasts I ever saw appeared. You traced your fingers across your nipples and I almost came on the spot. Those pert tits and rosebud like nipples just enhanced my arousal. Watching you pull and tweak you nipples was such an erotic sight, I wish I had it recorded to watch again. I squeezed my cock hard to ensure I wasn't dreaming. I could only imagine the feeling of my cock between those beautiful perfect tits. I wanted so much to tit fuck you, only my mind could picture it more perfect. Then I watched as you squirmed from your jeans, just leaving a thin pair of panties covering the place I wanted to kiss, suck, and lick. Oh God you are so beautiful, erotic, and tempting. How I wish I could be the one to teach you the fine art of pleasure. Then with a stealthy move you shed those thin silky, lucky pair of garments. You have shaven the most part of your young tight twat; it is the most precious thing I have ever seen. My cock throbs in my hand, as I am totally engrossed in your movements.

Slowly but deliberately you trace your fingers down the curve of your young tender body. Following the curve of your body your fingers rest on your womanhood. I watch as your hand disappears between your thighs, your head falls back and I can almost hear you moan as you explore the wetness of your cunt. With your other hand you are squeezing your tit, your hips move in a slow rhythm. My cock jerks in my hand as I imagine the feel and smell of your tight little cunt. Then a bolt of lightening lights up the sky, startling you and me as well. But it also lights up my vantage point and I see you look straight toward me. I try to hide but there is no place to go, I hope you haven't seen me. But you have, you cover your bare breasts with one arm and hide your exposed womanhood with the other. Then the power goes out, I strain my eyes to see if I can make you appear before me again. But alas I can't see you through the darkness.

I sit here wondering what you are thinking of me, wishing the lightening had not given me away. As fast as the power went off it came back on, and there you were standing right in front of the window, staring in my direction. You are standing there exposed completely to me, to my great pleasure you have not made a single attempt to hide your beauty. You wave to me, you smile, and then you begin to sway to some kind of music I can't hear. You stand in front of the window and resume your previous activities. My cock jumps in excitement. You then pull a chair to the window and place your feet on the windowsill. You sneak your hand between your thighs and slowly spread your legs to show me what you are doing. I watch with admiration as your fingers explore your sweet wet hole. You hide 2 fingers inside you, your head leans back and your hips buck up to meet your fingers. I stroke my cock with the same rhythm as you wanting to cum when you do. Stroking my cock I watch you feverishly finger fucking yourself, faster I jerk my cock wanting to cum when you do. I watch in udder appreciation as your body trembles and your head falls back and you are motionless. I stroke my cock harder wanting to shoot my load, I feel my balls tighten, my dick quivers in my hand and I shoot one spasm after another not caring where it goes.

Your head raises but your hand stays in its secure place. I reach for a cigarette from my pack and my lighter. Then you stand letting your fingers slide from your pussy and you raise them to your mouth and begin licking them clean. You are staring in my direction; I flick my lighter casting a dancing light around me. You smile at me and blow me a kiss, then you pull the curtain.

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