One Teen, One Mom, Three Aunts and a Cousin


It was weird. I couldn't explain it, but it was like she wanted me to know Dad was a quick shooter and not sexually satisfying her. I knew I shouldn't say it, especially in a room full of female relatives, but I couldn't help It, I had to stand up for men and to stress my own capabilities just in case Mom was hinting at something (as far-fetched as that was). "For the record, many men can last as long as it takes to make his woman happy and even reload in seconds."

Emily gasped, "Wade!"

"What?" I questioned, "I need to make it clear that many men, I hope, can do a real marathon. Or two."

"I remember those days," Mom sighed dramatically.

"I don't," Dana joked.

"So what we all need is a young man like Wade who can go the distance," Carol concluded.

"Gross, that's incest," Emily said, disgusted.

"Incest is best," Carol joked.

"Keep it in the family," Tiffany added.

The entire time these jokes were being made about incest, Mom was looking at me. It wasn't like she was devouring me with her eyes, but there was just something different I couldn't explain. Speculation, maybe.

"Double gross," Emily grimaced.

"Emily, you wound me," I declared playfully.

Emily shook her head, "I don't mean you, my dear hunk of a cousin, I mean the idea of incest."

Carol asked, "So if your cousin wasn't related to you you'd fuck him?"

Hearing Carol say fuck was hot; having her say it about me and my cousin was surreally hot.

"Mother!" Emily gasped again, jumping to her feet and stalking away.

Carol shrugged, "I was just trying to clarify."

"You're so bad," Dana laughed.

"It's just so much fun rattling her," Carol said, watching her daughter leave.

"Just for the record," I decided to add, wanting to hint somehow that I'd fuck any one of my aunts if the opportunity arose, "If you ladies weren't all married and related to me I'd be flirting with you like crazy." I was really addressing my aunts (and my Mom, if by some remote chance she was interested). My cousins had pretty much slipped off my radar; Emily seemed adamantly opposed to fun and the shy Becky hadn't said a word so far and probably wouldn't.

"Good to know," Dana joked. "It's good still to be considered desirable."

I shook my head. "Ladies, each one of you is super-hot, like MILF hot, and if your husband doesn't see that in you I'm utterly baffled."

"There's always a younger model," Mom said.

"Trust me, they don't see us as sexy," Dana bemoaned.

"Mine does," Tiffany pointed out, cupping her tits pointedly at the only male present. "Who wouldn't?"

"Wait twenty years," Dana suggested

"What's a MILF?" Carol asked.

"A Mom I'd like to...." I answered, not comfortable saying fuck in front of my aunts and Mom.

"You'd like to what?" Dana asked, but in a seductive voice... obviously she knew exactly what a MILF was and likely knew she was one.

"Yes, son," Mom added teasingly, "what exactly would you like to do to us?"

Carol added, frustrated and not catching on to the obvious, "Would someone let me in on the joke?"

Deciding fuck it! If they were going to get all flirty and raunchy I could too. "Fuck! A MILF is a Mom I'd Like to Fuck!"

"Oh!" Carol said, clearly surprised by my answer.

"And you think we all qualify, which means...?" Dana insinuated.

Tiffany added, shocking me now, "Well I'm sure many MILFs would be willing to bend over for that big dick I hear you have."

"What?" I asked flabbergasted.

Mom gasped, "Tiffany!"

"What? You said he's huge," Tiffany asked, pretending like she was unsure why Mom was making a big deal out of this. "Are you now saying he's not?"

"I'm not taking back anything, but that was between us," Mom said, her face now beet red.

I shrugged, enjoying the attention, and definitely willing to open any doors if doors were available to be opened, "Well, I've never had any complaints."

"If you're as big as your mother described, I imagine not," Tiffany said.

Then the phone rang and it was Dad. Mom answered, "What?"

After a few seconds, Mom said, "Look, we'll meet you at the hotel. We're still eating and enjoying our time without you boys." Her tone when she said boys clearly condescending.

After another moment, "No, he's a man," Mom clarified, looking directly at me and seeming to like what she saw. If she wasn't my mother I would without a doubt think she was hitting on me... yet I couldn't be sure she wasn't.

Everyone watched Mom on the phone as she finished, "Yeah, yeah, see you there."

Once she hung up, I felt a foot between my legs reaching directly for my crotch.

My eyes went big as there were three women across from me who could be doing something so forward... one being my mother.

I moved my hand and felt the sheer nylon, not giving anything away because whoever it was would know I was aware of her foot and why wouldn't I be curious who she was; although the nylon clue didn't help as I'd previously noticed all the women were wearing nylons for the wedding... something that I learned nana had taught them as children.

I massaged the nylon foot, looking across the table curiously.

It could be my outspoken Mom.

It could be my outrageous Aunt Carol.

Or it could be the hitherto completely silent Becky, Dana's only offspring and only a couple years older than I. She had huge tits which she usually hid, but today they were very much in view... as if demanding I stare at them.

Yet none of the three showed any hint they were rubbing their foot on my cock as they kept chatting, or in Becky's case remaining silent.

After a couple minutes, the foot disappeared and I was left aroused, hard and confused.

Aunt Carol paid for the entire bill then we all headed back to the hotel as the women all needed to freshen up.

I even pointed out, "You gals all look radiantly beautiful."

"You are so charming," Aunt Carol said, she seeming to be the one most likely to have put her foot on my crotch.

I wondered, Is it possible she wants me to fuck her?

That was definitely more likely than it being my mother or my shy cousin (but with today's highly exposed cleavage maybe not so shy after all).

Would I fuck her?

God, yes.

Would I fuck Aunt Carol?

In a heartbeat.

Would I fuck my Mom?

Only if dreams came true.

Back at the hotel, Mom sighed, "The guys are still at the golf club and they're already hammered."

Carol joked, "I guess that means I'm not getting hammered."

"Mother!" Emily sighed, clearly exhausted from her mother's continuous sexual innuendos. Again, Emily walked away.

Carol ignored her daughter as she whispered to me, "Did you see anyone at the wedding you wanted to hammer?"

"There were a few hot MILFs," I replied, playing along with her game.

"Anyone in particular?" she asked coyly.

"I don't fuck and tell, you hot MILF," I teased, again hinting I was more than willing to fuck her if that was what she was implying, yet not totally blunt in case I was misreading the clues.

"If your cock is as big as your mother says, you should," she countered, "well, maybe not the tell part," which made me wonder again if it had been her playing footsie under the table. My cock had been hard and she would have felt it.

That said, her foot probably wouldn't provide as much information as if her hand had been feeling it.

"I like to think of myself as humble," I shrugged, which was true.

"A true gentleman," she smiled, just as Mom arrived back from the washroom.

"So we still have a couple hours to kill," Mom said, glancing at her watch.

"Let's go up to my room for a drink," Aunt Carol suggested.

"I need to go freshen up first," Mom said.

"Then Wade will come and keep me company," Aunt Carol decided. "You okay hanging with your ancient aunt?"

"If I have to," I teased.

"You do," she said. "I hate being alone."

"She always has," Mom said.

"Let's go," Aunt Carol said, as the three of us got in the elevator.

"What about Emily?" I asked.

Carol said, "I imagine she'll be in the lobby texting all day."

We were all on the same floor.

Mom went to our room, then Aunt Carol and I were alone in hers.

As soon as the door closed, she walked over to the counter, grabbed something and then returned to me. She grabbed at my crotch, dropped to her knees and said, as she lifted some mistletoe above her head and well, in truth, my head too... my cock head, "It's time for some mistle-blow."

I gasped, as she handed me the mistletoe, quickly fished out my already very hard cock and said, "I need to do my own inspection of this family legend."

"What about Uncle Jim?" I asked with a moan, as she took my cock in her mouth.

"Fuck him," she said, looking up at me, stroking my hard cock

"I'd rather fuck you," I countered, this time blunt as you please, just as she took my cock back in her mouth, this time way back in her mouth.

After a few bobs, she responded, "God, this is a perfect cock."

"Those are some great lips too," I responded, as once again she took my cock in her mouth.

She sucked much better than my FWB (figure it out; you've had clues) or any other chick, creating a lot of saliva in her mouth which made it feel like a pleasure tornado.

"Oh yeah, that feels amazing," I moaned.

"Better than your college slut?" she asked, as her tongue slid down my shaft.

"Way better," I admitted, as she sucked on my balls... the first woman ever to do that.

"Have you come yet today?" she asked, moving her mouth from one ball to the other while slowly stroking my cock.

"Not yet," I admitted, knowing I likely wouldn't last long if she went back to sucking me.

"Do you want to come down Auntie's throat?" she asked, as she slithered her tongue back up my steel shaft.

"Or maybe all over your pretty face," I answered, loving to come on someone's face.

"That's not very gentlemanly," she smiled, as she looked up at me, her tongue swirling around my cock head.

"Looks can be deceiving," I replied.

"You can shoot your first load all over my face," she negotiated, "so long as the second load is deposited in my cunt."

Very few girls or women used the word cunt, so hearing it from my aunt's mouth was hot as hell, as was the fact she was now bobbing on my cock furiously, taking almost my entire shaft in that sexy mouth.

I replied, "I have a few loads I can deposit here and there before the night is over."

She kept bobbing, the speed, the excess saliva and her amazing suction skills had my balls boiling and I waited until the last possible second before I pulled out and shot my full load all over her face.

Like an expert cock sucker, who had taken facials before, she closed her eyes in the nick of time and opened her mouth wide.

The first rope landed in her hair and on her forehead as I was apparently a bit too excited.

The second rope hit right between her eyes, on her nose and in her open mouth.

The third landed on her chin in a big wad that was just hanging on.

While the remainder also hit her chin and a little on her black dress.


She took my cock back into her mouth, which few girls ever did once I'd come.

And fuck did it feel awesome!

After a few slow bobs, she stood up, pulled me over to the bed, and lifted her black dress high enough to reveal she was wearing a garter-belt and stockings.

"Uncle Jim is an idiot," I acknowledged, as she got on all fours, now revealing she also wasn't wearing any panties.

"I got rid of my panties at the restaurant," she smiled, looking back at me. "Wanted to make sure you could just slide right in."

I got on the bed, positioned my dick behind her and did just that.

"Oh fuck," she moaned as I slid inside her. "Now fuck me hard. I don't know how much time we have."

I wasn't going to argue. I was fucking my hot aunt. I grabbed her hips and began urgently slamming into her.

"Oh yes, stud," she moaned. "Pound me with that huge fucking dick."

Spinning back to the earlier flirtation, I quipped, "I'm hammering away just like you wanted."

"Oh yes you are," she moaned, as she began bouncing back on my cock, meeting my forward thrusts.

Her moans were getting louder, and after a couple minutes of both of us fucking each other with reckless aggression, I could tell she was close.

Then she did something I'd never felt before.

She somehow tightened her cunt around my cock, while still being excessively wet.

"Don't stop fucking me you mother fucker," she said, furiously bouncing back on my cock with a lust I'd never seen or felt before.

"Don't you mean aunt fucker?" I corrected.

"Yes, until later tonight," she moaned.

"What?" I asked, as sweat dripped down me: wishing I would have taken off my suit jacket at least.

"Just keep slamming that big salami stick in my cunt," she demanded, leaving me with a big question.

She was implying Mom wanted to fuck me.

Had she made that implication deliberately? Had Mom said something? What did Aunt Carol know that I didn't?

"Oh God, fuck yes, fuck, you're fucking amazing, fuck me, shit, yes!" she screamed, as her orgasm hit her and she collapsed forward, my cock slipping out of her.

I could have kept fucking her; but I wanted to taste that fresh pussy, so I flipped her onto her back and buried my face in her flooding cunt.

"Oh God!" she moaned, her legs wrapping around my head. "You're going to be visiting auntie a lot."

I lapped up her tangy wetness while imagining stopping by her house for a fuck... wishing I lived closer... wishing I'd known about her proclivities when I was still in high school.

I love eating pussy and hers was one of the wettest, tangiest yet.

I was lapping eagerly, she was moaning still, when there was a knock at the door.

"Fuck!" she sighed, "you haven't come yet."

I got off the bed and grabbed my pants. I whispered, "Rain check. Yes I know, I still owe you a cunt deposit."

She slowly got off the bed as there was another knock.

"I'm coming," I called out.

"I wish that was true," she smiled, as she fixed her outfit and I buckled my belt.

"Hurry up," Mom called out.

I went to the door and opened it.

"What took so long?" Mom asked.

"We were on the balcony," I lied.

"Oh," she said, as she walked in with a bottle of wine in her hand.

She looked around and said, "There is no balcony."

Busted! I thought to myself, my quick thinking sabotaged by facts.

Mom shocked me again as she sighed, glaring at her oldest sister, "You already fucked him, didn't you?"

"In my defense," Aunt Carol pointed out, "you arrived before he could come... a second time."

"But you obviously did," Mom said, as I stood there bewildered.

"Yeah, and his cock is as big as you said it was," auntie replied, giving me a wink as I stood there speechless.

"I thought we agreed I'd get to fuck him first," Mom complained, shock compounding shock.

"I just let you think that," Carol said. "I'm the oldest, I get dibs."

"He's my Son," Mom said with twisted logic, clearly annoyed.

"He still has a load or two if you want them," Carol offered, before adding, "or you can come lick his first load off my face."

"You'd better go clean up, you look like a cheap slut," Mom said to her older sister.

"Cum is a great natural moisturizer," Aunt Carol shrugged.

Mom turned to me and complained, "What's wrong with you, I rub your cock at the restaurant and you fuck my sister?"

"I thought it was Aunt Carol doing that," I finally spoke, still feeling like I was in the most twisted, trippiest version of Candid Camera ever.

"You don't want to fuck Mommy?" she asked, with a pout.

"I-I-I wouldn't ever say that!" I stammered, struggling even to form my words, but desperate not to miss this crazy opportunity.

"So you do want to fuck Mommy?" she asked sexily, her tone dripping sultrily, as she walked up to me.

"Well... yeah!" I answered, my confidence beginning to build as I came to grips that this was really happening.

"Tell me what you want, son," she said, as she dropped in front of me.

"You'll be tasting me," Carol warned, reminding Mom I'd just fucked her older sister.

"It won't be the first time," Mom replied, shocking me yet again, as she unbuckled my belt. A belt I'd just done back up.

"True, but usually it's because you're between my legs," Carol continued the stunning revelations.

"I don't think my son needed to know about our lesbian incest trysts," Mom said, as she unzipped my pants and pulled them down. "Or do you, my big boy?"

"You had me at lesbian incest tryst," I joked, as my hard cock was about to be allowed out to play again.

She pulled my underwear down and gasped, "Fuck, it's even bigger up close and personal."

"You should feel it in your mouth or cunt," Aunt Carol urged as if she were a sommelier and my tool was a bottle of vintage wine.

"I'm about to," Mom said, stroking my raging hard-on. I was also super happy I'd already come once or I likely would have spent myself on her clothing already.

"Do you want Mommy to suck your cock?" she asked, looking so sweet and demure.

"Fuck, yes," I answered, about to live almost every teenage boy's dream.

"I want you to fuck me too," she said, before adding, "you're so much bigger than your father."

"And he reloads almost instantly," Carol added, as Mom took my cock in her mouth.

"Oh, God," I groaned, the most impossible fantasy of all somehow becoming real as Mom began bobbing on my cock. When I reran this interlude with Mom in a future stroke session, I didn't think I'd need any alternate endings.

"Do I taste good on your son's cock?" Carol asked, as she walked over and dropped to her knees beside her sister, smoothing her hair.

Mom took my cock out of her mouth and smiled, "Not quite as strong as directly from the source."

"Do you often get it directly from the source?" I asked, gaining more confidence now that I knew I was in control and not about to shoot before I wanted to.

"Very often," Mom nodded, before adding, "We've been doing things since I was in high school."

Carol explained, as Mom returned to sucking my cock, "There's a clear hierarchy here, Wade. I'm on the top, then Tiffany, she's a MILF hunting dominant by nature, and then there's a continual power play between the rest of them... although Dana is the bottom feeder, even a complete submissive to her daughter."

"You all lez out?" I asked, this too much information for any man to comprehend. "Even Emily?"

Carol nodded, "Lesbian incest has been common in our family for several generations."

"Wow!" I moaned, both from the stunning revelation and the amazing sensations of my Mom's mouth.

"But you're the first male addition to our... club, perhaps you could call it?" Carol added, before smiling, "you Sir, will become very popular."

"You're serious?" I asked, still trying to process all this information.

"Deadly," she answered, now sucking my balls while Mom sucked my cock.

That was a new sensation... having my cock and balls sucked at once.

A moment later, Mom said, "I need this cock in me now."

"Do you want to fuck your Mom?" Carol asked.

"Hell, yes, I've wanted that for years," I nodded, pulling Mom off her knees and leading her to the bed.

Mom took off her dress with a quick unzip from Carol, to reveal she too wasn't wearing panties and was still wearing her thigh high stockings.

I joked, "This is exactly what I fantasized you wearing at home every day."

"I usually was," Mom smiled, as she got on the bed, now only in a lace bra and thigh high stockings.

I got out of my pants again and as I stood by the tall bed; Mom put her nylon-clad feet on my cock as she said, "You're a nylon guy right?"

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