tagInterracial LoveOne Thing Leads To Another

One Thing Leads To Another


I met this guy the other week. I won't lie here, I was looking for weed. And I couldn't find my regular dealer but this man looked familiar. He came over to my car and got in after establishing what I was there for. He was a really nice guy, looked like a thug but spoke very educated and sweetly. He also happened to be gorgeous. He had dark brown skin, almost black, Light brown eyes and a nicely cut body.

I'm white with double D breasts, a defined waist and thick muscular legs and ass. I'm a bigger girl but it looks good on me. That day I was wearing a lowcut fitted tank top and some cutoff Capri jeans that hugged my ass and thighs. I've got long wavy dark brown hair with hints of red and hazel/green eyes. He gave me a bad ass deal on some grass and then showed me where he lived so that if I wanted to come back again for the same deal I could.

"Anytime girl. I don't care if its four in the morning, you knock on my door and I'll answer and help you out. Same price, for you anyway." He said smiling with perfect white teeth as he glanced up and down my body.

"You got it Pete. Anytime. I promise you that you'll see me again real soon." I said back, flirting and also letting my eyes wander down his body lingering on his chest and crotch.

So the other day I ran out of weed and figured I'd go see him, alone this time. I went to his apartment wearing a black halter top dress. Fitted onto my breasts in triangles and plunging low, it hit me mid-thigh and looked sexy as hell. I had on black heels and fishnet stockings but no painties. I wasn't there just for weed anymore. I wanted him. He looked so good and just talking to him had made me wet. He answered the door in a white wife beater and low slung jeans. I love that look on a man cut like Pete. It made my mouth water to see his smooth black skin and the edge of his boxers.

"damn girl. You look good. Shit." Pete laughed as he checked me out. "come on in for a bit. Smoke with me."

"Sure, I don't have anywhere to go just yet. " I said softly as I slid my body against his while going through the door. His body felt so hard and nice against mine. I couldn't wait to see if he was willing to take it further. I like men to take control. And I will tease just to make a man get rough with me. I like pain. I like to be held down and fucked. I like to get my ass smacked and my nipples pinched. I like my tits to be mauled and I absolutely love to be bitten when I'm getting fucked. That alone can make me cum.

I was really hoping Pete had a big cock, rubbing against him that way I certainly felt a bulge. I was excited just hoping he could fuck me the way I need to be fucked. I wanted him to treat me like a slut. I love that. After he let me in the door I waited to follow him through the house. We went to the living room and sat close together on the couch. He lit a blunt and we passed the weed back and forth in silence for a bit. Then he offered me a shot gun. This was the opportunity I was waiting for to touch him again. I said sure and leaned towards him. I placed my hand high up on his thigh and leaned in so close my tits rested on his chest. I had my mouth almost on his lips as he held the lit end of the blunt in his mouth and blew the smoke into mine. I took in as much as I could and then leaned back, keeping my hand on his thigh.

"Look I was thinking about something. Don't get mad but I just gotta ask you something. How about I'll give you all the weed you want and you just let me see how good your pussy's gonna feel wrapped around my cock?"He smiled and put an arm around me, his hand sliding down my side. I smiled at him and moved even closer to him. "I'll tell you what Pete, I'll pay for the weed I asked you to get and you can still fuck me. I'll be your slut for the rest of this afternoon and we'll just see from there. What do you think babe?" I smiled and reached down to caress his cock through his pants. It definitely felt nice and thick. Not to mention long, I couldn't wait to feel him in my mouth.

"You got a real nice pair of legs and a great ass you know boo. Real nice." His breath tickled my ear and his words tickled my cunt. "I'd love to see how those legs feel wrapped around my hips. Wouldn't you sweetheart?" He whispered as he lightly licked my ear.

"Oh yes ... I think that's be great." I whispered back at him as we stood and made our way to the bedroom. He led me inside and sat me on the bed. He leaned in and pressed his lips on mine and kissed me hard. His tongue thrusting into my mouth and stroking the inside of my lips and tongue. I groaned into his mouth as his hands found my breasts. Pete slipped his dark brown hand underneath the cup of my dress and began squeezing my tit. He rolled my nipple between his fingers before finally reaching up and untying my dress from behind my neck. My breasts released and sat perky atop my chest, I had a distinct tan line so my breasts were very white and my nipples a very light shade of pink.

"Mmmmh...that looks good Jade. Real good. So let me ask you some questions ok baby?" Pete said in this soft powerful voice as he began to lightly stroke his black hands across my white breasts.

"Hmmm that feels good. Yes..Pete. Ask me anything. Just please don't stop touching me." I moaned softly, pushing into his hands.

"Do you like for me to control you? To tell you what to do or to just do what I want to you? Do you want me to treat you like my bitch? Get rough on you?" He almost growled as he reached up and wound my hair in his hand.

"Yessss...Yesss sir. I love it when you take control. I want you to use me. I need it. Please." I begged him. Just this small amount of fourplay had my tight cunt soaking wet.

He reached up and tied my dress back on. "Just looking at you before I knew you'd be hot but I never thought you'd be like this. I want to see you strip slut. Show me how much you want my cock white girl." He ordered me in just the right tone as he got up to put on some hardcore rap. Lil Boosie, Lil Webbie, good songs with great beats to strip to.

I started to dance, moving my hips around and slowly stroking my breasts. I licked my lips as I stared at Pete and began to untie the halter. I let it fall down to waist and danced close to him with my large breasts free. My light pink nipples were hardened and darkened with desire. I wanted to be fucked so badly. But he had ordered me to dance...so dance I would. I began to play with my nipples as I moved my hips ever closer to Pete sitting on the bed. I was pinching my nipples hard and pulling on them while staring at his face and almost panting with desire.

"Come here slut. I want to taste your nipples, so pink and pretty they look right now." Pete almost groaned as he leaned forward and slipped my nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard on my nipple immediately and lightly nipped me with his teeth. I moaned loudly and leaned into his bite.

He reached up with his other hand and mauled my other tit. He was roughly twisting my nipple and pinching it as well as just roughly gripping my whole breast. I loved it. My pussy was dripping onto my inner thighs. I couldn't wait to see his reaction when he felt that I wasn't wearing panties.

"Hmmm you taste good. Now I wanna feel that hot little cunt." He slipped his hand down my side and up my thigh. When he reached my shaven and bare cunt he smiled up at me. "You really did want this? No panties. Just begging for my cock. Hmm. I love a good slut." He whispered as he slipped a finger into my cunt.

"And you're so tight. You like that baby? Tell me." Pete leaned down and ordered me before attaching his mouth and teeth to my neck.

"Oh yes, this is what I wanted Pete. Your finger feels so good inside my pussy. I can't wait to feel this big black cock fill me up." I said as I stroked his long cock through his pants as he thrust another finger in my soaking cunt.

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