One Time Thing


Author's note:

This is a story based on Glee. It takes place around Episode 14 of Series 4 and contains spoilers. Both the actresses and the characters in the story are over 18.


For Santana Lopez it all started with a look. It was so quick most people wouldn't even notice, and honestly it probably didn't mean anything. After all this was Quinn Fabray, so obviously it couldn't mean anything, or she was getting her wires crossed again, because no way Quinn was checking out her boobs... and if she was it totally didn't mean anything. And yet, a second after her gaze lingered ever so slightly on her body Quinn had told Santana she was rocking it in that dress and followed it up with a gentle touch to her arm.

Those three things echoed in Santana's mind as Quinn finished her drink and then used her fake ID to get them both a refill. Then after Quinn had finished her second drink her gaze briefly lowered again which pretty much confirmed it... Quinn Fabray was hitting on her!

Santana was so dumbfounded by this revelation she could barely keep up with the conversation. She honestly hadn't seen this coming, which actually made her feel a little stupid. Brittney had always said that Quinn was a baby unicorn, a.k.a. a closet lesbian, and Santana had always shot her down and as gently as possible told her she was wrong, but that had more to do with keeping Brittney safe from Quinn's wrath. The truth was while normally Savannah could spot a gay from a gazillion miles away Quinn Fabray was the biggest ball of mixed signals she'd ever encountered. Sure, she seemed to have a massive girl crush on Rachel Berry and there were half a dozen looks, words or touches which seemed to suggest Quinn was at least bi, yet the blonde was so repressed and neurotic Santana would have figured Quinn would have never even indulged the idea of satisfying her 'lebanese' curiosities.

Here Quinn was though, blatantly checking her out, smiling coyly and even slipping compliments into the conversation. Quinn might as well be wearing a shirt saying 'I'm flirting with you' or 'I like girls now' or something like that. But that's probably all it was. Flirting. Which made sense. Quinn was probably feeling down after her latest break-up and was clearly just looking for some attention. Any attention. It wasn't like Quinn would take this any further. Would she?

Quinn wasn't sure when it all started exactly. The simple answer was when her latest in a long line of relationships had ended. The difference was that on some level she had known this relationship was doomed to fail from the beginning, but the way it ended had still hurt. Still filled her with anger and frustration. Still devastated her. Not because he had been her one true love, he had been her professor for God sakes, but he or more accurately the relationship with him shone a big ugly light on her real problems. Problems she wasn't willing or able to deal with right now. So, still in man hating mode, Quinn had made a plan. Drowning her sorrows didn't work for her and neither had smoking it away or getting over a man by getting under another, not that she was in the mood for particularly the last one right now. Instead she would try something new. Something exciting. Something which would definitely take her mind off of her troubles, at least for a little while.

Of course simple answers are not always the right ones. In this case, no matter how much she might like to pretend otherwise, it was half right at best. The truth was Quinn had been bi-curious for as long as she could remember, and whether it all started with a weird energy exchange with Rachel or Santana simply being so God damn hot or whatever it didn't matter to Quinn. All that mattered was that she'd never have a better excuse... chance, she'd never have a better chance than this.

Regardless of confusing vibes from boy crazy friends Quinn had one smoking hot lady friend who she knew was into girls and was single but clearly still in love with her ex-girlfriend who was currently dating a guy but it was obvious they were getting back together eventually, meaning she was perfect. Santana might be willing to fuck her but she wouldn't want anything else from Quinn, so Quinn could get her mind off her troubles and finally put an end to her infuriating curiosities once and for all.

That was the plan, and Quinn had no doubt it would be just as successful as her plan to seduce Santana. Phase one, lay on the man hate. And hate in general. This allowed the two of them to reconnect and subtly laid the groundwork for what was to come. Phase two, flirting. Perhaps Quinn could have been more subtle about it but she was nervous and it seemed to work pretty well, Santana noticing every look, smile and touch she gave her and even flirting right back. Hard. Which was exactly what Quinn had been expecting, Santana treating this like they were in a game of gay chicken. At the same time though Santana allowed Quinn to be the one to push things forward into phase three, dancing. First as part of a group, then casually together, then finally Quinn found herself slow dancing with a girl for the first time and... and she didn't have to lie to Santana. She liked it. She really, really liked it. So much so it seemed like hours before she finally moved on to phase four, asking Santana up to her room for a 'drink'. That was partly because she was nervous, but mostly because she was filled with something she wasn't sure she could or perhaps more accurately wanted to identify right now.

The worst part was exactly how the asking went down, Quinn tripping over her own words as she mumbled, "So... the party is winding down, and everyone is starting to leave and pair off, and I was thinking, I... I have a bottle of tequila in my room. We could go there, and get away from all these love sick fools and start really putting this disaster of a wedding behind us."

Santana raised her eyebrows and subtly smirked in a way which made Quinn's knees go weak and her cheeks flush red as the Latina asked, "Where's your room?"

"On the fourth floor." Quinn replied.

Smiling softly Santana took hold of Quinn's hand then began dragging her out of the party, "Mine's closer."

And that was it. No discussion, no hint that Santana had any alcohol, no nothing. Of course Quinn didn't really have any tequila. That was just a poor excuse, and Santana seemed to know it. Thankfully, and somewhat surprisingly, Santana didn't call her on it. Instead she acted as if everything was normal, even putting Quinn at ease by mentioning the carrot top convention, a.k.a. the redheaded bridesmaids, the two long time friends finding yet more things they could mock about those pasty gingers as they stumbled their way up to Santana's room, practically falling over each other they were giggling so hard.

Then all of a sudden they were inside Santana's Hotel room and Quinn was pushing the other girl back against the door the second it was closed and pressing her lips against Santana's. Which had been the plan all along yet Quinn was a little surprised by her own eagerness, although she only had about a second to contemplate it because that was how long Santana hesitated to kiss her back. After that Quinn wasn't really able to analyse anything except how good Santana's lips felt pressed against her own.

Briefly Santana had been worried Quinn would try and make some awkward small talk. She should have known better. Not that she really cared about such things right now. Not when Quinn Freaking Fabray was kissing her, and touching her, and fuck, even grinding up against her. Challenging her to do something about it, which Santana was more than happy to do.

After giving Quinn about a minute to try and back out Santana flipped them so it was Quinn's back pressed against the door. Instead of panicking Quinn simply flipped them back and tried pushing her tongue into Santana's mouth which kicked into high gear a battle for dominance which was more vicious than any fight they'd ever had, even that catfight they'd had back when Quinn had stolen Santana's rightful place as captain of the Cheerios.

That memory fuelled Santana on as the two girls slammed each other back against walls, furniture and eventually down onto the bed, naturally Santana being the one to land on top of Quinn and pin the girl who used to boss her around to the soft sheets. Quinn tried to flip them but Santana held her in place, shoved her tongue deeper into the other girl's mouth and slid her leg in between her thighs so she was rubbing the blonde's centre through her dress. In response to this Quinn bit down on Santana's bottom lip almost hard enough to draw blood. Santana countered by moving down to Quinn's neck and biting the soft flesh she found there almost hard enough to break the skin.

It went on like this for quite a while, the two girls from the same part of the 'bitch goddess' spectrum going at each other more roughly than anyone they'd ever been with. Frankly it seemed like a new way to assault each other as opposed to a make out session, Santana swearing she'd probably leave this bed with more bumps and bruises than any previous fight with this other fierce tigress. Not that she had any problem with that. In fact it was very much a turn on, although it was making the urge to tear Quinn's clothes to ribbons and fuck the other girl senseless almost unbearable, and the last thing Santana wanted to do was push things forward when Quinn wasn't ready. That was why she held back, hoping Quinn would make the next move. Santana even let Quinn roll them over so the blonde was on top, but no luck. So eventually Santana made a move, first removing Quinn's jacket and tossing it in the same direction her friend's purse ended up.

Then Santana tried to remove Quinn's dress, only to be stopped, "No! Under the covers first."

"You've got to be kidding me." Santana rolled her eyes as Quinn got off of her and underneath the bed sheets. Quinn gave her a little glare and as she was too horny to bear the idea of stopping Santana relented, "Can we at least leave the lights on?"

There was a moment of silence, then Quinn lowered her gaze, reached over and switched on the bedside lamp. Realising this was probably the best compromise she was going to get Santana turned on the other lamp and then turned the main one on, barely taking her eyes off of Quinn the entire time. Quinn just watched her do this, then they stared at each other for a moment before Quinn started slowly and a little awkwardly pulling off her dress. It was followed by her shoes and underwear, Quinn not looking at Santana again until she was completely naked underneath the sheets, and even then it was hesitantly. Santana then smiled a smile which she had intended to be soft and comforting but ended up being more triumphant and wicked. To divert attention from that, and to more importantly move things along, Santana effortlessly stepped out of her heels and then slowly slid her dress off of her body.

Quinn was unable to take her eyes off of an underwear clad Santana, the Latina radiating confidence as she slowly moved closer to the bed, the entire time reaching behind her to undo her bra. Then it was undone and Quinn was getting her first real look at those surgeon given goodies. Sure, she'd seen them before from a distance in the Cheerios' locker room, but this was completely different. Now she wasn't stopping herself from staring Quinn turned into a drooling moron, not able to look away until Santana slipped underneath the sheets. Then the Latina slowly removed her underwear, tossed them out of the bed to join the rest of the clothes on the floor, and then slowly crawled up the bed so she was lying on her side next to the blonde.

"So Q, what do you wanna do now?" Santana smirked wickedly, more than half expecting to have two talk Quinn into continuing now they were both naked.

Instead Quinn lept on top of Santana, forced her down onto her back and kissed her, the moan both girls simultaneously let out having as much to do with their naked bodies pressed against each other for the first time as the kiss itself. Not that Quinn was sure it qualified as a kiss as like before things got really, really heated. Perhaps more so than before as this time Quinn was mostly unintentionally rubbing against Santana while Santana was mostly intentionally rubbing against Quinn, certain areas in particular making the rest of the blonde's body feel like it was on fire.

All of a sudden Santana was sitting up, effortlessly lifting Quinn with her which was honestly a massive turn on. The fiery Latina had always been stronger than she looked, but Santana must've been somehow working out even more than when like the rest of the Cheerios she was at the mercy of Sue Sylvester, which of course was really, really saying something. Especially as she lifted Quinn without breaking the lip lock, Santana only finally breaking it so she could apologetically mumble, "Sorry Q, just can't wait any longer, you know?"

Quinn was about to ask what she meant, then Santana brought her right hand down in between her thighs and all of a sudden it was a struggle for Quinn to think. She'd never felt this hot with so little foreplay before, but honestly Quinn hadn't realised just how turned on she really was until Santana touched her down there, the blonde blushing furiously as it felt like her pussy was so wet and hot that she was going to melt the Latina's fingers. Then Santana began gently rubbing her and Quinn let out a series of undignified moans which again had her blushing but she didn't care. It felt too good to care. Then for the first time in her life Quinn felt another girl's finger being pushed into her womanhood and her mind literally felt like it melted away and she just couldn't think coherently anymore.

"Damn Quinn." Santana whispered huskily around about the same time Quinn let out a sharp cry followed by a long moan which probably drowned out those two little words.

Probably better that Quinn didn't really hear them as Santana wouldn't want the other HBIC knowing that just touching the blonde's pussy left the mighty Santana Lopez virtually speechless. It was just that Quinn was so tight, and hot, and maybe most importantly of all wet that for a little while Santana found herself just basking in the glory which was Quinn Fabray's pussy. Or more accurately Santana found herself just basking in the glory which was being able to have her finger inside Quinn Fabray's pussy, swiftly followed by being able to finger fuck The Quinn Fabray.

Slowly Santana's finger began pumping in and out of Quinn, that digit practically working of it's own accord as Santana's body was obviously to inpatient to fuck the former captain of the Cheerios to wait for her brain to catch up. Of course when it did Santana just couldn't keep the grin off her face, especially as Quinn was too busy moaning, groaning and whimpering to notice. Fuck, Quinn even began bouncing up and down in Santana's lap, riding the Latina's finger as if it was a cock, either real or the type Santana carried around in her luggage.

Santana quickly timed the finger fucking with Quinn's movements so every time the blonde would push down she would thrust up, the girl who used to boss her around all the time screaming joyfully and slamming down even harder on her finger in response. In turn Santana increased the pace of her thrusts and began adding fingers into Quinn's eager cunt. First one, then two, then since Quinn had given birth and all Santana added her pinky finger, bringing the total up to four. Four fingers slamming in and out of Quinn's pussy, the red hot white girl taking them all with increasingly loud screams which were threatening to deafen Santana. Then for a few moments Santana thought that was actually going to be a thing, and that it was actually going to be worth it, Quinn screaming like a crazed banshee as Santana made her cum.

All it took was one swipe of Quinn's clit with her thumb and the other girl was shaking in her arms and soaking her fingers in cum. Well, technically she was shaking in her arm, that one arm cradling the blonde's back and desperately trying to hold her in place. It wasn't easy, but Santana was used to having other girls quivering in her embrace, the brunette priding herself on not only being able to keep her balance but keep up the fucking. That's what Santana did here, finding it ridiculously easy to make Quinn cum again and again just by continuing to slam her fingers in and out of the other girl's pussy while rubbing her clit. Santana even got to cum herself thanks to Quinn being positioned just right so that every movement rubbed the Latina's sex. Which was almost definitely an accident but it didn't stop the fact that Quinn Fabray made Santana cum, that reality along with being able to make Quinn squirt her cum all over her fingers making Santana cum a second and a third time.

After that Quinn let out an extra loud cry, followed by a whimper, and then pushed Santana away. Santana could have held on if she'd wanted too, but she wasn't so sure Quinn could take anymore. More to the point she wasn't sure if Quinn would be comfortable snuggling with a girl. Hell, there was a very, very good chance Quinn wasn't going to talk to her until she got the feeling back in her legs, then she'd revert back into 'good little Christian girl' mode, call Santana a predatory dyke and run all the way back to the safety of her dorm room. Hopefully it wouldn't come to that, but Santana was ready for it if needs be.

Running definitely didn't feel like an option right now for Quinn as her legs, and most of her body, was filled with an oddly pleasant numbing exhaustion. Her throat was also sore from all the screaming, so really screaming at Santana wasn't an option either. Which was a good thing as it took a few seconds for Quinn to be able to think rationally and quell most of the feelings of panic which were threatening to consume her.

Quinn reminded herself she literally asked for this. Went after it. Came here with a mission, and had simply completed it. Well, almost. There was still one final thing she had to do, and she was going to be cool, calm and collected when doing it. And she wasn't going to freak out before or after it, because that would be crazy and be treating this like it was a big deal when it wasn't, which is exactly what she had to tell Santana. Just as soon as she could talk again.

It wasn't easy, especially as the only thing keeping Quinn conscious was she didn't want to give Santana the satisfaction of making her pass out. Still, with her body buzzing with joy, Quinn couldn't stop the next words from falling out of her mouth, "So, that's why college girls experiment."

Quinn almost blushed, but managed to keep that urge at bay, if only by giving into her urge to smile. It was the same story when Santana followed up with, "And thank God they do."

"You know it was fun, and I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a woman, but erm... I don't know, I think for me this was more of a one time thing." Quinn blurted out a little faster than she would have liked, but she was pretty sure it was convincing. Not that it was a lie, it was just Quinn had prepared for this moment, had gone over it a thousand times in her head and knew all her lines off by heart. It was just... she knew she could do better in the delivery.

"Look you don't have to worry, I'm not going to show up at your house with a U-Haul." Santana quipped back so fast Quinn almost didn't exit her own thoughts fast enough to hear it.

Thankfully Quinn did hear it and she couldn't help but let out a short, soft laugh. Partly because of the joke but mostly because she was relieved Santana wasn't making a big deal out of this. Because it wasn't. It was just a little friendly fun. One friend helping out another. That Santana realised that was even more relaxing than the afterglow of the orgasms, Quinn casually reaching over to grab a water bottle she assumed Santana had left there and take a sip out of it before continuing their conversation.

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