tagNonConsent/ReluctanceOne Too Many Mistakes

One Too Many Mistakes


Margo was a classic slut there was never to much sex, or enough many men.

She did try hard when she got married. She was twenty-four and in love with Max. She was a faithful wife for six long agonizing months. One night, while he was out of town on a business trip. She went bar hopping with a girlfriend. They picked up a set of twins. After that whenever Max was gone, she would give in to the itch. She would go looking for trouble. Usually she found it.

Max caught her and forgave her time after time. Finally, one night he caught her fucking his best friend. He warned her that night there would be no more chances. He could not, and would not live with a slut. One more mistake and she would be gone. He would turn her into a real whore.

She promised him, no more fucking around. She would be faithful to him. She kept that promise for almost a week. People like Margo seem to forget promises when their blood is hot and some man is calling their name.

He took her with him on his next trip. He meant to scratch those itches himself but fate stepped in, as it often will and he had to leave her alone for several days. Friday night arrived and she was lonely. She went to a bar and well as we all know, things happen.

Margo was pixie size. She looked like she was about ten, and acted older than God. She was the hottest thing these hillbillies had seen in a long while. Just five foot tall, large 36c breasts and a round heart shaped ass men lusted after, long curly black hair and deep smoky gray eyes. She wondered what Max expected. He knew she was a slut, he told her so repeatedly. It wasn’t her fault, she told herself, it was his fault. He had left her in this godforsaken town of Algood Tennessee. She was bored, she was lonely and she was horny.

Ten minutes after she entered the bar. She was in a back booth with one hillbilly’s tongue crammed deep in her mouth, and another with his fingers buried deep inside her wet and getting wetter pussy. She might have fucked them both right there, but it was early, and Margo was afraid of going to jail.

Thirty minutes later, with the moon out she was lying on a mattress in the back of a truck one cock in her pussy one in her mouth and having a good time. They were in the back of the parking lot under a huge spreading tree. Margo could see the stars through the branches when she wasn’t seeing stars of her own. She had come about seven times, the man in her pussy was still hard, and stroking and she had just finished swallowing a load from the guy in her mouth.

Suddenly, another hard cock butted up against her mouth. She opened and sucked. He tasted good. She hoped he used his cock as well when he fucked her as he was now.

She was beyond thinking rationally by the time the next two climaxed and pulled out. Someone stuffed another cock in her mouth and her pussy and she did what good sluts do, took care of them.

It seemed as she climaxed repeatedly there was always another hard cock waiting and she fucked them all. From that first climax until the sun rose on the horizon, Margo fucked. Finally, there were no more men. They helped her up, and took her back to her motel room naked and nasty. They opened her door, and shoved her inside. She crumpled onto the carpet asleep.

Twenty minutes later, her husband arrived back at the motel room. He brought good news. A new job and more money in a thriving busy city. A new start for the both of them. He stumbled over his wife as he entered the room.

Margo asleep on the floor was unaware of the sight she presented. Sprawled on her belly ass high in the air, she had cum dripping from her both her ass and her cunt. The breasts he so loved, were swollen, and covered in bite marks, and bruises. Pussy lips twice their normal size, ass so used it wouldn’t close tightly. She was the perfect picture of an abandoned gang banged whore.

He didn’t know where she had been or for how long, but the evidence was clear. She had broken her promise again. She had been fucking and not just one person this time.

He needed to know the whole story. Seeing only one bar in town, he started there to track her evening. He had no trouble finding out how the last night of her life had gone. The bar was abuzz with stories of her prowess. They were all talking about how she had fucked the whole town some of them twice.

He had warned her, now it was too late. He went to the car and got the drugs he had obtained in Mexico. He shot his wife full of them. She would be out for about twelve hours plenty of time to take her to New Orleans. He called his contact to set the plan in motion. He had warned her. Now she would get the life she deserved and maybe he would as well. A loving faithful wife and children, he longed for children.

He cleaned her up, dressed her and placed her in the back seat with a light blanket over her sleeping body. He wanted it done before she woke up. He didn’t want to let his love for her overwhelm his mind, no more second chances.

He made record time, turning over his still sleeping wife to two large men, before the sun was up. He was soon sitting at a little back street bar in the New Orleans quarter with a fat, sweaty old Cajun man.

The man presented him with a death certificate for his wife. According to the coroner, she died in childbirth with a stillborn son. He had given the man several hundred dollars and his wife to obtain that document. Now he had a new chance in life, and so did Margo at least while she was young and productive. They touched their glasses together in a toast to their futures and laughed. The fat man asked him “if he wanted one last time with his woman.”

Max smiled “Indeed I do. I want to fuck her ass. I want to end our relationship with that memory, and the look in her eyes when she figures out I meant what I told her. The old man with a twinkle in his eye asked, “What did you tell her?”

“If she wanted to be a whore, I would arrange it.” Max told him. The old man patted his shoulder. “A man should always live up to his promises.”

“ She will know me right?” asked Max? The old man nodded, “The drugs we have given her are to keep her pliable while she adjusts. She will know you, and understand what you tell her. She will also obey and do whatever you ask. I will be there to guarantee it. Her new life starts now.” They clasped hands and headed for Margo's cell.

The old man entered first. “Greetings little bitch, I see you are awake. Your husband has come to say goodbye. You will now service him for the last time.”

They had stripped Margo and tied her spread out on a four poster bed. Naked in the summer heat, slightly sweaty and befuddled over what was happening. She greeted Max cheerfully. “Untie me darling it’s to hot to play today.”

He walked to her and slapped her tits hard several times. She screamed, “Don’t do that you jerk, that hurts.”

The old man stood and his whip hit her several times leaving red welts across her sensitive tits. He was done before the first scream left her mouth.

“Open your mouth again and I might get angry. Treat your husband with the respect he deserves.”

Max had enjoyed the sight of the whip hitting his slut wife. He felt the enjoyment in his already hard and now getting harder cock.

“Remember Tennessee? Remember my promise to you?” He asked her as he reached and savagely twisted her bruised nipples.

Suddenly her tan faded to almost white. He knew it all. She trembled as she begged him, “I’m sorry baby, give me another chance I will be good, I promise.”

Max laughed. “No more chances Margo. Sebastian here now owns you, from now on what he says is your only law,” He smiled at the tears pooling in her dark smoky gray eyes.

He loosened the ties on her legs pushed them up almost to her ears and retied them. He lubricated his hand and smiled as he watched her face when he pushed one, two and then three fingers deep into her ass. She cried out in pain as he moved them in and out. He laughed and added another soon his whole hand was inside and she was hoarse from yelling.

He knew the minute her body started to betray her. She came for him cursing like a drunken sailor. It was obvious she had never felt anything like it in her life. While she was still high from her climax, he shoved his cock deep into her ass. He groaned quietly. It was as hot and as snug as he had always imagined.

Max was probably the only man who hadn’t fucked her ass. She never allowed him to touch her there. He was eight inches long flaccid and when excited he got over four inches wide. She felt every inch as he shoved and shoved hard, pushing in and out repeatedly. He reached and used his hand on her pussy much the same way he had on her ass. Soon his whole hand was in her pussy and then he pushed in his thumb, made a fist and started fucking her. Rubbing against his own cock as he fucked her ass hard and fast.

The lights shattered into shards of brilliant glass stabbing at her mind in a combination of pain and pleasure she had never felt in her life, as she climaxed vaginally and anally at the same time. She begged him to stop with one breath, and pleaded with him never to stop with another.

She was beyond reason as again with his climax she spiraled off into another one of her own. Finished, he walked to her face and wiped his spent cock off on her luscious bee stung mouth then walked out without a word. That was the last time Max ever saw his slut wife.

The old man stood up tightened the chains on her wrists and chained her feet spread wide across the bed with enough slack for whatever would be required of her. He reached down shoved a pill into her mouth and held her mouth and nose closed until she swallowed. Within minutes, he felt her heat start rising from the drug. She would soon be begging for anyone or anything to fuck her. In time, she wouldn’t require the drug at all.

“Your man is gone. The law says you are dead. You are mine bitch. Sometimes I will hurt you, other times I will reward you. Always I will use you,” and he laughed and laughed.

He pulled out his cock, climbed on top of her, shoved her tits tightly together and masturbated himself to a climax. Pushing her mouth open he shoved in deep and deposited his load holding her nose closed until she swallowed. Finished with her he wiped his cock off on her mound and saying only “Soon” he left.

She was all alone and scared to death. What happens now she wondered? She started to fidget. She needed a cock soon that itch would drive her mad.

The door opened again. Margo's eyes got huge as three large naked black men walked laughing into her room.

“I love it when there are new girls. Free pussy and we can do whatever we want.” They laughed as they looked at the little pixie tied to the bed and together said, “ Hey this is going to be fun.”

Margo screamed for Max, repeatedly but he was long gone and her fate was sealed. She was now the whore she always pretended to be, but now it was for real.

She screamed as one cock entered her ass. She screamed again as the second one shoved deep into her abused pussy. The third one held her nose until she opened her mouth then jammed deep into her throat cutting off her air. She started to move under them and felt the heat inside her start to build. When her first climax hit her, the man fucking her mouth pulled out and allowed her some air. Grabbing her nipples and twisting them hard, he said,

“Welcome to your new life bitch, now come again,” and as she did, they all laughed.

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