tagBDSMOne, Two, Three...Switch!

One, Two, Three...Switch!


Author's note: In the world of BDSM, often the submissive person does not capitalize references to themselves, and always capitalizes references to their Dom/ Domme as a show of respect for the superior person. Since this story is written from the perspective of the submissive partner in the scenario, it is proper to refer to them in the "lower case."


He walked up to Her door, his heart beating in his throat as he wondered just what he had gotten himself into...meeting this Domme for the first time and what She had in store for him. Trembling slightly, his hand reached for the doorbell and he rang it, not knowing what to expect on the other side. Would She greet him with the same trepidation, or would She take control of him as soon as She answered the door? The question was answered before his hand pulled away from the bell.

"You are two minutes early," She said, "I told you that you were to be here at 7 and you are early. You will learn that I do not tolerate being early or late...punctuality is my mantra and you will be chastised for it."

"i...i am sorry Mistress," the stammering voice came out of my throat, "i tried my best, but my watch is set and it said 7 on the dot."

"Don't try to give me excuses," came the reply. "I don't tolerate anyone giving me any lip and that is a pathetic excuse. Now, come in the house and turn and face the wall...do it NOW!"

i entered and did as told, facing the wall adjacent to the front door. i felt cloth covering my eyes, then my head jerked back as the blindfold was tied tightly behind my head. Darkness enveloped my senses and i felt disoriented and helpless. My hands were pulled behind my back and i felt the cold metal of shackles being put on my wrists...not tight enough to scar, but tight enough to know that i was no longer able to defend myself.

"Now, turn around, slut," She whispered in my ear, "and open your frigging mouth...wide."

i started to say something, and immediately felt the stinging of Her hand on my cheek.

"I did not give you permission to talk," She intoned, "so shut your trap and do as I say."

"Yes, Mistress" i said, and was quickly rewarded with another slap.

"When I say to shut the fuck up, I mean it," She shouted in my ear. i felt totally disconsolate, trying to make sense of the situation i found myself in.

Then i felt a heavy hand on by shoulder, roughly jerking me to the side and guiding me into a space I had no experience with. i was thinking something like, oh shit, what have i gotten myself into this time, ed? Then i worried if i was to stumble across some furniture of other obstacle- what would my punishment be? i was guided down what seemed to be a short hall, the sounds of Her heels clacking on the floor and echoing ever so slightly...then the creak of a door opening, or was it closing, i couldn't be sure.

"Down on your knees, bitch" were the next words i heard, followed by a rustling sound and then a zipper.

i didn't hear much after that as Her hands closed around my head, guiding me forward until my nose touched something damp and fleshy. i had an idea what was happening, but i did not venture my tongue or anything else out to find out what was there. The smell overwhelmed me, not unpleasant at all, sort of musky and my cock started to harden.

"You know what this is?" She spat in my direction. "you'd better start licking and sucking or you'll be sorry."

Tentatively, my tongue ventured forward and touched Mistress' flesh, then i started to lick up and down to gain my bearings. i had a pretty good idea of where i was, but not sure of the immediate geography. As i liked upward i heard a sharp intake of breath followed by a drawn out moan. i think i hit a good spot, and it must have been true as i felt Her hips thrust slowly forward, grinding my mouth and tongue into Her most precious spot.

i licked and sucked on Her for several minutes, then felt Her lift my head away from Her wet lips.

"That's a good boy, but I have other things in mind for you tonight" She said. i felt Her bend over onto me and then i sensed Her face against my earlobe. Hot breath invading one of my most sensual areas, She slipped Her tongue into my ear, laving it with Her saliva. my knees were shaking and i was hardening even more. Then i felt another sensation, teeth biting into my earlobe as She whispered "Not so fast buddy boy, I am going to turn you over and over with pleasure and pain till you want to cum so badly...then I'm not going to let you until I am good and ready."

i shuddered at the thought, that i could have given myself up to this pleasure/pain sensation and not be able to control myself. She proceeded to nuzzle my neck, kissing me softly, licking up the side of my neck and face, then grabbing me roughly by the ears and pulling me up.

When i stood, She could evidently see that i was aroused. i felt a hand lightly flick over my crotch, then as i hardened more, i felt a slight squeezing on my cock and balls, gradually increasing till i felt like i was going to pass out.

"I did not tell you that you could get hard in front of me," She yelled in my face. "You are a disgusting pig, threatening me with your cock...you will pay for this insolence." Still shackled and blindfolded, I was helpless to do anything.

i gulped, then felt myself being pushed back onto something, a bed, i presumed, and heard my zipper being pulled down. She reached inside and got a firmer grip on my equipment, rolling the balls around in their sack and causing more pain. i felt Her loosen my belt and pull my pants down to my knees, all the while having my balls slowly squeezed. i tried not to get harder, but in spite of the pain, i did. Then i felt it, a constriction around the top of my ball sack, and then a hand slowly moving up my enlarged cock to the head.

"Mmmmm..." i heard Her purring voice, "you look like you might want to taste some of this treatment." i felt my cock jump, almost measured with each heart beat, as She said it. "That looks so big and mean, with your purple head and those veins sticking out...I guess I will have to tame it."

i wasn't sure what to think as I felt Her nails lightly pass over my cock...Her thumbnail stroking from the bottom to the top on the underside, as if milking some pre-cum from me. i felt Her hand encircle the tip and spread it around, making me slick with anticipation. Hear breathing became more ragged as She continued to stimulate me, my cock throbbing with each beat of my heart. i felt my balls start to contract, then i felt a squeezing at the base of my cock that choked off my cumming, followed by a warm envelopment of the tip. my cock continued to throb in orgasmic throes, but i could not cum. It felt like each spurt was being forced back into my balls forcefully.

Then i felt the bed move again, and She seemed to drift over to one side. i felt the shackles being loosened from my wrists and i was told to sit up. I felt, or rather sensed, Her proximity in the room, first on one side of me, then the other. Her hands reached out to my neck, then up to caress my ears, then i felt the blindfold slip from my eyes.

The room was fairly dark, lit by candles on the side tables. i was, as I suspected, on the bed, which was a four poster with a canopy. My eyes adjusted quickly, and soon ropes and cuffs, strategically placed, came into view.

"You have pleased me well, for a start" She said, "but this evening has just begun. You will please me in many other ways before I am through with you. What do you have to say to that?"

"Yes, Mistress Tianna" was all that came out of my mouth. My eyes focused on Her, and i was not disappointed. She was taller than average, medium complexion, with medium length dark brown hair. Her blue eyes sparkled in the candlelight as She looked me in the face, seemly to figure out what was churning inside my mind. She cracked a smile as She noted me looking at Her, then lowering my eyes in supplication. Then She stepped closer and my eyes travelled down a fit body decked out in leather strapping and leather thong. My mouth watered at that i was thinking, and then She said...

"Penny for your thoughts?" i lifted my gaze and looked Her in the eyes, being captivated by their dancing. i looked deeper and saw them smiling back at me, sparkling and shimmering and captivating my soul. i saw someone who i wanted to give myself to, if even for just a night, to be able to experience Her and give Her pleasure.

"Um, ah, i, ah..." stammering as if floored by a brick, "I wasn't expecting a welcome like that. i was hoping to get to know you a little before we started."

"You did, huh? Well, sorry to disappoint, but I am in charge Here, not you, and I intend on having you all to myself for a few hours."

"What does Mistress want me to do next?," i said with a greater confidence of where my place was tonight.

"Strip" was all She said. So i did, standing in front of Her in all my naked glory. My balls felt like they were going to burst, and then I remembered She had bound them tight. She discerned my pain, then slowly reached down to my cock and balls, stroking them gently, and proceeded to get me hard again. Once i was hard, She released the strap that held me and i felt the circulation returning.

"Now that you are more comfortable, I have some other plans and needs that you will take care of. First of all, you promised me a massage that I will never forget...so get started." My Mistress doffed Her garb and looked at me with a mischievous grin.

i motioned for Her to go onto the bed and lay down on Her stomach. Looking around i spied some fragrant oils on the night stand, and made use of them. The massage was thorough, spending much time on Her neck and arms, before moving on to Her back, legs and other parts of Her body. i kept it proper, for now, waiting for Her to give me permission to take it in the erotic direction.

Once i was finished with Her back side, i asked that She turn over. What i saw was even more delectable close up. As my hands travelled over Her torso, i noted that She was quite well endowed, with nipples the size of pencil erasers topping Her areole. i cast my eyes down to that special place and was greeted with Her opening Her legs a little to show me Her smooth "mons de Venus," as the French say. my eyes were drawn to the treasure that i had tasted earlier, and i smiled back at Her. She got a good facial massage, with me gently stroking Her brow and temples till She visibly relaxed Her entire body. i started down Her front, slowly massaging each breast in turn and lightly pinching each nipple. i felt Her hand move to the back of my neck, lightly stroking, then bringing my mouth down to Her nipple.

"Lick me there" She droned, "then nip at it a little." Not being one to disappoint my Mistress, i did as commanded as my hands wandered across Her slightly rounded stomach and drifted downward.

As the massage progressed, my hand reached to Her most private place, and my hand lightly passed over the juncture of Her thighs. She was wet and i felt an ever so slight pushing into my hand, but pulled away as She lifted Her hips towards the ceiling.

Again i felt Her hand at the back of my head, guiding me towards the holy grail. i looked at Her lips closely, trying to discern how to give Her the most pleasure as She invited me to return to Her. i put some oil on my fingers, then, using my thumbs, rubbed up and down Her outer lips. i could see Her opening up, and the copious amounts of lubrication starting to flow from Her treasure. i pulled Her lips apart then pressed them together, trapping Her secretions between Her lips and making them extra slippery. Lightly, i brushed over Her clit with my thumb, then pressed on either side of the hood, forcing Her "little man in the boat" to come out and play.

"mmmm...more of that, slave, and you will be rewarded later."

"Mistress, may i..." i whispered into Her watering pussy. "Yesssss..." was the drawn out reply.

Once again my tongue ventured out and tasted the sweet ambrosia that flowed from Her inner being, and Her breathing became more ragged with each flick of my tongue. Probing deep inside to scoop out Her juices, i alternated it with light flicks and suction directly on Her clit. Hip movements became more rapid, then i slowly inserted first one, then two, then three fingers into Her, crooking the end to find that elusive spot deep inside. The licking continued, along with a steady pressure on the pudenda, directly above the "G" spot inside Her.

"Would Mistress like to cum?" i inquired. The response was quick and to the point..."What do you think, asshole...hell yes!"

i continued my ministrations and gradually Her voice changed to a high pitched keening, somewhat akin to a cross between a screech owl and a woman in labor.

"Oh my God...ohhhh...nnnn....god yessss.....," as i looked up and saw Her stomach muscles rippling in the throes of orgasm. Her body seemed to reach up to me and pull me in, then fall back onto the bed, with Her out of breath.

"Not bad for starters" said She.

"Mistress, may i be allowed to introduce you to some of the joys of tantric?, i said.

"I am intrigued" She answered, "and yes you may begin by telling me more about it."

"Tantric is more than sex and prolonging orgasm," i said, "and is more about the joining of the mind and psyche between two people. The physical result is prolonging pleasure and delaying orgasm many times until you reach an ultimate peak. More than that, it is trust, respect, and getting in tune with each other's mind and thoughts."

"So, it's more than just 12 hours of orgasms or all night hot monkey sex?" Mistress asked quizzically.

"Much more than that...it is recognizing the needs of your partner almost before they know what it is they need, then fulfilling them without being asked. By joining the physical with the spiritual, you get into each other on a level not normally experienced by couples."

"So, you want to serve me by giving the gift of sex...I can get that from anywhere." Mistress questioned my explanation and i went on to add that there is a deeper plane than just the physical, and i wanted to share it with Her.

"And what do you want Mistress to do for you in return," She asked.

"Nothing more than to travel with me, mind and body for a while," i responded, "then to let you have Your way with me anyway You want."

"Will you permit me to lead You and through it, serve You?," i asked.

My Mistress looked at me and just smiled, reaching out Her hand and placing it in mine.

"What do you think," She offered, "do I look like I could turn down an offer like that?"

i reached out to Her, gently lifting Her face and slowly caressing Her there. Pulling Her closer to me, i proceeded to give Her butterfly kisses and licks across Her nose, eyes, cheeks and forehead. Her breath was getting shallower again, and She tilted Her head to one side. i took the initiative and leaned in, barely caressing Her upper lip with mine, then taking Her lower lip between my teeth and lightly biting down on it.

"Mmmm....you could do that all day and all night," Mistress intoned. My response was whispered into Her ear..."i'd like to."

With that i took Her hands and placed them on my shoulders, and placed mine gently on Hers, slowly massaging towards Her neck.

"i want to take you on a journey...a journey you will not soon forget. All i need is for you to command me to do it."

Mistress looked me in the eyes, bit Her lower lip with Her top teeth, and just nodded Her consent.

"i may do things that are uncomfortable to you, but i will never hurt or put you in any danger...is that ok?"

Again, Her eyes sparkled as She nodded Her consent. "You are still in charge and you can stop me at any point, Mistress, all i want to do is serve you tonight."

No other words were spoken as Mistress's breathing became shallower and She began to blush (cute, starting from Her stomach, to Her chest and up to Her neck and face).

i pulled Her up off the bed and had Her stand beside it, still keeping my hands in constant contact with Her body. i maneuvered Her so She was standing in front of me then pulled Her slowly up so She was straddling me. We connected, and fell into each other's spell, looking deep into each other's eyes to gain a window into each other's mind. We stayed locked in this embrace for about 20 minutes, not saying anything, just breathing deeply and, as if by telepathy, sharing each other's feelings. Gently i broke the spell, and pulled Her further onto me, my hardened cock burrowing into Her tight, wet tunnel. We did not move once i entered Her holy place...we just resumed our sharing. i felt Her vaginal walls slowly contracting around me, as if milking the seed from me, and i heard Her sigh with contentment. i did not move or thrust, rather just stayed still and reveled in Her gift to me. Time seemed to drag on (indeed it did) as we became attuned to our inner feelings. Her pulsing became more pronounced, though we did not move or thrust, and soon Her vagina was stroking me like a wet velvet glove.

i did not want to break the spell, so i slowed my breathing to gain control of my orgasm. Mistress looked so contented, as if reveling in a world of pleasure that few can attain. She stiffened, then sighed, and then i felt the heated release from deep inside Her. Here juices enveloped my cock and started to leak out of Her, slowly running over me and my crotch. Still, i did not move, letting Mistress be swept away by Her own revelations.

"That was so intense," She said, "and I felt like I was becoming a part of you, and that you were becoming a part of me...is that what you meant by connecting on a different plane?"

"Yes Mistress," i replied, "and there is more to come."

"I need a drink of water, and then we are going to discover what is in that kinky mind of yours," Mistress Tianna said. I nodded my assent and we went into the kitchen to get a drink. We talked freely about what each of us wanted out of a relationship; shared our personal foibles and history; then She dropped the bombshell on me...

"OK, you have given me so much so far tonight, what do you want me to do to you?"

I looked Her in the eyes and said "Take me like i am your whore, fuck me and make me yours. Take control again and don't stop till you take me...over and over again."

Her grin returned like a cherub, then i noted an evil spark in Her eyes.

"To the bed, slave," She giggled, " and spread em."

i assumed the position and Mistress bound me with the ropes and cuffs She had placed on the four corners of the bed. Pulling them tight, i was naked, spread eagle on the bed with my legs wide apart and arms over my head. Then i heard Her chuckle to Herself, and She moved around to the head of the bed. A scarf came out and was quickly wrapped around my head blindfolding me. My heart started to race as Mistress morphed back into Her alter ego.

Silence followed, then i heard Her rummaging around in the closet.

"I wonder where I put...ah, there it is" She said and returned to the bedside. I heard some indistinguishable noises, followed by a low, slow guttural moan. Then i felt it...cold oil on my asshole, dribbled from some point. I moaned from shock as much as anything, then felt Her fingers probing at my nether hole. More oil was added and I squirmed as She worked Her fingers in and out of me, distributing the oil deep inside. My squirming lifted the blindfold just enough so i could make out what She was doing...She was slapping lube on a strap on that looked to be about 7 inches long.

The bed groaned as She moved up between my legs, then i felt the rubbery tip slowly pushing forward, trying to work its way into me. i loosened up as much as i could, then made like i was taking a dump, opening myself up to Her. The tip slipped past the sphincter muscle, causing me to groan in a little pain, then She slapped me...hard...right on the ass.

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