tagLoving WivesOne Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

One Vacuum Cleaner Salesman


I gave the guy credit. At least he had a job. I had worked my share of dead end jobs early on as well, so I knew what he was going through.

But door to door vacuum sales was never one I had tried. I came close to closing the door the minute I detected his angle, but something about his approach made me listen.

He explained that his company was doing a Nation-Wide sweep, (pardon the pun) to introduce people to this latest cleaning revolution. Furthermore, this was very nearly the end of their activity in this area before they departed for Glendale, Arizona later tonight.

As I eyed him up and down, a wicked thought crept into my mind. My wife was soaking in the tub and would soon be coming out. I figured she would love to watch this guys spiel even though we did not need a vacuum cleaner.

In describing this fine specimen of a man, I find myself at a loss for words. He wore light tan loose fitting khaki trousers; a pale blue shirt was tucked into those trousers which were held up by a black belt. He wore a Navy blue ill fitting sport coat topped off with a bright red poorly tied tie. It looked like he cut his own hair and he had an "Alfalfa" thing going in the back.

He wore coke bottle lens glasses and had buck teeth. Top all this off with a noticeable beer belly and what more could anyone ask for. I found myself convinced he had never been laid in his life.

I invited him in and told him my wife was the one he needed to convince and that she would be out shortly. I told him to set up his wares in front of the sofa so she could see all he has to offer and I would just hang out while he did his presentation.

"Are you nearly finished?" I yelled to Debbie through the bathroom door.

"Just about," she merrily responded.

"Good, cause there is a guy here that wants to sell you a vacuum cleaner," I said chuckling to myself.

After a long pause, the door flew open and I was eye to eye with my wife wrapped in a towel.

"What did you say?" she demanded.

It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. "Babe, you have to play along with this. I swear this poor guy has so much going against him, I figured he could use a break even if we don't need a vacuum."

"Well we don't need another vacuum, so why do I have to sit through his presentation?" she whined.

"Because this poor nerd has never been laid, and I doubt he has ever been close to a rocking babe like you in his entire life," I said.

"You have GOT to be kidding me!" she stormed. "You expect me to go to bed with this..."

I interrupted her, "No, no, no, nothing like that, good Lord," I said. "I don't expect you to bed him down, good grief. I just want to give this dude a chance to see what a really hot chick looks like, up close and personal."

"Oh Gary, this is too much. I am sure he has seen attractive girls before," she stated emphatically.

"But not like he will see you," I chuckled.

"Now what?" she said suddenly clutching the towel to herself.

I tossed the all white silk robe on the bed. "Wear this," I said chuckling. I think this robe is for wearing over a swim suit to keep you from burning. It is short, comes to upper thigh and it is light weight silk. Like her other one, this one has a sash that ties around the waist.

I bought it for her and she had only tried it on once. You can almost see through it. I could make out the darker shade of her areolas as well as the slightly darker shade of the little tuft of pubic hair above her cunt. When she tried it on I forgot to mention those points to her. "It looks fantastic babe," I had said as she stood before me blushing her usual beet red color.

"Oh Gary, I couldn't wear that," she stammered.

"Just go with me on this babe, this guy is with a company that is going all over, they leave tonight for Glendale, Arizona. We will never see him again. When you see him, you will quickly realize how pathetic he is. This will be his only shot in life to see an absolutely gorgeous babe. When you see him, you will understand," I pleaded.

"I would be too embarrassed," she whined. "You know how I blush."

"Believe me," I said, "I will guarantee you this guy will be more embarrassed than you. Trust me babe, I just want to see how you affect him. With your body you have got to understand how much control you have. I want to see if this nerd can concentrate when he sees you."

Already beet red, she moved pensively toward the bed where the silk white cover up was laid.

"I have to wear a bra and panties under it, I am not sure how that would look," she mumbled.

"No!" I said sternly. "No bra, no panties!"

"Gary you can't be serious," she whined.

"Come on babe, do this for me. It won't kill you and I will be there. I just want to see his reaction and besides, like I said, he will never in his life be able to see anyone as hot as you." I was practically begging her.

"Now hustle up, he is setting up the vacuum to show you. You sit on the sofa," I quickly added as I hastened out of the bedroom to my wife's very loud sighs.

Rejoining the nerd I asked, "What was your name again, I didn't catch it."

Oh, Wendell, ah Wendell Stokely he said blushing a little. He had laid all the accessories out in front of the sofa and was clearly prepared to begin.

"Hmmm," I thought to myself. Wendell huh. Strike three.

"Can I get you a drink Wendell?" I asked.

"Water, thank you," he replied with his voice cracking. "I sometimes get a bit parched doing these presentations," he added.

I got him a glass of ice water and as I was heading back to the living room I saw my wife nervously creeping down the hallway. She had her arms crossed over her tits to conceal what I knew were rock hard nipples. She was also walking in a bit of a crouch in a feeble attempt to lower the hemline of the white silk cover up. As expected, she was beet red.

"Oh," I bellowed. "Here comes my wife now Wendell," I added as I entered the living room and handed him the ice water.

She cautiously peered around the corner. Wendell had everything set and stepped back to admire his work. He clasped his hands together in satisfaction as he looked toward my cowering wife's beet red face peering around the corner.

He blushed only slightly as, moving toward her, he extended his hand out to shake her hand. He stepped toward her saying, "How do you do madam, I am Wendell Stokely and I am here..." his voice trailed off as Debbie sheepishly stepped around the corner and hesitantly extended one hand to shake his. This uncovered a clearly obvious rock hard engorged nipple to his view.

Clasping my wife's hand, Wendell vigorously shook it causing her uncovered tit to wobble and jiggle which seemed to make her nipple even more pronounced.

She quickly shot past Wendell and nearly dove for the sofa grabbing all available pillows in the process to cover not only her tits, but her crotch as well.

Wendell was clearly in a state of shock as he stuttered and stammered trying to recall what he was supposed to say next. As anticipated, he was redder than my wife. He was also breathing heavily almost to the point of gasping as he tried to collect his thoughts.

Wendell eventually moved to his presentation position. Standing in front of my wife who at this point resembled a pile of pillows, more than an ultra hot babe, Wendell took a deep breath and again clasped his hands together.

I nearly laughed out loud as Wendell attempted to begin his canned presentation. He sounded more like Pa-Pa-Porky Pa-Pa-Pig as he stuttered and stammered.

"Look at the attachments babe," I said as I stepped over to her. I grabbed the pillows and tossed them out of her reach. "You can't see all of Wendell's tools around these pillows."

This moved caused her tits to jiggle and wobble deliciously before she had the presence of mind to cross her arms over them. Her legs promptly slammed tight together at the same time. The cover up had ridden to her upper thighs. As much as she wanted to pull the hem down as far as possible, that would have required her to expose her tits.

During this time, poor Wendell's cock had gone fully erect. His light tan ill fitting khaki's were tented and there was no mistaking what it was that had created the obvious tent.

Debbie's eyes quickly settled on Wendell's hard cock tenting his trousers. She stared until Wendell glanced down and discovered what my wife was staring at.

With an almost guttural sounding gasp, Wendell, upon discovering his awkward condition, quickly dropped to at first a half crouch, then to a kneeling position in front of my wife.

This caused a semi smile from my wife. Her brilliant red color lessened as she was beginning to realize the control she had. She gave me a wide eyed semi-smirk as I stood behind Wendell.

In the meantime, Wendell had gone almost two shades of red deeper.

He began fumbling with attachments and moving them as he made a valiant attempt to stammer and stutter his way through some sort of feeble explanation about what each attachment was used for.

Even though he was attempting to conceal his obvious erection, his rock hard cock was clearly outlined in his light tan khakis. While it was not huge, it appeared to be a very presentable size.

With all Wendell had going against him, a two inch cock would have been the final nail in his coffin.

I could see my wife was slowly beginning to enjoy her position of superiority over poor Wendell. He was continuously losing his place in his presentation. He repeated himself several times. He could not stop looking at my wife's nipples. In their engorged condition, they were clearly obvious under the thin white silk covering. The darker color of her areolas was really quite noticeable.

She even began sitting straighter on the sofa. This move made them even more pronounced. They almost appeared ready to rip through the fabric.

All this time, Wendell was doing his level best to hide his cock. He even moved attachments in front of it to conceal it. When he did that, I would lean over and pick up the attachment he was using to conceal his erection and ask him what this one did, or that one. No matter what he did, his cock was obvious.

Debbie even chuckled a few times as Wendell was attempting to push his cock down in his trousers without us noticing. He would reach for an attachment and use his forearm to put pressure on his cock in an attempt to get it to lay flatter.

"Slide forward babe, so you can see all of his tools," I said to my wife with a smile.

Looking at me, she grimaced slightly, and then with a sigh she slid forward on the sofa. This caused the silk cover up to ride a little higher on her thighs.

Standing behind the quivering Wendell, who was entranced with her body, I signaled her to spread her legs.

She shot me a stern pursed lip look of disapproval. I shot one back at her and again signaled her to spread her legs.

She had slid to where just her apple ass was on the sofa and her locked legs were off of it. Slowly at first, she separated her legs only slightly as she pointed to an attachment to ask Wendell what it did?

His eyes darted between her slightly parted legs to the attachment she was pointing at, and then back to her slightly separated legs.

"Ah, ah, ah, that ah, oh that one ah, ah," was about the best he could do as Debbie separated her legs a little more as she was leaning down to look at the attachments. It was clear she was beginning to enjoy this cat and mouse game.

Now clearly enjoying her dominant role, Debbie said, "How about this one?" as she shifted and opening her legs much wider pointed to one father away.

This last move exposed my wife's now wet cunt completely to the gasping Wendell. I too could see her cunt easily over Wendell's shoulder. The lips to her cunt parted as she leaned over farther to point. Her juices clearly beginning to seep down to the crack of her firm apple ass.

As she leaned over further to point, her robe slipped open and one of her tits was totally exposed.

This was not missed by Wendell. "Ohhhhhhh," he moaned as the area of his trousers over the head of his cock suddenly developed a quite noticeable wet spot.

"Oops," Debbie said innocently as she noticed her right breast had slipped from her robe. "I am sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen," she said as she pressed her exposed tit back behind the silk covering. She kept her legs wide open making no attempt to close them.

Wendell's eyes were devouring her and had settled on her exposed cunt as the wet spot over his cock grew larger.

"Did you spill your water, " Debbie asked as she looked, then pointed at Wendell's obvious bulge and wet spot.

"Ah, ah, ah," was all Wendell could muster as he sprang to his feet covering his hard cock along with the growing wet spot at the same time.

"Gary, get me a towel," she said as she slid off the sofa at the cowering Wendell's feet.

"You better take those off and let me pop them in the dryer for you," she said as she pointed to his pants.

"Ah, well I ah, d-d-don't have underwear on," he stammered and mumbled.

"I will hold the towel up to cover you. Get those off so I can dry them for you," she commanded.

I had grabbed a towel and my camera. I wanted to get this on video. I returned and tossed Debbie the towel. I began shooting video. This was easy since neither of them were paying any attention to me.

She extended it up in front of the quivering Wendell and repeated, "Slip those off and I can dry that wet spot for you."

Wendell was a shaking quivering mess as he fumbled with his belt buckle and unsnapped, then unzipped his pants. He kept glancing to make sure he was behind the towel.

As he bent over to slide his pants down, Debbie lowered the towel and peered over the top. After a slight struggle he was able to get one leg out. I had moved to a different angle and caught it on camera as his cock popped free from his wet pants. It was clearly drooling pre cum, and a lot of it. He kicked his other leg free from his pants.

"Wendell," my wife said in a mock gasp, "You don't have any underwear on!"

This declaration nearly caused him to fall as his leg finally was kicked free from his pants.

"I know, I t-t-t-told you that," he gasped as he turned a dark crimson color.

Clearly having fun with it, Debbie said, "How come it's so hard," as she dropped the towel and boldly grasped poor Wendell's rock hard bobbing cock by the shaft, giving it a pump or two in the process.

I was catching all of this on video and trying not to laugh in the process.

Wendell's knees buckled as his body involuntarily slumped when my wife grabbed his cock.

Wendell was gasping for breath. Both of his hands were balled up in fists and stiff at his sides as my wife assured him it was OK, that things like this happened, and to not worry about it, she would get him cleaned up.

"What is this coming out of your penis?" Debbie asked innocently as she swiped a glop of pre cum from the slit on the head of Wendell's cock.

Wendell now had his eyes squeezed shut as he shuddered. When Debbie swiped the pre cum from the tip of his cock, his knees buckled again and his hips jerked spasmodically.

Debbie clearly loved her complete control over this poor nerd. She swiped the pre cum over her tongue and exclaimed, "It tastes funny, but it's kind of good."

Wendell's eyes popped open as he looked at my wife licking the pre cum from her fingers.

She looked up at him and asked, "Did seeing this make you hard?" as she pulled her silk cover up aside causing her left tit to jiggle into view, her nipple jutting out deliciously.

Wendell stood rigidly with his fists stiff at his sides, his eyes the size of hubcaps, as my wife pulled her top back allowing her other breast to pop from under the thin fabric.

"That stuff is still coming out of your penis," she said as she leaned forward and licked a huge glob of it from the tip of his throbbing cock.

I thought Wendell was going down with that move on my wife's part. His knees buckled big time and he nearly dropped.

"Ohhh, it's really coming out now," she said almost gleefully as she leaned forward and took the head of Wendell's cock in her mouth.

"Oh my God," was all Wendell could manage to say as my wife began moving her head forward and backward sucking on his drooling cock.

Looking up at him, she then slowly moved her face forward taking his cock into her throat until his wet balls were pressed against her chin.

She held his cock deep in her throat as she swallowed squeezing his cock with each swallow. Then she pulled her head back locking her lips around the head of his cock. She reached up and began jacking his cock rapidly.

"Oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh," Wendell shrieked, and then moaned as he filled my wife's mouth with a huge amount of thick warm cum. She was gulping and swallowing repeatedly as she struggled to drain his cock.

Finally it seemed he had finished. Debbie sucked on the head of his cock until his knees buckled violently before she released his now limp cock from her mouth.

With an audible pop, Wendell's flaccid cock fell from my wife's lips.

"Wendell!" my wife exclaimed sternly, "You came in my mouth! I certainly didn't expect you to do that! You should have warned me!" she continued in her mock rant. "I had to swallow all of that, and you came a lot! WHY DIDN'T YOU WARN ME? EEEwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, I hate that stuff! I have never done that before" she bellowed. "You knew you were going to cum in my mouth, why didn't you warn me, ewwwwwwww." She whined.

Wendell was shaking and wavering, still frozen to the spot where Debbie had sucked him off in her mouth. His limp cock dangled.

"Get your pants on and please leave," she demanded. As she stood she untied her robe allowing it to fall open. She stood before him, her robe now completely open and fully exposed and repeated.

"Wendell, put on your pants and leave," she exclaimed as she reached and grabbed his limp cock, jacking it a few times. "And cover this up!" she added.

This seemed to snap him back to reality as he quickly pulled his still wet pants up and hastily tried to zip them up. He was grabbing vacuum attachments and throwing them in his bag as he was trying to buckle his belt.

Debbie, with her robe wide open showing all of her naked body was pushing him toward the door. Wendell was clutching his vacuum, and his bag as he kept looking over his shoulder ogling my wife's naked body.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he mumbled as he stared at her nakedness and was being forcefully shoved out the front door.

Had anyone been driving by, they would have gotten to see my wife naked with her silky robe hanging open as she shoved a nerdy looking vacuum cleaner salesman with a very obvious wet crotch out the front door.

The minute the door was shut and Wendell was staggering toward his car, my wife returned and flopped on the sofa with her legs wide, her rock hard nippled tits jiggling and her cunt dripping.

"THAT!" she sighed, "Was incredible!"

"Did you see how embarrassed he was?" she squealed. "Even I don't get that red," she gushed.

"Yes she does," I thought to myself.

"He didn't know what to do when I chewed him out for cumming in my mouth," she laughed. "I thought he was going to collapse when he shot his cum in my mouth. And he had a lot of cum, probably the most I have ever had, I am sure of it. I thought he would never stop," she chuckled.

"Have you ever seen anyone so embarrassed?" she continued. She was clearly feeling for probably the first time, like she controlled the event.

"I nearly burst out laughing several times," she went on and on. "I had him so flustered he didn't know what to do. Did you see that?" she leaned back and sighed contentedly as she gazed at the ceiling.

I had slipped out of my sweat pants and since looking at my gorgeous naked wife sprawled on the sofa with her robe wide open, was clearly more than I could take, moved between her parted legs and sunk my rock hard cock deep in her wet cunt.

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