One Week Ch. 03


First off, I'd like to thank everyone who sent such nice comments. It was wonderful to receive such praise. The Third & hopefully, Fourth chapters are very much dedicated to you. I must also apologise for the delay in getting the next chapter to you and can only promise that the Fourth will not be quite so long in coming. Feel free to email me with suggestions and ideas for the continuing adventures of Louise...

I was transfixed by the sound as I stared numbly at the coffin being lowered into the ground. Huge droplets of rain splashed off the hard wood in a staccato rhythm, and I held back a sob as it disappeared from sight, deep into the earth. Water ran down my face, rivulets tracing a path through my make-up and merging with my own tears. I didn't care. She was dead and nothing would be the same again. I stood alone by the open grave, isolated from the others by more than just simple geography. I determined to keep my dignity and raised my chin proudly. She wouldn't like to see me like this. She'd have wanted me to be proud, be strong. On the other side of the grave, Emma met my fierce stare with an arrogance that made me want to lash out in anger.

Instead, I tossed the white rose I held into the grave, not waiting to see how it landed, and turned away.

I walked back to the car alone.

Bitter memories of the previous week spilled into my mind, threatening to break the carefully made dam I'd constructed around my emotions. Emma's "show" last Monday as she "outed" me came unbidden through a crack in my defences, and I burst into sobbing tears as I walked away from her grave, never to see her beautiful smile again.

I stared in horror as a stunned silence engulfed the room. I could feel every eye assessing me with a clinical detachment, Emma grinning savagely as she waited for the shock to settle and the staff to bray for my blood. Jackie stepped forward and gripped my arm possessively. She stared fiercely at Emma and when she spoke, anger resonated through the room.

"I couldn't give a damn what anyone thinks. Louise here has indicated a desire to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and last week legally changed her name. She has met with medical staff and her condition has been diagnosed. She is to be legally treated as a woman. She meets the requirements to work at this establishment."

My heart soared as Jackie revealed her masterstroke. She hadn't strictly spoken the truth, but it was nothing that couldn't be worked out if evidence were needed. Emma's face crumpled as she saw her plans brushed aside. All eyes turned to her, eager to see what her reaction would be, but she merely turned on her heels and stormed from the room. My secretary, Jenni, a tall leggy girl with wonderful hips walked over and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"You're a beautiful woman Louise. I'm happy to work for you. You're friendlier, kinder and much warmer than you ever were." I blinked back tears as more staff came forward to offer me their support and Jade led an emotional Louise to her office, sat her down and asked Jenni to fetch her some tea. Jackie had disappeared in all the commotion.

"Now that," declared Jade. "Was as good as we could possibly have hoped!" Her voice cracked slightly, and for a brief second I saw how worried she'd actually been. She wiped a tear from my cheek with a delicate finger and kissed me tenderly on my forehead.

"I have to go back to work, but I think we can say we're safe for now hun. You gonna be ok?" She looked so beautiful, staring down at me, her wondrous eyes framed with luscious, silky hair. I nodded and squeezed her hand.

"I'll be fine. You go do your thing. Make lots of money so we can go retire on an island in the next couple years." Jade gave a shy smile and whispered that she'd like that very much, before turning and leaving my office, ensuring that she wiggled her arse provocatively as she did so. My heart swelled with love and for the next hour I sat staring at my work, still numb from the morning's events. Jenni brought me some tea and she winked mischievously as she left.

The day passed in a blur, my office being visited frequently by well wishers and those wishing to gossip about the day's events. As the evening encroached upon the day, Jackie and Jade came to my office to pick me up. Jackie enveloped me in a huge bear hug and kissed me on the cheek. I made to speak, but she cut me off.

"Not a word Louise. I won't have it. You'll most likely say something stupid and sentimental and I'm far too old for such things." She bolted for the lifts and we followed in her wake, waving farewell to those stragglers staying late.

As we left the building, Jackie scraping the exhaust of her car in her haste to escape the underground car park, we turned left instead of right.

"Where're we heading to?" I asked, thinking that we were going straight home. Jackie looked at me in her rear view mirror, and smiled knowingly.

"Don't tell me you forgot?" she asked. "You've an appointment with Dr James." I almost squealed with delight. In all the fuss it had completely slipped my mind that Jade had made the appointment last week. He was the doctor who was going to help me realise the dreams that until two weeks ago, I didn't know I had.

We soon arrived at a nondescript building in the middle of an expensive estate and Jade ushered me out of the car before stepping out after me. She was dressed in a tight fitting business suit with a short skirt that clung to her thighs sexily. She wore heels that ensured she was taller than me; no mean feat considering she was almost my height and I wore four inch stiletto court shoes that matched the silk wrap-around dress I was enveloped in. It belonged to Jade, but we had started sharing clothes long ago and I liked that it still smelled faintly of her. She grabbed my hand in hers and squeezed tightly. With a nod of her head she indicated a large, oak panelled door with a small bronze plaque screwed into one of the marble stands either side of it. I suddenly felt nervous and tensed involuntarily. Jade, as ever, sensed my mood and kissed me softly on the cheek.

"Don't worry hun, you'll be fine. Just be honest with yourself and with your surgeon. Dr James helped me get to where I've always dreamed of being and he'll help you too. Just relax." I felt the worry ease away as Jade led me up the stairs and through the door, a loud squeal of tyres as Jackie sped off home.

A nervous Jade was waiting for me in the waiting room. She had her hands clenched with worry and was chewing her lower lip as I came through the door from Dr James' office. She shot up as I entered and rushed over to greet me, her heels clopping loudly on the hard floor.

"Well?" she demanded as I closed the oak panelled door behind me. "What did he say?" I put on my best sad face, but swiftly grinned as her face crumpled with sadness.

"He said I can start as soon as I want and go as far as I want!" Jade scowled at the ruse, her green eyes flaring with mock anger before embracing me and almost sobbing with joy.

"That's great hun," she said. We kissed passionately before quickly leaving the building to go celebrate. Starting with some shopping!

It's amazing how quickly the habits you develop as a man disappear. I could not imagine going back to being who I was before that fateful week. My brain had hardwired itself anew and all the mannerisms and behavioural idiosyncrasies that set the genders apart were completely female within me. As we walked down the street, laden with shopping, I held my wrists out forward as I carried my purchases. I held my back straight and my chin up whilst my feet automatically placed themselves on the invisible tightrope, giving the classic walk that wiggled my hips. I breathed through my chest, not using the stomach as men do and walked with my shoulders back to thrust my breasts out slightly.

We walked more slowly than I ever did as a man. As Owen, I had been impatient as I walked the streets and wondered how women ever got anywhere. I now knew that it wasn't the destination, but the journey that was important as we stopped in various shops to top up our shopping. Walking in high heels certainly meant that I was in no hurry to get anywhere either! My nails had also grown long and using phones and typing on keyboards felt vastly different as well.

As we sat down to eat, the new me eschewed larger and we ordered some red wine we didn't guzzle down in one go. As we ate, we chewed more, and ate smaller mouthfuls. As we talked, we used our hands more, showing much more expression and touch. It felt real and I knew that Dr James, a kindly, portly man who seemed to understand me so well after just having met me, could make that feeling real and true. As we neared the end of our meal, Jade suddenly sobered and seemed to hesitate before asking me a question.

"So how far do you want to go hun?" I sipped my wine, and smoothed my dress as I considered my answer. I shrugged.

"I don't know. All the way, part way. I really don't know. I want real breasts and hormone therapy, but after that we'll see." I looked nervously at her, not really knowing what she wanted, or how far she wanted me to go. She smiled and stroked my cheek delicately.

"You go as far as you want hun. I love you for who you are, and if you're missing bits down there, then that's fine by me." I held her hand to my face and kissed it, feeling joyous love well within me. Jade gave me her best sultry look as she read my thoughts, and arched an eyebrow seductively.

"Shall we go?" I chuckled throatily as she threw some bills on the table and we hurried out to get a cab, our shopping banging into angry customers in our haste.

As we got home, I called out a greeting to Jackie who was watching TV, and we hurried up the stairs and threw our shopping on the bed. Jade sat on the mattress and pulled me towards her, untying the belt that held my wrap-around dress together. I shrugged the silk from my shoulders and kicked off my knickers as my suddenly erect penis sprang out from its cage. As I stood before her in my tight purple, steel boned corset and stockings held up by suspenders attached to the corset, Jade stroked my penis and gazed up with lust before putting the shaft in her mouth. I arched my back with pleasure and nearly toppled over in my high heels. Reaching up, I grabbed the posts over the double bed as Jade continued to suck my throbbing cock, feeling an orgasm coming closer with every thrust down her throat.

Jade, sensing my climax was near, quickly pulled back and grinned wickedly at my expression.

"Hey!" I chided, feeling suddenly cheated. She laughed and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. I did as bade as she went into the walk in cupboard and came out holding a rubber hood. It had no eye holes and as she put it over my head, a plastic mouthpiece forced my mouth open and kept it like that. She zipped up the back and the tight material enveloped my head and neck. I heard a snickt as she locked the zip. I felt her leap off the bed and go back into the cupboard as I struggled to stop my exposed mouth drying out.

Moments later she returned and grabbed one wrist and pulled it towards one corner of the bed, before manacling it to the post with leather straps. She did the same with the other arm and then with my legs so that I was splayed on the bed, but not fully. I could just about kneel still. The bedroom went still again as she left once more and I wondered what she could be up to now. I had learnt to trust her implicitly and she had always come up with new ideas to bring me to climax, so I tried to relax and go with the flow. The world felt muffled through the thick hood and I could hear or see nothing except for my rapidly increasing breathing.

Suddenly I felt a coldness on my arse as Jade returned and rubbed cold jelly on the rim, before parting my cheeks and pushing what I thought was a large dildo up my arse. As my anus widened to let in the plug, I felt it constrict once more only to be forced open again. I realised that she was putting a chain of large beads up my arse and relaxed as she continued to put more and more of the beads up there. Just as I was starting to wonder how much more I could take, she stopped and pushed a button on the end. Suddenly my whole arse started to vibrate wildly and I bucked with joy as I felt my entire being pleasured by the anal beads.

Jade moved round to my front and suddenly I was filled with her huge cock as she shoved it through the hole in the mask and into my open mouth. Powerless to move or resist I sucked it greedily as she thrust it deep into my throat. Several weeks ago, I would have been unable to manage such a feat, especially with a cock as large as Jade's, but I'd had much practise and felt the entire shaft inside me. I moaned with pleasure as she teased it in and out and within minutes felt her pre-cum lance down my throat. She gripped the sides of my head and thrust harder as she came in huge jets of come that took all of my skill to swallow and not choke.

Making sure I licked the shaft clean of all come, she removed her cock and then placed into my mouth a rubber cock that buttoned to the sides of the hood I wore. It was easily as large as Jade's own, and filled my mouth completely, forcing me to suck it. She then slid down under me and took my own cock in her mouth, before reaching up behind me to play with the anal beads. As she pulled one of them in and out slowly from my vibrating arse, she teasinlgy licked the tip of my penis, running her tongue up and down its length and then putting the whole thing in her mouth. Unable to move, see, speak or hear, the only senses I felt were those of my sex being teased beyond imagination. My whole world was enveloped in ecstasy and as I raced towards a climax, Jade pulled the beads from my arse with one swift pull. Had I been able, I would have screamed with pleasure as my whole body shook with a powerful orgasm, Jade gulping down my cum as she pulled the last of the beads out. I lost track of time as a giddy rush of dizziness swept over me and blinked in the sudden light as Jade removed the hood and gag, before undoing the straps that held me fast.

Jade kissed me on the forehead whilst moving a lock of hair from my eye.

"Hmmm...that was nice." I purred contentedly and let her help me out of my underwear and into a satin negligee. She wore a matching one and laughed at the pair we made. She helped me from my wig and brushed it down as she put it on a stand. My own hair was growing fast and the hormones would help thicken it out. It wouldn't be long before a wig was unnecessary. I smiled at the thought and went to my bag to fetch several bottles of pills Dr James had given me. Jade got into bed and pulled the sheets open to invite me in. I curled up next to her and examined the bottles before taking one out of each and gazing at each of them. They held a future I didn't know I needed until a few weeks ago.

"Well, bottoms up," I whispered and took the first pill. Jade handed me a glass of water and smoothed my hair as I took the rest.

That night, I slept as soundly as I ever have done. I felt a peace and comfort I had never known. One of belonging.

Tuesday brought a pleasant surprise. An overnight stay in Cardiff. Jackie had wanted to send us both to Paris to work in the Firm's Offices there on a case, but my passport had yet to be changed, so that would have to wait a few more months until I could go abroad. Instead, Emma took that case and headed over to France. I felt relieved. She would be out of my hair until Friday at the earliest, hopefully not until next Monday. As an added bonus, Jackie presented me with a set of keys as I headed into the kitchen for breakfast. She was decked out in an elegant velvet dress and matching jacket with a large hat perched precariously on her head.

"Off to the races hun?" I asked, whilst complementing her on her appearance. She looked stunning. I was dressed rather more conservatively with a satin blouse and high waisted pencil skirt over my obligatory corset and stockings. Jade had tied my hair up in a bow and I felt nervous about exposing my neck so, but she assured me that my adam's apple was so small no one would notice it. She'd kept it up with two black chopsticks and I sighed with pleasure at the sophisticated look it afforded me. I wore some new boots I'd bought yesterday; a pair of fashionable shoes, much like a man's Italian work shoes, but made with patent leather and wicked five inch heels and pointed toes. A lace had come undone, so I knelt down to tie them as Jackie spoke.

"I sure am Louise darling, I sure am. Might I say you look ravishing today as well. Those hormones already make you glow! Here. A present." She held out a set of keys and I looked at them in puzzlement. She'd already given me her house keys. I held out a hand and she dropped them in, which was when I noticed the label on the key.

"Jackie, really, you can't. I can't accept this. You've already done too much for me," I protested as she stepped towards me and closed my hand around the key. She smiled.

"Your humility is the very reason I can Louise. You've changed a lot these last few weeks. Completely unrecognisable from the uncouth man you once were. You are my daughter and I want to spoil you. I've never had kids, and I'm all alone here, so it's my pleasure. It makes me feel like the mother I never was. Besides, you've a long journey ahead of you today and I'm sure you won't want to take the train whilst I take the car to the races."

I frowned, confused once more. It often happens around Jackie. She tends to start new conversation half way through.

"You and Jade are off to Cardiff. A sister firm needs your expertise and have asked specifically for you two. Our Chinese hosts from last week have spread the word about you two, so you're now officially in demand." I went upstairs to pack for the night as Jackie followed me up to say goodbye to Jade and talk shop briefly about the clients we were meeting. Taking our bags to the front door, I went outside to admire the present Jackie had bought me. With the help of Jade, naturally. In the drive sat a beautiful Ferrari Fiorano, all smooth curves and gleaming red in the sunlight.

"Well," said Jade in a deadpan voice. "Guess we'll need to pack less."

The journey to Cardiff took less than two hours and the Ferrari was a joy to drive. We pulled up at the St Davids Hotel that overlooked the bay with plenty of time to go before our meeting. As I pulled up to the luxurious doorway a harried looking attendant came out to greet us. As we stepped from the car, Jade displaying her long legs with a short leather skirt and outrageous heels and myself still in my pencil skirt, his eyes widened with lust. I tossed him the keys and told him to take care of my baby with a wink and a grin. He blushed further and stammered a welcome before stepping nervously into the car.

I looked a Jade and giggled as we made our way into the opulent entrance to the Hotel. As we gave our details at the desk, an attractive blonde processed our names and gave us both a demure smile. "Would you prefer two rooms?" she asked, her tone suggesting she knew the answer. She had large breasts bursting from her blouse and long shapely legs. Her name badge identified her as Alice. Jade chuckled and whispered conspiratorially, leaning close to her ear.

"One room, please hun, and one bed also." Alice chuckled back and gazed at us both with open appreciation.

"Glad to hear it," she replied. "And please, if there's anything we, or rather, I, can do to make your stay here any better, please don't hesitate to ask." She handed over the key card and winked at me as we walked off, Jade grinning wildly and laughing as I blushed.

"Why Louise, don't tell me you're abashed!" She grinned some more and took my arm as we made our way to our room where our bags were waiting. It was huge and tastefully decorated with modern, yet cosy furniture. A balcony overlooked the bay and I sat gazing out at the water as the sun warmed my face.

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