One Week With Uncle Steve


"Kneel down, Jim." I obeyed. "Jack me off, son. I need to explode."

I didn't hesitate. I eagerly wrapped my hand around the monster relishing how it felt and began to stroke. Using my own cum as motion lotion was a new and exciting experience for me. Holding his cock in my hand was a dream come true. As I jacked Uncle Steve's cock, my own penis began to recover and harden again. The scene was certainly surreal. I had never been more sexually charged. I stopped for a second and moved to the other side of the chair. When I resumed masturbating him, I reached in with my free hand and encircled his balls with my fingers. It brought an instant smile to my lips.

"Wow," I said. "I love your balls."

"Oh, ya," Uncle Steve whispered. He closed his eyes and his head fell back against the chair.

"Suck on it," Mr. Penis said. I ignored him. I didn't think I was quite ready for that.

"You're ready. You want to, and we both know it. Get your lips around that monster, you little coward. Taste Uncle Steve's seed"

I shook my head, but I had to admit, Mr. Penis was right about this. I stopped my stroke and moved to the center of the chair between the two big casts. Uncle Steve opened his eyes and raised his head. Our eyes met and locked.

"Mr. Penis wants me to suck on it. Is that okay?"

Uncle Steve smiled. He reclined his head back and closed his eyes.

I pulled his monster penis forward and stared at it. "Yummy. Go for it." I'd seen enough porn to know how it was done. I started at his balls and stuck my tongue out and traced around them sucking each one in turn into my mouth. My uncle moaned. Then I trailed the tip of my tongue up the underside of his cock. "Damn this is fun!" I made little circles around the bottom of the glans, just as I liked to do with my fingers when I masturbated. "Down the hatch, bucko!"

I wet my lips, pulled his cock a bit more forward, rose up slightly, slidding my lips over the head taking it into my mouth. I sucked gently on the glans running my tongue over it. It was so velvety and soft, yet so big and hard. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it. "Faggot!!" Mr. Penis shouted with glee.

I lowered my mouth down the shaft. "Deep throat it, baby. You can do it!" I tried, I honestly tried. I slid the glans to the back of my mouth and into my throat but I gagged immediately and backed off. Uncle Steve put a hand on my head.

"Go easy, lad. It's your first time. You're doing fantastic."

I paid him no heed and Mr. Penis kept urging me on. I plunged down forcing his cock head into my throat, again gagging, pulling away to catch my breath. "See how deep you can take it." I stayed higher on the shaft and moved my mouth up and down, caressing his balls with light little tickles. When I felt comfortable, I gradually increased the depth, looking for the place where it didn't start the gag reflex, and I found it, just before it touched the back of my tongue.

I stopped long enough to work up a big mouthful of saliva and slid a wet finger back toward his anus making little probing movements against that tight little opening. Uncle Steve moaned and tried to open his legs a little wider. I slid one finger slightly inside his ass hole. He groaned loudly.

My other hand gathered up the saliva running down the sides of his cock, and I stroked along with the rhythm of my mouth. Faster and faster I went. I could tell he was close to cumming. I couldn't wait to taste his semen. His body began to shake and quiver. He placed both hands on the top of my head. He didn't push. He just held them there in a loving embrace, running his fingers over my bristly head.

"That's it, Jimbo. You're suckin' me so good."

"Go baby, go. Swallow his seed."

My own cock was rock hard again. I really wanted to grab a hold and stroke it, but Mr. Penis unfortunately didn't have any hands and both mine were busy. I stroked my uncle's penis in the firmest grip I could, letting the saliva drool down over my hand. I furiously sucked on the glans and worked my finger in and out of his anus.

"That's it! That's it. You're a cock sucking queer!"

"Ahhhh, Jimbo! Ohhh, fuck. Suck it, son! Suck it!! Yes! Yes! Ooooooooooo!"

Uncle Steve's balls shrank into hard little knots and almost disappeared into his groin. His cock swelled even bigger. "Holy shit!!" And then his hands gripped my head and held it tightly to his hips. I shoved my finger as deep as I could into his ass and stroked his shaft like a mad man. When I felt the first taste of semen, I took him to the deep spot in my mouth just above the back of my tongue so as not to gag, and blast after blast of semen and sperm shot into my mouth and down my throat. "Swallow, fool! Swallow!!" And I did, as fast as I could, mouthful after mouthful. It wasn't easy to swallow with a cock that big filling my mouth, but I managed, marveling at how much I enjoyed the taste.

When his cock stopped its explosive ejaculations, I slowed my stroke and lifted my mouth away swirling some of his cum around with my tongue savoring the musky flavor. I was ecstatic! My strokes were very slow now, but each one brought a drop or two of semen out of his urethra, and each drop was caught on my tongue and into my mouth. I had never dreamed anything like this was even possible. I felt wonderful.

I pulled my finger out of his ass, gave a little squeeze of affection to his balls, and continued milking what semen I could from his cock. I continued as it slowly softened in my hands, gently stroking upward and licking what cum I could find at the tip of his magnificent penis. I let the last few drops dribble down onto my hand. I loved its distinctive odor and licked the semen from my hand.

After a few minutes, his hands took the sides of my head and lifted me up so that he could look into my face. There was so much peace and serenity in his eyes. He smiled showing his pearly white teeth.

"Jimbo, that was wonderful. I think you and I are going to have a special relationship from here on out. What do you think?"

"I think I never dreamed it would be this good." I turned my head kissed his hand. That made him smile even more.

"You know it would be best if this remains a secret, don't you? I'm quite happy in my little closet."

"That's okay with me, Uncle Steve."

"Sit my chair upright, will you?" I got up and maneuvered the chair in the upright position. He kept his eyes glued to my still hard cock.

"Now, Jimbo, come here close between my legs." I did as I was told.

He reached in and took my balls in his hand and began a gentle sweet caress, fondling them with a look of love on his face.

"Jimbo, I hope you believe this, but that was the best blow job anybody ever gave me."

"See! Born to suck cock!!"

Uncle Steve leaned foreword and took my cock in his mouth. It was a little awkward for him.

"Climb up here and straddle me." I obeyed and once in position, he comfortably took my cock in his mouth and gave me the best blow job of my life. "It's the only blow job in your life, fool!" I ignored Mr. Penis as I filled Uncle Steve's wet, and wonderfully warm mouth with my semen.


We decided it would be much easier to administer my uncle's medical needs if I slept with him. It also gave us plenty of opportunity for frequent and vigorous sex. The first three days was filled with wonderful mutual masturbation and heavenly blow jobs. Uncle Steve wasn't use to this much sex, but I needed to beat off at least twice a day, so we found ingenious ways to take care of both our needs.

Even though in our first conversation about sex, Uncle Steve had said he wanted to take my anal cherry, fucking my in the ass was a subject yet to come again. That fact wasn't lost on Mr. Penis, who out of the blue decided it was time for Jimbo to take that monster up his rectal orifice. "You want that big piece of meat up your ass, fool. You know it, and I know it!"

I tried to ignore him. The thought of something that big sliding in and out of my anus was a little scary. I did like sticking my vibrating dildo up there, but that wasn't even as big as my own penis. But Mr. Penis kept at it, and pretty soon, the thought became too tantalizing. "Just imagine it," Mr. Penis would say. "That monster of a cock, buried to the hilt, balls resting against your ass cheeks, no gagging, the whole nine yards, or is it ten, driven deep into your bowels, sliding in and out, pumping gallons of out jizz into you." I couldn't resist. Uncle Steve hadn't said anything, so I guess it was going to be up to me. Maybe that's the way he wanted it.

We finished dinner which meant it was bath time. Uncle Steve stretched out on his bed, buck naked except for the two enormous casts. A large beach towel was under him, and with a tub of warm water, a wash cloth and a bar of soap we began our ritual. I used the wash cloth to moisten his skin. I started at the top and worked down, so the last thing I did was his groin and ass cleavage. That way, if he wanted a blow job or a hand job it would be climactic.

When I got to his groin, his cock immediately sprang to life.

"Wooh, there pardner! Does this mule want to gallop?" I said. Uncle Steve laughed.

"It sure looks that way," he replied.

I finished washing his cock and scrubbed his ass cleavage. His penis rose to full height when I scrubbed his anus. I took my time there, working a finger inside him and teasing his balls. I leaned in and sucked on his cock for a while managing two fingers into his ass. When He started to get more excited, I stopped.

"You know, Uncle Steve, I believe you claimed my ass cherry." I curled up on his wonderfully big chest and hugged him, sucking and nibbling on his little nipples. He lifted my head up and gave me a long, deep kiss. We'd never done that before. His tongue darted into my mouth and I melted into him, tongues intertwining and exploring each other's mouths. It took my breath away. A whole new experience.

"You ready to give it up?"

"Mr. Penis said it's long over due."

"The first time hurts a little. Especially with a big cock like mine."

"I don't care. I want it so bad."

"We'll take it very slow. A little at a time. If it hurts, we'll stop until your anus muscles relax, then go a little deeper. Once I'm all the way inside, we'll just rest there until you're comfortable. After that, I think you're going to like it...a lot." I smiled broadly and kissed him deeply.

"I love you, Uncle Steve." I don't think he expected that. It took him back a bit, but then he smiled.

"I love you too, Jimbo."

I got off the bed and took all my clothes off. Uncle Steve always watched me with a hungry look when I undressed.

"So what do we do first? Motion lotion?" He nodded and looked at the night stand. Of course I knew where it was. We used it when we jacked off each other. I retrieved it from the top drawer.

"Bring it here," he said. "Bend over." I followed my instructions, and Uncle Steve started working the lotion into my anus and lightly stroked my cock. I loved his fingers inside me. I was so excited I was afraid I would cum before his cock found its home there.

Once he was satisfied I was well lubed, he lay back down.

"Here, smear this all over my cock." I obliged. "Now wipe your hands off on the beach towel and straddle me." I cleaned the lotion off my fingers and threw a leg over his big, beautiful body.

"So here's out it works. Rise up and position yourself and work your hips back and forth dragging your ass hole over the head of my cock. You'll feel when it slides past you anus. Keep working it until it's in the perfect location. Don't rush. You want your rose bud to get used to the idea. Once you're in the right place just gently start to push down, coaxing that sweet cherry hole to open.

"Silently talk to it. Ask it to open. Tell it how good it's going to feel once I'm inside. Just keep lowering your self. If it hurts, stop and talk to your body. Relax your muscles. As soon as it stops hurting, take a little more. No hurry. Don't worry about me. My joy is having your cherry.

"Once my head pops passed the sphincter muscle of your anus, it'll be easier. Then you can slowly relax everything and drop down and rest on top of me. Then, my sweet wonderful nephew, I'll lay still while you fuck me how ever you want. Any questions?"

I had already started rubbing against his cock head. It felt so good I shook my head and proceeded with his instructions. I pushed a couple of times just to feel it out. It seemed way too big to fit. I was afraid it wasn't going to happen.

Almost as if he could red my mind, he smiled and said, "It'll happen. Like I said. No rush. Be patient. Just think about how good it's going to make me feel. It already feels wonderful. Your sweet little fuck hole rubbing against my cock." He closed his eyes and lay very still. "That's it. Fuck me, Jimbo."

I continued rubbing back and forth. Mr. Penis had the conversation with my anus.

"Relax, bitch!" Unfortunately Mr. Penis wasn't very subtle. "We all know you want it. Surrender. Let Uncle Steve inside. You can do it." And slowly I did relax. Rubbing back and forth, I continued to exert some downward pressure. It began to feel better and better, so I pushed harder and harder. The sphincter muscle began to open up, just a tiny bit, but enough that I felt I had made some progress.

"That's it," Uncle Steve whispered. "Keep it up. Feels so good."

I tested how far I could go, and pushed down hard, but the muscle immediately reacted and tightened up, so I rubbed back and forth some more, and whispered to my self to relax. Mr. Penis jumped right in.

"Okay, that's it. Listen up you fucking boy pussy. Open up! The man meat is coming home. Come on little Jimmie, drop down on ol' Uncle Steve and bury that piece of hot flesh!"

I started pushing extra hard, backed off, rubbed my anus against his cock, pushed some more, backed off again. It was a little dance. As I rubbed ass against cock, it felt good. When I pushed down, it hurt, but less so each time. Over and over again until all of sudden, I felt a little pop, and his glans penetrated passed the sphincter ring into my rectum. "Yahoo!!"

"Oh ya," Uncle Steve moaned. "You're in, lover boy."

I couldn't move. I felt like I was impaled, which of course I was. I reached around behind me and felt with my hand. His cock head was definitely inside my ass hole and so very much more still remained outside. I reached lower and ran my fingers over his balls. I had a big grin across my face.

"You're in, Uncle Steve. My cherry is yours!" He grinned back at me.

"When your ready, just relax and let all of me inside."

"Bullshit! Collapse on him and bury that beast!! Quit wasting time!"

I usually try to ignore Mr. Penis, but this time he sounded like he made sense. So I tried to do just as he said. I relaxed all my muscles that held me suspended over my uncle, and felt his cock start to slide in deeper. Suddenly the pain was unbelievable, and I cried out and stopped.

"Holy shit!! That hurts!"

"Remember, no rush," my uncle whispered. "Play with my balls some more. Feels good to me, and it'll take your mind off it."

I reached back and started tickling his nuts. I loved how they felt in my hands. I cupped them and gave them gentle squeezes, rolling their egg shapes under the skin. I ran my fingers up and down the part of his cock that remained outside my body. It was about a third of the way inside. I tried to picture how much that was, and it seemed like the rest should fit, so I relaxed slightly and felt it slide in a little more. Painful but not like before.

I placed both palms on Uncle Steve's chest, running my fingers through the matting of hair and over his well defined muscles. I leaned far forward and kissed his mouth, and we frenched for a while. I guess Uncle Steve had had enough. Catching me completely be surprise, he reach up and grabbed my hips and pulled me down, burying his massive cock into my rectum. I bolted into an upright position. The pain almost overwhelmed me. My body shook. For a brief moment, I felt completely violated. I must have had a look of horror on my face. But he smiled, reached up and started caressing my limp cock.

"Sorry, Jimbo. Relax lover boy. Just relax. Hand me the lube."

I didn't think I could move. It felt like his cock was all the way up inside my stomach, but some how I turned, found the bottle of lotion and handed it to him. He squirted a bunch on my cock and started rubbing it over my little cock and balls.

As he slowly worked the lotion around my genitals, my cock began to respond and grow. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the movement of his hand. It felt really good once I was hard, and the pain went away in my ass.

"Reach back now,' he said. "Feel how deep I am."

I reached back and his balls were tight against my cheeks.

"Oh, my god. I can't believe you're all the way inside me." He smiled broadly and continued to stroke my now fully erect penis.

"From here on out, it only gets better. Give it a few more minutes, and then start rising up off me until the only thing left inside is my head."

I loved how good his hand felt on my cock, but I fell forward anyway and hugged his chest pinning his hand between us. He pulled his hand out.

"Rock your hips up just a tiny bit, just enough to feel me inside you."

I buried my face into his neck and rocked my hips up. The feeling was unbelievable. Tiny movements up and down and side to side started sending waves of pleasure through me.

"No doubt about it. We are faggots." I had wondered where Mr. Penis had gone. I rocked back into an upright position and reached back for one more feel with Uncle Steve's cock buried completely inside me. He started stroking my cock again.

"Don't make me cum yet, Uncle Steve. This feels so good. I want it to last as long a possible." He only smiled and moved his attentions to my balls. After a few more minutes, I put my hands on his thighs behind me and pushed off raising my hips into the air. The feeling of his engorged cock sliding out of my ass was, is, indescribable.

I did as he suggested and raised up high enough for his cock to slide out leaving only the fat, purple head hidden inside. Again I reach back to feel the lay of the land. My ass and his cock, and even his balls, were slick with lotion.

"Open a hand," he said. I brought one hand around and he squirted a large helping of lotion into my palm.

"Rub around my cock." I did as he commanded. "Rub what remains on your hand over your sweet little pecker." This too I did. Then he took my hips in his hand and pulled me back down again in one swift movement, burying his rod back into my rectum. "That's a fuck hole now." It certainly was.

While Uncle Steve rubbed my cock and balls, I started lifting my hips up and down, withdrawing his cock out of my fuck hole and plunging it back into the depths as deep as it could go.

We started a rhythm with my hips rolling up and down, his cock sliding in and out of me, and his hand stroking my cock. It was heavenly. Even Mr. Penis was speechless.

The pace quickened to a frenzy. I wanted to cum now so very badly, but more so, I wanted my uncle to fill my ass with a hot load of his semen. I pushed his hand away afraid I would cum before he did. With my concentration fully on his massive penis sliding in and out of my rectum, I humped with vigor.

Every stroke of that monster inside me brought moans and grunts from me I had never heard before. It was pain and pleasure at the same time. As it slid out, a bolt of pleasure rolled through me. The head rubbed up against my sphincter muscle, and when it plunged inside me again, it was like being filled to brim with some kind of divine essence.

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