tagErotic CouplingsOne Weekend Stand Ch. 04

One Weekend Stand Ch. 04


There was no way she was going to ask how he found their way back to the cabin with no landmarks, no compass and no map to follow. No way she was going to give him the satisfaction. It was silly of her, even childish, and she knew it. But, as she so often reminded her husband, it's a woman's prerogative to be silly and childish at any time. And this was going to be one of those times. Still, he'd unerringly led them back here. No hesitation. No drifting. No mistakes. That made it more than upsetting. It made it infuriating. Well, she still had a few tricks she could play that would give him a taste of his own medicine. Even if he did end up liking it in the end.

Back inside the cabin she suggested that he put together that contraption they'd discovered, while she'd find some way to amuse herself, but still be nearby if he needed a hand. She waited until he returned, dragging the straps and poles behind him, before she began to put her own plan into action.

Step one immediately got his attention, as she stripped off her top and carelessly threw it on the bed. When he stopped to admire her bare breasts, she made a shooing gesture to indicate that he should turn his attention back to the task at hand. She had to suppress a smile, knowing that she'd already flustered him. She lay back onto the bed's massive pile of pillows, watching him as he studied the contraption's confusing jumble of parts. Every time he paused to look at her, she pointedly nodded her head at the parts strewn across the floor, as if she was royalty and he was a mere servant. When he was finally spending more time on his project than looking at her, she put the next step into effect.

Lazily, languidly, sexily, she pushed down her shorts, then lifted her legs and scooched them down her body, pausing once they were dangling from her toes, and then flipped them into the air and right into his work space. She left her legs extended and watched with amusement as his gaze swept up from her manicured toes, up between her legs, where her sheer bikini panties just barely covered her swelling mound and moistening slit. It felt like she was undressing for him for the first time again, and despite the fact that she was teasing him cruelly, she was also very pleased that she'd so thoroughly captured his attention. She let his gaze linger in a way that she hoped made him ache, then demurely closed her legs and once again shooed his attention back to his construction project. It was fun to make him crazy, but it was also turning her on.

She waited again until he was deeply engrossed, then put step three into motion. Taking the mysterious key from the night stand, she clambered over the bed and retrieved the box from inside the trunk, her firm breasts dangling provocatively just a few feet from his face. But he barely glanced up. Was her game growing tired and old? Feeling just a bit exasperated, she worked the key into the lock and popped open the box. Her eyes grew wide. Though she'd expected something secret, she hadn't expected this.

The box was full of sex toys. Vibrators and dildos, to be specific. In all sizes and colors. And in all degrees of realism, from eggs to tubes to extremely realistic cocks, fully helmeted and strongly veined. She thought back to the note about everything being cleaned and sanitized, and even though she felt a little squeamish, her curiosity won out and she began removing her new discoveries from the box, twisting and turning them to see what delights each was designed to impart. A quick glance showed that he was still absorbed in his project. Now she could make step three even more distracting.

Rummaging around in the box, she selected a realistic dildo, complete with synthetic balls, about six inches long and plenty thick. Working behind the lid of the box, she coated it with some lubricant that had conveniently been left in the box. Then, slowly, so as not to attract his attention, she sat back amongst the pillows, placed a big pillow in her lap, and squirmed out of her panties. With that removal accomplished, she pushed the pillow aside and spread her legs, her feet flat on the bed and her pussy pointed right at him. He didn't even look up.

Smiling wickedly, she began rubbing the cock head up and down along her slit, the lubricant leaving a wet trail all along her engorged pussy lips. She probed a little deeper, letting the head part her lips, but not venturing into her deep wet hole. Patience, she counseled herself. That would come soon enough. She'd been silent to this point, but she was still amazed that he hadn't looked her way. Time to deal with that. Carefully, as smoothly as a cat, she set aside her new toy and pulled one of the big, deep pillows under her ass, so her pussy would be propped up and clearly on display. Then, she grabbed the dildo again, reveling in the erotic feel of its massive weight against her cunt, her hole stretching, stretching to accommodate its satisfying girth. With it finally positioned halfway inside her, she thumbed the switch and turned it on, the vibration buzzing through her body, from her tits to her toes.

That sound, finally, got his attention, and she grinned in triumph as his head snapped up and his mouth dropped open. Knowing she'd already won this round, she just as quickly ignored him, shutting her eyes and directing all of her attention to the fuck stick now pulsating so pleasantly inside her hole. Knowing that he was looking, staring, mesmerized, she prodded and pulled the vibrator in and out of her, the buzzing growing muffled as she pressed it home, then growing louder as she freed it from the wet walls of her inner prison. She couldn't stand not seeing his reaction though, and decided on a compromise, watching him through slitted eyelids, appearing disdainful of him while enjoying her command of his attention.

Soon, though, she surrendered to the pure ecstasy of it, the vibration that set her clit to tingling while the fullness made her hunger for more. Her husband liked to watch her do this to herself, fuck herself with a vibrator while she fantasized about the exotic and erotic, both locales and men. She'd lie, of course, when he pressed her for details about her fantasies. She'd tell him that he was the one pressing home his advantage, causing her to arch her back and cry out for more. His ego was fragile enough without her planting another doubt in his mind, no matter that he begged to know the reality of her thoughts.

Now, though, she needed no fantasy to fuel her passion. She needed to prepare no lies about what had set her off. She could focus with laser-like precision on the point where cock met pussy met clit. Where hardness met softness met wetness. Where friction met ridges met heat. She could twist and tug and pull to find the perfect place, reach the perfect place, then follow it like an itch that, once scratched, only cropped up somewhere else, demanding to be scratched again. She bucked against the intruder, screwed it into her fuck hole, not even noticing when the box of women's wonders toppled over, spilling a score of sex toys all over the bed. She would cum soon, and she had no attention for anything but that.

He hadn't recovered from his shock quite as quickly as he would've liked. Maybe it was the sight of her thin, pale legs, wantonly spread like some slut in a movie. Maybe it was the way she was so seductively screwing herself with a life-size realistic dildo. Maybe it was the hot liquids glistening along her slit, making him wonder whether that was lube, or pussy juice, or both. Or maybe it was the fact that she'd propped herself up, her cunt clearly on display for him, her nipples hard atop her breasts, her face twisted by pleasure, her hair twisted by exertion, her legs twisted by the effort of shoving that big, thick, veined monster deeper inside of her than any man had probably ever probed, and him wanting nothing more than to rip it from her and replace it with his own pulsing cock, slamming it in to the hilt and crushing her against the bed, pressing himself to reach that undiscovered paradise deep inside her. Or maybe it was realizing that the whole thing was a plan to distract him from his work and get revenge for knowing the way back to the cabin. And though the urge to savagely fuck her remained, he somehow, with gargantuan effort, managed to refrain.

Two can play at this game, he thought, his erection painfully pressing against his shorts as he climbed to his feet. Randomly selecting one of the forgotten porn DVDs from the counter, he strode to the player, turned it on and loaded the disc. The flat screen came immediately to life and he used the remote to fast forward a few chapters, knowing that these were usually the beginning of a sex scene, and not some inanely acted scene setter. He was rewarded with the sight of two men, one black and one white, preparing to fuck a medium-breasted blond girl, her eyes sparkling blue but set too far apart, her body tight but well-curved, her ass full and promising.

She knelt between them, naked and available, the way a good slut should be, and alternately sucked their cocks, preparing them to enter her body from every angle and in every hole. He knew what would happen. These things always followed a script, even if the director tried to mix up the order. She'd suck them hard, though it would be more due to the Viagra than anything. Then one would fuck her pussy while the other fucked her face. They might trade places. One might lick her pussy. Not to pleasure her, of course, but to satisfy the obsession that had taken hold of him. She would get fucked hard from behind, so the man in her mouth would benefit from the impact transmitted along her lovely body. Soon, one would probe and then enter her ass, causing her to gasp until her anus opened enough to accommodate him. There'd be another switching of places. Then, in a flash, she'd be atop one of them, his cock deep in her ass, and she'd lean back and open her cunt hole for the other to enter, giving her the double penetration that every woman presumably dreamed about. Sure, she might flip over at some point, so the man on top could actively fuck her up the ass. Finally, though, having taken all the pleasure they could from her, having exhausted all the positions available, they'd pull out for the money shot. Both on her face and in her waiting, open mouth. Or one over her ass and one on her face. Or if she was big breasted, all over her tits. Or, if it was a kinky film, just inside her pussy, so the camera could linger lovingly over the leaking cream that marked that woman as someone's property.

He didn't really care which scenario they followed. He wasn't going to watch. He didn't even know whose DVD he'd selected. But if she was going to use a buzzing vibrator to tease and taunt him, now he had a weapon in the game. Full color, stereo enhanced, up close and personal electric sex.

On the screen, one of the men, sporting an improbably huge cock, was just beginning to penetrate the girl's tight, neatly shaven pussy. The other man, also waving an embarrassingly well-endowed cock, was forcing her to lick his balls, since clearly she'd be unable to suck more than the first two inches of his girth into her mouth. He looked back to the bed. Ah-ha! She was just as intrigued as he had been, though she quickly transferred her attention back to the boner still jammed deep inside her pussy. He bent back to his task, then stopped, suddenly aware of the surreality of it all. It was a scene that even a porn writer might decline to use, so improbable was it. He, alone in a cabin with a woman he'd lusted after, building a kinky sex toy, while she, the demure, shy but teasing object of his desire who had somehow shed her naiveté and become a wanton sex maniac, naked and writhing on a bed just steps from him, completely uninhibited and unlike herself at any time he'd ever known her. And he, not the least bit puzzled by the suddenness of her performance, or the least bit amazed by the depravity she was exhibiting. Not even wondering what had gotten into her, asking if she'd taken some mind-bending drug, or investigating the means by which she'd shed all her inhibitions. Instead, he had responded by showing a pornographic film, of a kind she'd often expressed disdain for, and then returned to a seemingly innocuous task, while the two of them were bathed in layer upon layer of hormone-enhanced sexual depravity. And despite the surreality of it all, he didn't feel compelled to question it any further. After all, she didn't appear to be worried about it.

She opened her eyes in response to his lips pressing down upon hers, and his hand removing the vibrating dildo from between her legs. She'd won! She'd distracted him from his project and forced him to attend to hers. No matter that she'd never gotten off all the way, even though the small orgasms along the way had been pleasurable enough. He could help with that. He would do what she ordered now and put a capstone on her self-pleasuring project. She'd won.

Only, she saw then, that she hadn't won. Hanging from one of the rafters was a hammock swing, just like she'd guessed. No, not precisely, because though it had the look of a swing, there was no real bottom or back to it. In fact, it looked as if someone had taken a hammock swing and cut away most of the strands, leaving just the supporting straps.

"Have you ever tried a sex swing?" he asked, leading her to it by the hand. She shook her head, secretly pleased that he'd named it without making her ask. She'd heard of sex swings before, of course, but had never really seen one in action, not even in any of the porn movies her husband had made her watch. It probably wasn't a real common piece of equipment.

She looked it over, wondering what all the different straps were for, and guessing that she was about to find out. Why this made her feel squeamish after she'd just masturbated for him on the bed was something she didn't understand. But, she was a woman, and sometimes she didn't even understand herself.

The swing was attached at the top to a huge hook ingeniously hidden in the overhead beam, anchoring it at the top. Then came a few links of heavy-duty chain, and then a thick, long spring. Attached to that were a number of nylon straps, some thin, some thick, with most covered by adjustable foam pads. She didn't know how to get in, and wasn't sure she wanted to.

Apparently her concern showed on her face. "How many chances in life are you going to get to try this kind of thing out?" he asked, his gaze serious and thoughtful. "This is the weekend for that. No guilt. No recriminations. No expectations for the future," he reminded her. "Just you. Me. And whatever trouble we can get into."

He was right. They'd done much with each other for the first time, but nothing that she'd never, ever done before. This would be new. And it would be something just for her. Something she didn't need to share with her husband. Something he wouldn't always be bugging her to repeat.

She allowed him to position her body within the straps, sliding back into the net of nylon until it was supporting her weight. It was a lot like sitting on a swing, if the wooden board at the bottom had been removed, and you were just sitting on the rope itself. Four main straps met at the apex, and other nylon strips with Velcro stitched to them dangled along their length. Once she was as comfortably seated as possible, he tied her wrists high over head, using the Velcro strips to keep them in place. OK, that felt different. Then he slipped each ankle through another loop. That's when the genius of the sex swing became apparent. She was in a seated position, her legs spread wide, with no impediment to come between his cock and her pussy. And with her hands tied above her head, she was virtually helpless. If only it hadn't taken so long to get in place. That had been a real mood breaker. Still, she'd wanted to know what it was. Had insisted on it, in fact. And now she did.

Ohhh. Now she really did, as he let his shorts drop to the floor, revealing his thick, stiff cock, a drop of pre cum on the tip glistening in the daylight. And her, unable to resist its passage into her valley, and not really wanting to. This, this was a new, erotic sensation, and she became instantly convinced that humans were designed to make love in precisely this position. His cock, as he entered her, pulled and tugged at the skin around her clit, stimulating it in a subtle and luxurious way. That pleasure was only punctuated when his body met hers, the muscles of his groin slapping against her lips and clit, a sharp, electric shock after a tantalizing preview. The swing allowed him to maneuver in from different directions, and she was thrilled to see that whenever she moaned louder, he would immediately duplicate that direction. He wasn't dominating her as he could have. He was actually ensuring that she experienced the very greatest pleasure.

It wasn't, however, a very comfortable position for her. He simply had to stand there. For her, though, it was a matter of balancing the pain of the straps with the pleasure of his penetration. And soon the straps were winning. When she complained about the pain, he quickly moved to reposition her. But instead of releasing her legs, he pulled them into higher loops. Now she was nearly jackknifed in two, much as if he had bent her legs back against her chest when they were going at it last night. They tried it that way for a while. It was clearly tighter for him, and she got to feel him deeper inside than ever. But still the straps interfered with her really being able to enjoy it all. It was fun, but not really passionate.

He seemed to feel the same way, and they spent quite some time experimenting with the many ways that she, and he, could be positioned and fucked in the sex swing. Some made her want to try the same position in bed. Others just made both of them giggle and laugh at the absurdity of it. Some were silly to do but felt intense, like the time she sat cross-legged in the swing and he lay on the floor below her. Pulling down on the straps, he lowered her cunt down onto his up thrust cock, then used the spring action to create a powerful fucking movement. the tightness and fullness had felt incredible, though they couldn't keep from laughing whenever they thought about how bizarre it must look. Finally she'd had enough experimenting, and she sent him to open some more wine while she made herself comfortable on the bed, selecting one of the toys before pushing the rest aside.

That was bizarre, he thought, as he pulled out another bottle of wine and proceeded to uncork it. He hadn't doubted his ability to put the sex swing together, even though he'd only seen one in a sex shop, and had never actually used one. There were, after all, only a few logical ways that it could go together. More amazing was her enthusiasm to actually trying it. Maybe he had a constricted perception of her actual sexual experience, but he'd have been willing to bet that something so unusual would've been way outside her comfort zone. Was it him? Was it the freedom and privacy of this place? Or was it the silent agreement that they both seemed to make that whatever happened here would stay here, like Vegas without the glitz. She was surprising him more and more.

Despite thinking that very thought, he still almost dropped the tray of wine and snacks when he turned to head back to the bed. She was still naked, but kneeling on her hands and knees on the bed, her ass pointed at him, and her face peering at him with something that could only be described as a "come hither" look. Who was this woman, and what had she done with the other one?

In spite of her immensely effective attempt to seduce him, he still had enough will power left to take a moment to study her. Though her eyes could hold his attention for months on end, and he had always been a fan of her breasts in a totally sexual way, her butt had always been intriguing to him. It was small and tight and boyish, there was no arguing with that. Yet just now, it was one of the sexiest things he'd ever seen. Especially the way the small globes of her ass left her pussy lips in full view, engorged and swollen, with her slit completely visible and awaiting his touch. From her thin, tight thighs to her svelte legs and tiny feet, he felt like every inch of her was welcoming him to come and take her.

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