One Wild Weekend


Once again he readjusted and his tongue was once again flicking my clit. He cupped his hand and slid his fingers up my shaft. He found the spot and stroked. I was lost. I screamed out my orgasm as the world tilted and I saw stars. It kept going on and on as my pussy flooded and he lapped up my juices. He slowed his assault and slowly removed his fingers from me and stood to claim another kiss. I could taste myself on his lips. My arms snaked around his shoulders pulling him close. I could feel his cock at the entrance to my core. My brain momentarily engaged enough to wonder where his swim trunks had gone.

"Fuck me Chris," I demanded, scooting my hips forward.

"My pleasure m'am," he responded, inching his cock into me. I glanced down. He hadn't been kidding. He was huge. I grinned and reached down to his hips to pull him deeper inside me.

"Slow, baby," he whispered.

"No, now!"

He pushed into my pussy, inch by inch of his shaft disappearing inside me. I groaned.

"You okay baby?"

"More than okay. Don't be gentle. You feel so good." His cock was all the way in me now. I began to wiggle to get him to move. I was not in the mood for gentle. I had not been this full in a long while. He slid almost all the way out then plunged back in, solidly. I threw my head back and groaned again then wrapped my legs around him to coax him even deeper.

He began thrusting into me over and over, my breasts rubbing against his furry chest, the scent of sex in the air, the wrongness of me sitting on the bar having my dream lover fucking me senseless. I was close to coming. He sounded like he was ready too. I held him tightly to me.

"I need to pull out, I'm going to come," he moaned.

"No, inside," I ordered. "Come now!" I screamed as my orgasm hit at the same time as his. I felt his cum squirting into me driving me wild; my juices mingling with his creating slickness that kept my orgasm going and going.

He stopped moving and leaned his head on my shoulder. He was as sweaty as I was. "God that was good," I said into his hair.

"Damn straight," he responded gently, nuzzling my shoulder. He began to pull out of me and I right away felt empty. "One more thing though," he lifted his head and smiled at me.


He just grinned as he once again knelt between my legs.

"No," I groaned.

"Oh, yes indeed," he answered as he began to "clean me up". I immediately began to orgasm again before I could even think. I moaned as it hit a little more gently than before. This one about a six on the Richter scale unlike the ten we had just hit.

When he had finished, he once again stood and kissed me. This time I could taste us on his lips. We tasted good together. " I think I need a hot shower," I said, coming up for air.

"I do too," he responded. " I think Josh has a nice dinner planned and although I love how we smell right now, neither of us is presentable." He stepped back from me and helped me into my cover up. I made my way to collect my swimsuit and towel.

"I'll just wipe down the bar," he winked at me. "You go on ahead."

We gave each other one last grin as I headed down the companionway toward my cabin. When I reached the door, I saw Mandy turn the corner returning from the fore deck. She was grinning from ear to ear. I must have been too because when we caught each other's eyes we burst into peals of uninhibited laughter.

"Have fun?" I asked her suggestively.

"Hell to the yeah!" she responded enthusiastically. "You?"

"Damn straight!"

"You and Chris?




"Going to tell me all about it?" she asked as we entered our cabin.

"First, where is Josh right now?"


"Just where?"

"He went up to the stern deck to the bar to get a drink."

"Good," I chuckled and pulled her close for a deep passionate kiss. Without questioning, she kissed me back. Our tongues danced together, discovering new tastes upon each other. I was getting turned on again. She pulled back first and looked at me.

"Now why the sudden burst of passion?"

"Come on," I answered. "I need a shower. Join me and I'll tell you." I was pretty sure that the bathroom would not be monitored.

After sharing a hot steamy shower filled with scented soap, girl talk, and groping we reemerged from the bathroom naked with a plan. Knowing they very likely were watching us we took our time dressing, throwing a lot of kissing and fondling in. Let them get horny. They weren't getting any tonight! Not after the monitor stunt.

Before leaving the cabin we gave each other the once over. We were wearing practically the same outfit; which surprisingly flattered each of our different frames very nicely. Mandy had on a stone washed denim skirt and red tank with spaghetti straps. It looked wonderful on her short frame and the tightness of the tank showed her large breasts just fine. I had chosen the same skirt and tank as she had but my skirt was black with a white tank. The outfit emphasized my curves, which I tended to not like but was prepared to show off tonight. My breasts seemed like they were trying to escape the confines of the tight tank, and, to top off our outfits, nothing underneath.

As we emerged on the deck, Josh and Chris were, as we had predicted, "making drinks" at the bar. There was no evidence of the monitor; the panel was down and firmly in place. Upon inspection, their shorts appeared to be bulging uncomfortably in a certain area. This should be fun.

Josh was the perfect host through the meal, which was delicious. We all talked and laughed enjoying the company, the sea air, and the clear sky full of stars. After dining, Chris put on music and we danced. I loved to dance although I often feel self-conscious when others are watching. Mandy and I took turns dancing with each of the guys, rubbing against them, caressing their firm bodies, kissing them intimately. Mandy even kissed Chris in a very uncousinly way.

As the evening was winding down, I found myself slow dancing with Chris. It felt heavenly being held tightly in his arms, our bodies pressed so closely together. I could feel his erection pressing against me. I loved feeling his hands caressing my back, lowering to cup my ass and press me even tighter against him, as if that were possible.

"Chris?" I whispered.

"Mmm hmm?"

"Do you want me?"

"I want you so badly Mary," he answered. "I always have."

"Well, sadly, tonight you can't have me!" I said pushing him away from me and turning from him. I saw that Mandy had also disengaged herself from Josh and had turned toward me. We approached each other. Mandy pulled me in close for an intimate kiss and we began dancing. I felt her hands slipping under my tank as mine cupped her ass and held her tightly. We played together there on the deck. I could see out of the corner of my eye that both Chris and Josh were wearing astonished looks.

When the song ended, Mandy and I headed for the companionway arms around each other. Before disappearing, we turned back one more time.

"Take that for the monitor stunt!" Mandy said.

"Only one person is going to fuck me tonight!" I added. With that we headed to our cabin leaving them behind to deal with their raging hard-ons however they might choose. Only we knew that we had even more torture in store for them.

When we entered our cabin, I whispered to Mandy, "Think they're going to watch us?"

"Hell to the yeah!" she responded. "After the parting shot you threw?" She slammed the door behind us and pulled me to her beginning to pull at the button of my skirt. "Get this off! I'm so damn horny and I want you now!"

I pushed her away and began stripping out of my clothes. I was so horny and wet I wanted my hands on her naked body. Once completely divested of clothing we came back together, locked in a tight embrace, lips tangling, breasts rubbing together. I felt her knee pressing between mine. I opened to her and she rubbed her leg against my soaking pussy.

"Chris turned you on?" she asked.

"Oh yes," I moaned as she rubbed against me harder. "I almost gave in out there. I've wanted your cousin since we met. This afternoon was a dream come true. Now I just want him even more."

"Good," she responded. "That's what I thought."

Her voice had an odd hitch to it. I backed off a bit to look at her. She didn't meet my eyes. That was strange. Then she let go and turned from me going to her bag. When she turned back and I could see what she held I grinned. She walked to one of the twin beds.

"Come closer," she said in invitation as she climbed on the bed. Still smiling, I joined her taking my favorite toy from her to turn it on. I loved it when we fucked each other with our double-ended rabbit vibrator. She laid back and spread her legs for me. I slowly inserted it into her pussy. She groaned pushing against me, impatient. I quickly got into position, my head at the opposite end of the bed, lying between her legs. I slid myself onto the vibrator giving a twin groan to hers.

We began pushing together onto the vibrator. Our skin was rubbing against each other feeling as if it were on fire. Oh God, I was so close already. The tingling was spreading through me.

"Fuck yeah!" I heard her yell. I knew she was at the edge. We exploded at the same time, both screaming as our orgasms hit us. We kept pumping at each other to keep it going.

As we both finally settled back to Earth, we pulled off of the vibrator. Mandy took it in her hand and gave me a wink. She lifted it to her mouth and began to suck the end that had been in me. I joined her sucking the opposite side. Mmmmm, I wanted to taste her juices. I set the vibrator aside and pushed her back onto the bed. I moved to straddle her face in a 69 so that I could get at her pussy. We licked and sucked each other until we climaxed again, soaking each other's tongues. Delicious.

Afterwards, wrapped in each other's arms, we began drifting off to sleep. "Mary?" she asked.


"I have something to confess," she sounded worried so I pried my eyes open a crack.

"What is it Hun?"

"Josh and I set it up," she said all in one breath.

"Set what up?"

"This whole cruise thing," she answered. "I've known Josh quite a while. He is Chris's best friend after all. He said Chris does nothing but talk about you. He hasn't even been seeing other girls lately. So, we set up this cruise to try to get you two to come together, kind of break the ice? I'm sorry." She gave me a tight hug. "Forgive me?"

"Honey, there is nothing to forgive. I should be thanking you. I'm so happy I've finally gotten some Chris! Now stop worrying and go to sleep. We need to make it up to them for teasing them tonight. I have plans for the morning."

We drifted off to our own sensual thoughts of the man who haunted each of our dreams.

I slowly came awake in the morning, first noting the sun streaming in the window, and then realizing I was still wrapped in Mandy's arms. I yawned and stretched taking care not to wake her. Something felt different. I looked out the window at the clouds floating by and felt the ship rocking me gently. Wait a minute, rocking gently? We weren't moving any longer. Where were we?

"Mandy, wake up hun," I shook her gently.

"What?" she asked, stretching cat-like.

"I think we are at anchor."

"Yeah, didn't I tell you? We were supposed to be stopping at a private inlet today not too far down the coast from home."

At the mention of home I grimaced. What would things be like once we got home? I didn't want to think of it. I would live out my fantasy while I was here and to hell with tomorrow, or even with later today at that.

"No, dear," I responded. "You neglected to tell me that, among other things."

"Would you like a little sarcasm with you breakfast today dear?" she asked with a chuckle.

"Come on," I said. "Let's get up. I have a little something for your cousin." I hopped out of bed grabbed up my swimsuit and headed for the bathroom. Mandy followed a little more sedately, stretching and yawning as she went.

We emerged on deck a short time later dressed in our skimpy bikinis and carrying our towels. Josh and Chris were sitting on one of the couches talking quietly. Each was nursing an orange juice. When they saw us they started to get up.

"Sit back boys," Mandy told them. They sat as well as any trained puppy. How cute. "Now," she continued, "what I want to know is did you enjoy the show last night?"

"Very much!" Josh told her quickly with a hint of a smirk. "Was that all for our benefit?"

"No way," I answered. "It was for mine, and I enjoyed every second." I reached out and squeezed Mandy's ass as she leaned into me for a quick kiss. I heard Chris groan. "Something wrong?" I asked turning to him.

"Mary, you're killing me!" he answered. "Watching you two last night, oh Lord, I got so drunk trying to cool off, tried a cold shower, finally had to jerk off to relieve the pressure."

He sounded so forlorn and pathetic that I had a hard time suppressing a giggle. "Aw," I said. "That's too bad. Did you learn your lesson about spying?"


"And you dear?" Mandy asked Josh.

"Yes sweetheart," he replied, smiling. "What can I get you ladies for breakfast?"

I looked over at Mandy with a grin, "I know what I want, you?"

"Hell to the yeah, sister!" she answered as she sauntered to where Josh was sitting.

I strolled seductively toward Chris and, dropping my towel at his feet, I knelt down in front of him. Looking up into his eyes I told him, "I know exactly what I want. You!" I reached out and began tugging on the snap fly of his cut off jeans. When I had his snap open and zipper down I pulled him out. "Commando, nice!" I told him. He was already standing. This would be fun. "Get rid of these shorts," I ordered him and he was only to happy to comply, lifting his hips and sliding out of them.

I reached out my hand to grasp his shaft. Oh yes, from this angle he appeared even bigger than yesterday. All that had filled me up very nicely. I moved my hand gently up and down, measuring his inches. A drop of clear liquid oozed from his tip.

"Yum, breakfast!" I announced and reached in to lick up the drop of cum. "More," I said looking up at him as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Again and again I swirled around him before taking his head in my mouth to suck. I wanted more of him. Teasing time was over. He was so large though, how much could I take? As I slid my mouth down his shaft, he groaned in pleasure. Up and down I went, each time taking another inch in my mouth. I felt his hands thread through my hair encouraging me to take him deeper, holding me there.

The head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I started to gag. I relaxed my throat and took the last bit of him. He was so hard yet so soft and silky at the same time. I moved my hand up and down on his shaft helping my mouth along, my other hand cupping and caressing his balls. I could feel his cock swelling and increased the pressure and speed of my mouth and hand. He was groaning, his hands still cupping my head as I moved up and down on him.

I felt him try to pull my head from him and stopped briefly to look up at him. I shook my head saying, "Nope, breakfast!" With a grin I went back to work until I felt his body jerk under me and his cum spurt into my mouth. He shot spurt after spurt of hot cum. He tasted wonderful. I swallowed his entire load.

When he had finished shooting, I knelt back and grinned up at him. He met my mischievous look and reaching out grabbed me by the upper arms and pulled me up onto his lap. I felt his lips on mine and melted into his kiss. I vaguely heard Josh groaning and knew that Mandy had also been successful. Breaking the kiss finally, Chris held me tightly to him, sighing as I nuzzled into his neck. It felt so right to be right there. I look over to Mandy who looked back at me. I held out my closed fist to her and she bumped it with hers.

I saw Josh glance over to Chris and with a shake of his head said to his friend, "Lord, what have we gotten into?"

"I don't know," Chris responded looking down tenderly at me, "But I will thank him every day that we've gotten into it," and I felt his arms tighten a bit more around me. I smiled into his chest.

After enjoying the moment a bit longer, I stirred and sat up straight on Chris' lap. "So, where exactly are we?" I asked.

"My place," Josh answered.

"What do you mean, your place?"

"This cove, the beach, it's mine, part of my property. My house is up the cliff, nice view from up there."

"Okay then, do I get to see this house?" I asked in disbelief.

"Not today," he chuckled at me. "Soon though I'm hoping. We're staying down at the beach today. We only have a couple hours before we have to pull anchor and head for the marina to get you two home. I don't know about Chris, but I'd like to take advantage of the time we have," he gave Mandy a meaningful look.

"All right, that's fine, rain check on the house," I said. "What first then?"

"Take your suit off," Chris ordered.

"Excuse me?"

"Take it off. You won't be needing it. You don't want to wear it anyway."

"Fine, sir," I said to him in my sauciest tone. "Don't expect your way every time. I'm only taking it off because I want to." He smacked my ass as I leapt off his lap. Mandy was already up and removing her suit. I took my time and wiggled my ass at Chris a lot as I shimmied out of my bikini. Swimming and sunning nude on a private beach with two desperately hot guys. I could deal.

Lost in thought I didn't realize that Chris had come up behind me. As he scooped me up in his arms I shrieked.

"I'd hold your breath," he whispered in my ear sending tingles straight to my pussy. He was walking toward the railing though so I decided I might want to obey. He paused at the stern rail only long enough to step up onto it before jumping down into the warm crystal clear water.

I came up sputtering, but smiling. I swam away from him and turned to splash him, catching him off guard and giving him a face full. Mandy and Josh were also in the water and we all splashed and played and swam and touched each other for a solid hour. I hadn't had so much fun or felt so free in a long time.

When I started to feel the sun biting at my skin a bit I decided to head for the beach. Back at the tree line I noticed a hut almost perfectly camouflaged. I headed for it, the others following behind. What I found there, surprisingly, did not surprise me. Being around Josh must do that to a person. A large cozy futon covered in terry cloth and a banquet table with finger foods and a selection of wines, alcohols and juices dominated the area. I went straight to the table and grabbed a bottle of water and a handful of strawberries.

"Damn Josh," I said, "only thing that could make this better would be if the strawberries were covered in chocolate!"

"The chocolate would have melted out here or you'd have them," he grinned at me. "You shall have all you like at the house. Soon."

I felt Chris come up behind me and he snaked his arms around my waist pulling me against him. I reached over my shoulder and popped a ripe berry into his mouth. I could feel his cock stirring against my ass; wetness that had nothing to do with swimming pooled in my pussy.

"I want to fuck you," he whispered to me.

As the tingles once again ran through me, I turned to him and asked, "Do you realize what it does to me every time you whisper like that?"

"Yep," he laughed, "I think I do. You shiver every time." He pulled me tightly to him and invaded my mouth. I stopped thinking and lost myself in his kiss. God the man could kiss. I was so lost I didn't realize Josh had come up behind me until I felt his hands caressing my ass, his hands slipped around me and he began caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I could feel his stiff cock rubbing between my ass cheeks. I groaned into Chris' kiss. Then Mandy was beside me reaching in to caress my pussy. The sensations overwhelmed me and I climaxed just standing there.

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