tagNovels and NovellasOne Woman's Fantasies Ch. 01

One Woman's Fantasies Ch. 01


I have always fantasized about a male teacher rather roughly, but passionately taking me --- especially a gym teacher. I imagine that I am in the gym alone, the last one there, and am taking a shower. A big coach comes in and sees me washing my boobs. He stands there for a long period of time watching me. I have no idea that he is there or what is going on. I continue washing myself and humming a song I heard on the radio.

Soon I begin to wash my pussy. The soap lathers all over me and I run my fingers through my slit and tickle my clit a little bit. I softly moan a bit and thrust a couple fingers into my soapy, wet pussy. The coach continues to watch me in awe.

He can’t take it, so he comes over. He takes off his shorts and gets under the water, he tells me to wash his dick. At first I look at him like he is completely crazy and back away from him looking for my towel, but after glancing at his cock I change my mind and figure, what the hell? Fascinated with its huge semi-erection, I slowly and shyly begin to wash his lovely cock. I stroke my hands down the length of it and get it all wet and soapy. My hands move a bit faster on his cock as I can see him getting harder and harder and this fascinates me enough to make me sort of wet.

He begins to moan and reaches down and begins running his finger through my pussy lips. I begin whimpering in ecstasy. His fingers feel like a small cock probing in and out of my sweet wet pussy and I am overcome by the feeling. His hands are nice and large and his fingers are long and thick. I tremble out of control as he pleasures me and I want to do something else to pleasure him.

I stand bent at a right angel to him and begin licking his cock. I then take his entire cock into my mouth and begin frantically sucking on it as though it were some luscious Popsicle, my favorite flavor. His flesh tasted like the soap I had washed it with and I felt him tremble against me as I continued to ravage his rock hard member.

He is still fingering my sweet pussy and I am close to coming. I thrust my hips back against his hand making those long, thick fingers go deeper into me. My mouth envelopes his cock and it slides partially down my throat and I gag slightly on it. He moans and reaches over to my ass; he licks his big index finger and slowly begins twisting it into my asshole. I moan, quivering with pleasure.

He brings my head up, and I’m standing, and he says, “Don’t move.” He pushes

My legs apart and kneels on the floor. He spreads my lips wide with his fingers and slips his hot tongue in. I am dying. At the same time he slips his finger back in me, but I begin gasping and get close to orgasm. After a few moments of eating my sweet little pussy I come all over his face and fingers and tremble like mad as I am doing so, but he is not through with me.

He sits me on the floor, the shower still beating down upon us. He lays me down and slides his huge meat into me. I moaned out again. It is so big and hard and just impales my pussy filling it completely; leaving no room for even a pinky finger. His hands grab onto my hips and he begins to thrust in and out of me. My body is putty in his hands as he fucks me.

We begin a rhythm, moaning and such. He pulls back and turns me over onto my hands and knees, and we fuck doggie style, lunging frantically in a rhythm together. His cock went even deeper in this way and it drives me up the wall. He is so carnal and so animalistic that it turns me on even more.

As we’re fucking, he slips that finger in and out, in and out of my ass. This feeling was very new to me, but I enjoyed it very much thrusting back against him trying to make him somehow go deeper into me. He inserts another finger into my sweet little ass and I scream out coming so close to orgasm that I almost collapse.

He is near coming, and a big black coach enters. He strips and I look at him in almost horror as I see how big his cock actually is. It has to be at least 12 inches long or more and I shiver.

The first coach and I come all over each other and he pulls his huge meat from me and I collapse on the floor exhausted. After a few moments I pull myself up to my knees and look at the both of them with my bright blue eyes.

The first coach was becoming hard again and the big black coach starts jacking his dick off between my tits. When it is really hard, I beg him to fuck me with his beautiful cock though I am scared that he will rip me wide open, but at this point I do not care, I just want that huge cock inside me.

He says, “Yeah baby, I’ll fuck you good, you ain’t never had a dick like this before.”

I lie back down on the floor of the shower and spread my legs wide so that he can see my beautiful pussy. He compliments my wet pink pussy as he kneels down and places the huge head of his cock into my warm wet cavern. His cock slides in about half way easily and then he had to thrust some to make it go all the way in, but once he had it in, fucking me was no problem.

We roll over and I’m on top, gyrating – riding the black horse. He grabs a hold of my tits while I am ridding him and squeezes my nipples until they are red, sore, and slightly swollen.

The other coach is hard and hot again, and I get on all fours. The first coach slips his cock into my mouth and I begin to suck on it again as the black coach enters me from behind and begins to fuck me like mad again. I am moaning and coming after only moments, but they are still not finished with me.

The black coach lies down and tells me to ride his cock. I do just that and climb on top of him and begin to move myself up and down the length of his beautiful huge hard cock. The first coach walks around behind me and squats and begins to finger my lovely tight ass.

Soon I can feel the head of his cock probing at my asshole and I quiver afraid it will hurt, but he slides the head in and it goes in easily. It feels so good that I thrust back against him some as I am still ridding the black coach. The first coach pushes his entire cock into my ass and I shiver and begin to moan like crazy.

I am their wild bitch in heat, having a cock in both of my holes. I am moaning out of control and I can feel their cocks twitching inside me. Just as I feel them twitching they both come at the same time, filling my holes with their hot white seed. I come again just as this happens and then soon after collapse again on the shower floor.

They lift me to my feet and they both kindly bath me clean of their sweat and juices and then wrap a towel around me and take me into the locker room. They both smile and pet me as they help me get dressed and both make comments about doing this again sometime.

I leave shortly after and go home. After a session with my vibrator I fall fast asleep fully satisfied and definitely ready for school the next morning.

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