tagErotic CouplingsOne Woman's Journey Ch. 01

One Woman's Journey Ch. 01


I was just a young, 19 year old college girl trying to find her way in the world. My name is Julie, and I was a cute young blonde, 5'6" tall, 36 DD chest and a somewhat slim figure (I'd like to think I still have a similar figure now) during my college years. I grew up in a small town where everyone knew everyone else. There weren't many secrets to be kept in that little town. My parents were very conservative and set in their ways. In fact, most of my friends' parents were the same.

I often fantasized and wondered about sex, but had no one I could really trust to discuss those desires. I would fantasize about both men and women. When fantasizing about women, I was interested in the whole package and would often think about exploring each others body fully from head to toe. Though, when it came to men they were faceless in my fantasies, and I would focus on a man's penis. I wanted only to be filled and stretched. I had no idea how big they could actually get though.

I was not a complete stranger to sex. I had been with two of my past boyfriends, but I never felt comfortable going beyond vanilla sex with them in that small town. I honestly didn't think I could trust them with any of my dirty secrets. I tried to talk to my best friend once during a sleep over, but quickly changed the subject as if she was only kidding when my friend seemed very uncomfortable talking about it. It took several days for me to feel like my friend was comfortable around her again.

When the day finally came for me to move to my new college town, I was both extremely excited and nervous. I had broken up with my boyfriend the week before because he kept wanting me to stay in that small town and I didn't want to be stuck there the rest of my life. I desperately wanted to leave the small town and explore the unknown, but I was also nervous about what I may find. I spent the first couple of weeks getting settled and making some new friends. One of my new friends lived in the same apartment complex with me. His name was Paul, about average sized at 5'10", not fit, but not obese either. Paul lived on the first floor, also attended the college and he was gay. We would often meet in the laundry room and just talk about school and how our week was going while doing laundry on the weekends.

One Saturday morning, we both happened to be doing laundry again and Paul asked me if I would go to a gay bar with him that night. When I asked him why he wanted me to go, he explained it was because if he came in with a girl and he looked straight then more guys would hit on him. I just laughed and wasn't too sure about it, but Paul assured me that I would be safe there so I agreed.

When we arrived at the bar that evening, I was surprised to see a lot of people there. Mostly the bar was full men, but there were a few girls there too. I was fascinated the atmosphere and knew my parents would have a heart attack if they knew I was in such a place. We sat at the bar for awhile and talked, but it wasn't long before a guy came up and bought Paul a drink. Paul turned his attention away from me and began a conversation with his new friend before walking over to a booth. I didn't feel abandoned, because, after all, that was the plan from the beginning and I knew it.

I sat at the bar for awhile just listening to the music and being fascinated by the various couples in the place. A girl came up next to me and I recognized her from one of my classes. She was pretty, a little shorter than me at about 5'4", and had a curvy figure with brown hair and big boobs. She recognized me too, and introduced herself. Her name was Amy. We began a conversation with one another about our class and getting to know each other. Amy said she had a boyfriend in the military and this was the only kind of bar he would let her go in because he didn't want her to get hit on by other guys. I thought that was a little odd, but didn't press the issue.

We played a sort of game to pass the time where we would look around the room and talk about the guys and girls there and try to figure out if they were gay or bi or what. There was this one guy though I noticed who never bought a drink since I came in the bar. All the guys around him were buying him drinks. I asked Amy about him and she laughed and said his nickname was "horse". I didn't know what that meant and felt a little dumb so I asked her what that was supposed to mean. Amy smiled and told me it meant he was hung like a horse. I felt my face get red and just said ,"oh".

Amy laughed and said that she heard from one of the guys that it was so big he could suck it himself. I couldn't believe Amy was even talking about that kind of thing. I felt like she was in another world. Nobody at home would ever talk to me that way. I told her I didn't think that was possible and Amy said, "yeah, well they said his penis was like 13 inches".

I refused to believe it. Then Amy told me that big ones like that were rare, but they did exist and most of them were gay. I was fascinated, not just by hearing that but from how she was just openly talking to me about it and wondered if I could talk to her about sex like I never could with anyone else. The subject soon changed back to school and taking about where we grew up and things like that and I went home with a lot to think about.

The next time I saw Amy in class, I sat next to her. We talked a lot and quickly became friends. We went shopping and did a lot of things together over the next few weeks. Amy even introduced me to a friend who could get me a fake ID to use in the bars around town if we wanted to go drinking.

One Friday after class, Amy asked me if I wanted to go back to that bar again that evening. I thought it would be fun and agreed. This time we sat in a booth instead of up at the bar. And Amy was constantly buying me drinks. The guy called horse was there again and he walked by us on his way to the bathroom. Amy was facing him when he walked by and I could only see his backside. Amy told me to watch for him coming back out. I wasn't really sure what she was talking about, but I said, "okay".

When he came out, I looked over at him and didn't see anything wrong with him so I wasn't sure what she meant. I asked Amy what I was supposed to see, and Amy leaned forward and in a whisper said, "look down. You'll see."

I looked at his crotch just as he went by our booth and saw the outline of his big penis in his pants. My eyes must have been like saucers because Amy busted out laughing. I was embarrassed to say the least, but also tipsy from the alcohol. I said, "There is no way anything like that could fit".

Amy looked at me and said, "Well, you know babies come from there right? It just takes a little patience and practice."

I hadn't even thought about it like that and said, "I guess, but wouldn't you get stretched like permanently or something?"

"Not really. You will go back to normal size eventually, but it will be easier for you to take a big one when you want to and there is also lube", Amy said with a wink.

I asked her how she knew all that and Amy told me that her boyfriend had a 10 inch penis. She told me how she loved it and she didn't like that he wasn't going to be back for a couple months. She told me she was getting incredibly horny without him around. I couldn't believe how candid Amy was being about it. We sat and talked about ex boyfriends and sex and I asked her several questions on her boyfriend and how they acted in bed with each other. Such as if he was the aggressor or was she and that sort of thing. Amy answered my questions and asked some about my sex life too, which I didn't have a whole lot to say about from only having vanilla sex with two ex boyfriends, but Amy seemed interested in what I had to say.

We closed down the bar and Amy asked if I wanted to just take a taxi back to her place and stay the night since it was so late. I didn't think anything of it and agreed that was a good idea. Amy's apartment was on the top floor of the tallest building on her block, so she could see out over several places in town and it was a really nice view. Apparently her family was rich and they could afford to put her up in a place like that.

When we arrived Amy said she was going to use the restroom and told me there was another one if I needed and to make myself at home. I freshened up a bit in the other bathroom then came back out and sat on the couch. Amy came out wearing a teddy and looking sexy. I could tell she was no longer wearing a bra, and could see her nipples. Amy sat down beside me and turned on the TV.

It was hard for me to not look at her. Amy knew it too because she looked me and smiled, then touched my hand. Amy pulled me towards her and kissed me gently. I could literally feel electricity over my entire body when her lips touched mine. Amy pulled back and asked if that was okay. All I could say was, "Yes. Don't stop".

Amy kissed me again and I kissed back. Soon our tongues were intertwined with each other and we were passionately making out on Amy's couch. She got up and then had me stand in front of her and turn around. She unzipped my dress and I just stood there letting Amy move my shoulder straps to the side and drop my dress to the floor. Amy undid my bra and let it fall. Then Amy kissed the back of my neck and brought her hands to my breasts and squeezed them. Amy said, "I've been wanting to touch these for awhile."

All I could do was moan in delight feeling Amy's touch. Then she slid one hand down my panties and felt how wet I had become. Amy knelt down and pulled my panties down. She then turned me back around to face her. I watched as she removed her teddy. She was already completely naked underneath. She brought my hands to her breasts and I fondled them while she caressed mine.

We kissed again then Amy pushed me back on the couch, sat me down and knelt between my legs. She started kissing my inner thighs and then began to eat me out. It was the most amazing oral sex I had ever had. She was fingering me as well, and started talking dirty to me. She told me my pussy was tight and sweet. It didn't take me long to cum that way and she made me cum several times before sitting next to me and telling me it was my turn.

I quickly obliged and got on my knees in front of her, hoping I could give her the same performance that she just did with me. She knew I wasn't experienced with it and guided me the whole way, telling me what she liked and how fast. It wasn't long at all and she was moaning and shaking while my tongue was all over her. I was so excited that I was bringing her to orgasm that I was also fingering myself at the same time and having my own orgasm too.

We laid together and fell asleep holding each other on the couch smelling of sweaty sex. The next day we pretty much spent the whole day around her apartment experimenting with each other. We talked about everything. I confessed to her about my fantasies involving a big penis. She told me she figured as much from my reaction to horse at the bar and laughed about it. She introduced me to her dildo and vibrator collection, the largest she showed me was eight inches, and told me where I could order my own toys as well. She also told me that if I wanted to try a real big cock though then she would talk to her boyfriend about fucking me too when he got back in a few months. I told her I would think about it.

As the weeks went by, we spent more and more time together in and out of the bedroom. So much so that we even had a change of clothes among other things we kept at each of our apartments. I learned a lot about myself and my body while I was with her. Soon I was able to take her eight inch dildo with ease. Time seemed to fly by and before we knew it, her boyfriend was back in the area for a couple of weeks.

We stopped seeing each other outside of class for the first week he was back in town. She wanted some time with him alone and to talk to him about me. I still wasn't sure about a threesome with them, but I told her I wouldn't mind watching them sometime if that would be okay. We made plans for us to all go out to eat on a Saturday.

They came by my apartment to pick me up, and I met him for the first time. His name was David and he was white, about 6' tall, fit, but not terribly muscular, and had short dark hair. He was very nice and polite the whole evening. When I got close to him there was a faint musky kind of scent he had which seemed so familiar, but I couldn't place it. It wasn't a constant smell either. Every now and then I would catch the scent and then it would be gone again. He told us about his job in the military and the different places he had been across country over the past few months. We talked about how our classes were going as well. After dinner, they invited me back to Amy's apartment to watch a movie and have a few drinks.

I sat on the love seat by myself while they sat on the couch. Amy was curled up next to him drinking her wine while he was drinking beer. I also had some wine. It didn't take long into the movie and several glasses of wine later for my mind to start wandering. I wondered if they were planning on having sex in front of me. I wondered if she ever told him about us and what we had been doing while he was away. I wondered if his cock was really as big as she said it was. I kept looking out of the corner of my eye to see if I could catch them going at it, but only saw them kissing now and then.

It was almost the end of the movie, and I could tell Amy was feeling the wine as she couldn't seem to keep her hands off of him. She was running her hand up and down his leg while kissing him. I had finished my glass and got up to get another. I had to make a stop at the bathroom along the way. I came back out, walked down the hallway into the kitchen and poured myself another glass before making my way back to the living room.

When I entered the room, I was in for a shock. They were no longer on the couch. David was standing in front of the couch with his back facing me. His shirt was off and his pants were down. I was staring at his bare ass and seeing Amy's hands on his butt cheeks. She was naked and on her knees in front of him. I could hear her slurping and sucking on his dick. The scent I smelled earlier was more prevalent in the room.

I was frozen where I was standing and couldn't move. Eventually I got control over my muscles and backed up against the wall. I sat my wine glass down on the table next to me and watched them intently. I felt my own breasts through my blouse and squeezed them. I looked between his legs and I could see one of Amy's hands was being used to finger herself while she was blowing him.

Slowly, trying not to make a sound, I slipped off my shoes, skirt, panties, blouse and bra and just piled them on the floor. I leaned back against the wall and began to finger myself as I watched and listened.

Soon, he put his hand on her head and told her to stand up and turn around. She stood up and turned to face the couch. When she did, she saw me against the wall and smiled. He turned to get behind her, and when he did I could finally see his giant cock between his legs. She wasn't lying after all. It looked really thick as well as long, and I couldn't imagine she was able to take it in her pussy. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. She was staring at me and leaned back against him. Then she ran her hand down to his cock and wrapped her fingers around it. They wouldn't go all the way around it because it was so thick. But she stroked him while looking at me as I was fingering myself.

She said, "See baby? I told you she had a sexy body."

David looked at me and said, "Yes she does."

Amy started stroking his cock with one hand and squeezing her nipples with the other. While looking at me she said, "Look at her. She can't take her eyes off your cock. She's got a thing for big ones, you know. She told me all about it. She's never had one though. I think she needs a closer look. Come over here Julie."

She motioned for me to come over to her and I nervously came around the couch and stood in front of her. She instructed me to lay down on the floor on my back. I did so and then she got down on her knees over me. She positioned herself in a 69 with me and told me she thought I would like the view. I was trembling as I watched David come in behind her and then kneel down.

The musky scent was unmistakeable now and I finally recognized it. It was coming from his giant cock. My ex boyfriends had a similar scent, but nowhere near as pungent as David's. It was extremely intoxicating. I was mesmerized by it.

Slowly he rubbed the head between her pussy lips and I could see how wet she was. She was quite literally dripping and I could smell her familiar scent too. She told him to fuck her good so I could see him stretch her pussy. Little by little, his cock began to disappear into her pussy with each stroke. I watched as her pussy was stretching around it and accommodating his size.

I could feel her spreading my legs apart. I looked down and she was putting her head between my legs to eat me while he was fucking her. I was in a daze watching more and more of his cock disappear into her. I felt her moaning vibrations on my clit and it was sending me over the edge. As I came, I took in a deep breath through my nose, smelling that musk and couldn't help but moan in ecstasy.

Soon, he was almost balls deep inside her and he slowly pulled it all the way out to the tip. I couldn't help squeezing my nipples while I looked at the entire length of his cock covered in her juice. Her pussy was dripping down onto me and I didn't care. Now he began to fuck her a little more forcefully and I watched as his entire length once again disappeared inside her.

She lowered herself a little from the force he was fucking her with I assume, and his big balls would brush against my nose as they went by. It wasn't long and she was cumming and shaking on his cock. Her orgasms, while she was eating me, were sending me into oblivion and I almost felt like I was continuously cumming. I could tell he was getting close as well because he was also grunting and moaning louder.

When he finally came, he thrust himself all the way inside her and she squealed and squirmed on him. I could not only hear him cumming, but I watched his balls lifting up and down and could see it all pulsing. I knew he was pumping her full of his cum. He slowed pulled his cock out of her and I watched the entire length sliding out until the tip came out. It dropped down and hit me in the face.

At first I was a little startled. I wasn't expecting his cock to have that much weight behind it. Then I started to feel a warm liquid on my chin and I could see his cum was draining from her pussy and dripping down onto me. I couldn't help myself and brought fingers up to my chin and then rubbed it on my breasts. He was leaning forward over her back and his cock was still resting on my face. I was drunk with the scent of his dick and parted my lips, wanting to taste him.

He leaned back and smacked her on the ass. She moved a little, but she was spent and was still just there on her knees with her face buried between my legs. No longer eating me, but just laying there resting. He looked down at me, with his cock on my face. He must have seen the look on my face and knew what I wanted. He grabbed the base of it and pointed his big cock towards my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and slowly ran it around the head. Then he lowered himself and I gently sucked the head between my lips, draining it of any remaining cum.

He got up, then helped us both stand up. We were all tired and they invited me to bed with them. I told them the wine was getting to me, and I thought I should just sleep in the spare room by myself. They understood and we hugged and then said goodnight. I took a shower, took a couple of Tylenol to counter any hangover in the morning, and my head barely hit the pillow when I fell fast asleep.

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