tagBDSMOne Woman's Travelling Tale

One Woman's Travelling Tale


If you know me at all...you know I hate to fly. But there are times when there is no way to get to where I am going, except for getting on a plane. This is one of those times. It's a business trip, and I am hoping to find a little down time for a wee bit of personal fun. Packed in my checked bag are a few of my more personal accessories, to be used in case I can't find a willing partner, or if I am really lucky to be used with a willing partner.

An uneventful check in, a several hour plane ride, also without anything remarkable involved, I even manage a nap as the plane whisks me to my destination. As I walk to the baggage carousel, I feel eyes watching me, prickling the little hairs on the back of my neck, and feeling silly for even thinking such a thing. I stand and wait, watching everyone collect their bags and still no sign of my pink piece of luggage. After the area has cleared and I still see no sign, I look around and try to locate someone who works here. So many people, why can you never find an employee?

Turning to my left, I watch as a man in a uniform approaches, his lips set into a stern grimace that doesn't quite match the sparkle in his eyes. He enquires my name and upon confirmation, he seizes my elbow and says, "Follow me please."

Tagging along after the man whose name appears to be Jim, according to the brief glance at his name tag, my shorter legs moving quicker than his longer ones...I am baffled, unless, OMG, my bag busted open in transit and I will have to identify its contents. A bead of sweat trickles down between the swell of my breasts and I gasp in a noisy breath.

I am escorted to a small windowless office with just a desk and two chairs. Jim encourages me, well pushes me actually into the first chair and then takes a seat behind the desk. He lifts my suitcase onto the desk and stares at me. I can see the broken zipper, my clothing protruding out the side, and of course, not my jeans but the bright red corset, its vivid colour almost obscene in the glaring light of the small pristine office. I can feel my cheeks heating, I'm sure trying to compete with the red of my undergarment.

Jim stares at me...his eyes never leaving mine as he clears his throat, "It seems that your luggage has sprung a leak, and now it is my job to make sure that everything is present and accounted for, and that all of the items in your suitcase are in fact yours." He grins, more frightening than his grim look, "And that everything is in working order."

I can feel my entire body slumping in the chair...this is going to be a nightmare...Halloween coming a little early for me. Bracing myself and reminding myself that we are adults and that Jim must have seen almost everything imaginable, and that my few personal items wont even make him pause for a moment. "OK, let's get this over with." my words are even and emotionless.

Jim unzips the suitcase and folds it back all the way exposing the entire contents. He reaches in and pulls out the red corset, thumbing the black lace as he turns it in his hands. "It appears to be undamaged, is it yours?"

"Yes, it is." Ok, that was easy, I breathe a sigh of relief.

Jim stands, still holding the corset and says, "I need you to try it on, to be sure all the fasteners are intact and that it is in fact yours, that it fits you."

Sure that this is a bad joke, I stare into his eyes and am shocked and a little aroused to see that there is no humour, but a slow boiling lust. Standing up, I undo each button on my blouse, and let it slip from my shoulders. My breathing fast, making my breasts heave with each inhalation, the chill in the room stiffening my nipples, they push at the lace of the stark white bra. Turning around, I lift my hair, exposing the expanse of pale skin from nape to waist, broken by the bra. I stand, silent and still waiting to feel his fingers at the clasp.

After what seems like a long time, his fingers brush my back as he undoes my bra. I shrug my shoulders and the straps fall down, his hands not leaving the contact they have made with my back. I let my bra fall to the floor and I spin around to face him, my voice husky, "Help me put it on please."

His hands shaking as he holds the corset up, I step into it, my throbbing nipples aching as the fabric brushes over them. He wraps his arms around me and tries to do the fastenings. I turn in the circle of his arms, and let him strap me into the snug corset. I cannot help or hold back the sighs, the quiet moans or the swing of my hips.

His voice gravelly, throaty, "I can see that it is indeed yours." I turn and see a twinkle in his eye as he tucks my bra into the pocket of his pants. "Please sit down."

I sit and lean towards the desk as he takes the chair opposite me. He scribbles a few words on a paper and tucks it into my hand. "I will hold your bra and your remaining belongings, go to the address on the paper and wait for me there...oh, and you'll need this as well." Into my hand he slides a key, "Make your self at home, I will see you there within the hour." With that he stands, helps me into my blouse and stares into my eyes as my quivery fingers button and pull it straight.

Brushing past me, he opens the door and without another word I walk away, hailing a taxi and reciting the address. I may get to use my toys after all.

Still a little shaken from my encounter with Jim, I lean back in the taxi, closing my eyes and all that I can see is his grin, white teeth shining in the light. Trembling a little, I imagine his lips parted, teeth grazing along the edge of my nipples, tingling in the tight corset. I open my eyes to find the car stopped, in the driveway of a strange house, the driver's eyes glued to the mirror as I realize that my fingers are playing with my nipple, exposed, several buttons undone. Gasping in shock, I quickly button my blouse and ask the driver how much. Paying him and skimping on his tip, he did get an eyeful, I get out of the car and wait for him to pull away before mounting the steps.

Retrieving the key from my purse, I unlock the door and tentatively push it open. Poking my head around the jamb, I yell "Hello." Not really expecting an answer. Stepping inside and letting my eyes adjust to the semi darkness, I hold my breath, listening and jump when my cell phone rings.

I flip it open and answer, whispering, "Hello?" Jim's voice speaks quickly, "Don't worry, you are there alone, in my house. Upstairs and to the right is the bathroom, have a bath if you like. My bedroom is at the opposite end of the hall, I expect you to be there waiting and naked for me when I get there. Help yourself to anything you like in the kitchen. You have 45 minutes, good-bye." Before I can utter a single word I hear the click of disconnection.

Squaring my shoulders, take control I tell myself. I close the door, leaving it unlocked and place the key on the table in the hall. Slipping out of my shoes, I leave them near the door and unroll one stocking, letting it puddle on the floor in the hall. Finding the kitchen, I unroll the other stocking and leave it in the entry there. Opening the fridge, I pull out an orange, take it to the counter and peel it, letting the flavour distract me. Washing the sticky from my fingers and putting the peels in the garbage, my mind overloading with what ifs.

Returning to the entry, I climb the stairs, wiggle out of my skirt and let it fall on the landing. Grinning I turn right and avail myself of the facilities there, letting my panties decorate the bathroom mat. Finally dropping my purse, I run the tub, full of hot water, adding a splash of bath oil. Wriggling out of my corset at last, heaving a sigh as my breasts tumble free, I climb into the tub. Mentally keeping track of time, after 20 minutes I stand and rinse, shampooing and rubbing all the travel weariness from my body.

Wrapping in the big fluffy white towel, I peek in the mirror, bath pinked skin staring back at me. Brushing my teeth with my ever handy toothbrush and shivering despite the heat of my flesh, I find Jim's bedroom. Standing in the doorway, eyes wide as I survey the interior. King sized canopy bed, fluffy cloud like bedding and attached and hanging from each post is a leather cuff, buckles shining in the gloaming light of near darkness.

Mentally and physically shaking, I bite my bottom lip. Debating whether I should run or stay, the decision is taken from me as I hear the front door slamming shut...and a voice rings out, loud and clear..."You better be in bed!" Tiptoeing quietly to the bed, dropping the towel, almost needing to jump up, my short legs not quite up to the task of that high bed. Crawling on all fours to the middle of the bed, I lay still, on my belly, arms cradling my head as I breathe...slow and even, not wanting to make a sound.

I hear his footsteps approaching, my heart racing faster, once again holding my breath, too nervous to even draw air into my lungs. His voice close, in the room, "I have brought your suitcase, and now, we must inspect the contents, privately, away from hidden cameras. Well 'those' hidden cameras anyway." he chuckles and I watch as he puts the suitcase on the table in the corner.

"Don't move!" his voice deep and full of authority. My body stiffens, muscles obeying, locked in place, but for the fluttering deep inside me, the stirring in my belly, the seeping of nectar from my honey pot. Watching as he pulls out each of my playthings, his hands caressing before laying them out on the desk...side by side, rowed up like soldiers ready to do battle.

He lights candles, sconces on the wall...the flames flickering, making the shadows dance, the overhead fan stirring the air. And finally he approaches the bed, still dressed and I feel his hand rest lightly in the hollow of my back. I pull a noisy breath between my clenched teeth and I feel the involuntary ripple of muscle in my buttocks. His hand tracks lower, nails softly scraping my skin and he pushes on the quivering muscles, making my ass dance for him.

He leans his face close to mine, brushes those grinning lips over my frowning ones and then whispers, "Only this for instruction...you will do as I say...instantly and without hesitation or...." his voice trails off and he stands directly in my line of vision, slowly, painstakingly, my breath held watching as he removes his belt. Wide eyed, I watch as he runs it through his fingers, wraps the buckle end around his hand and steps back. I hear the whistle, and I start to scream even before it strikes my cheeks, angled so that it kisses both halves, the tip biting into the tender top of my thigh. My knees pull up under me, my ass a mass of nerve endings on fire, I bury my face into the pillow and continue to wail. My buttocks now high and on display, cheeks separated as I curl tighter into myself.

The belt whistles and lands, tip sinking into the exposed cleft, inches from my winking back door, my pussy lips, so swollen and hot, splay wide and the pooling juices drip. His hand dips into the honey pot, comes out wet and glistening and he chuckles. "Well, well now, it doesn't seem that a spanking will be enough to keep you behaving. It appears you rather like it."

My heart pounding so hard in my ears that I do not at first hear his voice. Louder he says, "You did like that?" Nodding but whimpering I agree, my flaming cheeks quivering, but the pouring nectar from my pussy the evidence of my enjoyment.

I watch as he slips out of his clothes, quickly and methodically, each item neatly folded and placed on the chair. He stands in my line of vision, his cock long and thick bouncing in front of him like a sword ready to spear deep. Smiling his eyes lock with mine and he winks at me...my tongue snakes out to lick my lips, unable to stop staring at his magnificent cock. He approaches the desk and turns to me holding my newest and most favourite of ass plugs.

Grinning with lube in one hand and plug in the other, Jim comes to the edge of the bed, his cock like a flag pole, and points from my lips to the glistening tip. Scooting closer to the edge, I hesitate for just a second, looking up into Jim's eyes before letting my lips drop to his wet slit, tongue tasting before my lips part and engulf him. My hot mouth flooding with saliva as my lips push onto his shaft, tongue rolling underneath, stabbing at the thick vein. Groaning, my lips advance until my nose butts up against his warm belly. My throat spasming, gagging as the head buries itself.

He pulls out, and pats my head, caresses my cheek and chuckles softly, "You are rather eager aren't you, a simple kiss would have sufficed."

Shaking my head I feel the bed shift and look over my shoulder to see him kneeling behind me, his eyes focused on my ass and then the cool liquid pouring over my crack, it drips and oozes. Jim's fingers work the thick lube into the crack of my quivering globes, two fingers slipping into my winking back door to lube inside, I stiffen and gasp, lunging forward. His free hand smacks my ass, telling me to hold still. Biting my lip, I freeze in place, panting hard, breaths dragging audibly over my teeth,

I can hear the lube being squirted and look back again to see him slather the plug, his hand working the lube from its tip to its base. "Now reach back and spread for me please." his voice soft but commanding.

I reach back, my cheek pillowed in the thick bedding, and grasp each side of my ass, pulling my cheeks wide, offering up my tender tight rosebud. The plug works up and down in my crack...finally stopping at my entrance and with a firm pressure it wriggles in, slowly, inch by inch the long plug finally seats itself. My ass cheeks rippling as my inner ring of muscle quivers until it finally accepts the girth and I remember to breathe again.

Jim leans in and kisses my ass cheek and at the same time I hear him using the pump...the first inflation barely noticeable but the second pump gets my attention as the plug stretches the walls of my ass. The third and forth pump have me whimpering, my hips gyrating from side to side. The fifth inflation pushes the air from my lungs with a groan...my hands reaching under me to push up so that I am on my hands and knees...rocking back and forth.

Jim pulls on the base of the plug and whistles as he realizes how big and tight the plug has become in my ass. His fingers trail down to my drenched pussy and he pushes one finger inside to probe at the plug. "Wow, can't fuck you with that in...there's no room left for my cock." With that he climbs from the bed and gives my ass a firm spanking with his belt. "Count for me."

I count the strikes, criss-crossing my fiery cheeks, each spank sending my muscles into spasm, the plug dancing. I lose count at 20 something as my body turns itself inside out. The orgasm ripping itself from my depths. Tearing through me, almost painful as my sphincter tightens on the plug...and as I feel it start to wane...Jim applies two more pumps to the inflatable plug...sending me spiralling once again. Screaming for more, alternated with begging him to stop. My pussy gushes, drips onto the bed under me.

A cool hand on my heated flesh, stroking my back, he whispers soothing words in my ear and as I collapse full out onto the bed, he lies beside me...smiling at me, stroking my back, until my breathing evens out. Relaxing as much as the enormous plug in my ass will let me, I dare to look into his eyes, they sparkle with lust. Jim's lips close the distance until they brush across mine, his tongue darting into my mouth, exploring, stealing my breath.

His hard cock hot and throbbing presses to my thigh...he pumps his hips and it rides along my flesh. "Roll over." I obey, rolling onto my back as he gets off the bed and once again retrieves items from the desk. He laughs as he tells me I travel quite well equipped.

Leaning over he kisses me and fastens the leather cuffs to my wrists, adusting them at the bed posts above my head. I hear the jingle of the heavy bells on the nipple clamps, he clips them to my nipples and the initial bite takes my breath again. My hips pumping at the air as the huge plug dances in my ass. Lost in the sensations coursing through my body, I don't realize that he has cuffed my ankles until I feel the tug, spreading me in an X...tethered tightly. Very little movement allowed as he pulls again...taking up all slack. Testing the bindings, I frown as I am allowed less than an inch of movement in any one direction.

My nipples have settled into a dull throbbing ache and my sphincter has stilled for the moment. I dare to take a deep breath and look down my body at my splayed legs. Jim stands at the foot of the bed, his hand tightly clasped around something that I cannot see. He looks up at me and grins. "Would you like another orgasm?" Nodding yes, my throat gone dry, tongue swirling in my dry mouth, not trusting my voice. "Well then...how many would you like?" A hint of fear clouding my eyes, I shake my head, pulling hard at my arms, my wrists twisting in the soft cuffs, my hands curled into tight fists.

Dry, rasping grunts as he climbs onto the bed, he licks his lips before diving between my thighs and I can only lie back and accept his attentions. His tongue darts along my already wet slit, his fingers prying open my nether lips, exposing the soft inner tissues. He takes two strips of bondage tape and wraps them high on my thighs. Licking his lips, I see the nectar glistening before his tongue pulls it into his mouth. "Yummy." Growling softly, I wonder what he is up to.

The hidden objects in his hand are the extra set of nipple clamps, the cruelest clover leafs. He clips then to my swollen labia as I scream. The pain rolling over me...my hips rocking, ass grinding into the bed, igniting spasms anew in my ass. He ties my lips wide open, tethering the clamps to the strips of tape on my thighs. Every inch, every hidden niche is wide open to his eyes, his fingers, his tongue.

He leans back to admire his handiwork and then dives into my slippery slit, his tongue attacking my clit. His flat long strokes making my ass quiver, it rebels at the plug, trying to push it out. My clit dances for his tongue, quivers and throbs. The next orgasm comes quickly, he pushes two fingers into my fuckhole and curls them, finding my gspot. He rubs hard and fast over the bumpy tissue, his tongue still assaulting my hard clit as the orgasm continues to build. The pressure in my belly aching as it finally releases. Squirting, the nectar forced from my cunt, it splashes his face, dripping as he continues to rub and lick. My screams echo in the room.

His free hand reaches up to remove one of the clamps from my nipple. The pain flooding in is so exquisite that I am unsure if I am cumming again...or if it's one long continuous orgasm. My mind drifts away, my thoughts concentrated on my nipple as his fingers roll it, tweaking it as the blood flows back in. My hips pumping at his face and I feel my ass stretching, "NOOOOOOOO!" my denial low and guttural like an animal.

He renews his lashing with his tongue and I shudder and shake. Climax after climax, rippling through me until my brain crescendos, awash with the ultimate orgasm. I lose focus, my body on auto pilot as it accepts the pleasure. His hand releases the other clamp and I lift, body rigid as it tips me over the edge. I float, no sound or light penetrating my brain. My throat raw as it drags in air.

At last, I open my eyes, my legs are freed and I flex the muscles. Jim is straddling me, his cock teasing my lips, his smile reaching his eyes as he asks if I enjoyed. Rolling my eyes, licking my lips, my tongue dragging moisture, my bottom lip swollen and tender, I can feel the teeth marks denting it. He pushes forward, his head past my lips, my mouth once again flooding with saliva as I savour the male taste.

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