tagErotic CouplingsOne Year After The Reunion Ch. 02

One Year After The Reunion Ch. 02


Chapter One:

My name is Rob and I recently retired from an IT position with a major grocery chain. I've been traveling through my old territory searching for a nice place to settle down. I'm up in Idaho getting reacquainted with some lovely ladies I met last year. I've spent the last couple of days with a sexy MILF named Stacy. I was lucky enough to have met her and her two friends, Tess and Carol last year at a reunion which I crashed.

Tonight, Stacy and I are helping Carol celebrate her 49th birthday. I spent the day with Stacy shopping and preparing for tonight. The day began with some fun shower sex with Stacy and then a crazy shopping experience at the local adult bookstore. After our shopping I needed a refresher back at my hotel.

After some much needed rest at the hotel, I take a shower and shave. I dress in a nice pair of slacks and dress shirt. Of course, I am commando. No sense getting too dressed up. I'm hoping for a little groping at dinner. I drive back to Stacy's house and let myself in.

"Hey Stacy, I'm back."

"Come on back, I'm in the bedroom."

I walk through the door and see Stacy standing in front of her full length mirror as she combs her hair. She is stunning in her navy blue dress with the low cut top that hugs her breasts and reveals a lot a cleavage. The top is also backless and it's obvious she is not wearing a bra, yet her boobs sit high and proud. I move behind her and move my hands under the fabric to feel her bare breasts. I feel her nipples harden against my palms. I nuzzle her neck and pinch her erect nubs before pulling away.

"Just trying to figure out how you can fill out that dress without wearing a bra. Stacy, you are stunning. I'm going to have hard time getting through dinner without attacking you."

"Behave yourself, we have all night. If you have that much trouble, maybe I'll let you play with my pussy. I won't be wearing panties. Are you ready to go pickup Carol? She just texted that she is ready."

Stacy grabs a light sweater for a cover-up and we are out the door. Carol lives on the other side of town, so it takes about 15 minutes to drive over. We arrive and knock on her front door. Carol opens the door and welcomes us. True to Stacy's comments, Carol is dressed conservatively in a light green skirt that ends below her knees and a sheer white blouse buttoned up to her neckline. Her plain white brassier is barely visible beneath her blouse. Perhaps this is Carol's attempt at sexy.

"Come in, come in. Hello my dear Stacy. It's so nice to see you again Rob."

Stacy hugs Carol and they kiss cheek to cheek. I step up and hug Carol too.

"Hi Carol, it's so nice to finally spend some time together. We didn't get a chance to spend any time at the reunion. Stacy tells me you, Tess and she like to get together often for ladies night. Well Happy Birthday my dear."

Carol blushes a bit, I'm sure she didn't expect me to mention their ladies gathering. Carol ushers us into the kitchen where she as an open bottle of Chablis waiting for us. I pour three glasses and we toast Carol's 49th year. She also prepared an anti-pasta plate of cheeses, olives and cold cuts.

Stacy toasts, "Here's to my wonderful, sexy friend who is only getting better with age, like fine wine. I hope you have many crazy orgasms during the coming year."

Carol looks at me and turns three shades of red. I nod and we all take long sips of the wine. We share in the hors d' oeuvres and drink the wine. We spend the next 20 minutes reminiscing about the high school reunion, how we've spent the past year and kill off the bottle of wine. I suggest we drink up and head over to the restaurant for our 6:30 PM reservation.

Both ladies enjoyed most of the bottle and are feeling no pain. We hop in the front seat with Stacy in the middle. She is already frisky and rests her hand on my thigh. As I drive down the road, she moves her hand up a few inches and grabs my cock. I concentrate on getting us to the restaurant in one piece. She concentrates on getting me hard. Both of us achieve our goal. By the time we pull into the parking lot I'm erect and showing a nice bulge in my slacks.

We are greeted by the hostess and taken to a side booth with high back seating. The three of us slide into the booth with Stacy in the middle again. This should afford us further opportunities to explore our sex. When the waitress appears, I order a bottle of Rosé. I plan to keep both ladies plied with alcohol as we look over the menu. Carol provided such a nice appetizer at her house, so we go right to the main courses. Since this is a steak house, we all choose a favorite cut with different sides.

The bottle of Rosé is brought to our table and we raise our glasses for another toast. This time I start, "Happy Birthday once again Carol. I hope you enjoy the evening we have planned for you. Relax and let us take care of you. Hopefully, this will be a night we never forget."

Stacy chimes in, "May it be filled with many crazy orgasms."

We clink our glasses as Carol once again turns a little red, although it's just a slight blush. I give Stacy the evil eye and tell her to go slow; we don't want to scare Carol off. I look over to Carol and notice that the top two buttons on her blouse are undone. Maybe it's a sign that she is loosening up. I pour more wine into her glass.

Stacy notices her blouse too and gives me a wink. All of a sudden I feel a hand grab my cock under the table. It's too bad the tablecloth is so short; I won't be able to sneak down and explore a pair of pussies here. I'm sure there will plenty of time for that back at Stacy's. The hand on my cock squeezes me a little tighter and strokes my erect shaft. Stacy continues to talk with Carol and doesn't let on what she is doing to me. I figure turnabout is fair, so I drop my hand under the table to search out her panty-less quim.

As I ask Carol about her dinner choice, I use my fingers to stroke Stacy's slit. She is already wet and she spreads her legs allowing me more access. The waitress returns for our orders. Carol chooses a New York cut with a side of asparagus. When Stacy begins to place her order, I slide two fingers inside her folds. She winces momentarily, but continues. The waitress looks my way and I order up a rib eye. Just as I tell her what I'd like for a side, Stacy squeezes hard. I grit my teeth and complete my order. The waitress doesn't know what to make of us. She just smiles and heads to the kitchen.

Carol looks our way, "Are you OK, Rob? It looks like you are in pain."

"Oh no sweetheart, I just had a lump in my throat. I'm OK now."

I wink at Stacy and wiggle my fingers. We continue to play our game until our food is delivered.

I whisper to Stacy,"Hey, see if you can get Carol to loosen up a bit, know what I mean?"

Stacy moves her hand under the table and squeezes Carol's thigh. Her conservative green skirt foils Stacy's effort. We'll have to work on her when we get back to Stacy's house. In the meantime dinner is served and we enjoy the food and more wine. I look over to Carol and see a third button undone. Maybe the wine is helping. I suggest the ladies kill the wine before we head home.

We devour our steaks and decline dessert. There will be plenty of dessert at home. The ladies are a bit tipsy as we leave the restaurant and get in my car. This time Carol is in the middle and as she adjusts her seat belt, I reach over and unbutton a fourth button on her blouse. She doesn't blink an eye, but now I have a nice view of her cleavage. Stacy is right, she does have big breasts. As I drive, I place my hand on Carol's thigh. Maybe I can get her warmed up on the drive home. She surprises me by spreading her legs slightly. I continue to move my hand along her inner thigh all the way back to Stacy's house.

We arrive at Stacy's. I lean over and whisper Happy Birthday to Carol and plant a nice wet kiss on her lips. She accepts my advance and even slides her tongue into my mouth. Stacy looks over and gives me thumbs up. Once inside The house, we gather in the dining room.

Stacy says, "You two relax while I get the cake and ice cream."

Carol seems to be in a dream state, or maybe on a wine induced coma. I move close and run my hand along her cheek. I move my lips to hers and we share a kiss. I move my hand down and slip it inside her blouse running my palm around and around her plain white bra. Carol's tits are soft and pliable to my touch. Her nipples stiffen.

"Hey you two."

Stacy catches me red handed as she returns with plates and the dessert. She then disappears into the back bedroom. I continue fondling Carol without protest. I would love to feel her bare skin, but her bra is too tight. I decide to wait for a more advantageous time.

Stacy returns with her hands full with goodies. She hands Carol a birthday card, some flowers and two packages. We sing a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday to Carol' and she thanks us.

"You two are full of surprises. Thank you so much for tonight. It means a lot that you are here with me."

I'm thinking wait until she sees the real surprise. Before opening her gifts, Stacy dishes up the cake and ice cream. We enjoy the dessert and prepare to really surprise Carol.

Stacy smiles and says,"OK Carol, present time. Let's see what you got."

Stacy wrapped both gifts earlier today. She used brightly colored paper and ribbon. Carol unwraps the large flat box first. She opens the box containing the red corset bustier and turns as red as the corset itself.

"Oh my god, what is this? I can't wear this, it's too revealing. My husband will have a heart attack."

Stacy is so excited and blurts out, "It's not for him, it's for us and I have one just like it in black. We're going to model them for Rob."

Carol laughs,"You two are crazy, you know that?"

Carol holds up the corset for our inspection and approval. She presses it against her body and we clap loudly. Next, she grabs the smaller box and unwraps it. As she pulls the paper off one side, she realizes what's inside and a look of horror appears on her face.

Stacy shouts out, "Surprise!"

Carol is momentarily paralyzed. Stacy grabs the box and pulls out the rabbit vibrator. She flips the switch and the sex aid buzzes to life. The rotating head starts moving around and around.

"Look it already has batteries, we are ready to play. And it has a curved tip to find your G-Spot, plus look at these spinning metal beads for a stimulating pussy massage. This is going to be fun. Hey Rob, be a dear and clean up the dishes. Carol and I are going to model our new outfits."

Stacy grabs Carol by the wrist along with the corset and drags her to the guest bedroom. Carol still has a stunned look as she is pulled to the back of the house. Stacy is not giving Carol anytime to protest. I don't think Carol could muster any protest given the amount of wine and shock coursing through her body.

We are on our way to a night of lust and debauchery. Our devilishly planned threesome is about to start. I clear the dessert dishes and put away the left over ice cream. After I dump the dishes in the sink to soak, I grab the cake and vibrator and head into Stacy's bedroom. With all the excitement and anticipation, my cock is already hard. I grab some towels from the bathroom to protect the bed sheets.

As I wait for the ladies, I remember the Boy Scout motto to 'Be Prepared'. I pull the bed covers down, spread out the towels and strip. I drop my pants and my erect seven inches snaps to attention. I hop on the bed and lay on my back. I grab my cock and stroke my shaft while I wait for Stacy and Carol.

A few minutes pass and a small amount of pre-cum forms on the tip of my cock. Finally Stacy and Carol appear at the bedroom door. I almost shoot my load on sight. They stand there dressed in matching corsets. Carol in red and Stacy in black. The first thing I notice are Carol's huge tits. They are barely contained by the bra cups of the corset. The tops of her bright pink nipples are on display and are already erect.

My eyes are then drawn to their pussies and the stark contrast between them. Stacy is smooth and hairless, a fact I already knew. Carol, on the other hand, has an abundant amount of dark, curly pubic hair covering her mons and inner thighs. Stacy did say that Tess called Carol their woolly mammoth. She is right.

"Come in ladies, I've been waiting patiently. You two are total foxes in those corsets. They look perfect. I have a nice hard cock ready to go."

Stacy pulls Carol into the room and they join me on the bed. We put Carol in the middle between us. I run my hand up and down the satin lingerie feeling the smooth material.

"Carol, you are so beautiful; Happy Birthday. We want you to relax and enjoy all of the attention. This is your night of pleasure."

I lean over and kiss Carol on the lips as I slide my hand up and cup her left breast. Our kiss lingers as our tongues parry back and forth. Stacy has her hand on Carol's pussy, running her fingers through the thick patch of hair. Stacy gets up from the bed as Carol and I continue to kiss.

"I'll be right back you two, don't leave."

Carol and I break apart and laugh, we aren't going anywhere. I grab her wrist and place her hand on my cock. Carol wraps her hand around my shaft and strokes me. I reach down and run my fingers through her mop. We definitely need to groom her pussy. I feel her wet slit underneath all of that hair, at least our attention to her is making a difference.

Stacy comes back into the bedroom carrying a razor, shaving cream and a washcloth. She also has a beard trimmer. I guess that's appropriate since we'll be trimming a bearded clam.

"Alright you two, break it up. There's plenty of time to play later. Right now we need to do a little barbering. Carol, sweetie, we really need to do something about that mess down there. We're going to do a little touch up and make your pussy pretty. Spread your legs and let Rob and I do our thing."

Carol shows a bit of trepidation at our suggestion. But we won't take no for an answer.

"Don't worry honey; we're just going to give you a trim, not a full Brazilian. Remember what I looked like before I started shaving and waxing?"

Carol nods her head and spreads her legs. Stacy sets up a little shaving station and we begin our work. Stacy flips the switch on the beard trimmer and moves it back and forth Carol's mons. Carol's dense forest begins to look a little cleaner. Stacy hands me several tufts of pubes as she shapes Carol's nether region into a perfect triangle. Stacy trims her hairy inner thighs and puffy outer lips a little closer so that only stubble remains.

"Well that's a whole lot better already. OK Rob, you're up. You get to shave her thighs and outer lips. Be careful around her inner labia, we don't want any nicks."

I use the washcloth to dampen Carol's skin and spread shaving cream around her thighs and puffy outer lips. I take my time and remove every little bit hair from around her slit. Stacy reaches in and spreads Carol's labia so I can remove all of the hair around her clit. Carol's inner core is pink and very wet. I shave around the edge of her remaining patch creating a perfect triangle that ends at the top of Carol's slit. Stacy takes the washcloth and cleans up Carol while I return our implements to the bathroom.

I come back to the bedroom and we study our handy work. Carol's pussy is completely changed. She looks good enough to eat. Stacy moves in between her thighs for the first taste. She sticks her tongue out and licks up the entire length of Carol's slit. It is moist with pussy juice.

"Mmmm Carol, you taste even better now without all of that hair getting in the way. I love your soft pink lips. Give me more sweetie."

Stacy sticks out her tongue as far as she can and drives it deep between Carol's smooth folds. She moves up and down deep in her wet gash.

"Gawd Rob, come and taste her, she is even sweeter than I remember."

Stacy moves to the side and I delve into Carol's pussy for the first time. I lick all over her smooth outer labia before pushing my tongue deep into her inner core. I press my face against her and the short triangle of pubes tickles my nose.

"Oooh Stacy, she does take good. Is this what I missed at the reunion last year?"

"Yep, so feast up; let's make her cum right now."

Stacy and I take turns eating Carol. We stretch her legs as wide as is comfortable for Carol, so we both can have our way with her. I lick and kiss her left thigh while Stacy attacks her inner labia. And then Stacy moves to her right thigh while I concentrate on her labia. Carol places each hand on the back of our heads to guide us to her sweet spot. We spread her lips and her engorged clit comes into view. Stacy is right; it is as long as my pinkie with just the tip emerging from beneath the hood. We take turns licking the length of her clitoris as Carol's legs start to shake. Carol raises her hips forcing her clit against our tongues as we push her to her first climax.

"Geez yes, lick my clit, suck on it, and make me cum. It feels so good, I'm going to cum, I'm going to come. Eat me."

I concentrate on the tiny nub licking up and down and left to right. As the hood retracts more, I suck more of her clit between my lips. I give way to Stacy and she does the same. Carol bucks her hips and uses both hands to hold Stacy in place as her orgasm rips through her body.

"Oh Stacy, I'm cuming, I'm cummmmminnggg! Eat my pussy. Suck my clit. Cummmmmiiinnnnggg. Fffuuckkkk!"

Carol nearly bounces off the bed in ecstasy. We hold her legs as she thrashes about. Stacy keeps her face pressed between Carol's thighs and holds on for dear life. Carol's girl juice streams from within, and Stacy does her best to lick it all up. Carol rides out a gut retching orgasm for nearly forty five seconds and then her whole body goes limp as she sinks back into the mattress.

Stacy has a grin a mile wide with pussy juice covering her face. I move close and lick some of the sweet nectar from her lips and chin. We press our faces together and share a deep kiss with lots of tongue. We share Carol's cum; such sweet cum. Once Stacy's face is somewhat clean we move back up the bed on either side of Carol who is momentarily famished.

Stacy whispers, "So girl how is that for a birthday welcome? Now that your pussy is properly shaved, I won't be able to keep my hands off you. I'm going to eat that cunt every chance I get."

"You can have me all you want. Gawd that was the most intense climax I've ever had. You two are amazing. Thank you, thank you so much. Now I want Rob's hard cock inside me. I've only ever had my husband's cock, but now I want more, I want cock and I want to be on top."

"Hey Rob, I think we've unleashed a hidden monster. She wants your cock, so give it to her. But you better have enough for me to."

"I think we have, Stacy. But first let's have some more birthday cake."

I reach over to the nightstand and grab a slice of cake that I brought into the bedroom. The chocolate frosting is nice and gooey and I smear some on Carol's pink nipples. I offer some of the slice to Carol who opens her mouth and devours the cake. Stacy and I each grab a boob and lick the delicious frosting from her nipples. We lick and suck each delectable nubbin until the chocolate is all gone. Carol's nipples are rock hard and stand out a good half inch. I apply some more frosting and we gobble it up. Carol is now ready for a special birthday fuck.

We seem to have wakened Carol's inner slut. My cock has been hard for the last twenty minutes and I am ready for her. Carol kneels up and I roll on my back in the middle of the bed. I focus on Carol; she is such a lovely lady now celebrating her 49th year. The red corset hugs her body. The bra cups no longer support her large pendulous breasts as they flop over the top. Her bright pink nipples point downward and are quite erect. Carol moves over to straddle me. Her freshly shorn pussy is wet. I hold my shaft up as she spreads her labia and slides down impaling herself on my full seven inches.

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