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One's True Love


Disclamer- All persons are 18+ years in age.

A little About Him.

Justin was waiting for the announcement that it was time for his flight to start boarding. It had been delayed for over an hour so he was hoping that it would be soon.

As he looked around he wondered where the rest of the people were off too? He saw a middle aged couple that looked like they were headed to a tropical setting, the man had on a shirt with a flowered print on it and his wife had the same shirt on with a camera around her neck. They were looking at some brochures that looked like info on some distant islands. A woman in her late 20's, maybe early 30's, appeared to be heading to her parents house, perhaps, in her home town. Justin noticed that she was alone and didn't see a ring on her finger, so he could only assume that she wasn't involved with anyone at the moment. She was wearing a Hollister hoodie, a nice pair of jeans and her hair was pulled up into a pony tail. While she was looking over her ticket she appeared to be just as boarded as he was, yet seemed as if she might be bothered by something or maybe had something on her mind. To his left were empty chairs and shops beyond that he noticed a shop that sold books, magazines, candy, and sodas. Justin got to thinking maybe he could find a book to read while he waited for the plane to board or at least something to eat. As he got close to the shop the shop keeper was giving him a weird look, it did not bother him he just wish people would understand besides his "dress blues" all he had was his other Marine uniforms but they were hopefully in the plane by now.

Just less than 10 hours ago he was in his superiors office getting his discharge papers, from the age of 18 all he has knew was the Marines, 22 years was a long stay. But if not for the military he would have been in jail, on the run or dead. Justin wasn't a bad guy he just got in with the wrong crowd out of school. Lucky for him he saw the military as a way out of his hometown, a way to see the world. Now he could hold his head up a wear the uniform proudly, he was a Marine.

As he got closer the man's face went from surprise to a larger than life smile, Justin tried to not look at the man cause he knew the man would want to talk about whatever, but it didn't work. The man came over to him and was just so excited he said in broken English, "Hello my name is Du-mar sir and I just wanted to say Thank You and shake your hand." Justin said " Hello sir I am Justin, no need to thank me sir, I don't deserve it, I was just doing my job."

"Well Justin I know you personally did not help me and my family escape from Libia all those years ago, but it was the Marines that provided protection so we could, and I try to thank anyone I see in the uniform to let them know I am behind them and to thank them for the job they do!"

"Again sir thank you but really there is no need."

"Well Justin tell you what, what ever you find to buy in my shop I will let you have it for 1/2 off OK is it a deal?"

Justin was thinking, OK if I agree then I can get back to being alone...

"OK sir you got a deal."

"Good, OK I will leave you to shop."

Finally he was thinking, now I can look at what he has to read. Justin scanned the books but there was a limited style of topics on the shelf so he decided on a magazine one of the captions that caught his eye was "How to make any woman want you!" Wow he thought I could use that now that I'm not married to the military, I can find a good woman and settle down so maybe this could help besides it will give me something to do one the plane.

"Now boarding Delta flight 227 at terminal F2 non stop for Atlanta" came the voice over the speakers.

"Yes!" Justin said out loud but he didn't mean too he was happy to get out of this airport and get back home. 22 years and he wondered what had changed around his hometown, he didn't have any family his mom and dad past away years ago and he was an only child. But his dad did have it set up that if something happened to them Justin would get the house and it would be payed off. Little did he know his parents also invested in stocks when he was born and left all the money to him.

Justin payed Du-mar for the magazine and he again told him thank you and for a job well done, now he was headed to the counter to finally get on the plane. The flight went good and he even got in some much needed sleep, Atlanta here he comes.

In Atlanta as Justin was leaving the baggage area he saw a man holding a sign with his name on it, he thought it odd. Now who knew he was here with no family it was just a little strange. Justin approached the man, he was standing next to a man wearing a very nice suite, he spoke up and said " Hello I'm Justin Pace."

The man in the nice suite said "Hello sir I'm Roger, and this is Frank he will be your driver, may I take your bag?"

"Yes, thank you," but he was thinking my driver.

Roger noticed the look on his face, like his was lost and said "Sir may I explain; your parents were John and Sara Pace your Father worked for Lockheed your Mother worked for Pepsi, they lived in Buck head, you are Justin Pace you are an only child, you have been in the Marines for 22 years, received several awards and metals, your parents died in 1980 and 82 around-"

Justin cut him off and said "OK, OK I heard enough so you know my history but you said, My driver, what did you mean I have not been here 10 min. and your telling me I have a driver."

"Well sir before your father died he saw to it that in the event of his death that your mother and you would be let's just say you and her would be taken care of, also if anything would happen to ether of you that everything would go to the other one that was still alive sir."

Justin was just beside himself at what he was hearing, he did miss his parents.

"OK so what are we talking here a couple of thousand dollars? Maybe half a million?"

"Sir I will fill you in on the way to your house and try to bring you up to speed on everything but time is short so we do need to be going, this way sir."

As they made there way to the car, "Man this is just a little much." Justin was thinking. He needed a drink and some time to hear what Roger had to say.

On the drive from the airport Roger explained Justin's father had made good investments and after his father died his mother took a lump sum of his fathers (401)K money and invested it into computers and blue chip stocks based in Georgia. In '82 when his mother passed her Will was taken over by Roger and his firm, but his mother was very wise about what to invest the money in so her child would be taken care of. But Justin was not to know about all of this until he was ready to give up the Marines and move back home.

Justin then asked " So how much are we talking Roger?"

"All together around 40 billion, give or take a billion."

"Holy fuck!! Are you kidding me."

"No sir, but there is one clause your mother put in the will sir."

Justin was still trying to get over hearing his parents left him 40 billion dollars give or take a billion. And he didn't hear the part about the clause to the money.

"Sir the money is not yet yours, you have to abide by the clause before you get the money."

Now Justin heard what was said.

"Pardon me, but what clause?"

"Sir you have to find a woman, fall in love, and then make her your wife."

"Are you shitting me!?"

"No sir, I am not 'shitting' you sir."

Well that's just great I have to find a woman and get married to get the money, I'm not even been back in town 2 hours and have a bomb dropped on me like this, man this homecoming is going well.

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