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Online Dance: The Seven Veils


Be it online dancing in a room full of horny men or in real life, the Dance of the Seven Veils is both erotic and beautiful. It actually stems from belly-dancing and dances done in the Far East. Having done extensive dancing with words online, I will attempt to walk you through how exactly something like this is done.

The first thing to keep in mind when dancing online is that you are painting a picture with your words. For everyone that is in the room watching, the only sense they have to experience what you are trying to accomplish is the sense of sight. So you must elicit an image so strong that they can not only see what you are doing, but feel it. Some online dancers are so good that people can close their eyes and hear the music or even smell the dancer's perfume. Of course, this takes time and practice and isn't expected on your first few attempts. It might even take multiple tries to even come close.

The dancer needs to both paint a picture of her surroundings, the dancer herself and set the stage for the dance to come: trembles as she hears the words that strongly command her, the slut yearning for this chance to be devoured by hungered gazes, to beckon the taste of her flesh, to induce the thought of laying claim to the wild barbaric beast that rises from her kneel to shroud wanton form in a rainbow of brightly colored, diaphanous silk scarves, bewitching beauty bathed in soft light as the hour grows late, dimming light from the fire and torches cast an ethereal glow as she takes her place centered before them, slender arms rising to meet with a slither of soft skin and wrists kissed back to back, waiting ...

Now, as you can see, the background has been created beautifully. The reader is eager, almost sitting on the edge of their seat, to see what happens next. The second phase of the dance is now to set the initial stages of the dance to come ... the beginning. As all performing dances are real-time, so should they be online. Performance dances begin slow, tantalizing. So should they be online. The writer should take their time in their descriptions, drawing in the reader so that they are eager for the next section: signals the start of deep throbbing drums with a slight flutter of flimsy cloth, heart throbbing in a frenzied staccato as layers of rippling silk part to reveal the delicious swell of firm rounded hips, lush lips curve enticingly as hips begin to roll in slow wanton circles beneath the gossamer silk, the luscious swell of hips revealed as she rises up on dancer's toes to twirl in a shimmer and flash of golden-hued skin, Thassian blue eyes tease and taunt above the sheer blue veil shrouding delicate features from their stares, flaunting animalistic sexuality as a fire begins to smolder deeply, giving birth to the creature that dwells within

Can you feel it? Do you picture it? At this point, you know what the dancer looks like. You get a feel for the beat of the music, perhaps even the melody being played. The sheerness of the veils being used should be visible in the reader's mind. They should feel transformed in time to that place that the writer wants them to go.

Online dancing is a lot like writing a short story. It must have a plot, setting and characters. The dance is even better if there is a problem that is solved by the end of the dance. I would suggest using a thesaurus to improve and expand your vocabulary so that your words do not become repetitive and bore your reader.

The goal, of course, is to make the reader feel like they are there, watching in awe as this dance reveals itself: suddenly stops as drums crash dramatically to a halt, hands flying high above tangled curls falling in tantalizing waves down an unmarred back, locked within the wisp of silk, displaying openly to those that watch her need to be bound, body, heart and soul ~ the music beginning again with haunting tunes and undertones, movements of former bond-maid rising like the phoenix, hot and urgent as the czehar begins to add its melody to the throbbing of the tabor, scornfully discarding the light fabric from her wrists to move more freely, glinting auburn locks flying from slender shoulders, feet crossing again and again as she spins, fingers expertly pulling yet another veil, the flash of yellow silk flying into the air and then wafting down to settle upon the dancing tiles

As the dance progresses keep in mind that you do not want to overdo it. Eight posts are about average when doing one online. I have seen as few as four posts and as many as twenty. The whole point is to captivate your reader and pull them into the fantasy that you are creating with your words. Be sure to end on with a bang and leave your reader hoping to see another one created by your imagination soon: pounds out the beat of her need with dainty feet, an exquisite marionette dancing for their pleasure, lean supple thighs stretching, sinuous nude flesh exposed as hands glide over the sensuous plane of undulating belly, fingers splaying as they travel downwards to flow over the flare of rounded hips, the stare of their hungered eyes move over glistening skin in a deliberate rape of wanton flesh, melting downwards in a languid unfurling of exposed skin, firelight licking over lecherous flesh like a thousand tongues as she stretches among the fallen scarves, biting back the softest of moans as trembling form lays helpless in a rainbow of color

Happy dancing!

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