tagBDSMOnline Dominance Ch. 02

Online Dominance Ch. 02


Hi again, I hope you all liked chapter 1, sorry for the delay and enjoy chapter 2 this is where it starts to get interesting. Everyone is above the age of 18, and the story will make more sense if you read from chapter 1 but that's up to you.


When I woke up the next morning, 6am had yet to come. Outside was still dark. I was anxious to please my new Master. I mean, what teenager thinks about checking their email as soon as they wake up, especially before 6am? But I checked and, was disappointed when my inbox was empty. I realized my Master didn't want me or need me as much as I was starting to need him. I decided to put it out of my mind and focus on the more important things in my life, like my education.

I got up from in front of my laptop, used the bathroom, got dressed in a simple 'V-neck ' sweater and a jeans short skirt, and did my hair. Since I was early I would drive to school instead of taking the bus. School was the same old day in and day out. I had boring lecturers, loads of assignments until finally, it was time for lunch. I went and bought my lunch like every other one of the hundreds of students that attended my high school. When I finished eating my simple ham and cheese sandwich, I decided to go to my next class early.

My teacher, Mr. McCarthy, was one the school's hottest instructors and one of the most relaxed, if not the most relaxed. He taught Computer Graphics and every girl had a major crush on him, well, girls and a few of the guys. When I got there, I asked him if I could come in early, while he finished his other class. He smiled at me and waved his hand for me to go on. My heart tumbled in my chest. He was sooo sexy. I walked to my usual seat and logged in and went immediately to my email. My heart jumped in my chest and my pussy started to moisten. He replied!! My master answered! I clicked on the email and started to read:

Good Morning my sweet slave,

I trust you slept well. I am very pleased with your report and your photo and I want to see more. As a job well done, I would accede to a request from you, of a photo of me. Since I am pleased with your picture, I will give you one piece of information relating to me that is necessary for you to know, since it is going to relate to other tasks I have for you. My cock is eight and a half inches erect, two and a half inches broad.
I have two tasks for you today. 1) I want you to carry a mark of me on your body so that you can remember that you are owned. Use a permanent marker and write "Property of the Master" somewhere on your body. You will take a photo as proof that you have completed your task. Note well slave, you will write this on your body whenever you are doing a task for me until I say otherwise.

Task 2) When you leave the house today, you will find a public toilet and strip down to your panty and bra. I want you to masturbate, thinking of your Master using you in this bathroom. After you orgasm, you will write "secret slut" ornately somewhere in the cubicle with your permanent marker. Photograph and send it to me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


By the time I was finished reading the email, my pussy was dripping. I had become so aroused when I was reading that I didn't notice that class was about to begin. This was going to cause a problem for me since my body wanted to carry out my Master's orders immediately. I decided that task 1 would be the easiest to complete and it could be done without anyone noticing. I grabbed my bag, and searched for a marker. When I found the one I was looking for scribbled on the inside of my wrist "Property of the Master", took my phone and quickly took a picture. I quickly answered his email, and told him that I would not be able to carry out his task 2. I sent the reply and the photo and waited for the response. I sat back in the chair and gave my attention to Mr. McCarthy since he was beginning to outline what today's class was going to be; it became clear that completing Task 2 was going to cause problems.

This class had never bored me, not once this whole year had I become so bored or impatient, but today I was anxious for class to end. I was waiting to be able to control my screen again. As soon as I had control, I logged into my email. As Mr. McCarthy started talking.

"Ok class take your..............................................."

My inbox was blinking which meant he had responded. I felt a gush of wetness seep out of my wet pussy, onto my already wet panties.

Hello again my sweet slave,
I like how frequently you are in contact, this is good. I like where you have placed my mark, very bold of you to have it somewhere so open. I will reward you for pleasing me immensely.


I started to smile. He was pleased with my decision! I decided to answer my master on yahoo messenger rather than by email, since messenger is a lot faster. I hope he realized what I was doing.

"Sir, I'm sorry but I will not be able to complete what you asked me to do. I am a student and I go to school during the day. There are no public stalls here, unless you count the school's bathrooms but you can't stay in there for more than 10 minutes. They have people monitoring them."

I glanced up, just to survey the room to see if anyone was back as yet. Mr. McCarthy had his head down, typing away rapidly on his laptop that he had open and was using to present today's lesson. Otherwise everyone else was busy doing his or her work. Within seconds my messenger light blinked:

"You're a smart girl. Using messenger is a lot faster and a lot easier for us. Thank you for this idea.
It's such a shame that you didn't complete the task as I ordered. 10 minutes is enough time. Failure in complying with my tasks will result you being punished. Your punishment is to get yourself on the floor of your bathroom, face down, push your ass in the air and stimulate yourself from behind, playing with your clit until you nearly cum. For not completing your task, you are NOT allowed to cum. I want you to do this at least three times, each time getting as close to cumming as you could and then stopping. "

I swallowed hard and my fingers began to shake. Masturbate three times without cumming? I have no idea if my body could hold up to that. As a submissive I felt myself becoming upset at the thought of disappointing him again, and I definitely didn't want another punishment. This one seemed taxing enough.

"I will be home at 2:30, but I cannot stay long. I have to tutor at 3:30 but I will comply with my punishment and should return home by 5 unless something comes up.

Thank you Sir, I enjoyed you describing yourself. I got turned on when I was reading it and if it is ok with you, may I be allowed to have a photo of you?"

My fingers hovered above the keyboard and I was staring intensely at the screen. The light glimmered.

"That's fine. It's good to know my cock is able to get a response from you. You will get your picture soon enough."

My chest burned. I had let him down on our first day together; I felt the burn of his disapproval. I knew then that I could not disappoint him ever again. Any task he assigns I will complete, no matter how outlandish it is.

The rest of the class went on until it was time to go home. First thing I did as I shut the door to the house, and ran straight for the bathroom. I shut the bathroom door and reached up and slide my wet panties down my legs. The thought of doing this when I got home had my body prepared. I rest my back on the door and let my body weight slide me down to the floor. I spread my legs, took my forefinger and rubbed my clit as fast as I could. I quickly felt my body beginning to tense as my first orgasm came close. It took all of my concentration to stop and allow my body to pull back from the edge of release. I was so wet already and so close. I shifted my body and got to my knees, head facing the door, and took my middle finger, curved it over my ass and pushed it into my ass, this making me gasp, while I allowed my face to touch the floor when my other fingers on my other hand began to rub my clit again. The finger in my ass I began to move and I felt everything in me freeze at the added stimulation. More of my wetness ran from my cunt in pearly tracks down my thighs. I pushed the finger in my ass further in, harder and faster, and massaged my clit furiously. My thighs stared to shake and saliva dribbled from my mouth to the floor. Moans were streaming from my mouth as the sensation built and built. I felt my vagina clench at the air in my tunnel as I got closer and closer. The orgasm was coming and it was massive. The nerves on the inner ring of my anus were beginning to get more and more sensitive as each push and pull of finger, pulled the muscle. I rubbed my clit faster and faster. Wetness ran unhindered from me; my orgasm was just out of my reach. One more push in my ass and I will............
I stopped. The finger froze stationary in my ass; with my muscles flexing crazily around it. The fingers on my clit stopped twirling in their clockwise motions. I felt my body tremble at the point of orgasm, every muscle in my body screaming with the exertion of keep this in. Seconds slide by in what felt like hours and my body very very very slowly eased back down to manageable levels. My body began to cool and I slid my finger from my ass. The friction slid me close back to orgasm again and a long muted scream came from my lips. I got up from kneeling and rested my ass on my ankles and tried to catch my breath. My chest was heaving and I know from how hot I was feeling, my skin was flushed red.
"How can I do this a third time??' I questioned myself. 'My body is so wired. If I touch myself again I will surely cum and then I would have disappointed him again.' But I must. I took my fingers and rubbed my clit once, twice, and I felt the tremors in my legs. I felt a burning inside of me, with the pressure of holding back my orgasm. I bit my lips, breathed deeply and stared upwards at the ceiling. After about 10 mins I got up on rubbery legs and looked down at myself. My shirt was rumpled beyond belief. My skirt had wet patches on it and my legs were sticky with my juices. I decided to shower before I went to tutor. I moved to my room to collect my stuff. I grabbed a shower and dressed quickly. I rushed through the door to head to the session.

The whole time I was there, I was watching the clock; waiting for the end of the hour to come and for me to able to leave and get home. When I got home, I went into my bedroom to see if I received any messages from my Master. I didn't; so I messaged him to let him know I was home and then I started on my homework. I had just finished when my messenger started blinking.

"Hello my sweet little slave, I got your message, what are you up too?"

"Not doing anything really, besides working on some chemistry homework."

My heart started to race and he only said thirteen words.' What was happening to me?' I thought.

"Did you carry out you punishment? "

"Of course, why should I lie?"

Thinking it over I don't know how I was able to stop, but I did.

"Well done. And you should know better than to attempt to lie to me. Now I have a question. Is the bathroom available?"

I stopped and listened to the sounds of the house. I heard the shower running. My fingers flew across the keyboard.

"No Sir. My sister is using it right now Sir."

At that moment I would do anything to get her out, but it would be impossible because she was taking a bath and would never listen to me once she got a bath going.

"Is there a place you can be alone for a couple of minutes?"

"Yes there is. My bedroom. May I ask why Sir?"

I am now thinking what he had going through his head, and what he was going to make me do.

"No you may not. You will just do what you are told. Now since you have told me you have your bedroom available, go to your room."

"I am already in my bedroom Sir.'

I hoped he would finally allow me to cum. I opened my laptop as I sat up my bed.

"Good girl. Now I want you to strip. I am feeling generous this evening. I know your body should be tense after holding back all those orgasms this afternoon. Am I right?"

"Yes Sir"

"So are you naked, yet? "

I got up and took of my clothes in record time and sat back down on the bed.

"Yes Sir. May I ask you a question?'

I looked intently at the screen hoping Master's fingers could move as fast as mine and he would respond quickly, because my pussy was getting wet and sitting in the middle of my bed naked and trying to concentrate on typing was putting a strain on me.

"You may" he replied.

"May I be allowed to put the conversation on voice call? It will allow me to hear you but not see you, so my hands could be free."

I scooted to the top of my bed and reclined on the pillows and impatiently waited for him to reply.

"I like that suggestion so I am giving you permission to place it on voice call. I will also be hearing you enjoy what I am saying so there is a benefit to me."

I immediately placed the chat on call.

"Slave...." my master's voice was rich, deep and arousing.

"Yes sir?" I whispered

"Now since you are naked, slip one hand between your legs, and play with your clitoris for me."


My whole body felt like it was going to explode, and I was just hoping I would be able to cum.

"Now my little slave, what were you thinking about while you were bent on the floor earlier this afternoon?"

"Being fucked by you Sir" Was the only thing I could think of to reply with.

"Where and how?"

"You fucking me, Sir. Hard in my ass, Sir."

He was driving my body crazy, and all he did was make me relive this afternoon, make me think of how I brought myself to the edge over and over and over.

"That would be good, but it would hurt you, but you would still cum for me, wouldn't you? Squeeze your left nipple now."

"Yes Sir, I would."

I was so close already, and his words were taking me over the edge. My juices were running to the crack of my ass now. I began speeding up the clockwise motions on my clit.

"How close are you to cumming my sweet slave?"

"Very close, Sir."

"The only way you will get to cum tonight is if you stop and take a picture for me. I want to see the pure desire, and lust in your eyes. I don't want you to care about how you look; I want you messy and sweaty. I want to see my slave's horny and desperate face begging for relief. After you take those pictures you can cum. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir"

My brain was slowly taking in what he said and the realization started dawning on me that someone was going to see how I looked at that moment.

"Good girl. When you cum it is going to be one of the best orgasms you are going to have.

"It probably is going to be. Anything else, Sir?"

Not knowing what else to ask, soaking in all the things he said.

"No that is all for tonight my slave, I must be heading to bed now. I will expect your email to be in my inbox before I wake up. Tomorrow you will be getting a picture of me, if you please me. Now you have a task to do, enjoy your night."

With a deep chuckle he was gone, and I was left to my work. I got up from the bed and went to the dresser and pulled out the electric toothbrush and walked back to the bed and spread my legs. Within minutes of keeping it pressed against my clit, I could feel my orgasm near and forced myself to stop.

I looked in the mirror and I was a mess, my hair was bedraggled, sweat was all over my body, my upper thighs were wet and gleaming and the lust and desire in my eyes was apparent. I took the photo with my phone, as best as I could, uploaded it to my email as an attachment and finished myself off.

The orgasm I experienced was massive. My toes started to curl, as my pussy began gushing all over my bed; my eyes rolled to the back of my head, my lips parted with a scream that never made it pass my lips. I had no air. My hips rose of the bed with the force of my orgasm. My legs were trembling. When I was done, my body felt like a piece of jello. I was weak, limp, entirely fatigued, and totally satisfied. I forced myself to move to stretch to my laptop and started to write out the email:

Dear Sir,

I hope you like the picture; I can see why you wanted me to take it now. I thank you for permission to cum tonight. My orgasm was totally beyond what I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to see your picture, and am awaiting my next task.

Good Night.

Your Faithful Slave

With that I shut the laptop, my little remaining energy spent. I barely managed to curl up and throw a sheet over me. The last remaining thought I had before I fell asleep was "Would his next task be easy or hard, and more importantly will I enjoy it like tonight?

I would like to thank my editor Kyriae and KilleWithWords for all her hard work and effort that went into this. Hope you enjoyed, and please leave your comments and reviews.

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