tagBDSMOnline Dominance Ch. 03

Online Dominance Ch. 03


Hope you enjoy the story, you can read this chapter alone, but reading 1 and 2 would help you know what's going on. Again everybody is above the age of eighteen.


The alarm was blaring in my ears and for the fifth time, I slammed my hand on top if it just to to quiet the annoying machine. My body was limp, and totally drained. My orgasm from last night really took something out of me. As I snuggled back down into my pillows, tossed the sheet back over my head and shut my eyes preparing to go back to the land of contentment and sexual satisfaction, something began nagging the back of my mind. Didn't I have something to do today?

Ooooohh shit!! I was supposed to be in school. But instead, I was sleeping my life away! With a surge of energy coming from god knows where, I skyrocketed out of bed and into the shower, hoping to get ready in time, so I wouldn't miss the bus. I got dressed and ran out the house, barely caught the bus as it left, and got to school just barely on time. The day continued normally; except I was feeling decidedly sexier this morning. The after-great-sex or in this case an-exceptional-orgasm-look I had going on made me feel really sexy, I decided to put on a little mascara, lip gloss and combing out my hair, allowing it to curl naturally about my face and shoulders to enhance my looks. As I was taking my last look in the mirror, the bell rang. Friday was usually the dreariest day of my schedule, because some idiot in the curriculum development assigned ancient history as a three-hour class on Friday mornings. Many days I wanted to march in the office and demand an execution for him or her. This class had me counting the minutes, seconds and split seconds until my lunch break. I was sitting in my usual seat: Two seats up from the back, next to the window facing the track and with full view to the gym. I looked up and I recognized one or two of the boys playing basketball, and they looked so fucking sexy. I was getting wet just watching them. The professor dragged my attention back to her by rapping her ruler on her desk, as if we in the class were little children.

"Ok class. You will be given a merging assignment where you will relate how ancient history has changed throughout the years to how a time of modernity in one of your other subject areas. I will be giving you the subject area instead of letting you choose since I have already talked to your other teachers. First is Samantha Adams..."

When I heard my name I looked at her and out of her mouth came the miracle that saved my life, 'Computer Graphics.'

After she finished up with the rest of the class, she said the words that really made my day.

"You are being given the rest of the class to begin your project. You have two weeks to complete this assignment. You are dismissed."

I flew out my chair and was the first at the door. I breathed a sigh of relief. I went directly to the graphics theory room, where I knew Mr. McCarthy would be. I was not eager to do the history project but was excited because now I could be in contact with my master. When I got to the lab, I almost fainted. Mr. McCarthy was dressed in a silky lavender shirt, open at the neck, with a section of his muscular chest showing, tucked neatly into his black work pants, shoes shined to perfection. My eyes took in all of this in during the micro seconds it took for him to become aware of my presence at the door. My voice wobbled when I began addressing him.

"E-Ex-cuse me-e sir, M-Mm-May I have a word with you please?"

He looked up at me with is gorgeous silvery blue eyes and I melted inside when he turned to address his class. "Class please excuse me a minute. Someone important I have to speak to."

I was waiting on the outside of the room when he turned to walk to me, his whole body was clinging against the fabric. All of his developed chest, abs, and the hard chiseled cut of his waist into the pants. His arms that bulged with rock solid definition.

"How can I help you this morning, my dear?" he asked. Every one of his words slid down my spine.

I explained my project to him and asked if I may be allowed to use his lab now so I could get a head start on the work. He looked at me in the eye the whole time I was speaking and I felt my moistness beginning. And I felt an acute stab of guilt; I was being turned on by someone other than my Master. But then again it was Mr. McCarthy...

"Sure, it will not be an issue with me. I was informed by your history teacher about your assignment just earlier. Just log on and you should be fine I was expecting you next week," He smiled. "But I'm glad that you're here getting that head start. Good going."

"Yes sir thank you so much!" I said, returning his smile. He turned to re-enter the classroom and said over his shoulder, "Enjoy the rest of your day!"

I turned and walked to his lab and all thoughts of my sexy teacher leeched from my mind the deeper I got into his lab. My master! I was excited to see if the image of me last night would be enough for him to reward me. When I got into the classroom I walked briskly to my seat and I logged on and went directly to check my mail. My heart sank. My mailbox was empty: he hadn't responded.

"Well he probably didn't see it yet," I muttered to myself "I might as well do the project since I'm already here."

I started to do some research but my mind kept on going back to my stupid empty mailbox. The time flew by, and then it was lunch. I left the class and went to my usual hangout spot and try to breeze with the guys. The sexy feeling I had and the contentment I felt earlier today had completely vanished just because he didn't email me back. Again and again my mind wandered as to why he didn't email me back. Is it because he wasn't pleased? Or perhaps he didn't see it yet? Yes that's it!! But it's like midday now so how could he not of seen it? Plus, yesterday at this time I was speaking to him. Did I frighten him with the picture? Do I look that bad? All my insecurities came rushing to the fore. The guys were boring me with who will win the super bowl, I took some time to think. I decided to check my email again, but still nothing, did I scare him away?

The rest of the day went by in a blur: I paid no attention to my. I even forgot to grab something to eat because of my preoccupied mind. I was thinking only about my master.

When I got home I ran to my room and logged into messenger to see if he was online. What if he was waiting on me online rather than responding via email? True to my thoughts, he was online. As soon as my messenger logged me in, he messaged me.

"Hello pet."

"Good evening master. How was your day? I thought you would have replied to me earlier today through email," I quickly replied, my spirits beginning to lift. He wasn't upset with the picture at all!

"Mine was good. You kept me waiting all of today. I do not expect you to be keeping me waiting on you again in the future. I will allow this infraction just once. I cannot fault you for that, it was a simple miscommunication on our parts. What you are doing right this minute?" I got his relaxed response and instantly, and calmed down a bit.

"I apologize for keeping you waiting. It's just that I came home right now and I was about to go take a shower, Sir"

"Since you are going to shower, I have a task for you. Does your shower head have a jet nozzle?" My heart skipped a beat, and I was starting to get wet.

"Yes Sir, it does."

"Good. I want you to turn the shower to jet nozzle and place the water in a comfortable temperature. I want you position yourself under jet once it's at a comfortable temperature and let the water contact your clit until it makes you cum twice. When you are finished, come out the shower , wait two minutes and take a picture of your pussy, all glistening with your cum and send it to me. Do you understand?"

I was stunned. What could I say to that other than, "Yes Sir."

"Good. I will be expecting your picture soon"

"I have a question, Sir, if it is ok with you? How will the water make me cum?"

"I will not answer that. Now go. I will be waiting for your picture when you get out."

That was all it took for me to rush into the bathroom is sexually frivolous curiosity I turned on the hot water in the bath and switched the setting on the shower head from spray to jet. Three streams of water gushed from the shower head, in a line. I let it run while I got undressed, and made sure the water was not too hot. I stepped into the bath and bathed quickly while trying to figure out how to position myself under the jet like my master had ordered. Then it came to me, while I was rinsing off my skin. I kneeled under the jets since one is usually higher up than the other, the jets were on one side of my clit, one directly down my pussy and the other would be beating at my anal entrance.

I arched my back and all the jets began to beat at my holes and clit with a steady rhythm. This did not feel like any gentle caress. This was rough, raw, hard, and so intense. I gritted my teeth to holding in the screams that were threatening to emit from my throat. The pressure of the jet was so much more than my little vibrating toothbrush could ever hope to do so.

It was just then that my orgasm came screaming into my body! My hips dropped down while I came. I knelt in the bath with my head resting in my hands and my ass in the air. I felt totally exposed with my vagina spread, the muscles around it clenching in the air and my body shaking. I turned over and sat normally in the warm bath's tiles.

I felt done. But no, Master had ordered for me to do this twice. I decided that a different position would help reinvigorate my sexual aspirations. Since all versions of missionary were favorites of mine, I decided to try masturbating with the bath's pulsing jet this way.

I laid down onto my back and spread my legs open so that one part of the jet was on my cilt and the other, in my pussy. I propped up on my elbows so that the top jet was in contact with my nipple. The different stimulation on my nipple gave me something else to focus on other that the intense pressure to come that I was feeling deep inside me. I could feel my juices running out of my soaking vagina in a sticky and warm dribble. I wished Mr. McCarthy was there so that he could clean up the mess that oozed from my desiring hole. Ooooh! Mr. McCarthy... Ahhhhhhh!

I visualized him smiling at me while he would stimulate my vagina. Ah! My tunnel clenched and unclenched as I dreamed about my teacher. I began clenching harder as my body got closer to that prolonged orgasm. The stimulation on my nipples increased my sensitivity and urged me forward towards my impending orgasm.

And then: it was there! The second orgasm of my night! My toes curled at the power in which it tore through me. My mouth opened in a silent scream. I came and it felt as if my body would not stop. My legs clamped shut from the jolting of my orgasm. This shut me off from the jet's contact but it kept contacting me from my shuddering. Again and again my body jolted. I experienced half a dozen mini-aftershocks before I slunk to the floor of the bathtub in a sorrowful heap.

I laid there for five full minutes before I got out of the shower. I was so tired! I heaved myself out of the tub on rubbery legs and moved to my bedroom. I then, wearily, took the picture Master demanded and sent it to him. I laid back onto the bed; dead tired. That's why I didn't notice the warm trickle between my legs. At first, I thought it was just some water from my robe. But then I felt it. It was my fucking cum! It was still oozing from my vagina! My cum just kept running out of my pussy and onto the sheet. I quickly took another photo and got ready to send it to him. This one would be a surprise. I was excited to hear what he thought of my work. I logged onto my Yahoo messenger .

"Did my slave enjoy that?" He was so quick to respond! Maybe he was waiting!

My fingers were still shaking from my orgasms and it was hard to type but I was able to peck out a reply. "Yes I did, Sir. Thank you for the wonderful experience." The truth is that I was thankful; I never thought that water could be used that way. Then I sent the second photo to him.

"Good. Love this second picture. Actually I'm impressed enough to give you a reward. Your prize is this easy task: I want you to keep a diary or journal that I will read. You must record everything I make you do in it and how you felt while doing it."

I shuddered, this sounded like a dream. My master actually wanted to know how I feel about doing everything for him! I felt so connected! "I will keep one Sir," I typed, "but will you be the only one to be reading it, Sir?"

"Indeed. You will write in it an email and send it to me before you sleep. Whenever I give you a task, you must write about what you did and how you felt while doing it. Be sure to include whether you liked it or didn't. This is your space and you will not be punished for anything that you write in here. "

"Anything, Sir?" I now understood that he wanted to see into my mind. I didn't need any more of an explanation.

"Yes anything and everything. Now, slave, do you have anymore questions?"

"No Sir."

"Good. Then I will say good night, I look forward to reading your journal. Till tomorrow my sweet slave."

And then he was gone. I immediately opened up a new word document and wrote my first journal entry:

Hello Sir,

I really enjoyed what you made me do. It was amazing! I am looking forward to what you have planned for me next.

This is it. I'm not so good at this so I have nothing else to write here.

Sincerely your slave

I was done for the night. I was so tired. I slumped onto my bed and fell asleep in just a few seconds. I had no clue what tomorrow would be like.

Saturday dawned and it was a bright and sunny morning. The sun's warm rays beat down on my face and woke me up. I felt so refreshed! A quick glance at the clock revealed the time. It was only 7 am! I must've fallen asleep really early the night before because I usually wake up at 11!

I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was all over the place, I was half naked only wearing a loose tee shirt, and you could see my hard nipples. My bed sheet was damp from where the cum leaked from my pussy onto my sheets. When I tried to move I felt sore, and I could barely move without feeling the soreness from my pussy.

I put on some clothes to cover my half naked body and quickly went directly to my email. I didn't brush my hair or even use the bathroom. I needed this too badly. Thank goodness: I had an email! It was sent at 5am.

Good morning my little slave,

Your journal was good, but only as your first time. I expect more detail from here on forward. Just a few words will not do. Today I want you to buy some toys so you can bring your submission to a higher level. I will give you three days to buy these items. If you get them the first day I will allow you to use all of them as you please for a week without any interruption. The second day I will choose which toys you can use. This system will be in continuous until I say otherwise. If you get the toys on the third day you will only be allowed to use one toy, which I will choose, for a week.

The first item is a vibrator. It must be 8 inches in length, and 2 inches in diameter. Get one with 5 levels of intensity.

The next item is a medium-sized butt plug. It must be 5 inches in length, and 2 inch diameter at its widest point.

The third item is lubricant. You can get any type you'd like but I suggest that you get KY Jelly.

The fourth item is anal beads. You can get any size or color you want, but remember, they will be going up your ass.

The fifth item is a collar. I want you to pick something you will be able to wear all the time. It should be a necklace of some sort. You will wear this from here on forward so you will always remember that I'm your Master.

Have a nice morning,

Your Master

I sat in my seat after reading the email. My bare legs stuck to my chair and I noticed that I had soaked through my panties and shorts. I wiggled around on my chair to ease myself away from my mess. Uch! Why was I getting so turned on!?

I craved to masturbate but withheld. I didn't want to get punished again. I knew that I would be buying these toys today. I immediately went for a shower so that I wouldn't have to carry my horny mess around with me. I then got dressed; it was a black tank top with no bra and a pair of blue jean shorts cut short. Along with black boots and my black bag. I was read to go, and went to my car and started driving.

Now came the hard part: I needed to find a shop that sold these exotic items. I had a vague idea where one was located but I was really nervous about entering it. I didn't want anyone to see me go in. I didn't want people to know about these sexual endeavors I was experiencing. I looked online for a shop in distant neighborhood. I drove to it and sat in my car for ten minutes contemplating to go in. Finally I got out of my car and rushed into the store. The sales associate turned out to be a really nice girl. I handed her my list and asked her to find for me the items. She didn't even glance at me and disappeared to go get my things. I was getting wetter from my short wait: I was anticipating what I would do with the toys.

She returned with the toys I requested and had in her hand a few selections of anal beads and collars. I asked her which would be the easiest set of beads. She pointed them out politely. The collar was the hardest decision since most of them were gaudy or flashy. Most of them were over the top for me. I decided to go with the simplest sliver chain they had available. It had room for a pendant, if my master would request it.

I bought the things and headed home. It was Saturday, which meant that it was family night. We were all going bowling and then to the movies. The movie was good and my sister and I teamed up and lost by a point in bowling.

When we got home from our night out it was late. Everybody went straight to bed. Except me. I had been waiting for the house to quiet down the entire day. I gently took my new vibrator out of the bag and walked into the bathroom. It felt heavy in my hand. I let the water run from the sink so no one would hear me take it out of its plastic packet. I washed it with some alcohol to sterilize it. I then gave it a rinse with some soap. (I had read these directions online). I walked back to my bedroom and locked the door so I would not be interrupted.

I laid back in the bed and propped my feet up onto my sides so that my pussy would be fully exposed. I turned the vibrator on to its lowest setting and gently pressed it to my clit. The vibrations made their way to a deep spot inside me and caused juices to gush slowly out of me. I slowly slipped the toy's head it inside me, and turned it up to a higher notch. I let out a stifled moan from the feeling this piece of equipment gave me. I looked down at my legs and got turned on from how fuckable I looked.

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