tagBDSMOnline Dominance Ch. 04

Online Dominance Ch. 04


Hi again everyone, well here is chapter 4. Sorry it took forever, when life happens you need to tend to that first. Hope you enjoy the change. Read chapters 1,2, and 3 before this one otherwise it will be confusing. Again everyone is above the age of 18.


The next morning came way too early. My body still hadn't recovered from last night. I had never used a vibrator in my life, and the vibrations travelling through my pussy were oh so intense. I still remember what it felt like. My pussy tightened and started to get moist at the thought. I slowly moved to the door to go to the bathroom to relieve myself. As I finished, my cell rang. It was one of my 'friends' from school, Lindsey. Her mom was an orthopedic surgeon and she was just called out of state to do an emergency surgery on a fractured spinal column. Lindsey, though a bit stuck up, with her mommy being the top-shot surgeon and all; throws wicked house parties whenever she leaves. Sunday or not, moms gone; party it is.

"So, my place, starting in an hour. Be there!" and she hung up.

I looked into my closet to see what I could wear. Her parties were a bit high class, but with lots of booze and 'mood enhancement herbs'. So I had to dress like I was the newest thing off the runway. But I had to make it quick, since her house was almost an hour's drive from mine. I bathed and dressed quickly. I wore a black corset top, with white laces, and a see through back. White ripped skinny jeans and black boots to finish the look. Curling my hair, and doing my makeup I was ready to go. I opened my email to message Sir.


Thank you for the experience from last night. I used the vibrator as my choice and I never thought I would cum so hard or so much from using it.

But I am sorry to inform you, I will not be able to be online today and won't be able to stay in touch with you for about two weeks.

Senior year is almost over; graduation and prom will be keeping me busy. After that I will be all yours.


Your Slave

Taking one last glance in the mirror before I left, I decided to make my lips a little redder and I left to go to the party.

On the way driving to Lindsey's house, I pushed the speed limit and ran two lights but no one was hurt and no tickets were earned. Thankfully, I made it there on time, and was also not the last person to arrive.

Lindsey greeted me at the door with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a joint in her mouth and the music rocking the chandelier's crystals. Since her walls were sound proofed, inside the house was deafening but outside was silent. Great if you have stuck up neighbors, even though they are separated by miles of lawn. I entered the house and after that it all became a blur. All I know is I left around midnight got home and fell asleep in the same clothes I wore.

I woke up extremely late the next morning, threw on a jacket and ran down stairs. I ran into my dad in the kitchen, leaving for work. Knowing I had to put up with a lecture about partying and priorities, I accepted the lift to school, seeing that it was the most logical way to get to school quickly. I suffered through the drive and arrived at school right before the first bell rang. I headed into first period and dreaded facing Mr. McCarthy in computer graphics.

I got to the class and he had started taking attendance, lucky for me my last name started with an "L" and he hadn't called my name yet so I was on time. I went to my seat, rested my bag on the floor, laid my head on the table and promptly fell asleep as soon as he called my name. The five-minute nap turned into an hour-long nap.

"Wake up, class is about to end."

I jumped up and looked around. Some of my classmates were packing up and some were already heading out. I looked over my shoulder, and noticed it was Mr. McCarthy who woke me up.

"OMG, I am so sorry for falling asleep in class!! I didn't mean to!! I was, was.........' I broke the sentence with a yawn, "........... Just so sleepy."

I looked up at him now, with a sheepish expression on my face; worried that I might be in trouble for sleeping.

"It's okay! Don't freak out because I'm about to ask you this. I don't like to pry, but is everything okay? You have been acting really strange for a couple of days now. And the outfit you have on is not normal for you." He asked while looking down at what I was wearing.

I looked down and noticed my jacket was half off and he could see what I was wearing. "Yeah everything is okay, I have just been busy with all this senior stuff, then finals and now that graduation and prom are coming up, also I didn't get much sleep last night either." Blushing and trying to end the conversation so I could get out of the classroom and away from him.

"Ok, well if you need to talk about anything you know I'm here. If you want to come, I'll be in here or the teacher's lounge. Ok?"

"I will remember. And thank you Sir."

The title just slipped out of my mouth and my voice lowered and caressed the name and my expression changed. I hope he didn't catch my slip of phrasing. But he just asked me about coming in here or the teacher's lounge and at his hands as well?? To my defense, I just woke up from sleeping, trying not to blush too much because he could see down the corset, and he is sexy as hell, so my brain wasn't yet in sync with my mouth or my hormones. But it seems I wasn't so lucky. He gave me a querying look and asked me the questioned I prayed he wouldn't.

"Sir? Now that's a first from you and in that tone as well. Are you ok? Can I ask why you just called me that?"

He stayed there looking at me while the silence dwelled in our conversation as the classroom emptied. I blushed and mumbled off what I hoped would be a passable answer.

"Oh sorry about that, I'm still half asleep. Trying to get the brain to catch up with my mouth. But thanks for your concern."

I smiled and hoped he wouldn't ask more questions. And wondering to myself in the back of my mind, why did I call him that. He's my teacher, gorgeous from head to toe, but my teacher, nothing else, so why the hell did I call him Sir??? All this work was getting to my head or it was all the orgasms my Master gave me, but whatever it was, it was finally getting to me.

Classes flew by and lunch was here and gone and another day was over. I left school and walked to the library where I was meeting up with the kid that I tutor. After an hour and a half I came home and took a quick shower. I felt refreshed and ready for the calculus makeup assignment; it was long, but worth it to get extra credit on the final exam.

I totally zoned into my work and barely kept my eyes open to the last sum. The last thing I remember is E=mc2.

My days passed like this, with me cramming day and night for the final exams. Computer Graphics, AP Art History, BC Calculus, and AP Physics were the only finals I had to cram for and they were the easy ones!

Add to my exams, was the planning for graduation and then the prom. As part of one of the homeroom assignments, which you would fail if you didn't comply (how can you fail homeroom?), was to assist with the prom/ graduation setup. I choose prom since I wanted my prom to be the prom of the decade.

Decorations were hung up and table cards were set up. Then there was the after party of the prom (no chaperones). The after party that I insisted must be at the beach house.

And after all that, there was still my dress to consider, hair to be done, shoes -- can't forget the sexy 4-inch fluorescent pink with a gold wave design, coming from the sole up to the straps, diamond rhinestone spike heels. My pussy begins to get wet at the thought of my shoes.

The day before prom, I remembered after everything was done, I had to check my email. I logged in and there were a boatload of emails from him. I checked the most recent one, which coincidently was from thirty minutes ago.


This will be the last email you will receive from me. The next message will be one you send me, and when you do email me again you will answer these three questions.

  1. Have you followed any of my orders, if not are you willing to accept the punishment?

  2. Do you still want me to be your Master?

  3. Are you still willing to be my slave?

Answer these questions and reply to this email.

Awaiting you answer.

What was his problem??? I told him I would not be able to contact him for at least two weeks. He was being unreasonable. I closed that email and opened another one:

My Slave,

Where are you! I told you to stay in contact with me. I will not tolerate this! When you get this be ready to accept your punishment.

How does it feel to wear the plug all the time now?

Reply to this email!

Your Master

What the hell was he thinking??? Did he not understand what I meant by not being in contact for about two weeks?? I was furious that he would behave like this. I went to my inbox and started reading all the emails from the first one he sent me after I messaged him last.

Dear slave,

I understand you will be busy but you will still stay in contact with me. You will continue to write your diary and you will now wear the small butt plug all the time and carry out any tasks I assign you. I will talk to you soon.

Your Master

Really?? Did he not understand my email from beforehand?? This was really pissing me off and the other did not make it any better. All the emails contained the same tone of message but they got angrier and nastier. I needed to calm down before the whole night was ruined. I shut my laptop, and fell asleep.

My alarm began blaring in my ears the next morning and I woke groggily. I hated falling asleep upset because I never sleep well. I tossed and turned throughout the night and my body still feels like I need the sleep. I took a quick shower and got dressed. Time to get ready for the prom. Lindsey and a couple of girls in our class put some money together and paid for a makeup artists and the photographers for the night and we were all going to get ready at her house.

By six, we were all ready and I must admit I looked sexy as hell. A gold gown with saffron covering with fluorescent pink highlights right through it, topped with diamond drop earrings and cascading curls. And we cannot forget my 'fuck me' shoes. We went downstairs and began to take pictures with the photographers. As usual my date was late and we left without him. We, of course, could not keep the limo waiting. I messaged my best friend; who was my date and told him to meet us at the hotel, where the prom was going to happen.

He missed out on non-alcoholic wine (that we spiked, after we realized they didn't give us the champagne we wanted) and a hell of a crazy ride. And as soon as he saw me, he started to walk up to me and began catcalling and had everyone around us laughing. I did a low whistle when I finally saw him in the light. He cleaned up very well. My best friend was taller than me and his most outstanding features were his eyes and his voice.

Derek McCabe had the most stunning and gorgeous hazel-green eyes I have ever seen. Cat-eyes are what I called him because his eyes were slightly slanted and his pupils a bit dilated. He retaliates by calling me kitty cat. Not very cool, but it was our thing. But Derek and his voice, his voice was like taking a bite of a piece of frozen chocolate, and sucking on it until it begins to melt in your mouth. Sometimes I get goose bumps when he calls my name. Looking straight at me, he noticed something was wrong and he questioned me on it as he was escorting me inside.

"Hey kitty cat, is everything alright? You look a bit upset about something."

"I'm fine."

When I denied it, he just looked at me with those gorgeous eyes of his and said, "If I can't tell when my best friend is upset than I am not a very good friend." I still denied to being upset and as soon as we were inside, we got to out tables and the party had begun. Noticing that Derek was still questioning me, I avoided him for the rest of the night.

The rest of the night went by so quickly; I didn't even notice the time. Before I know it, prom was over and it was time for the after party of the prom. The rest of girls I got dressed with and I decided it was time to change our clothes for the after party. When we were grabbing our clothes, I glanced around the room and my eyes landed on Derek and saw that he had walked outside to a secluded part of the front garden with Lindsey. Deciding I didn't want him pestering Lindsey about me I grabbed my clothes and took another path to the front garden. When I got there I could not believe what I saw.

Derek had Lindsey's body pressed up against the wall, her head pushed to one side, his hands at her neck, and lips by her ears, licking and nibbling. I heard his voice from where I stood.

"Are you going to refuse me my pet?"

Never had I heard my best friend's voice go so deep and seductive in all the years that we have known each other! But the response I heard Lindsey give and how she said it, her tone being so supplicant and submissive, is what surprised me the most.......

"No Sir. I will never!!"

Sir? Lindsey just called Derek Master??? Her pose on the wall was one of total trust in Derek's hands as well as sexual tension. Again I heard Derek's voice, travelling on the air.

"I know making you hold back those orgasms all day was torture for you. But I'm proud of you. You held them back and still came out tonight wearing the vibrator I told you to get and still have not had an orgasm all this time. Do you finally want to cum my slave?"

"Y-yes Sir!! Please let me cum!!! Please......" I heard Lindsey plead.

"I'm feeling generous to you tonight, stay out here. You have permission to cum. You have asked permission to cum five times for the day. Now you must cum five times. When you are finished cumming go inside and take the vibrator out in the bathroom, wrap it in your panty and rest it in my bag. I want a memento of tonight."

"Yes Sir!! Thank you Sir! Thank you!!! Anything for you Sir!!"

"Anything? Are you sure?" Derek's voice was tinged with sarcasm

"Yes, yes, yes anything!!" Lindsey responded, her voice getting more and more breathless.

"Since you are being so accommodating to me tonight, I want you to coat my dick with your cum at least twice and then you have to carry out my earlier instructions. Can you do that for me tonight?"

I saw Lindsey hesitate and then I assumed she nodded her head since I heard Derek say

"Now wrap both legs around my waist!"

From my vantage point where I stood, I saw the inside of Lindsey's thigh, as she hiked her leg up and rested it around his hip. What stunned me was the fact high up on the inside of her thigh was a strap that had what I know now to be the vibrators controls. She really wore a vibrator all night??? My mind racked back to when we were dressing and I realized that she had to put it in when she made that last minute rush to the bathroom before we left.

I saw Derek take his hand and took the connecting cord from the controls and slowly eased his hand back then forward then back again, taking the vibrator out from deep inside her pussy.

Lindsey let out a load groan, as I heard the tiny buzzing even from where I stood. Derek took his hand and lifted Lindsey's other leg to rest around his hip. Lindsey was now spread open, legs around my best friend's hips, back against the wall.

Derek's hand moved to the top of his pants and he took out his dick that looked way too thick and long to belong to an 18yr old. From where I am standing it looked to be at least a half palm over the size of Derek's hands and he could hardly get his fingers around the thickness of it.

As he moved to slip that monster beast of a dick into Lindsey, Derek rested his hand back against Lindsey's neck and her head turned in my direction, her eyes opened and she looked directly at me. She jumped and that caused Derek to turn his head where she was looking and his eyes and mine connected. The burning lust, hunger, and the need for control and to dominate was clear in his gaze, as well as a little shock. Then I saw determination and a clear message in his eyes to watch that rooted me to the spot. My body shivered in suppressed lust and deep awareness of what was going to happen.

"You are going to be watched Lindsey. Kaylee is going to watch as I fuck you. She is going to see my dick stretching your pussy open. She is going to see you scream for me. She is going to see me turn you into my fuck toy."

With his words, and dick in hand, he began to ease himself slowly forward. I saw in his eyes the second he slipped inside Lindsey; as well as heard the strangled sound Lindsey made. Derek's eyes seemed to grow more focused and I saw him ease back and jerked himself forward, bringing his whole length and thickness home inside Lindsey. The little scream that escaped her mouth just before he clamped his hand over it, was key to the fullness, pleasure and a hint of pain she was experiencing on his entry.

"You are so tight and soaked for me pet. I take you are ready to cum? Are you ready to cum Lindsey?? My little fuck toy, are you ready to cum for your Sir?? Are you?"

Derek questioned her over and over and with each sentence, he pulled out and pushed in viciously into Lindsey, hammering her body into the wall.

"Sir, not with her watching!! Pleaseeee don't make me! I can't!!....... I can't!...... just cant!"

"You can't??"

Derek's waist stopped moving and his hand turned her head and he broke contact with my eyes to look her in the face.

"Are you denying me?? Pet, are YOU denying ME??"

She looked at him and I heard her wail.........

"No, Sir but I can't ............... with her watching!!!!"

He looked her into her eyes and turned to look at me, then back at Lindsey and stated with certainty.

"You will."

And his other hand went down in-between them and proceeded to quickly rub her clit as he resumed thrusting into her, faster and faster. Her legs began to tighten around his hips and her back begin to arch off the wall.

"Noo noo nooo nooo nooo Sir Sir Sir I don't want to!!........... not with her watching!!"

Lindsey began to gasp for breath and her speaking became choppy

"Pleassssseeee ...................... PLEASE PLEASEEE if you keep that uppppp........................ im........... going ....... To ................CUMMMMMMMMMMMM........................."

I watched as Derek mercilessly brought Lindsey to a crashing orgasm. He looks at her and said into her ear,

"Now I'm going to make you do that again.................."

Derek resumed deep hard thrusts into Lindsey. His grip began to tighten slightly around her throat. She began to gasp louder and louder with each thrust. From where I stood, I could hear Derek's hips slapping into Lindsey. Faster and faster Derek's hips moved. Harder and harder I saw Lindsey's back hit the wall. Louder and louder, the sound of their skin making contact. Derek's head turned back towards me, and our eyes connected again.

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