Online Dominance Ch. 04


"My pet you're going to make me cummmmm........................"

"Yessssssssssssssssssss master going tooo..........................."

Lindsey's mouth opened in a silent scream. I was looking right at Derek's eyes when I saw his orgasm overtake him. His eyes betrayed the pleasure he was feeling. Even though there was distance between us, I saw when his eyes began to roll in his head as his thrusts became almost animalistic. I saw the color of his eyes shift. Then I saw the whites then his eyes shut and I heard him groan loud and deep. I stood there watching until Derek's eyes reopened, still a bit unfocused. Within seconds his eyes cleared and he looked right at me with intent. I turned and started to walk back inside. I heard Derek tell Lindsey "You owe me five more, don't come in until you're finished' and then I picked up my speed.

I headed inside and went to the bathroom and changed my clothes and was going to head to the car that would take us to the after party, but before I could make it out of the bathroom. I heard the door click shut.


I heard Derek's voice call out my name in the stillness of the room.

I stepped out of the bathroom stall where I was changing and walked towards the body length mirror to see how I looked. I couldn't turn my head to look at him. My cheeks were flushed, thinking about what I just saw my best friend do. I got close to the mirror and I saw Derek walk up behind me. I finally looked up and looked him in the eye.

"I'm sorry Derek I didn't mean to sneak up on you..."

Derek looked at me with disbelief across his face, "Wait! Stop! You're trying to tell me you didn't mean to?"

"No I didn't! I mean yes I didn't! I mean ....................."

I broke off took a deep breath and the words just tumbled out of me.

"I followed you because I thought you were going to ask her about why I was being so weird these past couple days and other........... stuff."

Derek looked at me is expression gone from disbelief to grave and somber.

"What's the other stuff? Is this what you have been keeping from me??"

I took a deep breath. I was about to tell him about my sexual preferences, a conversation I never thought would have to come up, best friend or not. There are just some things a best friend does not need to know.

"I'm sort of into that kind of stuff too."

"Kind of stuff?? What kind of stuff?" Derek was quick to ask.

"Master and slave kind of stuff."

My cheeks reddened and my breathing became slightly frantic when I admitted to being involved in master and slave type of sex. I took my eyes from his and bent my head, trying to regain some composure and missed when his face lighted up. I only became aware that he moved when I felt the heat at my back and a voice in my ear.

"Oh really?"

My head snapped up and I felt Derek crowd me to rest my body against the mirror. His mouth remained close to my ear. He rested one of his hands on my hips and the other he moved to push my arms above my head. He added some more of his body weight giving me a slight pressure and heat against the sharp fragile coldness of the glass. The fact that I just saw him fucking Lindsey and I knew now, the monster he was packing as well as being manhandled had my body responding. My nipples started to get tight and my pussy started to swell and I could feel my lips being to get wet.

"Does this turn my best friend on?" He whispers directly into my ear. "I wonder can I make you submit to me?"

I was lost. He was my best friend but the feeling he was bringing out in me was not what I felt for a best friend. I felt his grip tighten on my hands and he pushed my hips forward to rest on the glass as he stepped forward totally sandwiching my body between the glass and him. He began rubbing his lower body against mine and I felt his dick along the back of my thigh. He rubbed and pressed me into the glass, rubbed and pressed and this was driving me mad. He leaned in and whispered in my ears

"Can you submit to me Kaylee?? Will you be my kitty-cat??"

I was breathless and what little I had was fogging the glass. I began squirming. But he kept pushing and rubbing and the thought of him doing to me what he did to Lindsey had me very wet and craving him.

"Say it Kaylee" he murmured

"No I won't!!" I cried out. My body was so sensitive and he just kept on pushing and rubbing.

"Say it Kaylee! You know what I want to hear and you know you need to acknowledge me."

"No Derek I won't. I won't submit to you!"

He did not know what he was doing to me. By making me submit he was going to change our relationship forever and I don't know if I can deal with that. He took his hand from around my hips and began to trail it up the back of my thigh. My awareness jumped up and I felt the light run of his hand along every nerve ending that seemly connected to my pussy.

"Say it Kaylee......." He urged.

"Nooo................" I moaned out.

His hand then touched the bottom of the miniskirt I changed into.

"Say it Kaylee!!!!" he urged me again

"No" the word slipped from my lips.

His hand slipped under the bottom of my skirt and crept up to the curve of my ass

I know at this time he could feel how hot my skin is and a bit of the moisture that was flowing out of me.

"Kaylee...................... Say it!!" his voice dropped an octave and took on the tone that always made me shiver.


His hand travelled under the curve of my ass and my legs parted automatically and his hand came and rested on my soaking wet silky panty that I wore. His fingers searched until he felt the shape of my clit, swollen pressing against my panty and began circling it. My mind started to fog as the sensation over took me. Around and around and around and around.

"Say it Kaylee............"

And around and around and around. Then he took his fingers and pinched clit at the same time he said in my ears...................

"Kitty cat say it!!!"


Burst from my lips as I came in Derek's arms. His fingers circled my clit till my orgasm rode itself out and I stopped from shaking. When my mind caught up with what I had done, I tore myself out of his grasp ran to and out the bathroom door, leaving Derek inside.

I ran to the car and leaned up on it. My body resumed shaking. All I was thinking was 'What had I done?'

I stayed outside till I saw the other girls come to he car and one of the girls had my bags, which I had left in the bathroom. She looked at me and told me that Derek gave her my things since he couldn't find me. I mumbled a thank you and we headed to the after party.

But what I saw and what I had done was playing on my mind, all through the rest of the night. Lindsey and Derek?? My best friend and me?

The rest of the night was a blur, and by three in the morning we were all close to passing out. It was time to go home. I got home, changed and cleaned myself up, and passed out. I woke up late the next morning, not caring what day it was. It was a day to just relax and gather myself together before the last days of high school and graduation.

I lazed around in my pajamas for the rest of the morning and then decided to go online figuring my Master must have missed me. As soon as I logged in I got a message:


I frowned. Based on how he wrote, I could pick up that he was upset and that in turn made my anger start to rise. I quickly typed out a response.

"I was busy I emailed you that I would be busy. What didn't you understand about that email?"

"I didn't get any email from you saying you were busy, I just lost all contact from you."

I was confused now, why is he saying he didn't receive the email I sent him?? Was he trying to put blame on me?? Who does he think he is? I was starting to feel annoyed.

"I sent you an email, right after I sent you my last diary entry."

"I didn't get your last entry or the email."

"Ok now I am confused, one second let me take a picture of it and show you that I did send it to you. Did you check your spam or junk folder?"

A couple minutes passed with me staring intently at the screen, my fingers tapping impatiently on the laptop. Then it showed up master was typing a message..............

"I am sorry for all the emails little one. It was truly an error on my part. The two emails were in my junk folder. Will you forgive me?"

"You should have checked there before you sent those emails."

I was still very annoyed and angry that he didn't check all the possibilities before sending those emails. I know he was my master and being called slave is a turn on for me but he started to make me feel belittled by the term.

"I can see you are not yet ready to forgive me, but regardless I need to speak to you about something important. Now I want you to speak your mind. This is in relation to the last email I sent you. Do you still want to be my slave?"

What the hell??? This is the last thing I expected to see. What does he mean by do I still want to be his slave?? And I wrote back to him just that.

"What do you mean by do I still want to be your slave? Can you please explain?"

I waited in silence holding my breath, anticipating what his answer could be.

"I never spoke to you about my personal life when it came to relationships and maybe in retrospect I should have. And this is I speaking to you as a man not as your master. Someone just proposed to me, and I said yes. We have been friends since we were little, and we just realized that we care for each other, lot more than just friends. She is a switch, as in; she can be both a dominant and a submissive, so she understands I have had other subs before her. We have discussed our sexual life and preferences and it was agreed that it's not a problem with me keeping my other subs once she gets to know them, and they understand that she is queen over my subs. It's the least I could do for her. Now it is up to you if you still want to continue this relationship. I will not be angry if you say no, but it is at the end of the day, your choice."

I am in shock. My master is getting MARRIED?? I didn't know what to say. Furthermore come to a decision to choose, but in the back of my mind, I knew I don't want to be in the middle of a marriage. In the end he was getting married to someone and I didn't want to be a part of that.

"A quick question though? Were you involved with this person, in a serious manner before this, me and you, started?"

"Well to be honest with you, yes I was, but it has now stepped up to a forever commitment. But my question remains, do you still want to be my slave? I can make the time for both you and my wife."

I can see already that this was going to be a problem. I valued faithfulness and in keeping my Master, no matter how much I needed to be dominated, was going to cause problems for his marriage, no matter if his wife agreed to it or not. That one line decided for me.

"Ok, I have come to a decision. I don't want to be your slave anymore. I wish you the best in your marriage. I don't want you to be choosing between your wife and me. You shouldn't have to be unfaithful to her and sex with me online is a kin to committing adultery and I don't want that for you."

I stopped typing and looked at the computer screen. For a long while there were no messages and I guess he didn't want to continue, and I didn't either so it was time to go. I was about to click the sign out tab, when the light flashed indicating a message.

"Ok I can agree with your answer. But I have a question for you. Do you still want a master? I have something that might help you."

I looked at the laptop, stared at the screen, amazed that after I turned him down he still wanted to help me get what I needed.

"Yes I still want a master. As I told you before I need to be dominated."

"Ok so have you ever heard of Fetlife?"

"No what is it?"

"Its like Facebook but a kinked up Facebook"


"Its for anyone, and is an open place for people to express themselves. A friend of mine recently broke up with his sub so is looking again to see if he can find a relationship like the one he had with her. He is single with no commitments, and I think you two would be a good match."

"What do you mean?" I quickly typed back. I was curious about Fetlife and what I could learn on the site. But then again why should I bother, after what happened between us, why would I want to be with a friend of his? I was about to type don't bother when his message came up.

"Well that is all I can really tell you, he said if you were interested you can email him and he will reply to your email."

I decided to trust him one more time, since that it was a misunderstanding, sort of. I typed back a fast response.

"I need some information on him like his age, what's he like as a dominant, his relationship status, not just his email."

I wasn't going to this quickly like I did last time. I knew nothing about this guy and I won't be emailing him until I know more about him. I waited a couple seconds and my 'master' replied.

"I really can't tell you anything about him other than he's definitely single, no submissive, no girlfriend, no fiancé, and no wife. He would tell you everything you want to know once you email him."

"Ok, email me the email address. And I'll think about it. I need to go now. Good bye."

I logged off.

I need to thank my editor Kyriae along with cruselovr16, if they didn't help this would not be as good as it is and probably would have taken even longer to finish. And thanks to my boyfriend bk87 for being my inspiration. Thanks for reading, please leave your comments, reviews, and suggestions.

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