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Online Erotic Romance


An online meeting of Jody and Dave which turns into an online experience of a lifetime for both: Of love and lust.

Preface: This is a true story, which actually was spread out much more than is indicated in this story. A slow seduction of Jody who was and may still be a virgin in real life. She was a very erotic and sexy person, who needed a lot of encouragement, but once her passion was let out, she became a tiger and could not get enough sex! Which of course just what Dave was looking for. She eventually moved to a different state, and Dave's computer crashed. And in these events, lost tract of each other. The names (except for Dave) have been changed.

The 35 year old strawberry blond episode related by me was a true story, and what took place over a whole summer was constricted into one email and only rubbed the surface. I may write more detail about that summer in a separate story.

The Fantasies related by Jody and Dave were real, and only a few which were exchanged by them. One in particular which was very hot and not mentioned in this story was the fantasies of measuring my cock by Jody and me taking measurements of her body. Again, this may be a subject of future story, or I can tell the reader about them in an email.

That they became masturbation partners and in particular, "met" every night at 11PM for masturbation in absentia again was very, very true!. And still occurs for Dave on occasions and possibly for Jody as well.


Dave looked at the Bulletin Board -- Personals. And one in particular caught his eye. It was simple, appearing innocent, and yet appealing. Nothing sexual in it, but Dave felt something sensuous and refreshing. The Post read:: "Female college student looking for online emailing".

All the other posts were the usual: "Looking for erotic chat"; "Looking for a fuck buddy"; "Mutual masturbation in (you name the state or city)"; "Do you like to watch or be watched?". Etc. Etc. Etc. Dave had experiences with these and in fact wrote some himself. He found that the girls who wrote and answered these posts -- were all too busy answering the many, often hundreds of PM's, IM's, emails -- to pay any attention to someone who was looking for more than a one time "wham bam" online cybersex. .

That post that interested Dave -- a female college student -- put her in the right age category and also promised some intelligence. Dave decided to send an introductory response via email. He knew from her profile that she was from Pullman, Washington which was a "safe" distance away, and Dave was interested in "safety". Dave also wanted some sexual excitement, an emotional attachment, but online only.

Jody didn't quite know what she wanted from her post, but deep down, she too was wishing for some sexual excitement to stimulate her mundane life on the farm. She didn't want a one time online sexual encounter which seemed to be the rage of the day. Something much deeper than that. Reading the posts and stories on that sexual bulletin board turned her on greatly and she envied the other girls' seemingly hot experiences. She would put herself into the erotic stories -- become the "heroine" in them; They became the stimulus that led her to masturbate and her orgasms were never better than they were now. But she wanted a regular partner for this. But she could not blatantly come out and ask for sex. She wanted to take it slow and hope she would get a response from a "nice" but sexy guy.

EMAIL: Davekoko2005 to Jody21:

Hello, and I presume you are Jody. I am Dave, 25, male, from the San Francisco Bay Area. I am single, and looking for an online relationship; I broke up with my "ex" a year ago, and that event was so traumatic and so emotionally devastating. I do not want to go through that again -- at least for a long, long time. The reason for the breakup? She cheated on me. I won't give all the gory details, but suffice to say that I am just getting over it now.

You sound like just what I am looking for, and I hope you will chose to answer this. I know you will get a lot of response from a lot of guys. Sincerely, Dave

Jody had received more than a few emails from guys. Most all of them were explicit and too much for her to handle. However, the email from Dave seemed more to her liking. She almost didn't want to admit, even to herself, that she was looking for some sexual adventures. She felt a strange exhilaration and sexual stimulation from Dave's very simple response. She had heard of some of the intimate sexual adventures that took place online and was contemplating finding out for herself. However, she was too shy to directly come out and ask for it.

EMAIL: Jody21 to Davekoko2005

Hi Dave; You are right. I did get more than a few responses to my post; Almost all of them were "offers" to F..K, fornicate in some manner or form. The very crude and vulgar language turned me off. Yours, however, really stimulated my interest.

I just finished my Junior year in college at Washington State, in biology. I am hoping to be a veterinarian one of these days. I am now living with my parents for the summer, on their farm, doing some household and farm chores, but mainly relaxing, reading some, and just getting into some computer stuff on subjects other than my school work. The Personal Bulletin Board site was very hot and I enjoy reading the personals and the stories too. (Did I just say that?)

I have dated but nothing serious like "boyfriend/girlfriend". I have to warn you; I am very sexually naive, and still a virgin. I have groped and been groped some, but that is all. And none of it was below the waist. This is the first time I have ever posted in the this Bulletin Board and I have found it kind of "exciting", especially your answer to my post. Maybe we are looking for the same thing? An online friendship; but if you are looking at eroticism, go very slow. I am shy and bashful in real life and these are carrying over to some extent of online too.

I can imagine what you went through with your breakup. If you want to tell me more, in detail, I am a good listener. And people say, it is good to talk about these kinds of things to get over it. I understand that the details may be over my head, but just your writing them down may help you (one of my courses in college was psychology. And laughing and teasing, that makes me an "expert"). But if you do tell me in detail, I am already blushing just thinking of what you may write.

By the way, I am 21 years old, red hair, with green iridescent eyes. Five feet 6 inches tall, and about 130 pounds. I want to lose some weight and maybe, working on the farm will help me. I have the usual freckles that redheads have over my face, arms and shoulders. The rest of my body skin is very creamy colored and pale. I plan to get some tan there, but I have to be careful as I sunburn easily.

Sincerely, Jody

EMAIL, from Dave2005 to Jody 21.

You seem so intuitive, caring and sincere. I found myself sighing as I read your email.

I think it will help for me to express myself re the breakup. Thank you for offering to be a listening post for me. I have not told anyone else of the reasons. As I said before, she cheated. And it was the manner of the cheat that really got to me. Remember, you said I could write in detail. And I do respect that you are wanting to go "slow" with what may be developing here. But I must warn you that my descriptions may be explicit.

My Ex (Melissa) and I had been dating and going steady for several years, and I was contemplating asking her to marry me. Then that one fateful evening! I was supposed to go out of town but that trip was cancelled at the last minute. So I went happily tromping over to Melissa's apartment that she shares with her roommate, Amanda. I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell but got no answer. I could hear voices and some music, so I knew she or both were home. Finally, I opened the door which was unlocked and followed the noises to the living room. I was about to yell, "surprise!" when I was the one who was surprised! Shocked may be a better word.

Melissa, Amanda, and John (Amanda's boyfriend) were totally naked and having a sexual threesome adventure. Melissa was bouncing on John's cock with her pussy enveloping it. Her large tits were bouncing as well. Amanda was grinding her pussy on John's face. I could see how wet John's cock was, hear the pounding of groin to groin, and see how easily his cock was fucking my Melissa. I could see and hear the slurping of John's mouth on Amanda's pussy. And I could smell the aroma of sex! The cries, words, moans of the heavy sex reverberated around the room. It was a very erotic sight , sound, and smell and also a fantasy I used to have: A gal sitting on my face and the other on my cock.

And so erotic was that Melissa and Amanda were facing each other and passionately kissing and fondling each others' breasts. Another fantasy of mine was that of two gals going "at it".

However, my heart was breaking.

I was in the shadows at the entrance to the living room. I admit my cock immediately sprang to attention and it felt like it would burst, so I unzipped and freed it from its confinement. How could I be turned on seeing MY Melissa in this compromising position? The sights and sounds were too much. And all the participants were enjoying this to the utmost. I started to stroke my cock, already lubricated with so much precum. Squeals of delight were emanating from the two girls mouths between their kissing. For some strange reason, I wanted to cum at the same time as the participants, especially Melissa. And all the while, my heart was bleeding.

I could tell by the writhing, grinding, hrusting, the groans and cries,that all three were close to a cum, and so was I!. Melissa's and Amanda's faces were flushed. Their eyes seemed glassy. The groans, and the "Ohhh God, that feels good", and the "Mores", The "don't stops!", the "I'm getting so close" And when Melissa said "I'm Cuming" and her bouncing on John's cock intensified, and Amanda shouted, "I'm there too!, Nowwwwwwwwww". (John could only moan, as Amanda's pussy was plastered to his face!) My own orgasm erupted with them too. And I splattered my cum on the door entrance to the room.

How could I be turned on? It was my "ex" that was a willing participant. My girlfriend of the past 3 years. The girl I was going to marry and be the mother of my children!. I felt guilt and shame at my actions, and my heart and life felt devastated. And when my orgasm cleared my mind, I immediately made an about face and left, slamming the door shut.

I haven't talked to Melissa since and don't want to. So, there; Or rather, here it is. Thanks for "listening", and I do think it did help me to talk about it. I hope you still respect me and want to continue what we have or may have developing. My weakness of masturbating to that scene still haunts me. I still can't get over that I was turned on and horny watching -- as my romantic world crumbled.

Thank you for describing yourself. You sound very luscious indeed!. Perfect from my stand point. So to reciprocate, I am 5-10, 170 pounds. Blonde, bluish gray eyes. I am considered cute by the girls I have known, and more rugged than handsome. My hair is kept short. No beard or mustache. I tan very well in the summer. I enjoy golf, swimming, and spectator sports such as baseball, football and basketball.

I hope that my description of the catching of Melissa and my subsequent actions doesn't turn you off from me. I am enjoying what we have started and want to continue. I understand about your wanting to go "slow"..and will try to respect it. But you have to realize, that something about you -- I detect an innocent and healthy outlook on life, but also some underlying explicit eroticism that excites me. And I am sure you realize that Literotica is a "sexual site". Please, email me back! Awaiting anxiously, and getting more interested in you with each passing email. Dave.

EMAIL: Jody21 to Dave2005:

I am glad that you found out about your Melissa, before you proposed and even married her. I think: "once a cheater, always a cheater". And I can understand that what you saw might get you "turned on" and hot. It sounded like a very erotic scene. (I am blushing profusely!) And I will admit that your description of the events turned me on too (Ohhh, My God, did I just tell you that? hehe). But I can also understand how your heart was feeling too.

I am enjoying immensely what we seem to have, and I hope you are feeling it too. And I too, detect some eroticism and excitement in you. I admit to thinking of you often, maybe too much. I know that you are much more "experienced" than I am and hope that you can share some of the experience with me. But as I said before, Go Slow! And yes, I know that the bulletin board is a "sexual site". My mind (and my body?) can stand only so much. hehhe. I want us to keep going -- slowly. I am finding this very exciting, and yes, some of that excitement and my thinking of you, is erotic and sexual! Do you ever have such thoughts of me?

Feeling good, and blushing a lot (does that tell you a little of what I am thinking?) . I do admit the blandness of my initial post didn't express any desire for eroticism in it but that was what I was feeling when I wrote and posted it. Oh, My God, did I just write that? Hehe. I am enjoying this more and more. Jody

EMAIL: Dave2005 to Jody

Ohhh, Jody!. I am so glad that you think of me, sometimes in a sexual way. I am admitting that I have such thoughts of you ever since your initial post. I think of you during much of my waking moments, and even more so every night. And yes, I do have "those" thoughts of you. I fantasize a lot about and over you! I admit to getting hot and bothered. Blushing while I tell you that when I have these surreptitious thoughts about you, I get very erect and WET. I think I make more precum than most guys. And I admit to --- errrrrr -- blushing profusely now -- touching myself when those thoughts are the most intense, which occurs usually at night.

In fact, the culmination of those thoughts are like a sleeping pill for me, when I relieve myself at night. If I didn't "do it", I would toss and turn all night. It feels so good to be relieved in that way! You have become my "sleeping pill" Every night! I tease myself as long as I can; Smearing my precum all over the glans and especially the rim of my cock. Then making a circle with my fingers and thumb, start slowly stroking my cock. Pausing so as not to cum too quickly or early. Thrusting into my hand and imagining your hands, your lips. your pussy that is teasing my cock. Often I rub some of my precum on my nipples which are very sensitive. I often rub some on my lips and imagine that it is your lips and you are tasting me. Aiming for 11 PM for the time of my orgasm. And it feels so awesome! I am cuming so hard and moaning your name over and over as I cum! And I thank you for it all!

Do your thoughts of me get that "intense"?

This may be way "too fast" for you, but I can't help it. This is what I have been thinking, feeling, and doing! I want to tell you where I am coming from. You seem so easy to "talk" with. Things I never have told or admitted to anyone seem to flow effortlessly from me in these emails to you. To tell you that I masturbating thinking of you comes out so naturally.

After the breakup, I had little interest in sex for about a month. But then a part of me started to remind me, that "he" needed some "exercise" too. "He" was begging for some intimate attention. I had reverted to 2 to 3 times a week -- sometimes more, sometimes less. I would fantasize over a picture, or someone at work or play. But something was missing. There was no reciprocal feelings. It was all on my part. I would fantasize their thoughts. moans, words and actions.

But I wanted something more; something more personal and intimate. I am not into casual sex and have not had "real" sex in over a year now. But I do have sexual needs as you are finding out.

I found out about the internet and cybersex. At first, this was very exciting. I would have cybersex with who ever (gals only) would cyber with me. Age 55 at the top, and 14 years old on the low side. (The 14 year old assured me she was 18, or I would have never done it with her). The excitement, that another gal was masturbating and cuming with me made my cums harder, better and more fulfilling. It was like every day! But something was again missing. Almost all girls who cyber just want to have foreplay, and cum. (at the risk of sounding conceited, I was very good at cybering and I made a lot of girls cum in my cyber career). But once they had an orgasm, they didn't want to have anything to do with me, until maybe the next time they felt horny. They would not answer any emails, "Private messages" or Instant Messages. Again -- I was missing was the "heart"; missing the romance and missing the relationship that would enhance my masturbations and orgasms.

I stopped the cybersex a few months ago.. And I reverted back to my usual 2-3 times a week. Until I met you. I admit, that even though you have only hinted and subtlety suggested that you might be sexually fascinated with our emailings and me, I find myself fantasizing about you a lot. I feel an attachment and excitation. I get that vibration. I am loving this. I want more. I know you want to go slow. But this can't be fast. I am not proposing anything. It has been just this emailing. Telling you what I think and do. I am loving some of the things that is happening to me and what I am feeling. I feel alive again. I hope what I am telling you doesn't turn you off and make you want to stop! Am I going too "fast"?

As I wrote earlier, what used to be 2-3 times a week, is now at least daily! My never fail time is about 11PM. But some days I may cum earlier. A few rare times, it has been 3 times in one day. Ohhh my gosh, I haven't done it 3 times in a day since I was a teenager! You are doing this to me, and I love it. I don't want you to stop. I have found that my precum will be so abundant as to show a dark stain in the front of my slacks while at work which was embarrassing. Now at work, I get a paper towel and stick it under my briefs. It does make me look a little bigger that way, but better than showing the stains. By the way, I am not large (like all the 10-14 inch cocks that guys say they have online); But I am a very wide girth 7 inches.

Anxiously awaiting emails from you and I hope my feelings are not "onesided" from my part. Dave

EMAIL: Jody21 to Dave 2005

Ohhh, Dave. It is not onesided! Yes I do think of you. Very often those thoughts are steaming hot and I do fantasize. I guess we all do, both guys and gals. I will be blushing this whole email as I write this. Hehe.

The thoughts and fantasies of you are very intense. They almost always result in exciting me and making me hungrily hot for you. You said you make a lot of precum; Well, I make a lot too. My panties can get soaked and go through the panties and leave a dark spot at the bottom of my jeans!. I find myself needing to change panties often. And I too, have the need express myself at bedtime, and I find my hands wandering over my body. I love caressing my breasts thinking that it is your hands. I love teasing the skin of my abdomen and inner thighs.

I love running my fingers through what I call, "curls of copper" and that is what my pubic hair looks like. I keep it very well trimmed, and I feel like I am doing that for you! I love the feeling of how wet and engorged that my pussy gets while picturing what your cock looks like and picturing you tease your cock and stroke it for me. I love rolling my fingers over my clit which can get ohh so stiff and throbbing. I love exposing my clit glans for you and have you most lightly rub your fingers over it (or your lips and tongue; I have never had oral sex but I think about it a lot since we met and enjoy it vicariously.) It feels sooo good. I love fingering my pussy hole and feeling it contract when I tense my thigh and butt muscles, and especially when I have an orgasm. I find myself thrusting into my hand as I cum, and it is always your hands (or your lips -- OMG.. did I just tell you that?).

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