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Online Lovers Dabble In Sub/Dom


Authors Note: This is my twentieth story…even though it’s not technically a story. This is the transcript from a chat session I had a while back with one of my online lesbian lovers. We both obviously enjoyed the chat and I hope you all do to! Enjoy and please remember that all feedback is much appreciated! Thank you so much Laura darling for being my amazingly sexy mistress!!! *hugs and kisses and licks and cuddles*


papaya: mornin’ sunshine

zipado: hey you!

papaya: i was just thinking of you!

zipado: I hope they were naughty thoughts... lol

papaya: actually they were *blushes*

zipado: oh good…and what exactly were you thinking of? :-P

papaya: I was actually on Lit going through stories trying to find a lesbian s/d story…I haven't been able to get our last chat out of my mind!

zipado: hee hee... yeah, I've been thinking about that a lot too

papaya: good thoughts I hope

zipado: very good thoughts... and I'm still amazed you found a domme in me! lol

papaya: no more surprised then I was to find the sub in me! did I mention I haven't gotten off since the night of our last chat when Travis and I had sex?

zipado: ohhh, no you didn't......you poor thing

papaya: I've been horny too

zipado: mmmmmm…and you've been so busy you haven't been able to take care of yourself

papaya: exactly! not to mention having shaved my pussy the other day so I've been ultra sensitive and horny

zipado: oh really! just hearing that makes me want to strip you naked see how you did... or maybe I'll strip naked and show you my shaving job... just for the sake of comparison, of course

papaya: I really think we should compare :-D after all, if my shaving job isn't as good as yours we'll have to shave me again...I wouldn't want my mistress to be unhappy with my pussy

zipado: well, you say the word and my jeans and panties are off, my dear…mmmmm

papaya: it's a good thing all I'm wearing is my fleece robe and fuzzy slippers…that way I can easily be naked for you mistress

zipado: oohhh... good girl... play with your pussy a bit and tell me how that shaving job is…be honest, or else! ;-)

papaya: mmmmmm…well I shaved it a couple days ago so it's a little bit stubbly in some spots but for the most part it's smooth

zipado: oh :-( how disappointing…a good slutty girl should be shaving every other day!

papaya: I'm sorry mistress…I haven't had the time…how can I make it up to you mistress

zipado: tsk tsk... you should make the time for me... that's it, you'll have to spank yourself 10 times

papaya: where shall I spank myself?

zipado: kneel on the floor, then put your face to the ground... with that beautiful ass in the air, 5 spanks on each cheek

papaya: yes mistress *spank**spank**spank**spank**spank**spank**spank* *spank**spank**spank*

zipado: mmmmmmm

papaya: perhaps we could play right now mistress? please?

zipado: hhhhmmmm

papaya: please mistress

zipado: well, I don't know that you deserve it.... let me think....

papaya: *pouts* please mistress…I need it…I need you

zipado: fine... I can't resist a pouter!

papaya: I'm so horney and so wet for you mistress…I have my vibe and my lube and I'm naked except for my pig-tail braids and fuzzy slippers

zipado: ooooohhhhh... I can just imagine you in pigtails too

papaya: please mistress...tell me what you want me to do

zipado: first, get back on the floor again and spank yourself 10 more times... hard... imagine I've pushed you there, that I'm angry and I'm taking it out on you

papaya: *spanks*

zipado: very good... how does that feel?

papaya: wonderful mistress…everything you do feels wonderful

zipado: a lovely answer

papaya: everything you do makes my pussy ache more and more

zipado: start to play with your pussy again... get it nice and wet while I ask a question

papaya: mmmmmmmm

zipado: will you use your vibrator on your ass today? For your mistress?

papaya: mmmmmmm…yes mistress

zipado: good girl…lube it up, you slutty girl

papaya: yes mistress

zipado: I've had anal on my mind lately... luck you...

papaya: mmmmmmmmm…definitely lucky me!

zipado: are you ready for the vibe, and is the vibe ready for you?

papaya: yes mistress

zipado: stand up and bend over then push it in... take your time of course. Then I'd like you to sit down, but, you know, not on top of the vibe! Sound good?

papaya: mistress?

zipado: yes?

papaya: may I make a suggestion?

zipado: of course

papaya: may I use the tube on my ass and the vibe in my pussy? please?

zipado: by all means

papaya: thank you mistress…I'll be right back

zipado: just because I can handle a vibe in my ass... oh well, I guess now mistress knows who the bigger slut is :-P

papaya: the tube is in my ass mistress…the vibe is in my hand

zipado: ohhh good girl

papaya: its on low…what shall I do with it mistress?

zipado: tease yourself with the vibe

papaya: mmmmmmmm

zipado: I'm still considering if it will go in you or not....

papaya: I love the tingles on my clit

zipado: ohhh, I love this

papaya: I wish it was the vibe on my clit the tube in my ass and your fingers in my cunt mistress

zipado: mmmmmm

papaya: please tell me what your doing mistress

zipado: I'm totally naked... I'm soaking wet and I'm slowly finger fucking myself…my left hand is stroking my nipples…if I were there and I said "Pleasure me" what would you do? Whether the vibe goes in or not depends on your answer

papaya: I would sit you down in the chair and kneel in front of you and lick and suck on your clit while I finger fuck your hot cunt and slip the tube up your ass mistress…mmmmmmmmm..........you make me so hot mistress

zipado: mmmmmmmmmmm…put the vibe in

papaya: aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

zipado: turn it to the speed that will get you off fastest

papaya: mmmmmmmmmm…please may I play with my clit mistress?

zipado: yes... also give a little attention to the tube too... we don't want to forget that

papaya: mmmmmmmmmmm…so wet…so full…so hot

zipado: You must be a site to see... you awful, slutty, cheating girl

papaya: so fucking good!!!!!!!!!!!!

zipado: next time you're having sex with Travis, have him give you a little slap on the ass... it'll repay your sins with me ;-)

papaya: mmmmmmmmm…fuck that was quick…you get me so hot mistress

zipado: you got off?

papaya: as I came I yelled your name

zipado: ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

papaya: sounded something like "oh laura...fuck me laura...fuck me mistress laura...OHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

zipado: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…fuck, you are so fun to chat with!!!

papaya: as are you mistress…but has my mistress cum yet?

zipado: oh yeah, I did

papaya: mmmmmmmmm…good

zipado: you telling me about you screaming my name put me over the edge

papaya: I needed to cum so bad...I feel all jelly now...not to mention totally stress free. thank you mistress *kisses* I wish I could lay next to you right now...just cuddle you and kiss you

zipado: mmmmm... that would be nice...

papaya: thank you so much mistress *kisses*

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