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Online Rendezvous

byDana Gallagher©

(True story, it really is!)

I met him online; I'd never met anyone online before, not really. There were a few times when I was a teenager, but mostly that, was just stupid fun, plus back then the internet was new so actually meeting someone from online in person was considered dangerous. Though now a days you hear about people meeting online and getting together all the time.

I'm fairly shy and all my girlfriends are either still married or too busy to go out to the clubs. Plus, I've met a few guys at the clubs, and none of them were any good, so I suppose we shall see what we shall see.

I met Walter the morning of the day after Easter Sunday. I was checking my emails when I got an advertisement email saying someone has a crush on you, so I checked it out what the hell. It was a totally free personal ad site that boasted the fact you could use your web cam.

I didn't have one at this time, but I signed up anyways. I found this site had chat rooms, so I joined this one chat room that no one else was in, I was chatting to myself, is that the same as talking to yourself? Okay, I got out of that chat room, and joined in another.

Okay lets not get too caught up in details here, I want to tell you about meeting him in person, so I'm going to try to make this quick, yeah right.

Long story short I met a guy named Walter in the chat room, we continued chatting on the messenger, through the morning. He's almost 28 years old, I'm practically 25 years old myself. He's divorced and has children, just like me. I live in Oklahoma, and he lives in Missouri, which is a bit difficult for a real relationship, but we'll see how things work out.

I don't know how to describe him, he's just nice and likes me, he's probably about the best guy I've ever met, though this is new, so I don't know his bad traits yet. I had sent him a few pictures some from then and some of now, before children and after children, there were no complaints, so it's all good.

When I met Walter online it had been about 5 months since I had left my ex-husband, I had been on only one date and that didn't go very well. Let me say this, before I met Walter it was a bit easier, cause I know at least with me, when there is no one around to focus my thoughts on, I don't get horny quite as much. Of course I got horny every now and then and that was easily taken care of by masturbating of course.

After I had met Walter, I seemed to be masturbating at least once a week sometimes twice. That may not seem like a lot to some people, but it seemed like a lot to me, and there were also nights that I wouldn't let myself masturbate, even thought I really wanted to, I would just toss and turn in bed until finally my body would just give it up and go to sleep.

Well, to pacify myself, I started to write a story, it was a raunchy story or sex story, which ever you prefer. I don't think my writing is very hard-core, as some stuff I've read, in comparison my stuff is pretty soft. Anyways, I emailed it to Walter, he said he liked it, I wrote a few more and he liked those as well. One story in particular he said he read it before going to work and he told me he almost called in late for work, guess something just came up!

At one point during Walter's and my messaging we discussed him coming out to Oklahoma and agreed on a date. Well, as things would have it, I ended up meeting him, before his visit. It was really a spontaneous kind of thing. I had planned to go on a day trip with my girlfriend Tracy, just as a chance to escape a bit. As things go Tracy had some stuff come up, so she couldn't go.

I had really been looking forward to this day trip; I told this to Walter he suggested that I come out to Missouri for the weekend. I didn't know if I could make it, I'm not fond of highways, I feel like it's too easy to get lost. Walter told me to look at yahoo maps cause it was pretty much a straight shot up I-44 all the way to Missouri. I studied the maps almost all night; finally I decided to go for it.

I told Walter the next time we chatted, that I was going to come out there. I left on a Saturday after my ex-husband had taken the kids for his weekend visit. Walter called before I left and we exchanged my cell number for the number where he could be reached, just in case I got in to trouble, Walter is so nice, just had to add that!

I was on my way traveling down I-44, I felt excited, scared, and nervous. This will be the farthest I have ever driven, and just to go see a guy, I must be crazy! I had to stop shortly after starting my trip; my nerves got the better of me. After I calmed down I got back on the road. Walter called a few times while I was on the road just checking in to make sure everything was going well, and he told me to call him when I was close to my destination.

I stopped once again a little further this time. I had been driving along thinking about Walter, and what our night together might be like, and to be honest I was really thinking about how it would be to fuck him. When I stopped I felt a tingling in my crotch, thought I just had to go to the bathroom, but instead it was that I had gotten myself horny, very horny by the amount of wetness, well no time for that got to get back on the road. My horniness problem will just have to wait until I met Walter.

I get back on the road again and I didn't take any more stops until I reached the Ramada Inn, where we were supposed to meet. I had one scary moment when I took the wrong road that kept winding up and up with no place to turn around. Finally I was able to turn around and reached the Ramada in one piece. I thought Walter would already be there, so I had to take a moment to calm down, I was really nervous about meeting Walter and freaking out about almost getting lost.

Eventually, I worked up the courage to go in the hotel. I walked up to the front desk and told the clerk that Walter _________ had made a reservation and that I should have a key waiting. The clerk kept saying "they" like I was meeting a couple, I told her not they, him! He made the reservations and I am his guest and I'm supposed to have a key, well this just confused her further!

I discovered that Walter hadn't checked in yet, so I gave up my request for a key and just asked to use the restroom. Went in and attempted to make myself look at least half way decent, I came out of the bathroom and sat down on the couch in the lobby.

I was watching the front door waiting for Walter, suddenly I heard him to the side of me, and he said,"you shouldn't have to sit down there." He was coming down the stairs to the side of me, he was wearing a white golf shirt that was printed with different green designs, a pair of baggy jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap.

When I first looked at him he seemed younger than 28, but once I got close to him I could see he was the age he said he was. He is about 5'10" and he has a mustache and a long goatee. Looked good. I'm about 5'8"; I was wearing a pair of dark blue jean shorts, a blue tank top, a short sleeve button up over shirt, and my sneakers.

We made our greetings, "hi how are you?" "It's nice to meet you in person." We walked out to his full sized pickup truck, and he drove us around to the side of the hotel, where our room was located.

I had told Walter that I was shy, but I was still worried with the stories I had sent him, and the way I had portrayed myself online that he might think that we were just going to fuck the minute we got into our room. But, Walter couldn't have been more of a gentleman. We made our way to our room, and I placed my bag inside, and we left the room.

I'm going to try and be concise here, to save time and space. We went out to eat after searching for a while, we decided on a restaurant. At dinner I was able to talk to him more it may have been the strawberry daiquiri or maybe I just got more comfortable with him. We shared stories of our wild teenage days, after dinner we drove out to his parent's house. On the drive up we shared stories of our children and the stuff they try to get away with.

I met his parents and Walter's sister, I talked a little bit, not much, they showed me pictures of his children and younger pictures of Walter. After a while we decided to leave.

I didn't know what we were going to do next, it was close to 2 am now and there wasn't anything open that late. I figured that we were going back to the hotel, the shy girl inside of me was afraid of this don't ask me why. When I was able to tell the shy part of me to shut up, I realized that I did want to go back to the hotel, and my mind kept thinking about what it would be like to kiss Walter, and that I really, really wanted to kiss him.

We made our way back to the hotel room, half of me wanted him to grab me and fuck me the minute we walked into the room, the other half of me was afraid he would. But, remember I said he was a total gentleman, whether you the reader like it, I don't really care, cause I liked it a lot, so there!

Walter walked over to the sliding glass door, which opened up to the pool. He opened the door and we walked out and stood beside the fence surrounding the pool. Walter made a comment about climbing the fence to get into the Jacuzzi, since it was locked up this late. We stood there for awhile smoking a cigarette and kind of talked about me seeing if I could arrange to come out to see him for a week or two during mid-summer, but we couldn't come up with any definite plans.

We came back into the room, Walter shut the door, and closed the shades saying," I enjoy a show just as much as the next guy, just as long as I'm not part of the show." He walked in and pulled his shirt off, nice chest, a bit of muscle in his arms, and hair on his chest. I really liked the hair on his chest! He sat in the chair by the glass doors; I sat across from him on the bed (shy girl was running the show, at this point). Walter said why don't you take your shoes off and stay awhile.

I took them off, but was still sitting on the bed. Walter then showed me his tattoos one on his arm that said tweety bird and one on his back of a Viking woman. I got up to look at the Viking woman tattoo and when I turned to sit back on the bed he said,"go all the way back over there." I sat beside him in the chair. We sat there and talked and had another cigarette.

We talked about our ex's, a topic, which is unavoidable, between two people that have gone through divorces. Walter got up to check the temperature, and he lay on the bed and asked me to join him. I lay beside him we discussed more of our wild teenage years, sharing stories back and forth. We reached a silent moment, and then we kissed.

It was like a joint kiss, I believe, neither person giving the kiss, just both deciding to kiss at the same time, or possibly I'm romanticizing it too much. I probed his mouth with my tongue, and then latched my lips around his tongue and sucked it, we stopped kissing and Walter looked at me and said,"okay were you waiting for me to shut up to give me that kiss?"

I just grinned at him and began to kiss him some more, and then Walter said,"I guess that is a yes." We kissed some more and Walter grabbed my tit, but I couldn't feel it, cause I was still wearing my push up bra. Walter tried to put his hand under the bra, but it didn't work, so he rolled me over on top of him and pulled off my shirts and bra.

Walter played with my tits, and then he took each of my nipples into his mouth and sucked on them. I kissed him once he was finished with my tits; I sucked on his tongue again. Walter said,"careful it's attached." That was from one of the stories I sent him, the girl character told the guy character not to suck her clit too hard, and she says what he said.

I kissed him some more, this time I didn't suck on his tongue. I then kissed and licked down the side of his neck, Walter made all kind of noises when I did this. Walter's hand went in the leg of my shorts and up under my panties. I think at this point I was so wet I'd probably soaked my panties.

Walter rubbed my pussy with his fingers, I wanted him to get better access, so I rolled off of him and unfastened my shorts. Walter was up and there between my legs pulling my shorts and underwear off of me.

Walter licked my pussy just a little bit and put two fingers up inside of me, the minute he touched me I began to cum and my body began to quiver. Can you blame me, it had been almost 7 months and all I'd had was my own finger. Walter stopped licking my pussy. DAMN IT!

He got up and took his own jeans and underwear off. His cock was hard standing straight up. How do I describe Walter,I'm not going to get into inches here, I don't carry a ruler with me, well I'll say long and thin. A moment later he was thrusting himself into my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved my hips up into his hips. Walter leaned over and sucked my tits, all the while sinking his cock deeper into me.

At this point I had the urge to put my finger down to my clit and rub myself, but the shy girl inside wouldn't let me. I felt my muscles inside me tighten around his cock, and a small orgasm went through me. I could feel my body building to another bigger orgasm. Walter came, without much fanfare, actually I didn't realize he had cum until he pulled out of me and lay down beside me, and I saw his cock start to go soft. At least I hope he came. Damn it! I was still horny.

We laid there curled up into each other our naked bodies intertwined I could see beads of sweat breaking out all over Walter's forehead. Walter rested his chin on my boob tickling my nipple with his goatee. I lay there with my hand on his chest, with my fingers combing his chest hair. He ran his fingers around the side of my face, down my neck, and down my back, which felt delicious, brought goose bumps out all over my body, and started me to shake, not because of coldness, but in pure delight.

Then he reached my tickle zone right in the small of my back just above my butt. Once touched, that zone turns my whole backside into one complete tickle spot. Once he discovered this he took full opportunity of it, blaming it on his "bad hand". Which of course caused me to wiggle against him, trying to escape the "bad hand". When his "bad hand" started to behave, we laid there commenting on the videos that were playing while we were watching VH1.

Walter then pulls my face toward his and we kiss our tongues probing each other's mouths.

I bit his lip and he says," no biting."

We kiss again and I bit him once more and he says,"uh, uh, no biting."

Then he said," give me your lower lip, you're always sticking it in."

I pushed my lower lip out to him and he sucked on it.

Walter then says, "you have juicy lips." I liked that, it's a lot better than what I've been told before, "you have nice DSL's (dick sucking lips), been told that one a few times actually guess they thought if they told me that I would do it. Ha!

I have never been told that I have juicy lips I really liked that. Walter continued to kiss me and he licked around my lips and sucked on my lower lip some more. He actually sucked on my lip so much that the next day I didn't need any lipstick, and I wear a dark maroon color!

I turned Walter's head and kissed and licked down the side of his neck, then I got to his nipple and took it into my mouth and sucked on it, Walter seemed to enjoy this. I ran my fingernails up and down his chest and around his belly, he turned toward me and I ran my fingers across his side and down his butt, which judging by his cock getting hard again, he must have enjoyed all of this. I ran my fingernails down his ass and across his thigh, up his balls and up his hard shaft. I returned my fingernails to running them back and forth across his belly and back down his cock.

Then I grabbed his stiff cock in my hand went up and over and down the other side. I did this a few more times, and then he was there again between my legs. He entered my pussy, there was a little resistance at first, but then his cock slid inside me smoothly. I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved my hips with his. Then I unwrapped my legs, and brought them up close to my chest.

Walter thrusted himself into me hard and deep, it was such a pounding that there was a slapping sound our bodies were making. I felt a small orgasm go through my body, on the heels of that was a larger orgasm, but Walter pulled out of me.

Walter turned me over on the bed; I buried my head in a pillow, with my ass in the air. Walter's cock entered my pussy and he slammed hard and deep inside me. So, deep in fact I could feel him all the way into my stomach. Walter slammed in to me so hard, that my tits jiggled so much that if they had been a bit larger they probably would have slapped me in the face.

Walter finished again without much fanfare; he pulled himself out of me and we both collapsed on the bed trying to catch our breath. After a bit, we decided to take a shower together. After our shower Walter put his underwear back on, and I put on my pj's. We snuggled up under the covers together. Walter kept telling me that I should sleep, thought each time I closed my eyes his "bad hand" would act up again.

I lay there just playing with his chest hair, he said, "you're was putting him to sleep, and I really don't want to leave, but I have too."

Walter had to go back to the conference he had at work, he'd been there the day before and he had to go back.

At about 6:30 am he left our hotel room to go to his conference. I fell asleep, I only got to sleep for about four hours, but I've got to say it was the best four hours of sleep I've had in a while. I got back to Oklahoma the next day, I was only twelve minutes late getting back, but in that twelve minutes all had gone to hell, I got everything back on track and it was all good.

Later on Walter asks me that I sound like my trip was life changing, I told him in a way it was, first off I had a great night of sex with a man I truly wanted to have sex with for the first time in a very long time. Also, I took a trip, the longest I've ever driven and I did it all on my own, it was kind of liberating. If nothing else comes from this friendship, thanks for at least that much Walter.

Love, Melissa

I've now got one week left until Walter visits me, I can't wait! We shall see about me getting to visit him this mid-summer for a week or two, I hope it happens.

Last night we were talking on messenger and the conversation was mildly sexual, really all it was, was a few sexual comments, though it don't take much to send my imagination wandering, and my mind brought up images of our night together. Soon, I felt that familiar tingling in my crotch.

I told Walter I was planning to masturbate that night, he told me to think of him while I did it. Walter had to go to bed, so we got offline. I stayed on the computer for a bit and started reading some stories off one of those sex story sites, some of the stories I didn't care for, but a lot I really liked, which only increased the horniness I already felt. Finally I got off the computer luckily everyone was asleep.

I went and made myself ready for bed, the whole time thinking of fucking Walter. I got my bed ready by putting a thick blanket where my butt would be; well I don't want to sleep in the wet spot, especially the kind of wet spot I can make.

I got into bed and pulled the covers up to my chin, once I was under the covers, I pulled down my pajama bottoms and my panties, and I pulled my t-shirt up and over my tits. I started massaging my tits one in each hand once my nipples got hard I ran my fingertips across the tops of them. My left hand stayed massaging my left tit, my right hand glided it's way down to my pussy, I put my fingers between my lower lips, I was very, very wet down there. My pussy was covered in wetness from the top running all the way to the crack of my ass.

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