tagErotic CouplingsOnline Rendezvous Final Chapter

Online Rendezvous Final Chapter

byDana Gallagher©


This story is an ending to my ongoing relationship with Walter. This was written before I knew what happened to Walter. Initially this story was written for Walter’s eyes only, but I decided to submit it, to complete the set of Online Rendezvous stories. At the bottom of the story you can find out what happened to Walter.

(It’s not a bad thing, at least not for him.)

I was sitting at the computer trying to finish an erotic story. It promised to be a good erotic story, I hoped to send it to my friend Walter when I was finished, and it was kind of a hint to him.

The story I had been working on for the last three nights was about two people a man and a woman making a six hour trip from her place to his place, the female character pushes aside all her inhibitions and makes the six hour trip very interesting for her long distance boyfriend.

I was hoping I could finish the story and then email it to Walter. We were going to get to spend a week together, but I still couldn’t figure out a mode of transportation for myself.

I hoped this story might give Walter the hint to come pick me up and maybe I could make the same trip just as interesting as the female character in the story did for her man.

Walter and I had met online, and we had gotten to meet in person a few times, but never longer than a day or so, I couldn’t wait to spend a whole week with him. I really wanted to tell him all these things, but he hadn’t been online in a while.

Walter had come out to Oklahoma to see me last Saturday; he’d said that he might have to leave very early Sunday morning.

This had upset me, cause the first time we had gotten together, Walter hadn’t been able to spend the night he’d had to go back to his conference for work.

Well, Walter did come out, and he forgoes any other demands he had on his time and stayed until about one o’clock Sunday afternoon.

This overjoyed me; I loved it that we stayed the night with each other. But, unfortunately there would be a penalty for this action, and now I was wondering whether spending the entire night with Walter had been worth it, nope it was all worth it I just missed him terribly right now.

Walter had gotten back home, but had not gotten back online with me until very early Tuesday morning around 4 am.

Walter had told me that just about everything in his life, had all gone to hell in a hand basket while he was gone visiting me. See Walter is a busy man, and he has a lot of demands on his time, last but not least was me.

We didn’t have much time to chat this time, Walter had been running since he gotten back to his hometown and was exhausted, and I had been up all night waiting for him to get online, and was fairly tired myself.

The two of us told each other how much we missed each other, and promised to see if we could meet once again before the summer was up. Walter ended the conversation by telling me that he must go to bed now.

I didn’t argue with him, I told him to go to bed and get some sleep.

We said their goodbyes and I thought the conversation was over then Walter sent one last instant message it was a series of emoticons the first was a heart, the next was a smiley face, next was a pair of kissing lips, and the last was a hug.

I quickly massaged back, ‘just had to get the last word didn’t ya?’ Walter came back with ‘how did you know?’ I didn’t reply back after this one, I decided to let him have the last word, this time.

Well, this had been four days ago, it was now Sunday at 1:52 am, so technically it was five days ago now. I missed Walter dearly; I just couldn’t stand not chatting with him.

In my deepest heart I so wished that Walter and I could somehow move closer together, so we could have a real relationship instead of an online friendship.

There was no real commitment made in our relationship, it was just a little hard to hold someone to a commitment when they lived six hours away, but one day maybe we could be together.

Right now I just wanted to chat with Walter that always helped soothe the distance between us, when I knew that he was right there on the computer.

Just about each day I sent an email to Walter telling him of me day, just the normal stuff that I would have told him anyways, if he’d been online.

Though I had one piece of useful information to give to Walter. I had found out when my ex would take our kids for a week long visit, well this was good news cause it would free me up for that week to go visit Walter. I was about to burst to tell him the news, but he wasn’t online.

My mind started to run away with me, I worried that something had happened to Walter, this was the longest we’d gone without chatting and I was getting increasingly worried.

What if something happened to Walter, how would I ever know? I’m not Walter’s girlfriend so his family would never think to pick up the phone or send an email saying Walter had been hurt and was now in the hospital.

God forbid that happened, but my mind just couldn’t help sending out this information. Once I thought what if Walter bumped his head, and got short-term amnesia, and totally forgot everything about me, his family wouldn’t remind him, hell they probably wouldn’t even remember the online friend that stopped by once for a visit.

Also, I thought okay well what if something big happened to Walter or with Walter and he’d spent all this time trying to straighten it all out. Then when Walter gets all the problems straighten out, he comes home and checks his email and sees all the emails I has left him. Walter suddenly decides that I’m just loony toons, and deletes all my messages into the email trashcan and disappears into cyberspace never to chat with me again.

I decide to stop this line of thought cause all it is doing is depressing me further. I tell myself that everything is fine with Walter, he is just a busy man and he will get back to me soon enough and it will all turn out to be that I have just made a mountain out of a molehill.

I tried to return to my story to block out thoughts of Walter, but it didn’t work. So, finally I decide that if I can’t block Walter out of my thoughts, I will just think about him, but not all the depressing stuff that’s been running through my head, this time I will think only positive things.

I lean back in the computer chair, my eye’s closed and mindset in overdrive. I think about kissing Walter, how his lips feel on my lips, how his long goatee and mustache tickle a little.

I think how when Walter kisses me, I just wants to melt into his mouth. I think of how I like to suck Walter’s tongue into my mouth, and then I think about softly biting his lip.

I also think how Walter likes to suck on my lower lip; I don’t mind this even if my lip is a little redder the next day.

I think about Walter’s and my first kiss, how it was neither given nor received our mouths just seemed to meet, almost like the kisses you see in the movies but never truly experience yourself.

Unconsciously, my hand slips into my tank top and inside my bra, I begin massaging my tit, and then I lightly rub my own nipple, until it is standing erect. I begin to feel a tingling in my crotch!

Ah! Ha! That was the inspiration I needed.

I pull my hand out of my tank top and bra, suddenly realizing I had it in there. I return to my hunch over the keyboard typing frantically, still thinking of Walter in the back of my mind while my story unfolds itself out on the computer screen.

I think about if Walter took me on the same trip my characters are now taking, I think of what I might do to him along the way, and what Walter might do to me.

I type out these thoughts having my story characters act out the fantasy playing in my mind, describing each act in detail.

I think about teasing Walter kissing every inch of his body, his soft earlobes, his neck which I’d love to give a hicky but hold myself back since we agreed on no hickies (Walter has to go to work, don’t want a hicky at work), maybe I’ll give him a hicky somewhere no one can see.

I think of Walter’s patch of chest hair, which I love to run my fingers through, and I think of his strong arms with just the right amount of muscle in them.

Then I think of the area just above his underwear where I love to run my hand over, and his hipbones that stick out when he’s lying next to me. I think about how Walter pulls me toward him when we are lying side by side, and our bodies entangle together.

My thoughts are very random picking out little things here and there, I think how Walter holds my hand or encircles his arm around my waist as we are walking together.

I think about how Walter stares at me across the restaurant table, and I’ll meet his eyes, but then I give off a nervous smile, and drop the eye contact. Walter’s eyes are so deep and intense his stare makes me want to jump over the table and fuck him right there in the middle of the restaurant.

I think about how considerate he is holding the door open for me, and when in bed together and he wants a cigarette he lights one for me as well.

I think of Walter standing in the hotel room naked as a jay bird, not caring, his body better than I could have imagined, while I sit naked on the bed uncomfortable in my own skin.

My story has finally reached a climax, well several during the course of the story, but now it is finally at an end.

I push myself from the keyboard leaning back in the computer chair and closing my eyes. Images of Walter shoot through my head like a mind movie I think of the first time I saw him in person standing there in jeans and a golf shirt.

Then I see a vision of him kneeling on the bed between my spread legs his cock standing erect waiting to enter me. I think of when his cock enters me, I feel him all the way up inside, and with each thrust he goes deeper still.

I think of Walter’s touch, his caress.

My hand once again enters my tank top and finds itself inside my bra. I begin massaging my tit, with my eyes still closed imagining I’m with Walter once again.

My hand brushes across my nipple making it stand erect, with my other hand I go down and unfasten my jeans, after they are unbuttoned and unzipped, my hand reaches inside my panties.

I lower myself in the computer chair so I can spread my legs wider. My hand goes down inside the panties until my fingers find my aching pussy, I run my fingernail’s down my pussy lips, and then my fingers part the lips and reach inside my pussy.

I think of giving Walter a blowjob, before the actual blowjob I want to tease the hell out of him first. I imagine kissing Walter hard at first then pulling back from his lips so he has to lean toward me, we would kiss hard once more.

Then I would turn his head to the side and kiss and lick my way down his ear and then to his neck.

In reality my fingers are now rubbing up and down the length of my pussy lubricating all of it with my natural juices. I badly wish Walter were here, so he could put his long cock up inside my aching pussy.

I just wish he’d come online cause if he did right now, I’d turn on my web cam and give him a little demonstration the way I’m feeling right now, I wouldn’t be shy at all.

I run my fingers down to my pussy hole, and push two of my fingers inside myself as deep as they will go, I thrust my fingers in and out of myself.

While I’m doing this I’m also thinking about how after kissing Walter’s neck I’d work my way down to his chest, and I’d run my tongue through his chest hair loving the texture going from his smooth skin to the roughness of his chest hair.

I imagine myself going over to one side of Walter’s chest until I find his nipple. At first I would lightly flick the nipple with my tongue, eliciting little jerks from Walter then I would suck the whole nipple into my mouth and softly bite it with my teeth. Then I would flick the tip again with my tongue, making Walter hiss.

Then after I’ve given that nipple my full attention I would lick my way across his chest and through the brambles of chest hair, then at the other nipple I would quickly take that one in my mouth sucking on it hard and circling my tongue around his nipple.

Then I’d once again bite Walter’s nipple and flick the tip with my tongue, then I’d travel down the trail of chest hair leading down toward his stomach.

My finger fucks increase, I feel myself almost toward orgasm, but want to let my fantasy go on a little longer.

At the thoughts of teasing Walter my juices flow more heavily. I pull my slick fingers out of myself and slowly rub the length of my pussy intentionally avoiding my throbbing clit.

I intend to tease myself as I am teasing Walter in my mind so I can continue this fantasy until it’s end.

I rub on my pussy, and the hand at my tit pulls my bra up so that now my tits are out below my bra.

I grab one tit in my hand squeezing the tissue all the way up to the nipple; I then rub the palm of hand across my hard nipple. Next I switch to the other tit my hand massaging the tissue, my hand cupping and releasing the mound of breast.

My mind returns to my fantasy, I kiss my way down the trail of Walter’s chest hair, until it turns into a little line leading toward his belly button. I avoid plunging my tongue into Walter’s belly button, cause I know he wouldn’t like that, instead I circles my tongue around his belly button making him think I may at any moment plunge inside.

I work my tongue in a line around that area I love on Walter just above his underwear; I lick and give little sucking kisses all over that area. Each time I work my way from one of Walter’s hips across to the other, some where in my travels my boob accidentally brushes the bulge that sticks up from Walter’s underwear.

Finally I release Walter from the bonds of his black briefs, pulling them off of him and discarding them to the floor. His erect cock stands straight up before me.

I imagine myself spreading Walter’s legs open before me, as he has done to me a few times.

I lean down and begin those little sucking kisses on Walter’s inner thigh, I start at the knee and work my way up to the top of the thigh, when at his crotch I quickly lick upward from the bottom of his balls all the way up to the tip of his cock.

Walter let’s out a long moan, then I begin those little sucking kisses down the other thigh until I reach the knee. Finally, I think that Walter’s undergone enough teasing, and it’s time for the real show.

I take Walter’s cock in my hand holding it at the base pulling the skin taunt, I lick up his long shaft and back down the other side, she does this a few more times.

Still in the fantasy of my mind, I stop licking right at the top of Walter’s pulsing cock, I suck the head into my mouth tightly, and Walter gasps. I’m still sucking Walter’s cock head tightly I flicking my tongue over the tip.

Then I release my suction on the head and take the entire cock into my mouth, pressing down hard on one side with my tongue. I move my lips up and down his cock, my tongue swirling around it, I stop at the tip of his erect cock and suck hard taking in the head and then going all the way down.

I suck Walter’s cock hard moving my head faster and faster, my lips sliding up and down his pulsing cock.

I sense Walter is ready to cum, I feel his body go rigid, I push my tongue up the roof of my mouth and let Walter shoot his full load into the hollow under my tongue.

Whether or not I decide to swallow is something I’ll make my mind up to do when this fantasy actually happens.

With the fantasy in my mind fully finished and the Walter in my mind fully satisfied, I finally start to rub my clit, I am already very close to orgasm, and my rubs get more and more vigorous.

I clutch my tit tightly my fingers fully wrapped around the whole mass of tissue. My body arches up out of the computer chair, my breathing stops for a second.

My body begins to shake, my breathing resumes very heavily. Soon my muscles inside of my pussy begin to pulse pushing my fluids out of me.

I cum, my juices spouting out of my pussy hole and soaking my panties and jeans, I can feel the spreading wetness under my ass. Then another orgasm hits, rocketing me back down in the chair, my hand squeezing my tit even tighter.

My juices continue to flow, and my body convulses with each orgasm that rips through me. Finally I have exhausted my surplus of orgasms, I collapse into the computer chair, trying to catch my breath.

I pulled my hand out of my jeans and panties, still slick with my juices coating it, and the hand at my tit making lazy circles around my nipple. Fully satisfied and completely worn out, my eyes only open to little slits.

I lean up to the computer in front of me, and pull up the messenger, I look if Walter’s online, and nope it says Walter is offline.

I think to myself, wonder what he’s doing right now, and wonder if he’s thinking of me? I miss Walter.



Okay let’s all give Walter a big congratulations he got married!

It’s now been about two weeks since he last visited me, and today I found out he got married.

He met a woman they fell in love and got married. His new wife is probably a wonderful person, I do not know for sure.

I did not know about any other woman in Walter’s life until today. As far as I knew Walter was completely and totally single, not in love with anyone.

I wish he’d said there was someone else then maybe I wouldn’t have fallen for him. You can say you are just friends all you want to but emotions have their way of doing things on their own.

I guess I didn’t make the same impression on him as he made on me.

Oh well that’s just life, love, and men they all suck, and not in the good way!

Moving on, I’ve made a few more new online friends and a few of just your regular kind of friends so maybe I’ll have some more true stories to tell. I guess we will see.

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