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She spread her legs, and her pussy, still soaked, became visible. "Do you want to cum in my pussy too?"

I swallowed, then nodded. "I...I do."

She bent her head, giving my cock a few quick sucks, to return it to full hardness. It didn't take long, as I smiled a blissful smile at her. She straddled me, and held the cock upwards, as she guided it to her pussy.

"Wait..." she said. She leaned to the side, and a lamp came on. I now saw her clearly for the first time.

"I want to SEE you now, little brother...!" she whispered, as she leaned back again, and slid my cock inside her.

I felt her pussy taking me in, and closed my eyes a second...but then opened them again. Enjoying the sight of my sister as she began riding me.

"Oohh god...I've wanted long...!" Katie gasped, as she slowly slid my shaft in and out of her. "I...I had..planned...the young cum inside me...and..mmhh..make me...pregnant..."

She threw her head back, grabbing her breasts in her hand and playing with her nipples. I widened my eyes. "What?"

"I want knock me..up...will that?" my sister groaned.

My mind exploded, but an overwhelming lust seemed to fill it right back up and I gripped her hips as she gyrated on me. "Oh god Katie...oohh yes...I do....I will"

She moved faster, her eyes locking into mine. "Yes, please...knock me up little brother...mmhh"

I thrust upwards every time she went down, feeling how my cock went deep up inside her, almost impaling her. Her eyes were half closed, but kept focus on me.

"Fuck...fuck my pussy...fuck your slutty sisters CUNT!" she moaned, obviously so turned on by this, she was swearing now, "fuck me and make...nnhhh.. a me....!"

The talking did it for me, and for the 3rd time in an hour, I felt my balls explode. This time, the seed filled my sister's womb, and I could almost feel it flowing deep, deep inside her, hooking to her fertile egg.

She collapsed over me, her won body trembling as she came from my heat inside her.

She rolled her arms round me, and we lay there, on the bed.

Siblings, but now more.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/16/17

Would have given 4 stars

Loved the story until the end where sis says she wants him to get her pregnant, that was kind of turn off. Other than that really enjoyed.

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