tagInterracial LoveOnline to KaSandra Ch. 02

Online to KaSandra Ch. 02


The Cinema & Loving Kasandra Jackson

EDITOR: Miriam Belle


-At the encouragement of a very special reader named Jemma, I've written another story about Kasandra Jackson and me.

These stories hold a special place in my heart. They are all true and represent one of the few times in my life that I lived out my fantasies with someone. I actually met Kasandra online in a chat room in early 2002 and we dated for about a year after we met in person. In many ways, I regret that we didn't stay together. As this series of stories about her will hopefully show, we had a lot of fun together.

These short stories are really just the written expression of very powerful memories for me, and I feel that by putting them to paper I can better remember her and love her for who she was. I hope you enjoy the memorable moments with me. –bluefox07


"When do we have to be there?' Kasandra asked as she brushed her thick, straightened hair out away from her shoulders. She looked at me in the mirror of my hallway bathroom as she prepped herself for our midnight theater date. Her dark eyes looked gorgeous in the yellow light, her skin a deep chocolate color that tasted as good as it looked. I put my arms around her bare torso as she smiled and leaned into me, her full lips reaching my cheek in a gentle kiss.

"Well, the Aladdin Theater generally starts showing their movies around eleven," I kissed her neck and looked at our reflection. The contrast of our skin fascinated me to no end. Every time I looked at the bold contrast of my tanned white flesh to her dark ebony I felt both excited and so extremely lucky.

I had just gotten out of the shower and water was still beaded across my naked body as I held her from behind. Kasandra pressed her full, round ass against me, slowly arousing my cock as I slid my hands over her large, melon-like breasts. They were so silky and perfect, her areolas small and beautifully framing her bold nipples. I cupped her tits and massaged them, knowing full well that my teasing and flirting with her would result in our having sex again.

"I need to get ready," she whispered in my ear as my wet body soaked the thin strap of her g-string. Kasandra and I had been together for three days now, and not once did she wear regular underwear. She had the purple butterfly shaped g-string, she had the red satin g-string and several pairs of black and white g-strings. Some of them were crotchless while others provided just enough cover for the soft mound of flesh between her legs.

"We have a little time," I kissed on her neck and rolled her dark nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, "And we still have to eat... it's always good to go on a dinner date with a big appetite."

"Who says I'm hungry for food, Darren?" she gyrated her hips slowly and methodically against me as the shaft of my cock slid wetly between her.

"Well," I gave her right nipple a small twist, eliciting an excited gasp as she put her hairbrush down, "What would you like?"

"What would I like?" she purred and closed her eyes as my left hand began roaming across her stomach and hips, my fingers lightly hovering over her skin. She let me hang on her words for a moment before saying, "You know, I think I'd like to have sex with you..."

"Would you now?" I smiled and planted hot French kisses along the left side of her neck and jaw, working my way down to her shoulder as she put her hands over mine. Her slender fingers laced through my own and she guided my left hand to her pussy. I felt the lacy fabric of her black thong and the hot, moist heat it held back. My other hand gently worked her breast in a slow massage, both of our fingers playing with her nipple.

"Yes," she whispered and slipped our hands underneath the patch of her panties and across her shaved lips. She was already incredibly wet, her sex exuding that special aroma that only she could produce. She never ever was scented with anything less than clean, purely erotic musk. I had been with women before who sometimes lacked when it came to the scent of their sex, but Kasandra was by the far the best smelling and best tasting woman I had ever known.

My fingers slipped around her swollen outer lips and then over her clitoral hood in slow circles as she released a throaty little moan of approval. Her head was leaned back against my shoulder and our bodies tilted at a sensual angle as I teased her pussy, my cock a hard stony length against the crevasse of her ass. Her hand released my fingers and went to my shaved head as I began playing with her slowly engorging clit. I rubbed softly but with just enough pressure to make her breath pace a little faster. My index finger worked deftly to coax her clit out from hiding as she ran her fingernails over my scalp in a sensual tease.

"You're making me hot," she smiled, her face turned up to the ceiling, "I love it when you put your cock between my cheeks like that..."

"How do you think I feel about it?" I smiled as my fingers became slick with her juices. I watched in the mirror as her body rippled and flexed in response to my touch. Her ass was hard against me, pressing close and hot to my body as my cock began to throb. I slipped two fingers into her unbelievably tight cunt, working them in and out while I rubbed my thumb over her clit.

"Fuck," she breathed, her respirations getting shorter and more needy as her hips began moving to my motions slightly, "Oh yes..."

She released my right hand to play with her tit by itself and hooked her arm around my neck. She left my scalp and placed her hand on my left ass cheek. She squeezed my flesh and kneaded me as I finger fucked her pussy in a slow burn. There were small whimpers of excitement escaping her sultry lips as she became more and more aroused. Another thing I loved about Kasandra was how vocal she could be when it came to sex. Every nuance and thrill she expressed through a sensual moan and a throaty purr electrified me.

"You are so good to me," she said huskily and squeezed my ass tight. I had every reason to be good to her. Since we had met only days ago, she had shown me kindness and friendship unlike anything I had never known. Her honesty was often staggering, and sometimes too much to handle but always a welcome change from the bullshit of my normal gang friends. While it was true we were polar opposites (a prime example being in music... while she preferred Eminem I leaned more towards the works of John Williams) we somehow found middle ground to enjoy our disparate tastes. She respected me and I respected her.

And she was so beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. Her face was so uniquely designed, her eyes like twin plates of obsidian resting on milky white orbs. There was so much intelligence in those eyes, so much passion. Her lips were full and always a rosy brown color, all encompassing and all consuming. Her kisses weren't anything you could classify as just a kiss. It was like she was focusing all the attention in the world right on you and tasting you as though you were a fine dessert.

Kasandra consumed you through her sexuality.

She worked her hips back and forth as her whimpers became more and more pronounced, more and more filled with an uncontrollable desire. It always seemed like she were building up to something far more intense than a mere orgasm. I wondered if I were just that good or if she was just humoring me. I had never seen anyone so involved in her physical pleasures as Kasandra. In the end, I figured it was a combination of us both wanting desperately to please each other and the raw sexual chemistry we shared.

And the idea of interracial sex made us both horny as hell.

"God, you feel good," I breathed as my hand cupped and teased her large right breast. My heart was pounding like a drum in my chest as our bodies became hot and slick together, our arousal a fire burning within. From the moment I had first seen her naked breasts, I had been hooked on her like a junkie on crack. They brought to mind images of soft pillows and silky clothes, the kinds of luxuries men like me would never know. Her nipple had erected into a hard point against my fingers, as her cunt became sopping wet pocket of her nectar.

"That feels nice, Darren," she said to me, her eyes hidden beneath her fluttering lids.

"I'm glad you approve," I groaned as she clenched her buttocks around my shaft.

"Jesus," she whispered, "You know just how to make me scream...

"You make it easy, Kasandra," I said as I began kissing her ear and neck, using the most passionate and gentle kisses I knew how to give.

"I've never felt this way before," Kasandra moaned and tilted her head back as my thumb began vigorously rubbing her hard clit, "I feel happy, Darren... so happy."

"It's scary sometimes, isn't it?" I breathed hotly against her skin as I licked the delicate design of her left ear.

"I'm not scared with you," she said. I felt her grasp my buttocks again, this time with both hands and squeeze as I kissed her neck and nuzzled her jaw line. The satin comfort of her breast filled my right hand and I felt her body shift from growing arousal to predatorial need.

"I want you," I whispered into her ear.

She looked up at me slowly in the mirror, our eyes locking together. Kasandra turned, my hand slipping from out of her thong and resting wetly on her curved hips as she drew me close to her. Her huge tits pressed into my chest as she parted her luscious lips and then with one hand pulled my face to hers. Our lips locked together and we kissed deeply. My hand slid down her stomach as our tongues intertwined, and I let my fingers caress the flat expanse below her navel. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth, her taste sweet and passionate. She began leaning into the kiss, pushing me down to the floor. She straddled me, her thighs tight around my hips and her crotch hot and wet against mine.

"Darren," she said, looking at me seriously as her breasts hung down like sensual water balloons from her chest, "I'm not sure this is going to just stay simple."

"What do you mean?" I asked, marveling at her gorgeous tits as they swayed hypnotically in front of me.

"This is more than just fucking for me," she said as she ran her fingernails over my torso, "I think you should know that before we go any further."

"When did that happen?"

She closed her eyes and said, "I'm not sure. But I know what I feel, and I don't want anyone to get hurt."

"You could never hurt me," I said. And somehow, I truly did know that.

"I mean, I'm black and you're white and if you-"

I put my finger to her lips, silencing her. I said, "You could be red with white polka dots, Kasandra. It wouldn't change what I'm feeling."

Kasandra smiled as she grinded her moist, hot crotch against me. "Really?"

"Really," I nodded.

"In that case..." she said as she sat back, her ass resting on my thighs, and began rubbing her clitoral hood. Her breasts hung down and swayed with each movement of her arms, casting twin shadows across the smooth terrain of her body and mesmerizing me. Her pussy was moist and inviting, and I stared with a humble yet excited appreciation. She rubbed the mound of dark skin back and forth, revealing the hot pink meat inside, as she looked at me intently.

"Are you dropping a hint, Ms. Jackson?" I asked.

"It's only Ms. Jackson if you're nasty," she winked at me.

"Nice," I grinned as I eyed her dripping sex, "But I know a hint when I see one... you want to fuck me."

"You're so quick," she laughed flirtatiously.

"I gotta be quick around you."

"Damn straight," she replied, her eyes never leaving mine as her wet fingers slipped down from her sopping cunt and began rubbing against my shaft, "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," I said as I put my arms behind my head, "Please no."

She smiled at me and then looked down. My cock was rigid and ready, sticking out like a fleshy tree trunk and pulsing rapidly. My head was swollen and turning a reddish-purple as she grabbed my seven and half inch long shaft and began stroking me slowly. Her eyes locked on mine as she jerked me off, her intensity and passion for the act powerful. I uttered a small groan she pumped my dick, her fingers occasionally tweaking my head as she went. Her hand was gentle and yet rough as she worked her magic on me. Her tits bounced and swayed with her specific maneuvers.

"You know what I think?" she asked as she rubbed her thumb over my head in a slow, intentional circle.

"What?" I tried to concentrate on her.

"I think you're falling in love with me."

"We've only known each other in person for three days..."

She began caressing my shaft gently, "And there's a set time for falling in love?"

I shrugged, "I don't know."

She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine as her breasts rested on my chest. We straightened out and embraced on the floor, our legs intertwining and our bodies hot. I couldn't get close enough to her. Her pussy was soaking my shaft and thigh as we kissed and explored each other. Her hand went to my ass and gripped my left buttock as her tongue rolled and played inside my mouth, her breath hot against mine.

Kasandra leaned away from me for a moment and gently grasped my cock. It was full and thick, the head a swollen tint of purple as the large veins running the length pumped blood furiously. She massaged my penis, working her fingers slowly up and down my shaft as her eyes locked with mine. She rubbed her thumb over my head again and I felt a bubble of pre-cum forming at the small eye of my penis. She rubbed the sticky substance into my skin, making me shiver as she held my gaze.

I brought my hands to her soft breasts and cupped them, feeling the silky smoothness of her skin. Kasandra closed her eyes as I touched her, relishing the feeling of my rough hands teasing the skin of her areolas and nipples, tweaking them as we prepared for the act of making love.

"I think I am falling in love with you," I said.

She graced me with the most perfect smile I had ever seen in my life.

"Keep falling," she whispered and kissed me, "I'll catch you."

I could hardly think as our bodies melted into each other. I was left breathless by the intensity of my need for her. I had never been this needful of or this close to a woman ever before in my life. I felt as if though my world were spinning out of control and that Kasandra had orchestrated the whole thing. If she had come here with plans of bewitching me, then she had succeeded.

I guided Kasandra down on to her back and without a word, began passionately kissing on her neck. I worked my way up and down her jaw line, and then past the crook of her neck, over her chest and to the slopes of her breasts. I kissed and licked my way around her nipples and the side swells of her tits as she laid her arms above her head. I flicked her nipples with my tongue and nibbled on them as my cock grinded against her thigh. Kasandra closed her eyes as I licked my way down her stomach, the kisses becoming hotter and wetter as I approached the sacred area below her belly button.

I began French kissing under her navel while dragging my tongue down further until I reached the beginning of her clean-shaven slit. I spread her legs wide open and positioned my mouth over her moist cunt. My breath was hot against her sensitive skin as she lifted her hips up slightly. She gasped a little as I began slowly licking her, from one end of her lips to the other. My lapping was slow and deliberate as I slowly pushed my way into her sex with my tongue.

Kasandra moaned as I began working on her clit, circling her and nibbling on the hard button ever so gently. She squirmed a little under my mouth as I stimulated her. Her breathing had evolved into a breathless panting as I flicked her clit with my tongue and slid a finger into her vagina. She was moaning and cooing my name as I brought her closer to her orgasm. Her hands slid over my scalp wetly as I pleasured her.

A million things raced through my mind as I worked my tongue in and out of her. Out of all the jumbled images I could most clearly see us together as a couple, perfectly happy together. It was crazy. We had only meant to get together for sex and nothing more. I wasn't sure if we were being influenced by our sexual chemistry or the possible fact that we actually were falling in love. Either way, not knowing where these feelings were coming from knocked me for a loop.

"Oh God, Darren!" she screamed as she came, her body wracked by the intensity of the orgasm. Her vaginal fluid spilled out and drenched my face as her hips bucked and her eyes rolled back into her head. The room was spinning for me as she lay there recovering. I worked my way back up her body, my cock grazing her legs. She looked at me and laced her fingers behind my neck as I lowered my face to hers.

"Com here," she said as she grasped my penis firmly in her hand.

We kissed as I entered, the large, plump mass of my head pushing into her and actually stretching her out a bit. She moaned into my mouth, tasting her own juices as my shaft filled her up. She murmured against my lips as we joined together. She smiled and breathed deeply as she took my cock in completely to the hilt. I felt my balls resting against her ass as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

"Make love to me," she whispered as we began to find our rhythm, slowly at first as she got used to my cock again. Her fingernails raked across my backside as I thrusted into her deeply. She kissed along my shoulder and then suckled on my neck as her legs squeezed my hips. I could feel a light mist forming across our bodies as we slid together wetly, my cock plunging in and out of her sopping sex.

"Let me ride you," she huffed as we switched positions and Kasandra braced her hands against my chest. She lowered her pussy over my cock and took me in, grinding against me as I fought to keep from blowing my wad too soon. I looked to Kasandra, her hair and tits bouncing back and forth as she rode my cock, her head tilted back so far the cords in her neck showed. She was moaning my name, loving me in a way I had never known.

I reached out and massaged her breasts, holding them as though they were priceless treasures. I suppose that was really the truth for me. Her breasts were two beautiful large black pearls in the wealth that was Kasandra Jackson. I knew in many ways she was a forbidden treasure, but my greed for her could not be satiated.

Time wound down and everything seemed to play out in slow motion. Every thrust of her hips, every sensation that exploded through my body, every fiber in my being seemed to stretch out with perfect purpose as I lost myself in her. I had never felt myself actually get lost in another person, but when it happened it was like being thrown forward at a thousand miles an hour. My head was spinning and my mind working strictly on impulse

When the orgasm came, it was strong and all consuming.

I cried out, something I never did until I met Kasandra. I sucked in the cool air through my teeth and shut my eyes tight as the heat seared through my sex and exploded from the tip. I probably had the most ridiculous look ever on my face as my hands grasped her hips. She grabbed my hands and laced her fingers through mine. She cried out a breathless, beautiful expression of joy as her cunt tightened and then spasmed. I felt a small rush of hot fluid squirt from the breaks of her vagina around my dick.

Our mouths hung open in breathless pleasure as we recovered in silence. I don't think there was anything we could say. Everything we wanted to communicate had been just perfectly articulated between us forever. She lay down on top of me as we came down from our respective highs. She embraced me tightly as we panted hard and sweat trickled down our burning skin. Kasandra nuzzled her face into my neck.

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