Only a Make Believe Girl


"Mmmmm. You suck him first," Ginger said.

Paula brought her head back and looked at the cock. She looked at Ginger smiling back at her. Ginger's lips and chin were wet, like hers. Paula opened her mouth. She moaned and swayed on her knees. She liked being on her knees in front of the cock, it seemed only right to be on her knees before such a cock as this. Paula' opened her mouth and lowered her head. She had to open wide to get the bulbous head between her lips and let it glide over her tongue, filling the cavern of her mouth. Paula closed her eyes and began to suck. Paula was sucking cock which had to mean had to that Paul was sucking cock, it just had to mean that, darn it, however you layered it with fantasy, but that was something for thinking about later. Paula's head bobbed and bobbed, making Paula's curls jounce. Paula put her hands on Steve's knees to steady herself. Paula opened her eyes and thought she saw the top of the cock and then she saw the blur of brown hair that her nose approached when she went down on her wonder bar.

Ginger was there in Paula's way as Paula tried to take more of the cock, the most yet, into Paula's mouth and this irked Paula, and it irked Paula all the more when Ginger pushed up, bumping Paula's chin, causing the cock to slip free. The cock shone in the morning sunlight that streamed through the windows. It dripped with drool as it arched between the dueling mouths, waiting, until Ginger went down on it and Paula watched and saw the shape of it in Ginger's cheek and saw Ginger's lips tightly circling the shaft with its wonderful veins coursing like gleaming rivers. Then Paula remembered and ducked her head and went underneath to where the balls were and they hung there, ugly and bloated and good to lick, and Paula licked them.

By and by Paula's tongue left the balls and licked up the shaft until Paula encountered a descent of stretched lips. Paula licked at Ginger's mouth and when this happened Ginger let the cock slide out and she and Paula kissed and then Ginger said,

"Make him cum in your mouth."

Paula was ready. Paula couldn't wait. Paula put the cock in her mouth and bobbed her head, sucking hard, and soon the cock erupted. Deep in Paula's mouth it came. Cum spurted into Paula's throat, overfilled Paula's mouth and poured out between Paula's lips. The orgasm shocked Paula into stopping in mid-suck and giving her entire attention to keep from drowning in the hot flood demanding entrance to her throat, but Paula managed it and the flood eased and she recovered and resumed sucking and slurping, recapturing some of the cum streaming down the sides of the cock. Paula swallowed as fast and as much as she could but some of the cum, even most of the preciousness, she couldn't swallow because Paula didn't know how to swallow and suck at the same time.

When the cock softened and Paula realized it wasn't getting hard again in spite of her sweet encouragements, Paula let her prize slip away, all wet and dripping and swollen from love.

"Mmmmmm. That was good," sighed Paula, who had completely forgotten she was only a make believe girl.

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