tagErotic HorrorOnly Human

Only Human

byLost Boy©

The rhythmic creaking of the chilled leather saddle nearly wooed me into a trance. The never-ending night of the 'Wild West' was so unlike the great cities of the East. New York and Boston and Chicago were so congested with the ebb and flow of humanity. Here one could be alone with one's thoughts and not be distracted with the lights that lit those great cosmopolitan hives where even the depths of Mother Night were busy with someone's comings and goings. I topped a rise and there in a bowl shaped depression laid the mining town of Three Corners. I looked up and an entire symphony of stars was out including a tiny sliver of a crescent moon. There were few lights to be seen at this hour and so I entered with no one to see me. I made straight for the tallest building in the town, the church, with its snow-white edifice and tall angled bell tower. There could be seen the flickering light of candles in plenty burning the night away and a shadow moved between the candles and the windows. I tied off my horse at the nearest hitching post to the church and made my way step by step to my destination. After a short walk I arrived at the bottom of the four steps that led up into that House of God. Patiently I waited staring at the two huge oaken doors emblazed with the symbols of the fallen and risen icon. I could see a shadow at the door now standing transfixed no doubt by trepidation and fear but who would harm a servant of God after all? I heard the door being unbarred and slowly the right door opened and the silhouette of a nun could now be seen.

"Poor thing you must be freezing!" came her voice so like music with her sing song accented English. Her accent was very faint and no one that hadn't traveled the Orient like I had would have missed it entirely.

"Yes I am cold." I said with little emotion as my hooded duster and heavy jeans protected me quite well against the winter chill.

"Would you like to come in?" she asked moving a bit more so I could see her beautiful Asian features.

"Yes I would sister." I said with equal monotony as before. I stood waiting patiently for the proper words to be pronounced.

"Please come in." She said with such innocence. She stepped back and away from the door to allow me ingress.

'Yesss!' I almost hissed in delight. I walked up the steps of the church smiling from ear to ear. "Thank you sister, your kindness means so much to me." As I entered the well lit church she gasped at the weapons around my waist. "Oh I am so sorry, it is a dangerous world outside your walls sister let me leave them at the threshold so you may fear nothing from me." She nodded vigorously and watched as I removed my gun belt and my sword keeping a long knife in the small of my back for future use. The sword with its jade hilt and silver crossguard transfixed her eyes. "Sometimes one runs out of bullets." I said. She closed and barred the door her gaze rarely leaving the sword.

"It is so beautiful!" She said and as I lowered the hood of my duster she gasped.

"Oh you poor thing you are bone white let me get you something to warm you!" She turned and disappeared into the depths of the church. While she was away I looked about the place at the stain glass windows depicting the fall of evil and the triumph of such goodness as the world has seen. The town must be doing well for it self to be able to afford such things for its church. On quiet footsteps she returned holding a large wooden cup steaming with some hot beverage. "Here you are drink up." Her smile was dazzling and her beauty even more than my first glance had allowed me.

"Your kindness is too much," pause for dramatic affect, "thank you." Again she smiled and watched as I sipped the beverage then took a healthy drink. "You have a lovely church here sister you must be very proud."

"Well our parishioners helped build this temple for the Almighty and much love went into its construction."

"That goes without argument." I cupped the wooden vessel in my hands watching her, as she seemed in turmoil over something. "Sister is something wrong?"

"May I see it?" She asked looking to the door. Now it was my time to smile.

"Of course you may but be careful it is very sharp." I watched her carefully and noted how she picked up the weapon and pulled it free from its sheath as I suspected she had handled a weapon before. There was no fumbling or sloppiness she turned it this way and that in the manner of a horse trader sizing up a mount to be bought. The bluish gleam of the metal interested her the most and she didn't hesitate to ask.

"I have never seen this kind of steel before," Her voice a dreamy sort of whisper.

"Not likely you would it is an old family recipe." I replied continuing to observe. She moved it through the air subtly as not to show she was skilled with the blade.

"It is light yet strong a most cunning family recipe indeed."

"For a bride of Christ you know your way around a sword." She never flinched in her response.

"I have not always been a nun," and once again she rewarded me with one of her beautiful smiles.

"We were always something else at some time." She nodded and sheathed the sword then returned it to its resting place on the wall. She turned to face the altar and began walking in that direction when I reached up under my duster and silently freed my knife and with perfect precision I cut the back of her habit from collar to the small of her back. Time seemed to slow as the material parted and the glorious rich colors of her tattoo came into view. She spun around her eyes narrowed in an expression that bordered on hate.

"How could you?" she spat at me as she tried to conceal the tattoo.

"Yes indeed you were definitely something else entirely. But nothing to be ashamed of my dear sister." I paused long enough for the words to register.

"What do you mean? You have seen a tattoo like mine before?" A rush of emotions crossed her lovely features shame, anger, and at the last a sense of relief.

"I am a well traveled man and have seen many wonders in my life. But to say that I have ever seen artwork of that caliber before, no I have not." She saw that I was telling the truth and faced her worst demon in a stranger who had wandered in from the road.

"Well traveler I was born into slavery by a father who was a drunk and a gambler and who lost one bet too many. Since he had no sons I simply had to do. My new family had me doing all the chores while they sat back and watched. One day while I was carrying water from the well a nobleman took notice of my appearance and followed me all the way back to that hovel I called a home. He purchased me from my family and like an animal he tied a rope around my neck and led me to his father's house. It was gorgeous and there were slaves aplenty so I had no idea at the time why he would desire me. I was bathed, cleaned and dressed in simple silks and brought before the family. It was like standing before starving buzzards to be honest. The Lady of the House was beautiful as fit her position and it was she that stood up and circled around me looking me over. She tore the silk from around me and I stood naked for her piercing glance. After some time she smiled and handed me my clothes back clapping in glee she returned to her seat and motioned for me to sit.

"Once again my son you have a keen eye for potential." She said. Then the Lady looked at me and simply said, "welcome to the family daughter."

I am sure the look of shock is what caused the laughing fit that followed. As simple as that I was part of a noble family. Ah but this family had one dark secret it was a house of assassins. It seems all that manual labor and my good looks marked me as 'potential' material to be molded for my new family. And mold me they did with exercise that ranged from the purely physical, to the deeply spiritual and the profoundly sexual. They removed any sign of my poor beginnings with rare oils and lotions and as grateful as I was they managed to remove a great portion of my soul right along with it. When the time was right I was introduced as a lost niece to the other noble families and the killing began. To show how grateful I was, I gladly removed people of great influence with such precision and cunning that the money flowed into the family coffers. Now this is not to say that all of our clients were nobles seeking the death of their adversaries some were well-placed merchants seeking a better market share.

But alas all good things come to an end. Greed. My parents took one contract too many and the eyes of heaven were drawn to our house and destruction rained down upon it. The order came from the Forbidden City itself and it was only by chance that I was away at the time that I managed to escape. I fled to the New World and made a new start. Knowing only the arts of seduction and death I decided to try the great city of New York. I created a male persona and built up quite a little business before the police sought me out. I moved west to the prosperous city of St. Louis but once again after a year or so the authorities were seeking me out. I had to rethink my strategy on how to survive in this land of barbarians. I moved further west to San Francisco and decided to remove the death aspect from my career and start a brothel from the funds I had saved from my two prior businesses. I hired the best girls and quickly had most of the most influential men in the city visiting my establishment and they left me alone for the right price, which I was most happy to pay. Things were going so well I managed to attract the attention of one of the most talented men from my home country.

I treated him like royalty as befitted a man of his stature. I wined him and dined him and let him have the pick of the house and he chose me. Our lovemaking was legendary and left me senseless or so I thought. The old rascal had slipped me a sleeping draft and decided I would be the canvas for his masterpiece. I woke up groggy but then the pain slammed into my senses like tempered steel. I was tied to my bed face down as he used his tools to 'draw' as he called it his life's work. I used what skills I had to push the pain away and await the last stroke of his needle. When he was finished he stood up looked at his work and pronounced it perfect. He cut me loose and told me that he was dying and had traveled all this way just to seek me out for his last work. I was torn between the great honor that had been bestowed and the sheer anger of having that choice being taken from me. It was at that moment I decided to leave all of it behind and find a completely new path and this is where my soul led me."

I had sat patiently listening to her life story finding it very interesting and thought provoking but it mattered little to the conclusion of business between her and I. If the tattoo had angered her, my gift was going to push her over the edge.

"Sister I have to admit something, I came here seeking you out." I saw the first hints of alarm in her eyes then as her body language changed completely from relaxed to a defensive position. "I have had a recent loss of a child and as a parent it is difficult to exist without someone to carry on the bloodline." Now confusion sets in as her thoughts go down a completely wrong path.

"You want me to carry your child?" She asks. I shake my head.

"No I want you to become my child." I reach out and snatch what remains of her habit from her. She tries to cover her nakedness but it does little good. I nod my approval and grab her by the throat. Even as prepared as she is I am much too fast for her. The look of shock is quickly replaced by fear.

"What are you going to do?"

"Sadly this is once again a choice that is being ripped from you my child." I smile showing my growing canines to her. "You see perfection should be eternal and in your case it will be. You will hate me at first but in time you will grow to love me they all do."

"What are you?" Her raspy voice asks as I pull her closer and closer.

"I am a child of Lilith the Dark Mother and in a short while so will you." I pulled her intimately close and took in her scent then I listened as her heart raced frantically and then slowly as these things go by so quickly I bit down on the pulsing artery in her neck and red bliss poured over my tongue and down my throat. As her life drifted into me I bit my tongue and let some of mine course into her. I lowered her to the cold floor of the church where everything that was mortal was pushed from her, tears flowed, urine ran and feces fell to the floor. I unbolted the door, opened it and went to the town well there I pulled up a bucket of cold water. Returning to the church I washed away the stench of mortality from my perfect child. She rises in all her dark glory the assassin soul blazing in her black eyes.

"Father someday I will become strong enough to end you."

"That's what they all said."

"All?" Her face was now a mask of purest sorrow. "How many times have you done this?"

"Including you, well over two hundred."

"How old are you?"

"Many thousands of years."

"And all of your children are dead?"

"Oh no, most are still alive but after a time they get tired of me and leave."

"So you did this to me because you were lonely?"


"Why me?"

"Your beauty and your dark soul."

"I don't have a dark soul."

"Oh yes you do, deny it all you want you are an assassin through and through."

"My stomach hurts..."

"That would be the Hunger beginning."

"The Hunger?"

"Yes, there is a price for Immortality you much feed."

"Feed, feed on what?"

"I think feed on who is more accurate."


"Yes, now be a good little girl and go drain that dry old priest in the back and come here when you are done." Try as she might to fight her new urges her instinct to survive kicked in and she does exactly as she is told. She walks to the sanctuary and beyond where the priest lay sleeping the smell of wine on his breath is so strong it seems so odd it had never bothered her before. He was a good man at heart but the townspeople keep him stocked in the finest wine that could be had in this town and he never ever turned down their generosity. She sat by the side of his bed and looked down on him. All the kindness he had showed her over her three years here in Three Corners and she was going to take his lifeblood so that she might continue this damned existence.

"You are going to see God tonight Father, tell him I am sorry for this." She whispers.

She gently turned his head to the side and just like the traveler she lowers her teeth to his neck and she feels the queerest sensation as her canines enlarge and push down then primal nature takes hold she bites deeply stealing away the old man's life. In all her days as an assassin never has there been an intimacy to a kill as this one. When he was dead she rose and wipes her mouth of the dried blood and heads back to her new Father. I watch as my daughter in all her pristine glory walks back to me, her stride like a great cat long and easy.

"Better?" She nods. "Good." She approaches and presses her body against mine.

"I need you." She moans softly. "It has been so long since I have known the touch of man." Her vow of chastity a thing of the past and her carnal hunger as deep and primal as the blood lust.

"On your knees then daughter and show me how much you have missed the intimacy of man and woman." She smiles brilliantly but first undresses me in a slow spiral dance my clothing seems to magically fall to the floor. Only until I am in the same state of undress as she is in does she follow my order and drop to her knees before me.

"Oh Father your member is so hard!" she murmurs as her tongue flickers over the pale head of my cock. Then she begins to tease the underside with her tongue and her petite hands cup and fondle my scrotum. With her gaze fixed on me she slowly let the length of my member slide into her mouth and down her throat. When it was completely buried she winked at me and began to move her head back and forward fucking me with her throat. Her hands settled on my ass cheeks using them for leverage she picked up pace moving faster and faster. Bloody spit drooled from her mouth and slid between her breasts as I began to moan louder and louder.

"Yes yes yes that's it my little whore suck that cock!" My words of encouragement sunk home as she closed her eyes and all her attention went to my pleasure. More and more of the drool fell from her mouth and was now hitting the floor with wisps of smoke at the collision of good and evil occurred. I smiled and began to thrust with my hips and she stopped and let me fuck her throat. I grabbed her by the hair and slammed my cock in and out of her mouth.

"Take that and that you filthy slut!" She growled and brought her teeth to play and I hissed in pleasure. I felt my climax nearing and she sensed it as well and applied more suction as my cock violated her throat over and over.

"You like don't you daughter having a cock in your mouth?" she nodded. "Wait till it is buried between your legs!" Another growl of pleasure from her nearly pushed me over the edge. I moved my hands to either side of her head and thrust in long strokes of my hips and I growled louder and louder until...

"YESSSSS!!!!" I screamed as cum pulsed down her eager throat and she swallowed ever drop. Panting from the sheer pleasure of such an intense orgasm I looked down at her and gently ran my fingers through her beautiful hair.

"My Father is happy?" Her voice was serpentine in its dark glory. I nodded. "My pussy is soooo wet and needs some attention."

"And you shall have it daughter." I took her hand and brought her to her feet and walked her to the pews and bent her over one. I knelt behind her and began to lick her tiny slit. She growled in pleasure and pushed back against my tongue. I drank her pussy juices as my tongue lashed her sensitive flesh. I could feel her entire body quiver with pleasure as I took a single finger and eased it into her.

"Oh Father!! Yes that feels so good!"

I slowly worked that single finger in and out of her feeling her pussy muscles grip that finger tightly. As the digit did its work I moved my tongue from her pussy to her ass and teased her tighter little hole. She let out a squeal of delight surprised by my change of attention. When I felt she was ready I eased a second finger into her and continued with teasing her, she began a regular pattern of moans and groans as her orgasm got closer and closer. I had chosen well with 'adopting' this one. She would be fun for centuries to come. Soon my daughter was bucking her hips against my hand and she literally screamed as she came. It was time.

I withdrew both fingers stood up and eased the head of my iron hard cock into her. She pushed back hard and I thrust forward equally hard and soon the slapping sound of our colliding bodies echoed off the church's walls. The wooden saints watched mute as the love play increased. She looked over her shoulder her face framed in her long black hair.

"Fuck me!! Drive that cock into me!!" I am a bit of a voyeur and I nodded as the statues began to smolder. Wisps of black smoke began to curl as it rose into the air from each and every saint and cross. I pounded her pussy harder and harder while I looked up at the mute icon hung from his tree. It was framed in an aura of whitish smoke as it threatened to burst into flame. My cock began to swell and swell in her signaling my rapidly approaching climax. My daughter's eyes were closed and I could feel that she was close too.

"Cum with me daughter!" She nodded and I could now she that she was fighting from climaxing. I continued driving my hips into her until I could stand it no longer. I pulled back one last time and hollered, "NOW!!!" I thrust forward and she backward and our mutual orgasm was body shaking as we both screamed. With our orgasm many things happened at the same time. First we rode out our pleasure till its end. Next we heard the single creak of a floorboard and we both turned to see what appeared to be half the town at the broken down door, which we never heard, so engrossed in our love play. Most of them stood open mouthed in shock, which would soon turn to horror. Lastly the wooden saints and icon burst into open flames. They burned with an eerie blue flame that definitely smacked of the holy.

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