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Only in Private


Margaret lived at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Her life followed the same routine most weeks, 2 mornings helping out in the local charity shop, Wednesdays coffee and cake in town with her friends, and on a Sunday she attended the 9.30am service at Our Lady's. Nothing ever really happened, life just passed by pleasantly. However, recently things had started to change for Margaret. She had been married 31 years, and although comfortable with sex it had always been with her husband. A husband who didn't like to upset her by expecting to much in the way of, lets say unusual demands. He was attentive and they always had sex at the weekend, and he always made her cum. But as she got older her desires were growing as his were diminishing. and once a week wasn't enough. A sexual tension she had never known before had started to grow.

At 53 she had a full figure not thin nor too fat, but rounded with an ample bosom. Her large nipples still prone to sticking out through her tops if ever it was cold outside. More and more often these days she would wait for her husband to leave for work before closing her eyes and reaching down under the covers between her legs. There she would caress herself, probe and tease, imagining great sexual adventures. It never took that long, as being the abused maid to a lady or being tied up in a bank raid and molested was so exciting, not that anything like that had ever happened to her.

Margret was learning to cater to her own needs, besides her fingers in the mornings she sometimes had to supplement her appetite later in the shower or sometimes mid morning. At these times she experimented by try different rooms and changing positions.

On Tuesday she had bent over the kitchen table and spent 5 minutes working her fingers over her clitoris then plunging 2 fingers deep up herself before she spotted several courgettes on the bench top. She went and found a nice smooth thick one, not too long and washed it. Getting back onto the table she had stood with her legs parted. It was so taboo, just the tip of the green fruit had made her knees shake. What would George have said if he had discovered her? Margaret had worked it over her slit until the wetness was leaking over her thighs then had fuck herself quite ferociously with it, all the time in her mind it was the priest and she was the alter girl in the vestry. That priest had found her pussy so tight. God she had need that orgasm.

On Thursday she had sat on and armchair in the living room and placed the hall mirror in front of herself. With her skirt up above her waist and her panties removed she had placed a leg over each arm of the chair. It was a perfect view of her own pussy. Margaret had admired her neat lips, and pulling them apart to see her love hole. How it glistened and pouted. She had stroked her lips and dipped her fingers before tasting them, as she often did. In this position she could use both hands to explore her cunt. Her right hand worked a rhythm on her erect clit and her left was the imaginary cock. A cock that she had stretched her pussy then delve deep up her hole till she felt her own G-spot. This time Margaret had in her mind that she was the reward at a swingers party and the winners of the games could empty their balls in her. She imagined several lots of semen running out of her and over her ass. As she got closer to cumming she had started to use curse words, not something she had ever done with George. With George they were both quiet as mice until after the deed was done then they would sleep a little. In her real life Margaret would never swear or use rude language, but this year she had started to mutter profanities, then to say them, and now she would almost shout filthy things as she got off all alone.

One day she had been reading an article in a younger woman's magazine whilst sitting under a dryer at the salon. It talked about sex toys, toys for your pussy, toys that could stimulate a woman's anus, others could be shared between 2 women. These were all very interesting, and at the bottom was a mailing address. She had noted that it was charged discretely and articles came in a buff coloured package. She went home that same afternoon and phoned the company, Ten days later in the morning mail her box of tricks arrived. As she had ordered the 9 inch water proof rabbit it came with a random free extra, a housewife's anal trainer. It was a cone shaped anal plug with a tube of lube. She opened the contents and placed them on the coffee table in front of her. George had never even touched her bottom, could it be pleasurable she had thought to herself. Only one way to find out. She went up stairs and prepared.

Warm and relaxed she got on her bed placing both toys under her pillow. Sitting up against the headboard she opened her gown and got out a copy of an old erotic novel 'The Secret Garden' and read a few pages. She found the scene of heavy love making between a pool boy and a housewife, it wasn't the first time she'd read it. As she went over the words she monitored the arousal of her quim as it got increasingly wet. All the time she read her fingers would run up and down her labia. "Ummm ready" she thought and reached for the dildo, large and cock shaped it felt big as she nuzzled it into the opening of her pussy. Inch by inch she worked it in and out, quickening then slowing the tempo. She put the book down and raised her knees. It wasn't necessary now to read, the plot had placed the image in her mind of a young stud lifting her legs over his shoulders and leaving her open cunt vulnerable to his angry swollen member. Driving the plastic cock in deep she noted that she had never had Georges cock up so far.

"Fuck me" she blurted out. She was hot now. and it was sliding in so easily, her juices running out all over her anus. She left the rabbit vibrating away deep inside her and got the anal trainer out. She smeared the lube over it and lifted her knees to her chest. Reaching round she continued to ram the pool boys cock up. At the same time see wanted him to explore her anus. She probed her sphincter until it started to accept the plug. She wanted the pool boy to force her virgin ass and so she rammed the plug up suddenly. God what a pain, god she felt so wicked, "yes more", she wanted a pool boys cock up her ass so badly. It was too much as she fucked both holes she whined out an orgasm, moaning and cursing. Both her anus and cunt in spasm. She held them in place as wave after wave of pleasure broke over her. Why had she never had George fuck her tight ass?

That was 2 weeks ago, both toys had become part of her daily routine, all she had to do was hide them from George. Her games had started to consume her. Margaret was becoming more vocal and bold. She needed more than the toys, she wanted something hot, something that tasted and something that come shoot white cream.

The idea came to her one day when from her bedroom she could look down into a neighbours living room. There a young man sitting in front a computer. She couldn't make out what was on the screen but she could see him unfasten his belt and flies, and pull out a fat cock. She took a position behind the curtains and watched as he beat it with his right hand while typing with his left. Within a few minutes he pushed the swivel seat back, took a grip of his balls in his left hand and proceeded to pump his rod until it began to shoot semen over the desktop. There seemed to be a cup full of it. Margaret stood there open mouthed, without even noticing her hand had located itself up her skirt and into her panties. She stayed a minute longer while he stood up with his cock end dripping and while he wiped the desk with tissues. He then sat back down and continued to type. Margaret couldn't wait, she turned and knelt at the bottom of her bed and there and then finished off what the young man had started. All that white heady cum, she needed it.

The next morning on the charity shop computer she made a flier for someone to mow her lawns. She told George that it was doing him no good pushing that old thing around and she would sort it out. After lunch, with the aid of a full length mirror and her digital camera, she took photos of herself with various positions with her toys, she knew it would be easy to print them privately on the machine at the local chemist. In the afternoon she went to the street behind her property. She delivered to a couple of fliers to houses before the target house. That house she rang the door bell. The young guy came to the door. She sold him the job well offering quite a sum over what you would have expected. He was keen, a little easy money would do him well. So it was agreed for the next afternoon. Margaret put her pictures in an old album and put it under some porn magazines from the 80's on the bench in the garage. She knew George had never thrown them out even though he never read them any more.

At one he knocked on the door. Ben was his name. Fair skinned, mouse brown long wavy hair and a wiry muscular build. Margaret showed him the garden and where the equipment was. She paid him up front and told him that she had been called away and that he could let himself out. As he went to get the extension cord from the shed Margaret hid in the granny flat adjoining the garage. In the flat door was a security viewing lens though which she intended to follow his actions. He entered the garage and took a good look around. He first checked over George's motorbike which was gathering dust as he no longer rode. Then he went to the bench, he quickly found the pile of magazines and couldn't resist browsing through them. They were tame by today's standards but still the image of a pussy spread wide has an affect no matter from which decade it's from. She could see him rubbing bulge in the front of his jeans. Next she heard say out loud "oh my god!" as he opened her album. He turned one or two pages before putting the album open on the bench and pulling his zipper down. This was going so well for Margaret. Behind the door Margaret had removed her underwear and was wearing just some hold up stockings under her skirt. As he pulled his stiff penis out her heart leapt. Was he really going to masturbate over pictures of her?

He had hold of his cock at the head but by pulling back his whole engorged purple end was exposed as he pumped his fist up and down. She couldn't let him carry on, she didn't want him to waste his cum over the garage floor. So she opened the door and walked in quietly. She stood there behind him for what seemed minutes, perhaps only 30 seconds. He was panting and she could hear his cock slapping around.

"Do you like them Ben?"

He nearly died, in that moment he span round still holding his erect cock.

"Don't worry Ben I don't mind you using them to masturbate to."

"Mrs Bramwell I'm so sorry." said Ben, as he tried franticly to get his cock back into his trousers. His face glowing like a beacon.

Margaret walked over and flicked the pages to and fro. "I was enjoying watching you Ben, why did you stop. Can't you carry on and let me watch.". With that she ran a finger over his bulge. "No one need know Ben. Get him out again and finish what you were doing."

"Mrs Bramwell I'm not sure I can."

"Oh we can work it out, would it be better if I sat over here and showed you the real thing." With that Margaret sitting down in a broken armchair pulled up her skirt and placed a leg over one arm. She was enjoying the control. Everything was going as she had planned. He had been trapped and now he was hers to play with. "Come Ben you were enjoying my photo shoot. Come closer and take him out." With that Ben brought his cock out into the open again and began to rub it. He had got the scent of pussy in the air and watched mesmerized as this lady exposed her wet private parts for him to wank over.

Margaret paid close attention to how Ben worked his own penis. His purple bulb looked immense, it seemed to be glazed in sweet juices as he pulled his foreskin back and forth over it. Each time he pulled hard back Margaret could see it milk a small drop of precum out of the tip. She thought of how it would feel hot as he pushed it up her pussy. His rate of his beating increased if she moved her fingers around her hole. Ben's trousers had slipped down a little and she could see his firm white ass. She was soon going to grip it with her nails and leave her red calling card etched in each buttock.

"Hope you have a lot of cum for me today Ben, come nearer and make sure it lands on my love hole." Margaret used two fingers to part her lips and with two from her other hand opened her pussy hole open. It was enough for Ben. Standing 2 feet from Margaret between her legs he started to release his load. White jets landed on her thighs, her hands and some directly into her open hole. It took 5 or 6 fountains before the dregs of his balls were left dripping from his spent cock.

"Now lick me Ben." Margaret demanded. "Eat your cum out of my hole." Ben was stunned. "On your knees now Ben and eat every last drop off my pussy."

Ben was unsure but thought it best to obey, he had never come across a woman like this before, excuse the pun. He knelt down and put his face in front of her open pussy. Oh she had dreamed of this. She held his head as he ate and licked her clit. "Some has gone on my anus Ben. Eat that too!" Ben rimmed Margaret's ass, he was enjoying his work now and forced his tongue passed her sphincter. That was enough, she was there now, cumming on his face. She gyrated her clit over his mouth as her orgasm worked through her. "Fuck, eat my ass Ben. Yes eat me." With that sudden out burst she returned to something like normality. Though Ben was knelt there not quite sure of what had just happened.

"Sorry Ben but I needed you to do that for me." she said casually. She leant forward and gently cupped his balls in one hand while raising his cock to her mouth with the other. She stuck her tongue out and ran it from the base to the tip where a drip of semen lingered. "Umm. That is good. Now we have more in there haven't we Ben? You liked my pictures, do you want to use those toys on me? Come up to my bedroom." Ben followed in a trance as she led him up the stairs.

"Are you sure you are Ok with this!" Ben stammered.

"It will be fine." she replied. Margaret faced him as she stripped off, She wanted to watch his face as she revealed her breasts. Her nipples were all charged up, and climbing on the bed she could see him becoming more uncomfortable. Ben sat in the chair on the other side of the double bed. "Now Ben undress for me, everything." As Ben pulls his shirt over his head Margaret lusts after his defined muscles and perfect skin. He releases his belt and let them drop to his ankles were he kicks both them and his sock away. Margaret estimate the length of his cock to be 7 inches but it is its girth that she looks forward to experiencing.

She maneuvred round on all fours and with her ass in the air facing him as she instructs him. "Now Ben get both those toys in my drawer and cover them in the lubricant." Ben did as he is told while all the time looking at how Mrs Bramwell's pussy is gaping at him. Margaret reaches round we both hands and holds her ass cheeks apart. This is new to her, displaying her most intimate places for him to inspect was a whole new avenue of possibilities. In this position with her stretching her anus open, she tells him, "Now Ben use those toys to fuck both my holes. Don't spare me. Make me cum."

With that Ben climbs behind her with his erection swinging like blind mans stick and fingers her vagina. One, two then four fingers. It only seems to make her moan more. Then a finger in her ass. "Naughty Ben that's nice but you need to fuck me hard." He plunges both toys in and starts fucking her with some energy. Margaret writhes round grinding onto the dildo. "Ok Ben now that's enough, I can fuck my own pussy with the dildo, you're going to fuck my anus. You'll like that. My anus is so tight." Margaret passes him the tube of lube. Ben stands above her ass and covers his cock in a handful of cream. Taking another 2 fingers full he smears it round the entrance to her anus, his fingers probing just a little. Now with his greased member in hand he pilots its tip into her butt hole. She is right, it is tight but she want it so much. Ben is amazed to look down and see how his cock is taken all the way by her ass. Her tight ring stretched to take his wide cock. But gripping her ass hard Ben pounds into her back passage, her breasts swinging underneath rubbing over the bed sheets. As Margaret feels her ass full she drives home the dildo into her pussy, the rabbit ears electrifying her clitoris. She cums but it lasts for so long, two orgasms spaced over a minute. She feels him tense and shoot in her ass. He grunts as his cock unloads again. She waits under him for his orgasm to subsides. Then turning over his cock slips out of her ass.

As he rests and collects himself Margaret dresses but leaves her bra off. Gaining the bed again she straddles him and lowers her nipples in turn into his mouth. He instinctively sucks them locating her hard tips with his tongue. "Now Ben tomorrow at 1pm you are you come over here and fuck my tits and then empty your cum into my mouth. Ok. If you are a good boy and get hard a second time I may let you cum in my pussy." Ben agrees but first has to finish the grass cutting.

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Loving My Older Lady

This story reminded me of my best lover of all times. She was 20 years older than me....I was in my early 50s and she was in her early 70s. Only having done it with two husbands, the first was abusivemore...

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