tagMatureOnly in Private Ch. 03

Only in Private Ch. 03


Chapter 03 - Walking the Dog

Margaret had been married now for 31 years and until a few months ago she had only had intimate relations with her husband. These had been some what regular and predicable, but 3 months ago she had decided to take things, literally, in her own hands. Time was passing by and she wanted to have memories and not regrets when she was older. Since then she had begun to experiment. Slowly at first in small steps. She had begun to masturbate, something she had never done, after her husband had left in the mornings. When she grew used to this she found that she would sometimes need do it again later in the day.

Six weeks ago she had spied a young man in the house behind hers, beating his fat cock and spraying it over his computer desk top. Margaret had then managed to set a trap for him which had led to him having to fuck her in their garage, and a few more times since. Finally, last week, whilst on holiday with George, after he had gone fishing for the day she had encouraged 3 young men to visit her caravan and then been gangbanged by all of them.

In her mind Margaret had separated her married loving feelings for George away from her sexual desires. Carrying on with her normal daily routine, not one of her closest friends would have spotted the change in her. She was careful that any planned wild activity would be disconnected for her normal life. So despite her cool exterior Margaret was always receptive to another opportunity.

Her next adventure came about whilst walking her dog. Margaret had read in the local paper of a man caught by the police watching couples in a car park near to the old quarries, and how he had tried to get off by claiming that he had been walking his dog and had needed to take a pee. Margaret knew of the car park in the article, and so one evening she drove there on the pretense of taking her little poodle for a walk. As with all her ideas she had thought it through very carefully. She had taken care to make herself as smooth as possible and had chosen to go without under wear and just hold-up stockings. It was the preparation that built up the thrill. As she shaved her pussy she was tempted to put the razor down and indulge herself with her fingers and the shower head, but resisted. She'd just enjoy the tension. She chose her clothes putting on a long mans trench coat over a thin loose top, and a pair of dark trousers, topping it all off with a cap. She intended to look as masculine as possible.

It was a warm night around 10pm. The road in was way off the beaten track and not on any particular route to anywhere, but down a narrow lane that had been used at one time by the old quarry trucks. During the day is served as a beauty spot and picnic area, but at night under the starlight it looked like a far more erotic arena. The picnic benches stood in the midst of an open area that was surrounded be jet black bushes. Margaret parked a little way off and leaving the dog behind in the car walked down the lane.

She heard a car coming and its lights brighten behind her. She stepped a few paces into the trees and let it pass unobserved. She waited as its red tail lights got smaller, Margaret wanted to see what went on there without being committed to getting involved. She moved quietly to the edge of the car park and scanned the cars present. She could make out one car with its windows open and 2 men looking in. The courtesy light was on inside the car and she guessed that night sight of the men looking in would be terrible. Margaret moved slowly round until she had a clear view of what was going on. She could see a naked women moving inside the vehicle. A younger woman, perhaps early thirties, and there was a man under her who she couldn't make out. The two men were at the open window closest to the woman's face. As the woman moved rhythmically back and forth towards the watchers, they in turn responded by pulling on their out standing cocks.

Margaret sidled up behind the 2 men masturbating. They knew she was there but paid no attention to her. The naked woman was impaling herself on a thick 7 inch cock under her. As she rode her man her tits swung in time, her nipples as hard as acorns in the night air. Even from outside the car her pussy could be heard to squelch as it came down it was that soaking with her juices. The man under her was obviously concentrating with his eyes closed, trying not to shoot is load up her hotness. Margaret had never seen another woman at the sexual act, only in the magazines her husband had once bought. Margaret envied her, each time she came down fully inserting his member, a little tingle shot up the depth of her own pussy.

After a few minutes one of the men gave a low grown and the woman instinctively opened her mouth a waited for the eruption. Inside the trench coat Margaret had her hands through the holes in the bottom of her pockets, through her open flies, and was busy working towards her own sexual gratification as much as the 2 men were. With a final grunt a white jet was sent forth landing across the face of the woman, some of it actually finding her mouth. She didn't flinch but took the flood and the next jet and the next. The smell of semen was all over her. She wiped some off around her mouth and smeared it over her tits. All this without losing her timing of her cock riding. As his cock subsided, and the last deposits were being squeezed out, the second man stepped closer to the window. By this time she was closer to cumming herself and leant a little out of the window enough to be able to take just his bell end into her mouth. At the sight of her lips closing round this strangers purple cock end made Margaret leak down her legs.

The first man hadn't left but was stood watching like a foreign spectator what who didn't care what happen next. The second man put his hand at the back of the woman's head and started to fuck her face. At times she gagged but he didn't stop until he started to spasm and tense. Then he held his cock deep in her throat as he had his cream milked by her mouth. Only when he had fully emptied his heavy desperate balls did he release his grip. This time as he withdrew from her mouth a flood a white sperm ran down from the side of her mouth down her breasts and dripped onto the man fucking her beneath.

Margaret now came to the window. She unfastened the coat and lifted up her blouse. Her tits were so hard that her nipples ached. With her free hand she dipped her pussy deep and used her soaking fingers to make her nipples glisten. Next she put them in front of the younger woman. The naked woman had obviously seen more than Margaret as she took the sight of a masturbating middle aged woman in her stride. In turn she place her open mouth over the erect nipples presented to her and sucked off the honey, flicking her tongue across Margaret's teats. Margaret had never experience another woman but she was far too horny by now to care who was sucking her. Margaret now leant in the car and kiss the woman, first on her face over the remnants of the cum that had been sprayed over her. Then She licked the corners of the woman's mouth before engaging her full on with her tongue.

As this passionate embrace went on Margaret unfasten her trousers letting them fall and hitched up the rear of her coat. Her ass stood white with the glow from the sliver moonlight reflecting on it. The two men were shocked. They'd had no idea. But Margaret stood bent over in front of them with two fingers busy working her own bald pussy. The first man went down on his knees and started to relieve her of her efforts. He began first be projecting his tongue as far up her love hole as he could. It was if he was mining for pussy honey. Trying to find the source. After a few minutes he gave up and decided that the source must be in her other hole. He then pressed his tongue against her sphincter, which whilst tight did eventually give way to his pressure. For another 5 minutes he delved between her ass cheeks while he used 3 fingers to fuck her pussy.

The other guy had not been wasting his time either. All the time he'd been fisting his cock and was now hard as a rock. He pushed the first man out of the way and entered Margaret. This wasn't an act of love making this was an exercise in frantic fucking. He rammed in again and again, pulling nearly all the way out before sinking up to the hilt. Margaret shuddered her first orgasm as he forced his fat bell end up against her cervix. As she came her mouth was still busy in an oral contest with the younger woman's. He was spent now, time for him to leave before the police came. He withdrew and left Margaret to leak cum down her inner thighs and over her stocking tops.

Her gaping hole wasn't left exposed to the cool night air for long. The mess running out of her creamed cunt didn't put him off for a split second as the first guy entered her. He took hold of her hips and pounded her as fast and as urgently as he could. His balls bounced against her pussy, sodden with cum they slapped into her clit, each time raising her tide of pending orgasm. At last it swept over her and she backed onto his cock, grinding him as deep as possible. His eruption followed soon after as he injected another dose of cum deep up her. He quickly pulled up his pants and disappeared into the darkness.

The car door swung open and Margaret could see that the woman had still got her mans cock inserted between her lips, but that cum had run out and was covering his pubic hair. It was clear that she was now riding a discharged weapon to no good effect.

For the first time the woman spoke.

"I need to cum lady!" was all she said in a beseeching tone. It seemed fair to Margaret who had cum twice so far. Climbing off her man she his cock slipped out of her slimed cunt with a pop. She then maneuvered herself until she was sitting in the opening of the car on the edge of the seat.

"For gods sake please finish me off lady, he's no use to me now."

Margaret knew what had to be done. This was all part of her new journey. She had never contemplated sex with another woman, but she had come this far, no turning back now. Margaret placed her coat on the ground and knelt on it. The woman's pussy was rank with the smell of semen. It was running out of her hole. It was all over her pubic hair and covered her anus in a white glaze. Margaret first ran her tongue a round the outside tasting the husbands juices. Then circling ever so slowly inwards using her clit as the target. Her tongue passed over her opening where it slipped up. Margaret could taste what all these men had tasted from her cunny. The sweet essence of pussy juice. She idled over this spot to take in the wetness and depth, sucking in deep breaths of this fucked woman's sex. Probing a little deeper she could rest the tip of her nose on the woman clit and tease it that way while she tried to eat all she could find from up her pussy.

The woman parted her legs wider and relaxed backwards, her husband lay next to them, exhausted, watching them both in silence.

"Yes there, don't stop, yes ahhhh." she whispered as she closed her eyes. She felt that it wouldn't be long, this lady knew just how much, how soft, how deep and how hard to work her clit. As Margaret started to pass her tongue over the protruding bud of her clit the woman had no choice but to respond with the corresponding thrusting of her pussy. Margaret now pushed 2 fingers under her lapping tongue and started to use them to stretch and fuck her wet hole. This was too much and she went over the edge. Squeezing her thighs together she gripped Margaret's head. Whilst being pushed towards the girls orgasm Margaret kept up the teasing of her bud. It was too much for her to stand and with a squeal she released Margaret from her vice grip. Suddenly leaning forward, the young woman gathered Margaret up in her arms and repeated their original embrace, this time with some affection.

Margaret's face had been washed in used pussy but this just added to the moment.

"You were wonderful lady, never had anything like that, I'd never have guessed. This is my mobile number, please call me tomorrow if you'd like to meet up, even just for coffee."

With that the woman slipped a business card into her hand.

"Please don't disappear on me I so want you again. Maybe I can return the favour?"

Margaret thanked her, and standing retrieved her coat and hat, pulled up her pants and walked off into the night. The wetness in between her thighs would be a damp reminded of her exploits all the way home, but unfortunately she would have to shower before getting into bed with George.

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